Chapter 144 - The Sword of Airn Pareira (2)

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The Sky Sword. The swordsmanship of the Lindsay Family, which was famous for defeating the leader of the Demons, The Dragon King, 400 years ago.

Indeed, it was one of the greatest swordsmanships among the countless swordsmanships on the continent, and the swordsmen who witnessed it always compared it to a butterfly with steel wings.

A strength which didn’t lose to even the great Demon Dragon King!

Even in the midst of strong winds, the sword had the strength to go on its own path gracefully and steadfastly.

Beautiful. It could be said that this was the word that best described the swordsmanship of the hero, Dion Lindsay. 1

‘The Sky Sword is indeed good when dealing with someone stronger than them.’

Sword Master Joseph thought of Joshua Lindsay, the current head of the Lindsay family.

Now, the man was skilled and amazing, but 20 years ago, Joshua wasn’t that good.

It was in the time when Joshua had just become a teen, and his opponent was someone who reached the Master level recently.

And after that match, the swordsmanship of Joshua had left a strong impression on Joseph.

It was by no means an easy task to show off one’s own swordsmanship at the age of 13.

Of course…

“That isn’t the only true value of Lindsay’s swordsmanship.”

Carissa Floyd, who was next to him, nodded at Joseph’s words.

The Sky Sword wasn’t just effective on strong opponents.

Rather, it was more terrifying when dealing with those weaker than the wielder.

The two, who were familiar with it, focused on the stage.




Unstoppable roars in succession.

While maintaining the tempo, the champion just kept coming at the challenger offensively, and this only increased the destructiveness of her power.

However, this was just the beginning.

Ilya Lindsay, who caught her breath for a moment, used her sword faster than before.

Bang! Bang! Kwang!


It was nothing like a butterfly.

The wings of the butterfly were spread not for protection, but to corner the opponent, creating intense winds.

And the wind quickly swept around the arena and soon turned into a storm which could dominate the sky.

A storm of steel.

Ilya’s sword aura was pouring out aggressively and mercilessly as if it wanted to kill the opponent and Airn’s form swayed to and fro.

His will didn’t waver even when going against the champion who was a Master.

He looked like a mountain, but his hard and heavy image was gradually breaking.

Airn looked like he would be uprooted at any moment.

Judith, who watched, involuntarily mumbled.

“Fuck, that looks tough…”

She knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

But this looked like he didn’t even have a chance.

She knew it because she had watched Airn closely for the past two months.

Airn was one crazy person.

However, Ilya’s skills were far superior to Airn’s.

Power, speed, and sophistication, she excelled in everything.

And because of the use of the Aura Sword, she was as destructive as a swordsman could be.

5 minutes.

Or perhaps sooner, Airn’s defense would break.

Judith’s complexion darkened.


At that time.

Lulu, who was sitting on Kuvar’s shoulder, spoke in a quiet voice.

It was surprising. Lulu, who followed them to all the gladiator match, never expressed her opinion this clearly.

Besides, wasn’t Airn now in a bad situation?

Did she say that out of regret? Or was she trying to express herself like a sorcerer would?

Was what Judith thought, but it wasn’t like that.

It could be seen in the eyes of Lulu, and it was very clear.

This matter was related to her most precious friend, Airn Pareira, and she was able to look into the hearts of the swordsmen on the stage more clearly than anyone else.

The challenger was strong.

And even the champion knew that.

Which was why Ilya Lindsay was impatient.

Lulu, who realized that, told Judith.

“He is fine. You will realize it if you keep watching.”

“… really?”

“Yeah. Just trust Airn and wait.”

With that, Lulu went silent again. And focused on the match.

Judith looked at Lulu for a second and then at Bratt.

The man had drawn some pictures in the sketchbook he always carried with him, and his expression was serious.

‘… Damn it.’

She didn’t know.

She didn’t know what it was.

And that fact made Judith feel uncomfortable again.

It wasn’t as if she was fighting, but she suddenly felt a great sense of exhaustion.

Trying to ignore that feeling, she looked at the situation again.

The situation was the same. The champion kept attacking, and the challenger kept defending.

No matter how she looked at it, this was what she saw, but it was just a matter of time before she saw something different.


Surrounding Ilya’s sword was a silvery aura which grew in size.

Then, a shout which was closer to a scream, was heard.

“Woah! It grew!”

“Isn’t that pure power?”

“Crazy… this is crazy. This is really insane!”

“It will be difficult for the challenger to withstand that!”

Everyone began to speak their thoughts.

Since there were so many people, there should have been different words being said, but no.

It was as if everyone had already accepted the win of Ilya Lindsay. Even the gladiators of King level.

And even Sword Master Joseph and Carissa Floyd had the same thoughts.

However, there was a glimmer of doubt on their faces.

‘It should have been fine to go with the flow, but…’

‘Why did she raise the tempo? She didn’t have to.’

Although she was in a position where she could be more relaxed than anyone, Ilya was acting as if she was the one being chased.

Contemplating on what variable it might give rise to, the two Sword Masters intently looked at the match.

And again, the offensive of Ilya began.


She struck the sword.


She hit it even harder!




Even harder, as if she was just slamming it till it was broken.

Nevertheless, the opponent’s sword showed no signs of breaking.

Airn relentlessly maintained both his balance and posture and followed his opponent’s movements.

Even if he was half a beat late, he would catch up.

10 minutes passed like this.

The fire burning in Ilya Lindsay’s heart was growing out of control.

‘It can’t go on like this!’

The eyes and mouths of the rude people were burning her.

Ilya’s obsession with Ignet Crescentia was burning her.

The feeling of pressure which came from time to time and burned her.

To overcome that feeling, she practiced day and night as she reduced her sleep, rest and even stopped spending time with her beloved people, but the loneliness had always constantly burdened her.

It was eating up everything inside her.

Fortunately, there were results.

Indeed, the skill she developed by burning herself led Ilya into the world of Sword Masters, and that gave her confidence.

It gave her strength to endure the flame which was now reaching the nape of her throat and made her want to pursue Ignet.


‘What is he doing?’


As both swords collided, Ilya frowned at the dull sound she heard.

Her strike’s power didn’t come out properly. It was because Airn countered the timing at the moment the swords hit and scattered the attack.

Of course, this was something which could happen only once every ten times, but she didn’t like it.

She raised her power even more.

‘I need to finish this quickly somehow!’

‘This should have ended long back. How dare an Expert try to fight me this long!’

‘It is clear that something changed. I have to be faster, somehow, even faster…’

Faster and faster.

Stronger and stronger!

Her body conformed with Ilya’s heart as they both accelerated.

The audience were now at a point where they were holding their breath.

At that moment, it seemed like the moment of conclusion would soon approach, and everyone’s attention was sucked into the stage.

However, Airn, who was constantly receiving the attacks, didn’t think so.

He clenched his teeth as he looked at the destructive appearance of Ilya, who was losing her sophistication.

‘I need to be patient.’

Why was she staring at him with those eyes?

Why was she having such a different face?

Where did her former shining self go? And why was such a dangerous flame the only thing he could see? Airn couldn’t understand anything.

What was certain is that if he lost, then Ilya would never change.

If Ilya kept letting herself get burnt, then the darkness would enter her at some point.

Airn didn’t want his dear friend to go through that.

And that was the force which was driving Airn to block the attacks of Ilya.



Airn’s great sword gave out slight vibrations.

No one felt it. Not even the champion or the challenger on the stage.

However, as the time went on, the sound grew larger, and the ones who were sensitive felt it first.

And Lulu said.

“Something is coming.”

“What is?”

“Hm? What is coming…”


As the cat looked down the stage with a serious expression, Judith, Bratt, and Kuvar, who were all in their own thoughts, looked down because of curiosity.

However, as time went by, they too were clearly seeing the difference.


Ilya Lindsay’s sword comes in.


Airn blocks it.

As he blocked it, he felt it. The darkness in her heart and the will of the man in his own dreams respond to Ilya.

A heart which was enraged with demons and hated anything evil moved to take over Airn’s body.

However, Airn wasn’t swayed.

But he didn’t reject the approach either.

This man in his dreams had a much stronger and bigger will.

At that moment, the flames inside Airn’s heart began to rage inside.




And the flame was being used on the iron stake.

It was now clear enough to be called a sword, but it was impossible for Airn to be satisfied with that, so he used more of his flames.

As the sword of Ilya Lindsay kept coming for him, the crude steel was turning sharper.

From an ordinary sword into a craftsman’s sword.

From the craftsman’s sword to a great sword that shined bright on the world.

And this wasn’t something that happened with a change of heart in an instant.




“That light…”

“What are you talking about?”

It was enough to fill the stadium.

Golden light spread out from him.

It wasn’t an Aura Sword.

A much more dazzling and bright light swept through the arena and got sucked up into his great sword.



And silence.

Heavy silence where even a small needle falling could be heard through the arena.

Airn looked at the sword in his hand.

Calling it an iron club because of its crude, old and dull appearance wouldn’t have been wrong in the past.

But not now.

A sharp, stylishly placed blade on a stylish golden handle.

The challenger, who gulped at the sight of his own sword, looked ahead.

The champion’s face, with an even more bewildered expression, caught his eyes.

  1. There was no particular word specified, but I didn’t want to change the entire sentence so I've used a word that makes the most sense considering the previous sentences. ↩️

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