Chapter 160 - The Warchief’s Treasure (2)

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When asked which nation possesses the most precious treasure on the continent, which kingdom do people think of first?

Most would think of the Holy Kingdom Avilius or the Runtel Kingdom in the eastern part of the continent.

The former boasts the longest history, so it must have ancient relics, and the latter was the country that possesses the most developed magic, so all kinds of extraordinary things would be in it.

However, the general consensus was that the treasure house of the Durkali tribe, which represented the entirety of the orc species, would also be great.

‘Obviously it has to be here. It is hard to find items with the power of spirits anywhere else on the continent.’

Following Tarakan, Bratt Lloyd thought.

It wasn’t a popular ability in the human world, but spirits did exist.

As they said, even if the whole world isn’t made up of 5 elements, the source of the power was definitely real.

Of course, it wasn’t a systematically developed science like magic, and it wasn’t an ability that most people use, so it’s not something that is used for the sake of finding items either…

‘The chief did say but there is no way he can give us all something we want.’

Bratt glanced at Judith.

As if her emotions were still hurt, she hadn’t looked at him since then. Feeling bad, he thought to himself.

‘I need to clear the misunderstanding, but I hope that this will help me a little…’

After walking a few minutes, they suddenly saw a door to a warehouse.

A clunky stone gate which wasn’t fancy.

However, Tarakan placed his hand on the stone, which had a palm print, and a light shone, and the appearance of the door changed into something magnificent that everyone could admire.

But there was no way they would keep watching it.

As soon as the door appeared, Tarakan rushed inside while the others followed him.

The door opened and then closed as soon as everyone entered, not giving entry to anyone else.

Numerous objects appeared before them, and most of them were weapons.

A battle axe radiating with amazing energy.

A hammer so huge that it would be difficult for even three men to lift it.

And there were rows of weapons that were terrifying to even look at.

An armor placed in the corner of the room had a stylish appearance that caught the eyes of everyone in the party.

However, the moment they saw the pair of swords that were placed in the middle of the room, Judith and Bratt lost any interest in looking at the other treasures.

“The five spirits spoken among the orcs, also called the five elements, originally came from two great ones. One side has a warm energy like the sunlight, and the other side has a cold energy like the shade. There is a legend which spread among us that all kinds of things in the world come from opposites, sometimes usually depending on these two qualities…. Even if that isn’t the truth, it is certain to some extent that this always conflicting energy exists. The warm side is called ‘Plus’ or ‘Yang’ and the cold side is called ‘Minus’ or ‘Yin’.” 1


“That is why these swords are called Yin-Yang swords. Well… we just call them blue sword and red sword most of the time. Probably because it is easier to say.”

“Can we… touch it?”

Judith asked.

Even though she didn’t speak much, the tremor in her voice was evident.

She had never felt so captivated by a sword until now.

And when she saw it, it was as if she had found a long-lost piece of herself.

Tarakan nodded, and Judith carefully took the red-handled sword in her hand.


Right then, the sound of something burning could be heard, and the blade of the sword turned red.

Not as dark and terrifying as blood, but bright and hot like flames.

Tarakan, looking at Judith, said.

“I knew that it would be right for you. Many orc warriors including me, and my father have tried to hold the red sword in order to become the master of it… and there has never been such a nice response from it.”


“Would you like to feel it as well?”

Seeing Tarakan looking at him, Bratt picked up the blue-handled sword.

And then he heard something flowing violently, the refreshing energy which spread throughout his body.

Looking at the blade of the sword, which suddenly turned blue, Bratt couldn’t come to his senses, but the chief smiled.

“From now on, it is yours.”

“This is so precious, how can we…”

“I’ll take it! Thank you!”

Judith answered in a shrieking voice.

Bratt looked puzzled at her action.

Seeing her eyes which were burning hotter than ever, he couldn’t say anything.

Watching that, Tarakan smiled and said.

“I have no intention of taking it back, don’t worry.”


“It is fine. It’s because you do not know. In other people’s hands it will be a pearl hanging on a pig’s neck… on the contrary, I get to finally see it being used, so I consider it a good thing.” 2

It was clear that this sword was something worth even more than a Vulcanus Numbering Sword.

“Actually, I am surprised too. Brother did say that it would be a good fit for you two, but I thought it wouldn’t work.”

Again, at the brief mumble from Tarakan, Bratt and Judith looked confused.

Tarakan was one thing, but it was then they realized just how deeply Kuvar thought for them.

‘Things need to go well over here…’

‘It is fine since he has a good relationship with Tarakan, right? Karakum too seemed to be cold on the outside, but I guess he isn’t like that on the inside.’

Recalling Kuvar, who went with his father, the two of them stood there looking at their swords.

That didn’t go on for long, because Lulu, who was sitting on Airn’s shoulder, urged Tarakan in a cute voice.

“I want something like that too!”

Until recently, she was unable to even open her eyes because of the toll the transformation magic took on her.

However, when Judith and Bratt received their gifts, Lulu was back to her dazzling self.

“Quickly! Quickly!”

Tarakan nodded, bursting into laughter looking at the cat.

“Everyone else should get things too. I might not be able to pick things perfecty like I did with these two, but whatever it is, feel free to look around and choose.”

“Can I pick two?”

“That is a no.”

Lulu looked at Tarakan, who seemed serious, and bowed her head.

But soon, as if it was nothing, she went all over the place.

“This is too heavy; this is too sharp! Any other weapons? Ah! This is pretty!”

“… should we look for something as well?”


“If there is something that might fit me, let me know.”

“I’ll look around too.”

The four of them decided and dispersed in all directions; now, it was time to look for something for Airn and Ilya.

However, Airn didn’t seem to have any expectations regarding the treasure.

For him, who didn’t have much desire for other stuff, the only thing which mattered was his weapon, and he already had a great sword.

‘Then an armor?’

With that thought in mind, he looked around but didn’t find anything particularly good.

The leather armor he was wearing was made by Vulcanus, and the quality was good, but the reason the armor here didn’t seem appealing was because the size was bigger than his.

It was difficult to find a suitable item; unlike a sword, all the other equipment around was orc-sized.

In the end, Airn wandered here and there meaninglessly with lowered expectations.

But after a while.

A necklace, which he came across, caught his attention.


It didn’t look spectacular.

Although it was polished and touched by a craftsman, it looked no different from a round stone.

To be called a necklace was too sophisticated for this.

However, for some reason, it kept grabbing his attention.

‘Should I call this a sorcerer’s instinct?’

Airn was embarrassed to even refer to himself as a sorcerer.

However, since he had a strong feeling in his mind about the ‘necklace’, he felt that it meant that there must be something more to it than just its appearance.

Moreover, it wasn’t just him.

Lulu too, who was looking for her own treasure, stared at the necklace and then said.

“Airn, I think you should choose that.”

“Do you know something?”

“No. just a feeling. I think it will be good for you.”

Airn’s interest in the item intensified at those words from a full-fledged sorcerer.

Airn looked at Tarakan, as if asking if he knew something about it, but the orc opened his mouth with a frown.

“I don’t remember it exactly, but… it is an item which was said to be owned by a warrior who was an excellent spiritualist and fortune teller for a long time, so long ago that it doesn’t even exist in current history records. That’s probably it.”

“Anything special like the Yin-Yang swords?”

“Nothing special that I can think of… I think I heard that the energy of the 5 spirits was buried in it in the past, but not anymore. It has been too long, honestly. I wouldn’t really recommend it, but…”

He looked at Lulu and then continued.

“I can’t ignore the sorcerer who confronted my father head-on, so if you want to, please go ahead.”

“hehe, uhehe.”

Lulu, who took Tarakan’s words as a compliment, moved in the air and then picked up the necklace and hung it around Airn’s neck.

It was nothing special to look at; it wasn’t even beautiful, and there was nothing unique about it.

It was unbelievably plain to be considered a treasure from the treasure room of the Durkali tribe.

However, the moment he put it around his neck, Airn felt something reassuring.

“Can I play with it sometime?”


“Yes. I don’t know, but if I am in my transformed state, I think I might understand something about it.”


“Hm, I am curious too, cat warrior.”

“I am Lulu!”

“Ah, sorry. Lulu, if you find out about it, could you let me in on the secret?”

“Of course, when I find out, I’ll tell you the second! The first will be Airn.”

“haha, I got it.”

Tarakan nodded happily, and Lulu moved around in excitement and then went back to finding her own item.

30 minutes later.

Tarakan confirmed that the other two had picked up the items they wanted, and closed the door of the treasury.

“It was nice to meet you and talk with you like this. I want to talk a lot more, but I hope you understand that I have to leave.”

It was natural.

After 17 years, his brother was back.

The four of them were grateful to the fact that he had stayed with them till now.

Airn and his party deeply cherished the favor Tarakan had shown them, and followed a servant to their assigned rooms. And after a brief talk, they all went to their own rooms.

Of course, they didn’t sleep right away.

Especially for Ilya.

‘What sword suits… me?’

Airn Pareira’s gold great sword.

Bratt Lloyd’s blue sword and Judith’s red sword.

All three of them found a sword that suited them, but she didn’t.

She picked up a dagger in the treasury.

Unlike the three of them, the present Ilya couldn’t shake off the feeling that she was wasting time without a correct direction for her life to move towards.

‘Lulu advised me to stay empty minded at such times, but…’

It wasn’t as easy as it looked.

In the end, Ilya, who had been contemplating for a long time, fell asleep at dawn, and had a dream of a mysterious fortune teller, the teacher of Kuvar.

The orc in her dream calmly listened to all her worries with a smile and deep wrinkles on his face.

And then came up with a solution.

Ilya woke up with a cool feeling, as if the stuffiness inside her chest was melting, and smiled bitterly.

‘I can’t even remember what that conversation was.’

Of course, that was the case with most dreams; even the sweetest of dreams cannot be remembered.

However, her expectation of Kuvar’s teacher was renewed in her mind.

Despite not being the one to believe in such things, Ilya needed a place to rely on.


“… they said that teacher passed away a year ago.”

At those words which came from Kuvar, who came to meet the party in the morning, Ilya couldn’t help but feel even greater emptiness.

  1. Plus and Minus are interchangeable with Positive and Negative, respectively. ↩️

  2. Pearl hanging on a pig’s neck – means to make a valuable thing useless by giving it to a person who cannot use it properly or cannot understand its true value. ↩️

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