Chapter 16 - Midterm evaluation (2)

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A strange occurrence in the midterm evaluation of Krono, which wasn’t supposed to have any variables.

Airn Pareira.

Even when he enrolled, he was in last place, yet he was despised by everyone.

It wasn’t the case anymore. Because 4 months wasn’t a short time.

He did a tremendous amount of training, ignoring the reactions of the people around him, and he had come to a position where he could conversely ignore those who laughed at him.

But even so…

‘He, he shouldn’t be able to show such a great performance…!’

A person of noble lineage, Bratt Lloyd’s expression hardened.

His body was moving to complete the reps, but his head was different. He was thinking of something else.

All because of Airn.

He somehow struggled to grasp the current situation.

And, there was another thing he couldn’t understand.

“Wait up, you jerkkkk!”

Someone unlike him, someone who was his rival, a girl who was as cheeky as a human could be.

Even Judith had finished the course earlier than expected.

As he watched the red-haired girl move away, Bratt grunted.

‘You bastards!’

Right. They were all wrong.

They weren’t considering the entire course at all. They were all being swept away by the atmosphere, not being aware of their limitations.

And that was a stupid move.

It was obvious that things would favour them in the second half.

‘I am different!’

After the midterm evaluation course was released, he made a thorough plan for ten days.

How to handle his stamina for the best record, what he was lacking and what he was good at.

Apart from that, he even maintained his diet to keep his body in top condition.

He was sure.

This time he could beat Judith.

The overwhelming genius, Ilya Lindsay, couldn’t be beaten, but Bratt was ready to take second place.


‘Calm down. Don’t become anxious.’


After the box jump, Bratt slapped himself.

Right. He had to calm down.

He wasn’t supposed to care how other people did. He had to go on his own path at his own pace.

And if he could truly believe that, he would get the results wanted.

After making that promise, he began to concentrate again.

Thanks to that, Bratt was able to complete the first course in the expected timeframe.

There was a difference from 1st, 2nd and 3rd, but the difference can be reached.

… However, he couldn’t help but feel anxious.

The boy, who was becoming terrified, speeded up and ran the second course.

Bratt Lloyd’s worries turned into reality.

Unfortunately for him, Airn Pareira, running the second course, was in excellent form.

There was no strain on his body.

Rather, it seemed like Airn was getting used to his body and could still show better performance.

‘Let’s forget about my status and the records of the past.’

Airn thought in a steady breath.

At what speed and how should he arrange the stamina to get the best record with his new body?

A very abstract and challenging task.

Surprisingly, however, he calculated it without any errors.

Partly thanks to his improved vision and insight and a little bit of luck.

It was a clear boon.

Airn sprinted down the sand at the most efficient pace for him and soon found a silver-haired girl.

Ilya Lindsay.

The one who always sat alone, the master of competition in Krono.

The moment he saw her, whom neither Judith nor Bratt Lloyd could reach, Airn’s heart began to swell.


A tiny spark.

Much smaller than the common embers, which rose in ordinary people.

But for Airn, it wasn’t trivial.

‘What is this feeling?’

He couldn’t figure it out.

It was only natural.

Airn, who lived his entire life confined to himself, entered society for the first time because of the man in his dream and even competed for the first time.

Airn’s experience wasn’t enough to understand fighting spirit.

He was worried.

Airn thought

Should he maintain the current pace or increase it?

Or should I move faster to resolve that strange feeling inside me?

Time to choose.

Between the lines drawn by two beautiful colors of silver and gold, a line hot and red like lava cut in.

“Pant, pant, pant, pant, huaaak!”

A messy breathing and loud roar followed.

It was Judith’s voice. As Airn was lost in thought, he looked back in shock at the voice.

The red hair was galloping at them at a frightening speed.


Another roar and Judith’s speed increased.

She passed Airn, who was running at a stable place and even passed when Ilya Lindsay was ahead.

And the distance widened.

‘She seems to have overdone it, will she be fine?’

Worry flashed across his face.

Ilya Lindsay didn’t change.

As always, she stuck to her pace.

‘Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!’

An endless stream of swearing. And the anger showed no signs of subsiding.

The heart was on fire. It felt like the lungs would burn out any second, and blood flowing in the body seemed like they were turning into stones.

Judith knew that her body reached its limit.

If she didn’t take a break to cool off the heat, something would go wrong.

But she couldn’t do that.

Anger in her heart and the body turning hotter made her run ahead.

‘Never! I will never lose! I need to win!’

She didn’t want to lose.

Bratt Lloyd, who was born with a golden spoon, or Ilya Lindsay, who had been praised since her birth, annoyed her.

So did the other nobles, which was why she didn’t want to get overtaken by the people who lived a comfortable life.

She couldn’t lose to a deadbeat noble who didn’t even move for 15 years!

“Pant! Pant, pant, pant!”

She knew.

How much growth had happened within that guy in 4 months?

Although he worked so hard that even Judith was unable to catch up, despite being able to do the evaluation tests at a fast pace, he could only be called a diligent trainee.

But what?

What was that guy doing before he entered the school? Is that supposed to be ignored?

Is this something that he had to hold on to and not give up like he did in the past?

‘Damn it, I don’t know!’

Judith shook her head.

She knew it. The world is like this.

Just as she looks at Ilya and Airn with irritation, there was someone else who would think of her the same way.

She knew how talented she was; she knew how the other kids would treat her.

But that didn’t matter to her.

Let them be angry.

Whatever the reason, get angry, annoyed, curse, and swear till their heart’s content.

It doesn’t matter if it is fighting spirit, the desire to win, or a feeling of inferiority, use it.

Breakthrough the limits.

Just like how that deadbeat noble did!


A third groan erupted from Judith’s mouth. And her legs seemed like they wouldn’t be able to speed up any longer.

She, too, was clearly breaking through the limits.

“Huk, huk!”

The ranking stayed for a while.

Judith, Ilya Lindsay, Airn Pareira, and Bratt Lloyd.

All followed that ranking.

Quite far away, several people were competing for fifth place.

And finally, the final course of midterm evaluation began.

Across the lake, Judith threw herself in without any hesitation. It was because if she stopped, she knew her body would never move again.

“Puah! Puah! Puah! Puah!”

A different place with a different sound.

The girl was still angry, still blazing. This was why she was able to keep moving, and she was able to continue being in the first place.

It was amazing. If she could cross the finish line at this pace, she’ll be beating her own record.

It would be no exaggeration to call it a ‘miracle’.

However, miracles don’t happen that easily, which is why they are called miracles.

Judith’s body, which entered, slowed down.

Little by little, little by little. Then in an instant.

It was too much. She was unable to move a single finger and slowly sank into the water.

In the silence, she thought.


Was it because she didn’t care about anything? Or was the lake too cold?

Judith felt a calm sensation as if her anger was being sucked away.

She could see that Ilya passed her.

Expressionless as always.

It looked like there was still plenty of room left. Judith smiled sadly.

‘That bitch is a real monster. What did you eat to grow up like that?’


She couldn’t help but admit it.

She was a god from the beginning. Not a single trainee could pass Ilya.

For the first time, the red-haired girl felt a complete sense of defeat.

And then she felt more at ease.

Even though she couldn’t breathe, it was refreshing, and she wasn’t angry anymore as she knew that less confident people would overtake her.

‘Airn Pareira will soon outrun me. Maybe Bratt too, that scoundrel will come second. Then… damn it, it’s annoying.’

Judith stopped thinking.

Airn Pareira… yes, even Bratt would. But frankly, it was annoying that the rest of the low rankers would overtake her.

Of course, she couldn’t do anything anymore. She was sinking, and she was about to lose consciousness.

Her vision was becoming blurry.

She smiled bitterly as she closed her eyes.

No, she was trying to.



Arms around her neck.

A boy, a little taller than other trainees, moved dynamically.

Judith looked through her blurry vision and felt the heat rise from her head.

‘Airn Pareira! This crazy bastard…’

Whether he stays or gets sent out depends on this test. In addition, it was an evaluation with the school master Ian, being present.

At such a crucial moment, he came to rescue her instead of continuing with his task?

‘This dumb… hell.. he doesn’t know what is important and… what is not…’

Had it not been for the water, she would have spoken.

But she couldn’t.

Airn managed to pull her out.

The assistant, who arrived late, gave her first aid. And Airn, who watched for a moment, threw himself back towards the lake to finish.

Of course, the others were all going ahead. They all worked hard to stay in the school.

The same was true for those who exceeded the time limit. There were no kids who wanted to quit midway.

They didn’t stop moving despite bursting into tears.

Everyone but Judith crossed the finish line.

At last, the midterm evaluation of the Krono Swordsmanship school, which had many surprises, came to an end.

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