Chapter 161 - War of Nerves (1)

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Those who heard Kuvar’s words couldn’t open their mouths.

It was the same with Airn Pareira.

In fact, it was him who had wanted to meet Kuvar’s teacher, Gurgar, more than anyone else in here.

It was because this was a golden opportunity to find out about the man in his dreams, as he couldn’t get a single clue until now.

However, that was nothing compared to the regret that Kuvar was feeling.

‘I have been wandering outside for 17 years because of my decision, and I finally managed to find some courage and come back only to hear my teacher has passed…’

If something bad happened to his family members when he was imprisoned in the world of sorcery for 5 years, how would he have felt?

It was something no one would want to imagine.

Airn wasn’t sure what expression to make in front of Kuvar.

However, Kuvar had a determined attitude.

“… I, I knew that something like this could happen, because he was someone who was even older than my father, who is now over seventy.”


“But fortunately, the teacher, unlike me who is a quack, was a real brave fortune teller. Knowing that I would come back around this time, he left a letter with a riddle behind.”

“A riddle? What is it?”

“I don’t know since I haven’t solved it yet, but once I know the answer, I will be able to know what my teacher has arranged for me. Maybe…”

Airn Pareira, it has something to do with you.

Kuvar said that, and Airn felt horrible as he looked back on himself, since he felt glad in the midst of Kuvar’s sadness.

Seeing no one talk, the feeling weighed down on Airn even deeper.

Did he notice the weird atmosphere?

“Haha, there is no need to be so weird. If it wasn’t for you, I would have still been wandering around the continent without even thinking about coming here for another 10 years.”


“But what? I am thankful for you guys. Well, the situation turned out like this, so please wait a bit more. Even if the teacher is no longer able to do the task, didn’t you plan on escorting me here and then take me back slowly?”

Airn and the others nodded.

Kuvar smiled and stood up.

“Anyway, now that I have said that, I’ll have to go back. I haven’t slept since I was back here.”

“Have a good rest, Kuvar.”

“Ah right! Speaking of it, when you are dealing with high-ranking warriors in the city… you might want to be a bit more cautious.”

“… yes.”

Seeing Kuvar say that with a serious expression unlike before, Bratt answered in a low voice.

Kuvar nodded at this and left the room with a smile.

With the click sound of the door closing, silence fell again, and Lulu was also in thoughts.

‘… we definitely need to be careful.’

Thinking on Kuvar’s words, Bratt thought.

The Orc warriors of Durkali, Karakum and the chief Tarakan.

The fact that they were on Kuvar’s side is a huge plus.

And it was right to think that half of the complications were solved with just that.

However, the other half was still unresolved; it was the side of Tarakan’s faction.

‘From their point of view, we are no different from uninvited guests who came to ruin their peaceful lives.’

In addition, their races were different, and although briefly, they had aimed their swords at Karakum.

In many ways, it was quite a messy situation.

To make matters worse, there was a story that even the chief of the tribe, Tarakan, couldn’t ignore the authority of ‘Master Khalifa’, the former chief’s brother-in-law who was a royal member as well as the leader of Tarakan’s faction.

‘No matter how good Tarakan thinks of Kuvar… Master Khalifa may not have the same thoughts.’

As he was familiar with politics, Bratt knew what was happening.

Considering that, it was understandable to some extent that Kuvar was more concerned with this than over the death of his teacher.

“Well… we can just stay quiet and not wander around.”

“Right. I mean, we don’t have to go anywhere except for our rooms and the hall, right?”

“It is something we can do… Well, if we avoid them when we are outside, no problem will occur. Both hands are need to make a sound after all.”

As Bratt and Airn talked, Ilya with Lulu nodded their heads.

Judith didn’t take part in it, but she knew what was happening, so she agreed.

To practice alone until Kuvar solves his master, Gurgar’s riddle.

The four swordsmen decided together and put Lulu back to sleep and then got up to head down to the training hall.

And then, each of them took a spot they were comfortable with and started to swing their swords.

No matter how harsh the gazes on them were, it was impossible for them to not practice.

‘We are just practicing quietly, and we have no intention of starting a fight.’


Performing a classic slash, Bratt nodded.

No problem could happen. He didn’t even use the sword he received in the fear that it might provoke the orcs.

Even despite wanting to use the sword so bad!

‘I wish our feelings could get conveyed to them even by a little…’

Did his thoughts get conveyed?

For a week after that, no orc warriors looked at Bratt Lloyd.

They weren’t polite, but at least they weren’t glaring at them like they wanted to fight anymore.

Considering the aggressive tendencies of the orcs, this was good.

However, his expression as he was wielding the sword wasn’t good.

“wjgmlemfdms eksdur dprtmxmfkdlqslek.”

“wkrrkrk tlzutj djWjf tn djqdl skQmsakfdmf gkrh dlTtmqslek.”

The orcs didn’t touch him, Ilya Lindsay or Airn.

But it was a different matter with Judith.

Occasionally, they would purposely go to her side and mumble something in the language of orcs.

Looking at them, Bratt sharpened his teeth so hard that his molars might break.

Basically, the orcs were proud of themselves.

Their strength and huge physique were superior to most other races, and because of their pride, they were always confident in front of monsters and other races.

In fact, they made numerous achievements even during the period of the great chaos, which happened 400 years ago and the one 150 years ago.

At that time, the families of the heroes who smashed the demon’s neck gained the status of nobles in human society, and their future bloodline descendants profited thanks to them.

And even if it was the descendant of a hero or a bloodline of a warrior, no one could be treated carelessly.

Ilya Lindsay had Dion Lindsay, who beheaded the famous Demon Dragon King, and Lloyd had a venerable family that had produced many heroes.

Airn Pareira’s family lacked the reputation, but the fact that he was a Sword Master made Airn someone that the orcs couldn’t touch.


Only Judith had a background that was right for the orcs to act out at.

“skdirgks dlsrks wnwpdpd Rho gksp.”

“rmfjrp akfdldi emerlfhsms wjstkdml vltwnfeh dkslfkau? Rmfjs rjt clrhsms skQmwl dksgsp.”

Not an open fight.

However, they would pass by so close to her that anyone would be concerned, and then they would purposely speak in orc language.

Bratt could understand some of what they were saying.

It was because the first thing he learned after getting close to Kuvar was swearing in the orc language.

‘Not a bloodline of a warrior… and to cursing someone because they are of lowly origin, so they look down on her as a weak human being? That Judith?’

It wasn’t weird.

It was annoying to see those orcs who wouldn’t even have a chance against her act all mighty.

Worse was, Judith, too knew that they were swearing at her.



Still, Judith didn’t respond.

She seemed to be a silent mind, only focused on sharpening her sword with honest effort.

However, that only made Bratt turn more impatient.

Because there was no guarantee just how long she could endure it.

‘If this is the situation, I feel bad for Airn, but I think it will be better for us to leave quickly, I don’t care about the riddle…’

This was the right decision for the sake of Kuvar too.

If they stayed here more, then their existence in itself was like poison to Kuvar.

It was Bratt’s deduction that it was the current chief’s faction who wanted that to test their nerves.

‘Damn it!’

While he thought about it, another group of orc warriors approached Judith.

After uttering something, they passed by with an eerie laugh.

Fortunately, Judith didn’t even frown at what they said or acted.

Like not hearing the barks of dogs, she just looked ahead at the task she was doing.

Bratt watched the scene and sighed.


It didn’t end there.

Step step.

Wiping the sweat with her sleeve, Judith walked towards Bratt.

It was the first time since they arrived at Durkali.

Neither the situation nor the atmosphere was good enough to solve the misunderstanding, so the relationship between them was still cold.

This made Bratt feel insecure.


Why was she coming for him?

The question was soon resolved.

Judith, who came so close to him, put her lips near his ear.

And looking at the orcs who spoke to her, she…

“Stupid, fucktwit, idiot, dog shit…”

Words, not even a sentence.

They were words that even nonhumans would have heard at least once in their lives, and anyone in the hall could tell where they were being directed to.

Even among the orcs, some knew the language of the continent, so there was no way they couldn’t understand Judith’s swear words.

The orc warrior who noticed that, went close and said.

One of them spoke in the human language and asked them.

“What did you just say?”

“Mental, ass, idiot, stupd.”

“You really… Are you cursing me…”

“I wasn’t,”


“I didn’t say that to you, so why are you getting so worked up? I am speaking to this man with a dumb expression next to me.”

“Are you expecting me…”

“I said I wasn’t, what now?”

Judith asked with an expressionless face.

The orc warrior tried to say something, but he couldn’t and then gulped.

No one could say anything in that situation.

It was obvious that she was saying that to them, and it was similar to what they did to the red-haired woman.

They both provoked each other with childish tactics, so it was impossible to ask one person to take responsibility for it.

“… I think I mistook something. I will go now.”

In the end, all the Orc could do was step back.

Bratt, who watched that confrontation, sighed.

‘I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.’

Should he say that he was glad that this ended, or should he ask Judith to be more patient?

After contemplating, Bratt decided to think about the former.

In fact, considering Judith’s personality, the fact that she endured this much was great.

If it wasn’t for Kuvar, she would have caused a riot a long time ago.

But he knew.

Once she decided to hold the sword and go against them.

Then Judith would turn into her personality, which would cut down everything in front of her regardless of what happened afterward.

“Ugh, those muscle idiots.”

“… are you talking to us?”


“What? Don’t talk nons…”

“End the bullshit, and let’s deal with this head-to-head.”


“Why? Don’t want to or are you scared?”

Judith’s shocking remarks were so abrupt that neither Bratt nor the orc warriors could speak.

Seeing them like that, she wiggled her fingers.

And said one more thing.

“Neatly with no strings attached, let’s just solve each other’s problems, how about that?”

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