Chapter 156 - Clash (3)

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Who were the top 10 swordsmen on the continent?

Since ancient times this question has been used as a way to ask Which 10 beings are the strongest powers on the continent?

Actually, there wasn’t much difference in the question.

A sorcerer whose strength is hard to see objectively and a magician who takes a lot of time to use their abilities weren’t capable of being called the word ‘strongest’.

However, after the name of the Warchief of Durkali, Orc Karakum spread across the continent, and the question changed.

Someone who rose to the level of Master with an axe and not a sword.

And the support of the amazing spirits.

He was a warrior, not a swordsman.

And was strong enough to be one of the ten.



At the appearance of such a great existence, the merchants said nothing.

It wasn’t just them; the bandits, who hadn’t lost composure even when losing two of their men, were now looking frightened.

At that moment, the chief of Orc bandits, who had been lying on the floor, got up and rushed in.


Bang! Bang!

Thanks to the blood arts, his legs had grown more than 1.5 times the normal size and made a thumping sound.

He tore off his crushed arm and then picked up his weapon, which was on his back.

A large sword even bigger than its own gigantic body.

However, Karakum wasn’t flustered at that sight. He, who was watching the opponent, raised his axe.


A near-black grey aura formed all over it.

In the meantime, the chief of the bandits who closed the distance swung his great sword horizontally.

A relentless attack by using the entire waist combined with inertia!

However, none of the attacks reached Karakum.


And as if a stone from a catapult was thrown,

The chief of the orc bandits was utterly miserable as he was thrown to the ground.

And with him, a huge crater was created in the middle of the land.

As if he had been hit with a club instead of an axe, his body was smashed along with the greatsword.

Seeing their chief in the form of a trampled worm, the band of orcs began to flee in all directions.





Karakum, who recovered the axe while walking to it without a care, shook off the blood off it.

However, throughout the movement, he looked at someone other than the orcs.

It was none other than Kuvar, the orc fortune-teller.

Seeing the father he had met for the first time in 17 years, his son, who was now a middle-aged man, greeted him in orc language,

“It’s been a while, dad.”

“… go.”

Karakum showed no sign of tenderness. Just like the coldness of the axe he was holding, he added.

“This is the last mercy I can show you as a father. Leave and never set foot in this land again.”

Sincere words.

Although his eldest son left the tribe 17 years back, leaving behind just one letter, he had never forgotten him.

He was filled with resentment and suffering, but the feelings of sadness and longing were greater.

However, after much deliberation, he came to this conclusion…

‘Thanks to Kuvar’s choice, the worst situations have been resolved smoothly.’

And for it to remain like that.

Kuvar should never come back.

His long-lost son, whom he still loved, was right in front of him, but he couldn’t show it.

He had to be colder and stronger to drive him out.

Thinking that, Karakum’s face turned stiff again.

And it was the moment he was going to threaten his son again.

“I can’t do that.”

Kuvar spoke faster.

His voice trembled as there were too many emotions running within him, but his eyes didn’t waver.

He took a deep breath and continued.

“I still don’t know if I made the right choice at that time or not. Whenever I heard Durkali was fine, I thought I did well, but I also felt bad thinking maybe there was a better option. I had conflicting thoughts without an end. And then I realized it.”


“Before I decided what was right or wrong, my heart had regretted the choice I made.”


“I want to talk with dad and Tarakan.”

Kuvar interrupted his father again.

The anger in his father’s eyes grew.

But he knew.

The emotions hidden inside were more complex.

Kuvar caught his breath and then looked straight at his father.

“I will not run away because it is burdensome, or even if I’m scared. Even if it is late, I will act greedy this time. I will find a way so that not my dad, or my younger brother, or me or anyone in the tribe would get hurt. No, I want to find out together.”


“And that is why I came to you, dad.”

“… with such a weak body, can you even do what you said?”


The energy around Karakum grew.

This wasn’t his best.

But all he was trying to do was to pressure his son, who had learned nothing in fighting.

As expected, Kuvar looked like he couldn’t handle it and started to back away.

It was no use enduring it. Even as he struggled to stand still, blood was already flowing down his lips, and Karakum showed no signs of reducing the energy.

At that moment, a human stood in front of Kuvar.


The human swordsman used his energy to offset the energy from Karakum.

There was blood all over the swordsman’s body as if he had just come from slaying the bandits. The pale face seemed like he was a bit shocked with what had happened.

However, the eyes of the human… the eyes were strong.

And seeing this, in the common language of the continent, Karakum spoke.

“This is a matter of the tribe, a matter between blood and blood. This isn’t for someone else to intervene.”

“This is a matter of my teacher as well as a matter of my friend. It isn’t somebody else’s business.”


Karakum looked at his son.

Kuvar smiled, looking at his father, who wanted an explanation.

“Even if you look at me with those eyes, I can do nothing.”


“In order for the coward to be even a little courageous, he decided to get the help of his friend, even if it was a little brazen.”

“Phew, phew, phew…”

A cut, a slash, and a cut again.

And just like that, six lives were cut down.

Airn Pareira, who remembered this, lowered his head and became nauseous. And soon, he puked.

He remembered the conversation he had with Bratt.

‘Airn! Chase them! They need to be killed!’


‘In order to not bear the burden of killing them, if you let them leave for your mind’s comfort, many more people will suffer!’

‘It is your duty as a Krono trainee to spill blood for the good and weak and bear the weight of your actions. Now don’t think about it and start moving!’

And he was right.

However, just because it was right, that didn’t mean it was easy to do.

Airn closed his eyes tightly in the middle of the plains filled with screams and clashes of weapons.

To not let his heart shake.

Rather, it was right to say that his heart was heavy.

The weight of every life he took seemed to weigh on his shoulders. Even though they were evil, it was still a life.

“Phew, phew.”

Airn quickly cleared his breath.

He was fine. He had prepared himself for this moment for a long time. And that was probably why the speed of his recovery was faster than expected.

Feeling his heart calm down, Airn made a new resolve.

To be stronger and sturdier.

Instead of running away from this weight, he would become a person who could bear it and move ahead.

After thinking that, he felt like he was at ease.

He finally opened his eyes and looked ahead.


“gks shaeh tkffuenkwlakfk!”


Some orc soldiers who came later were now dealing with the remaining bandits.

Perhaps a unit let by Karakum.

In the middle, he could see the mercenaries, as well as Bratt, Ilya, and Judith, all safe. It looked like it would be a complete victory for them.

But he knew that this wasn’t the end.

Realizing that he had no time to waste around, Airn quickly returned to where he saw Karakum and Kuvar.

It wasn’t a family reunion like he thought.

A vicious chill went down the spine of the young Noble.

Airn sensed that and immediately moved to block Kuvar from it, and then boldly responded to Karakum’s words.

“This is a matter of my teacher as well as a matter of my friend. It isn’t somebody else’s business.”


“In order for the coward to be even a little courageous, he decided to get the help of his friend, even if it was a little brazen.”


“He is a son who came to us for help trying to be courageous. Don’t be so cold-hearted, why not have a conversation first?”

A human swordsman was standing in front of him saying stuff he wasn’t supposed to.

Listen to his son?

After hearing the human swordsman’s words, Karakum looked at the opponent’s sword.

He was shocked.

He wasn’t sure what the weapon was made of, but he felt great energy from it.

To the extent that he even thought that it was much greater than the energy from his axe, which was made by drawing out the powers of all five spirits.

‘… in particular, the metal and flame elements can be strongly felt.’

It was natural to see that, since most weapons were metals made with fire, but this sword seemed to be the epitome of it.

And the sword wasn’t the only great thing.

The sword was surely great, but the skill of the swordsman didn’t seem to be bad either.

A sword that doesn’t go well with the person wielding it was nothing less than poison in their hands.

And seeing how this guy was completely fine holding that amazing sword, the skills of this swordsman were sure to be great as well.

Even if the energy coming from the guy was just fine, but it was still growing.

He had to be a master.

Karakum, who thought that, mumbled to himself.

‘I guess my son has someone strong to back him up now.’

It was a little, but his lips rose.

However, the young man couldn’t be his opponent.

The status of Master was great, but he was still stronger than the young man; he was after all, one of the strongest people on the continent.

Besides, the human swordsman seemed to be lacking experience.

His pale face was proof of that. A typical appearance of a person unfamiliar with slaughter.


Intense energy rose from Karakum.

Airn took a step back.

The pressure was pushing him. It was an energy that could overwhelm everyone.

Maintaining that energy output, Karakum said.

“Are you ready to bear the burden for your friend?”


“I asked you if you have the confidence to handle me, the strongest Orc warrior.”



It wasn’t just the aura that was pressuring Airn now.

The ground around Karakum started to tremble, as if a hundred bison were running on the plains.

The vibration didn’t stop there, and it continued to spread to the place where Airn was.

His body, which was too small compared to Karakum, trembled.

But just like before, Airn’s heart wasn’t going to waver.

And he said.

“It isn’t a question of whether I can handle it or not.”


“It isn’t a question of can or cannot. I have to. For the sake of my teacher and friend, Kuvar.”


Airn Pareira drew out his Aura sword.

Just like the time when he met the Sword Master Ilya Lindsay.

Seeing him ready with his eyes set and heart strong, Karakum’s eyes widened.

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