Chapter 162 - War of Nerves (2)

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The orc warriors burst out laughing at the words of the red-haired girl.

They were subordinates of Gunt, the third son of Master Khalifa, and were displeased with Kuvar’s return.

It was because their common sense couldn’t understand that the reason he returned to this place after 17 years was because of his ‘love for family’.

Therefore, the orc warriors thought that Kuvar had other plans because he returned, and the humans in front of their eyes were thorns on their side.

And it was even more annoying as they were humans and not orcs.

But that didn’t mean that they could directly threaten the humans.

They were the humans staying in the castle under the orders of great orc warrior Karakum and their Chief Tarakan.

Officially, the humans were the guests of the tribe, and they had to smile at them.

‘But if the other side comes out first like this… it is a different story.’

The orc warrior exchanged glances.

A bald one in them smirked and asked Judith.

“Are you sure you won’t regret those words?”

“Regret for what? Since we all seem to be accumulating some stress, we just need to have a fight and cool down cleanly, isn’t it? That is what I want to do.”

“haha, you are more daring than you look.”

“You are boring for your size. You talk about bloodlines and shit behind my back, like a weakling.”

“What? You…”



Interrupting the bald Orc, Judith lowered her sword onto the ground.

Then, after pointing her palms to the sky, she asked him to come.

“Stop yapping your mouth and come on. We fight with fists and not swords, okay?”


“Yes. To de-stress fists are better than swords.”


“Why? Not confident? Are you the same guy who talked about commoners being trash and bloodlines?”

Hearing those last words, the bald Orc didn’t respond.

Leaving the weapon to his colleague, he walked towards her.

A terrifying energy came out from his eyes which were filled with anger.

Seeing that, Judith smiled brightly, and the bald Orc went straight for her.


A fist powerful enough to split the air.

An attack so strong that an ordinary human’s head would explode on impact.

The bald Orc had no worries as he decided to attack without holding anything back.

It was more important for the Orc to trample the woman in front of him who was as small as a mouse.

However, his wish didn’t come true.

Just before his fist reached her face, Judith lowered herself and went for the arms of the Orc.


The bald Orc, who lost the chance to hit her, was bewildered at what happened.

Judith, someone with a small stature, leaned close and clung onto the Orc’s arm.

The Orc, who felt her presence a bit late, turned his gaze, but it was already too late.

The red-haired woman, used the arm as a swing and hit his abdomen.


“Kuah. Uh…”


The bald Orc, who lost his balance in one hit, collapsed forward.

Judith shrugged her shoulders and looked at the opponent.

With one light movement, the orc warrior flew several meters back.


From the start to the end, the fight lasted for around 1 second.

Still expressionless, Judith looked at the other orcs and asked.

“Anyone else coming?”


“I feel much better than before, but my stress isn’t fully gone. I hope the next battle will be more refreshing…”

‘This one was hiding her skills!’

The orcs who confirmed that the hard way stood there bewildered.

They had heard about it; that the humans who came along with Kuvar were amazing.

It was said that the silver-haired was a descendant of the Lindsay family, so they didn’t even dream of messing with her, and the others were all of noble blood, so they couldn’t act rudely towards them either.

However, the skills of the red-haired woman they saw until now weren’t that impressive. So, they looked down on her.

Like the orcs who couldn’t inherit the blood of heroes weren’t great, this commoner seemed to have a limit too, and also looked like the worst and poorest of the four humans… or so they thought.

And that was all their own delusion.

“What? No one else?”

The red-haired woman tilted her head.

She had an innocent expression on her face as if she was really curious.

However, the energy emanating from her body was terrifying.

The orcs, who had now clearly grasped the actual level of their opponent, were sweating, and no one was able to step ahead.

However, Judith’s following words made it impossible for them to stand still.

“This is disappointing. Had I known that the orc warriors were all this timid, there was no way I would have come to Durkali.”


“You wench, what did you…”


The warriors who seemed to rush at the insult, stopped at once.

It was because of the command of a giant Orc who suddenly appeared.

The new Orc that appeared was a span taller than others and thicker too.

The Orc, who felt intimidating to even look at, opened his mouth and looked at Judith.

“Gunt is what I am called, the commander of the Red Axe blade combat team.”


A name she knew.

It was one of the names of the Orcs Kuvar had advised them to be careful with, and the third son of Master Khalifa, who was the most powerful entity of the chief’s faction.

In human society, this one could be said to be a noble among nobles.

However, Judith wasn’t bothered by the background of the Orc.

“Right, Gunt, as you already know, I am Judith.”


Gunt’s eyebrows rose at that.

Along with aura, a threatening energy rose, and his eyes were looking at Judith.

The air around turned heavy right away.

But Gunt didn’t drag it out more.

After a moment’s hesitation, he said.

“I have two things to say.”

“Oh, I wonder what. Even if there are more, I will listen to all of it, so please feel free to tell them all.”

“First. I don’t understand what you are thinking when you are fighting knowing that it will cause a problem. And as a result, Mr. Kuvar’s position will fall.”

“Not at all. Ask them. We put aside all the political stuff and decided to fight.”

“Don’t act like you don’t know. If you were a person with common-sense you would know what repercussions your actions would have. Even so, if you did this, you should be held accountable, right?”

“We can talk about that later, what is the second one?”

“Second. You insulted all of the orcs. As an honorable warrior of Durkali, it is something which cannot be overlooked by me. You will be held accountable for your frivolous remarks, so I hope you face it and don’t run away.”


As soon as he said that, a strong energy rose from Gunt’s body.

A vicious and terrifying energy that made other orcs step back.

Gunt seemed to be a high-ranking orc, not inferior to any hero who subjugated demons in the past.


But Judith didn’t move.

Rather, she was stroking her chin with a relaxed face, thinking deeply.

At that, Gunt seemed surprised.

However, that wasn’t the end.

As if she was done sorting her thoughts, she nodded her head and then shared her thoughts.

“Stop with the bullshit.”

“… what did you say?”

“Bullshit. Why? You don’t think so?”

“What the hell. Why do you keep provoking…”

“Ah, shut up. First of all, listen to me as I listened to your bullshit very patiently. So, your objections come at the end, got it?”

Judith waved her hand.

Gunt’s anger soared even higher, but he couldn’t say anything.

She nodded and then cleared her throat to convey her thoughts.

“First. If you plan on taking action, then take care of your subordinates first. Even though I knew they were speaking bullshit behind my back, I endured it for a week. Orcs with even an ounce of common sense won’t use the name of Kuvar so easily, so you should be the one to apologize first.”

“Second. You said I insulted all the orcs? Right. But I had to. Because Lindsay and Lloyd have a nice background, you people don’t even have the courage to speak out in front of them, and then you speak behind my back, bastards who talk and squeal about the pride of a warrior and honor of warrior, behind one’s back are great? Besides, that was done with the intention of thinking that I wouldn’t be able to speak against it and that you people don’t have to be scared of my lineage. Wasn’t that out of line from your side?”

“… I admit that they were lacking, but you insulted all the orcs…”

“Is it because you are those assholes’ commander? You sound like an asshole too. You and them, are you descendants of the ancient heroes? The Descendants of the Demon Slayers?”


“The warriors who are the descendants of such warriors, didn’t you all ever think that if you acted so foolishly then your actions would reflect on the entire orcs?”

‘What is with her?’

Seeing the stream of words flowing from Judith’s mouth, Bratt was dumbfounded.

Normally, she wasn’t someone who was good at talking.

There were a lot of instances where she raised her fists, even with Bratt, because she couldn’t get out what she wanted to say.

But not now.

Did she prepare for this?

Or was it because the orcs were just stupid making Judith look that great?

‘Or both?’

He couldn’t figure it out.

But that didn’t matter. Because no one could stop Judith now.

She continued.

“Worried for Kuvar? Right, I am worried. Like you said, I am very worried. I waited for a week. If I was acting like myself, I wouldn’t have let the situation pass even for half a day, and would have broken all your heads. But I can’t, because I had to think about Kuvar. But I have something to say now.”

“You bastards, the honor of a warrior doesn’t depend on their bloodline or their ancestors.”

“It depends on what you think and how you act.”

“If you want to be treated with respect, act straight. Don’t speak behind people’s backs or gossip like now, and as soon as you face something difficult you bring in your ancestors, don’t do that and smear dirt across your ancestors faces.”

“Ah, right. I will tell you this since you might not know. Do you know why I feel bad for Kuvar? He comes back to his home after 17 years only to see the place filled with bastards like you, just thinking about this brings tears to my eyes.”

“Do you get it? Then end this bullshit and get lost. Go do some self-reflection and think about what a real warrior is, and then come to your senses. Uh? Go do that.”


At Judith’s words which were like a waterfall, the orc warriors stood blank-faced.

In particular, Gunt was shocked. His eyes were filled with anger which was ready to come out any moment.

In fact, he was contemplating whether or not he should deal with the woman right away.

However, at that moment, the three other swordsmen in the hall joined her.


Gunt had no choice but to postpone the thought.


The silver-haired woman approached him like a storm.

The blonde who was giving out the feeling of the weight of steel.

And the blue-haired man who walked with a rage colder than anyone else.

Seeing their eyes, Gunt took a step back and decided not to act.

At that moment, an orc ran into the hall.

And delivered a piece of news that was shocking.

“Kuvar’s teacher…”

“Is back to life?”

“No, he didn’t come back to life… Well, it is pretty much the same. I am sorry, it is hard for me to explain properly… hard….”

The messenger was wiping his sweat as he was speaking through gasps.

Gunt, who was watching it with a heavy expression, spoke in a low voice.

“Guide me.”

“Yes, yes! The, the humans too…”


After exchanging glances, the four of them nodded.

The human swordsmen and the orc warriors followed the messenger with curiosity.

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