Chapter 157 - Clash (4)

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‘An odd guy.’

Karakum, the greatest orc warrior, seemed interested as he looked at Airn Pareira.

A really strange guy.

A great sword which he had never seen before, and although he seemed like a novice, his swordsmanship skills have reached the level of Master.

However, since he was one of the best, Karakum thought that the young man wouldn’t even be able to hold a candle to him.

But what about now?

The pale and weak appearance of Airn was nowhere to be found, and the momentum of a ‘real Sword Master’, who was unleashing the energy, was like a heated iron pressing on to him.

A truly unpredictable opponent.

Karakum, who was a little intrigued, stretched out his left hand.



The hammer that was thrown at the orc chief earlier flew back to his hand.

And seeing that, Airn was startled.

He had heard about this from Bratt. Not even a magician or sorcerer could move objects like that, let alone a warrior.

However, he was told that people with a high-level Aura operation could do it.

It was because, in order to externally manifest the Aura and have the power to attract objects, a great deal of concentration of Aura was needed.

‘No, this isn’t aura, but I think he’s using spirits?’

It was so fast that he couldn’t properly understand it.

However, it was clear that the skills of the opponent were great.

Karakum was definitely a difficult opponent for Airn’s current self.

But this was a situation where he had to stand up for himself.

In that tense atmosphere, when Airn exhaled briefly.

Karakum threw the hammer in his hand fiercely.


The weapon of iron flew at a frightening speed!

As he watched the projectile flying through the air, Airn lowered his center of gravity.

Holding the handle with one hand and then the flat side of the blade with another, he used his sword as a shield.

He wasn’t running or dodging.

Seeing the young swordsman’s attitude of receiving the hammer head-on, Karakum laughed inside.

‘He must have done it on purpose, but it’s over now.’

He didn’t know how good the young man was.

However, that didn’t matter. No matter how strong he was, there was no way he could stop the hammer.

And if he didn’t avoid it, the young boy would be hurt for sure.

He thought of the outcome.

And even thought of going for a follow-up attack once the human’s posture would collapse.


It was then that a strange thing happened.

The hammer, which collided with the sword, flew high into the sky, and Airn was pushed back.

A long line was drawn on the ground as he got pushed back from the impact, and his face showed that he was in pain.

But that was all.

Seeing the opponent who managed to safely block the attack without any damage, Karakum was surprised.

‘How is he using our tribe’s skills?’

The Durkali tribe’s skill, the Magic of Five Spirits, was created by merging spirits and Aura.

Among them, what the human swordsman showed was a defense technique of using the spirit of metal.

It wasn’t as if humans didn’t have similar techniques.

The same effect can be seen in the hardening concept of Aura operation.


‘It wasn’t just that. Obviously, he was using the energy of spirits properly.’

However, it wasn’t the feeling of the man learning it.

It was as if the energy was already within his body and mind for a long time, and like it had revealed itself. As he thought that, Karakum told himself that it was even more absurd.

For a brief moment, his mind was filled with a thousand thoughts, and his expression went stiff.

The former chief of Durkali, who came close to the opponent, slashed his axe.



The mighty power which crushed the chief of the bandits was now directed at Airn Pareira.

Despite using the defensive techniques that he learned from Bratt, he could feel that his palms were about to tear any moment.

But Airn didn’t collapse.

The decisive battle in the Land of Proof came to his mind as he endured.

‘An opportunity will come if you preserve.’

It wasn’t just the fight with Ilya Linsay.

In Krono, the sorcery world, and everything else that happened in his life after he started seeing the dreams, not a single thing broke his will.

Airn, who had become an adult from a boy, knew that his sword contained something heavier than before.

But of course, he also knew that not everything could be accomplished with willpower alone.

A few sorcerers could do absurd miracles, but Airn was more of a swordsman than a sorcerer.

He wasn’t brazen enough to wish for miracles either.

The reason why Airn was growing wasn’t because of luck or sorcery but because of constantly solidifying his skills and the experience he had accumulated.

And that was why he would shine like the brightest jewel.





Swing, swing, swing again. Karakum, who relentlessly aimed at Airn like chopping down a tree with his axe, was surprised.

Looking at the opponent who didn’t collapse despite the obvious hard attacks, unknowingly, he felt joy fill in his chest.

The first time he saw the human, he didn’t feel anything special.

However, it didn’t matter.

Feeling the effort, the will, and heat contained in each move he did, Karakum tried to pressure Airn in more diverse ways.

A smile began to bloom on his face little by little as he confronted the talented young man.

What if he did this?

If he attacked that way, would the human be able to stop it?

As time passed, the heart of Karakum, as well as his axe’s movements, changed little by little.

The energy was still terrifying, but there was no longer displeasure in his eyes.

As if a teacher teaching a disciple, Airn was laying down the groundwork for a higher position and making the offensive turn gentle.

But the situation wouldn’t last forever.

‘It’s a shame.’

Ironically, it was Karakum and not Airn who didn’t want the fight to end.

When was the last time he had such a fun fight with anyone other than his other son Tarakan?

He couldn’t remember. For such a long time, he maintained a high position.

Although he wasn’t the chief anymore, he was still considered a leader.

And a great warrior representing the entire orcs. It was a heavy burden for him.

‘But it is a burden I must carry.’

Aware of his duty, Karakum opened his eyes.

Airn, startled by the change in mood, stepped back.

An act that went against the flow and was different from the swordsmanship Airn was performing till now.

Seeing that, Karakum nodded.

The human had rough edges which weren’t fully polished yet, but the child’s senses were sharp.

And he thought to himself.

‘Sometimes, you cannot handle everything with your hands.’

And quietly backed up.

After that thought, Karakum rushed at Airn at a terrifying speed.

And swung his huge axe, which had the power to tear down a mountain.

The target wasn’t Airn Pareira, but the sword he was holding.

It was the moment the axe came in contact with the golden sword.



An unexpected sight happened.

Karakum looked puzzled at the sight of the great sword flying in the sky.

It was the right decision.

If Airn had held onto it stubbornly, his hands would have been torn apart.

But he didn’t expect Airn to completely release the sword like he did now.

And that wasn’t the end.

Even though he was empty-handed, he posed as if he was holding a sword.

And even swung it.

When Karakum narrowed his eyes at the absurd appearance, a shocking thing happened.

In Airn’s hand, which had nothing, the great sword which was in the sky appeared suddenly.


For the first time since this fight broke out, Karakum had become impatient for the first time and drew his axe.

Normally he would receive the Sword Master’s Aura sword with proper footing.


However, it was impossible to block now, when his posture was broken, and he was already leaning to the right after his heavy strike.


Karakum managed to maintain his balance as he widened his stride.

However, that wasn’t the end.

His senses which would widely tell him of everything around, were now telling him that the menacing being in front of him wasn’t the only thing threatening him anymore.


A swordsman with red hair and an intense force like a burning flame.


Another one that had a gentle watery movement.


And finally, the silver-haired woman who had reached the level of Master just like the human he was dealing with!

A total of four high-level swordsmen were pressuring Karakum from all sides.

The honorable warrior of Durkali, who was staring at them intently, let out a shout to split the earth and sky.



Karakum, who recovered his posture at a fast pace, stomped hard.

And a circular wave spread around him.

The flat ground below cracked like a cookie and then rose high, aiming for the four Krono swordsmen.





A trick they hadn’t imagined was even possible.

The four were shocked at the majestic sight, and it was like a scene from a story.

But that wasn’t it.



Cold sweat rose just looking at it.

Lava with smoke sizzling out, flowed from the cracked ground.




The hammer which was deflected away by Airn was back in Karakum’s hands.

And merged with the axe in his hand.

And now, a newly reborn form of a huge double-edged axe with a sharper blade than before appeared.

It was as if Karakum himself had taken the form of the weapon; the four people gulped as they looked at the overbearing shape.

To them, Karakum, the great warrior said.

“I’ll admit it. You are excellent warriors who aren’t lacking and have even made me draw out my strength.”


“Since you aren’t orcs but humans, I don’t know your ages, but I think you are young. Kuvar, do you know how old they are?”

“… the average is 20, dad.”

“Younger than what I expected. No, it would be appropriate to say a lot younger. Huu…”

Karakum sighed.

Sadness, regret, joy, sorrow, and other complex emotions were flowed out with that sigh.

With a strong voice, he brushed off the emotions and said.



“I won’t say once more. Go back with Kuvar.”



Another thump on the ground by Karakum, and the cracks grew larger.

The boiling lava, which was becoming more in quantity because of the wider gaps, seemed to be ready to be used at any time.

Bratt Lloyd and Ilya Lindsay stood their ground.

Even Airn Pareira, and Judith who were full of energy, didn’t step back, but the truth was that they couldn’t move ahead either. They had no other choice.

But not everyone was like that.



A black cat made its appearance from behind the four and approached Karakum, floating leisurely like what was happening didn’t matter at all.

The Cat Sorcerer Lulu, landed on the ground where the lava didn’t touch.

She wasn’t showing it, but her heart wasn’t calm.

Lulu, who opened her eyes, pointed to Karakum and said.



“I am offended.”


Karakum was speechless.

It was absurd for a flying cat to talk; even more absurd was that the cat was scolding him.

The strange thing was, this wasn’t funny or interesting.

He frowned as he looked at the cat to try and understand the situation, and Lulu took it up as a challenge.

The black cat floated to the sky with angry eyes.

Lulu’s body, which rotated smoothly three times, began to emit a dazzling light that was hard to look at.

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