Chapter 150 - New Companion (3)

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Airn had a mysterious dream.

A dream in which a mysterious man practiced with his sword all day long. It was a secret only he knew, but now everyone in his party knew.

However, no one knew the identity of the man.

It was because the clues that were there were too few.

‘But, can we even find out the man’s identity?’

And Kuvar’s teacher?


“What about it? Would he know about the dream and the old man just by looking at Airn? And you said that this was all a scam in the first place? And if he can actually tell who the man in his dreams are, then why haven’t you told us about it sooner?”

Judith asked so many questions at once.

And not a single person in the party stopped her, including Bratt. Because everyone had the same thoughts running through their heads.

Of course, Airn was well aware that not all fortune tellers in the world were like Kuvar.

Even a cat sorcerer was strange at first, but it wasn’t strange anymore, and having another fortune-teller who could possibly help him didn’t seem bad.

‘… come to think of it, the first note I received from Kuvar was pretty unusual.’

However, he was curious as to why Kuvar was silent about his Master until now.

Airn looked at the Orc, hoping for an answer, and after a moment’s hesitation, Kuvar spoke.

“To be honest… I didn’t have the courage to see my teacher till now.”


“The place where my teacher is…is the most prosperous place even in the realm of orcs, and I don’t have a good reputation there… no, that expression isn’t quite right. Anyway, I am quite reluctant to go there.”


“It is a bit cowardly, but I just couldn’t go there alone.”

Kuvar continued to speak with a bitter expression on his face.

Considering the usual way he spoke, Kuvar must have been nervous.

However, he was still trying to speak and be honest to all of them.

‘I didn’t travel around the continent because I wanted to live my life wandering.’

But no one knew.

Up until now, Kuvar had always guided them with the brightest face.

They never saw anxiety, worry, or sadness on his face.

Airn even felt a bit envious of Kuvar, who leisurely roamed around the continent detached from everything.

But it was all just a misunderstanding.

Kuvar just kept his feelings all inside, hidden. He, too, was in a bad situation, just like each of them.


Airn felt sorry.

But he also felt grateful.

Seeing Kuvar speak his story, the conviction that he was getting closer to Kuvar began to dawn on his mind.

And that made the positive energy rise in Airn.

Of course, he didn’t fully comprehend the situation of Kuvar.

Kuvar spoke many many stories until now, but he never brought up the most important one.

This time, Judith took the lead. With a puzzled expression, she asked.

“So, that person…. No, he’s an orc, right?”

“Yeah, he’s an Orc.”

“Yeah, who is that Orc? A bad one? Is he strong? Who is that jerk that you are so scared of?”

Judith seemed a little annoyed.

Going to see a fortune teller isn’t bad.

Although it was for fun, everything Kuvar said was something she enjoyed listening to.

Kuvar gave confidence to those who were losing hope, gave directions, and gave them strength to rise above their beliefs about themselves.

In that way, meeting Kuvar’s teacher would be beneficial to everyone, and not just Airn.

‘Maybe Ilya too; she is also the same.’

But the information Kuvar gave about his Master was too abstract.

And the current Judith wanted help with her swordsmanship skills more than anything else.

As said before, she wanted to go to the tomb of the ‘Blood Demon’ where the blood flows.

Or she had to ask for help from Ricardo Pinto and visit his father, Harrison Pinto, for help in swordsmanship.

Or go back to Lation again in hopes of destroying the barrier of sword master by beating the swordsmen there.

When compared to that, Kuvar’s idea about finding his teacher wasn’t great.

However, after listening to Kuvar’s words, Judith’s attitude changed.

“Not a bad idea. Rather, it is a very good one… no, this isn’t my story to tell.”

“Ah, this guy, why are you being so frustrating toda…”

“But I can answer the next question. My Master is strong, very strong. Maybe… stronger than all of you combined.”



A shocking statement.

Stronger than the four people here?

The geniuses who achieved the highest score in the Krono with their talents, the toppers of the Golden Age.

And that one person was stronger than the four combined?

Everyone was speechless.

However, when Kuvar said that, the four had no choice but to nod their heads.

It wasn’t just about agreeing to it anymore.

Judith jumped up from her chair and said.

“Fine! Let’s go there!”

“Are you sure? Well, honestly, I said this out of hope that you guys would help me, but are you sure…”

“Are we sure? Of course, we are! Where in the world will we get a chance to compete with a strong person who will accept us, unlike in Lation city? Let’s go! Let’s go there!”


Kuvar turned his gaze away from Judith and looked at the others.

Contrary to his usual relaxed eyes, his current eyes held sadness.

Airn, who looked at him, smiled and said.

“Let’s go there.”

“It doesn’t sound bad.”

“… if everyone agrees, then I like it too.”

“Oh, are we going to an orc clan? I’ve never been there! I’m so excited! Didn’t you mention that there are a lot of Taiho fruits there? Good! Nice!”

Everyone, even Lulu, was excited and accepted Kuvar’s request.

The Orc was silent for a moment, gulped, and held back his emotions which told him to apologize to them again.

And it didn’t end there.

Having settled his emotions, he confided his situation to the party in more detail, and the four people of Krono and the cat Lulu nodded their heads.

A complex but happy smile settled upon Kuvar’s face.

And thus, the next destination was decided.

The largest orc city located in the northwest part of the continent, Durkali.

A new look of anticipation dawned on their eyes.

After Ilya joined the party, the next destination was decided at Kuvar’s request.

The party took some time to sort out their things in Eisenmarkt.

“Eh? What are you saying? What is there to organize? Did you make any acquaintances here?”

“Ah, you ignorant jerk. We have been here for 4 months, and you are the weird one to not have made any friends.”

“Hehe, I have some drinking buddies with Bratt. So, I guess I’ll have to say goodbye to them one last time.”

“Maybe because I was only in the training place; if not, I could have also…”

“Yeah sure, keep thinking that.”

Bratt and Kuvar went drinking with the locals.

“Thank you. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like if we hadn’t met.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I was able to have the best moments of being a journalist!”

“I’ll visit you next time. And then show you the more complete version of the John Drew style swordsmanship. Ah, by the way… can you talk to Lulu? Next time we meet, tell her to stop throwing money at me; it is a burden…”

Airn left Eisenmarkt after having some good words with Grayson, Hinz, and John Drew.

Of course, so did Ilya Lindsay.

“Thank you, Emma.”


Unlike Airn, Bratt, and Kuvar, she didn’t have other people to say goodbyes to.

But that didn’t mean that she didn’t hold people precious to her.

Till now, the closest one was,

The one who cared for her, worried for her with the sincerest heart, her escort Emma.

It was late, it was very late to recognize it… and she felt bad and sorry for that, but she said thank you.

“How could I be such an idiot?”


“I was so obsessed with the words of idiots that had nothing to do with me but never listened to those who were next to me, taking care of me better than anyone…”

“No, my lady.”

Emma Garcia shook her head.

But her eyes were already wet with tears.

She was grateful for the words Ilya had said to her; seeing the face of Ilya more peaceful than it had been in the past few years, she couldn’t overcome the joy swelling inside her.

“Then, I’ll try to be safe. Don’t worry too much. Tell my parents that I am sorry and that I said thank you. Tell them…I am more courageous now… and I will be back as soon as possible.”

“Who would worry for a Sword Master? Rather, I should be the one taking care of myself. If the Lord feels that I failed my duties as a knight, I will be deprived of my knighthood.”

“Uh? Really?”

“I’m joking!”


“But he is surely going to be annoyed.”


“Even then, it is fine.”

Emma Garcia joked a few times.

And she slowly and gently held Ilya Lindsay in her arms as she hugged her.

It was a rude act for an escort to do.

But Ilya didn’t refuse.

She just quietly stood there, as she felt the warmth of the other person.

“With good people, and greater friends… come back as a better knight and swordsman. I believe in you.”

“… I will.”

With those words, Ilya Lindsay left her mansion where she was staying for almost a year, and her escort watched her leave as she stood there for a long time.

She was sad, but she was even more happier.

After seeing that Ilya left, she prayed for a long time, that the future of her young lady would be full of blessings.

4 days later, the people reunited.

Finishing all their goodbyes, they walked out of the town.

All the people related to the gladiator matches begged them not to leave, but not a single person stopped them.




“Bye! Live a long and healthy life!”



Lulu threw salmons to the cats, which came to see her off. Finally, Airn Pareira and his party left the Land of Proof completely.

Looking at the four of them advancing ahead, Kuvar felt his heart turn light.

‘Is there another party in the world where the members were so young but so strong?’

Two of the four had reached the Master level, which every swordsman hoped they would be their entire lives, and the other two were at a level where they could beat any Expert.

And their average age was 20, a party that could possibly shock the entire continent.

‘But it isn’t just swordsmanship that they’re good at.’

Kuvar remembered the past 4 months.

Bratt Llyod, who never lost his composure in any situation, was soft yet firm.

Judith, as passionate as a flame, could turn even the most painful, exhausting situation into her driving force.

Ilya Lindsay, who had been completely lost in a bad situation, finally found her place and was moving in the right direction.

And lastly….

‘No matter how difficult and bad the situation is, he never avoids it and confronts it head-on and overcomes it… that was Airn Pareira.’

Kuvar smiled at the thought.

Thinking about it now, it felt weird.

Watching these powerful young people grow up this close, he learned a lot.

If it weren’t for these young ones, he would have still been living a weird life.

Unable to ever have the courage to go back to his home.


“Hm? What is it?”

Judith turned around and called him.

When Kuvar asked, she smiled and said.

“This trip, in a way, we are fulfilling your request. Right?”

“Uh, is that really it? It isn’t exactly a request but a favor…”

“Well, whatever it is. Since this has been commissioned, we will guide you to Durkali.”


“That means Kuvar can rest and take time off.”

“… huhu, can I really do that?”

Kuvar said, a bit surprised.

Of course, till now, he did all the chores, but it was because it was natural for a guide to do that.

But when he heard that these kids would take part in that too, emotions were rising in his heart.

But that didn’t last long.

Exactly a day later.

‘… wouldn’t it be better if I just do it?’

Watching the party make a complete mess of things, Kuvar had no choice but to think that it was better for him to just do the tasks.

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