Chapter 163 - Gurgar the Fortune Teller (1)

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“Phew, it was higher than I thought. Why do warriors always have to give other people such a hard time, even from the grave… are you guys fine?”


“This much should be enough.”

“I am sorry that I made you take care of a lot of things, still, it was the teacher’s will, so I hope you don’t let it bother you.”

“Don’t say that! Why would we even think…”

“Right! Besides, Mr. Gurgar was always so considerate of us. It is a blessing and honor to be able to do this for him.”

“I think so too.”

“Haha… thanks, for saying that.”

Hearing those words, Kuvar smiled.

He and six orcs had climbed up a small mountain outside the forts.

Because that was the place where the tomb of Kuvar’s teacher, Gurgar, was placed.

If it was just to pay respects, Kuvar would not have brought so many people with him, but now they were there to do something different.

That was, to hold a traditional ritual, a rite performed for ancestors in ancient tribes.

Kuvar didn’t do it voluntarily.

At first, he didn’t even know that such a ritual existed.

Nevertheless, he and the orcs were carrying the altar with the sacrifices, the food, and other miscellaneous items on their backs as they climbed up… all because of Gurgar’s will.

“Ah, you want to leave a will, you should just write it down normally, why bother making it a riddle and disturbing people…”

Kuvar, who was climbing the mountain, silently mumbled.

They finally reached the summit, and after a short rest, they would prepare for the sacrificial rite.

“Phew, rest!”

“Mr. Kuvar will you also join?”

“As a disciple, I cannot trust my master’s sacrifice to you alone. And since I’ve been accustomed to this kind of things in my wandering life, you don’t need to worry.”



Despite the orcs trying to stop him, Kuvar was already arranging the items and food that had been prepared.

Despite not being used to it, he was working, it was awkward, but there were other things that mattered to him. Actually, he didn’t quite understand a lot.

It was because Kuvar always had the impression that the ritual done after death was meaningless.

‘I am not sure what kind of help doing this would be for the teacher.’

However, as time passed, that thought changed.

Because he realized that these rites and rituals weren’t for the dead, but for the living.

“… I should have come sooner.”

Kuvar regretted it slightly and continued to place the things.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the preparations were done on time.

Eventually, in a solemn atmosphere, the ritual for Gurgar, the deceased teacher of Kuvar, was held.


Incense was lit with the spirit of flame.


Liquor was poured into three different bowls.


After that, Kuvar bowed twice, and then the rest of the orcs bowed.

After that, the ritual went on smoothly, and Kuvar sighed as he was done with all the procedures.

His eyes turned moist as well.

“… everyone did well. Please eat.”



The six orcs who were in front of the ritual food, calmly raised their tableware.

There was a lot of stuff, but it was not luxurious. This was what Gurgar liked when he was alive.

Despite being the best fortune teller in Durkali, he maintained a frugal life.

Kuvar grumbled.

“You should have ate better things when you were alive. There isn’t much for us to eat now.”


The orcs smiled little, and that was it.

They continued to have their meal in that heavy atmosphere.

And the food wasn’t the only thing, there was alcohol too.

Fortunately, that went well with Kuvar’s taste.

He was detached from his teacher, but when it came to alcohol, his teacher was the same as others.

‘This one isn’t very expensive, but…’

Kuvar stared at the drink intently and shook his head.

Despite it being the same drink he had with his teacher, his teacher was nowhere to be seen.

He only saw his own face as he looked at the liquor in the glass.

With a bitter laugh, he poured the contents of the glass down his throat and looked down.

It was terrifying.

It was because Gurgar, who looked 20 years older than the image in his mind, was looking at him with a smile.

“Uh, Uh…!”

“Huhu, I am out of breath. And, you look like me; you’ve become old boy.”

“No, what is th…”

Not just Kuvar.

The other orcs also looked at Gurgar in shock.

To be precise, it was something with the appearance of Gurgar.

Everyone thought that this grayish-looking figure wasn’t real.


“Right, soul. It is good to be here after so long. Disciple, pour me some to drink.”


Kuvar, who was still dazed, hurriedly poured a drink, and Gurgar actually drank it.

His torso was moving a little, and the other objects behind could be seen, as if he was a ghost, but he could pick up the glass.

Gurgar, who shook his glass after drinking, said.

“Did you bring a lot of alcohol?”

“… around ten bottles.”

“T-that isn’t enough.”

“Then I will go bring more.”

When he saw the orcs jumping up from their seats, he smiled and said.

“Okay. On the way… I would like you to call the human friends too.”

Both Airn’s and Gunt’s groups went to the top of the mountain at a high speed without saying a word.

In their hearts, they wanted to jump to the top of the mountain in one leap.

Fortunately, the mountain wasn’t that high, so they reached there quickly.

The orcs and humans were able to arrive at Gurgar’s site in no time.



And witnessed them drinking alcohol.

“Oww, they are here hmm? There are also people I didn’t call here?”

“I know. Gunt, what are you here for?”


Seeing Kuvar and Gurgar say that out loud, Gunt kept his mouth shut, not knowing what to say.

The man wasn’t alive.

However, dead people couldn’t be seen.

It was understandable to some extent that the messenger didn’t explain properly. And his expression hardened.

Kuvar’s return wasn’t a desirable situation, but now that orc managed to bring back his teacher?

Gunt’s head throbbed.

At that moment, as if looking into his mind, Gurgar smiled.

“Hey, Gunt.”

“… Yes, Mr. Gurgar.”

“I won’t be staying for long. I don’t have the ability for it.”


“I am here to chat with my disciple whom I haven’t seen in a long time, drink some alcohol and thank the nobles who helped my disciple become courageous… and everything will be back to normal once that is done, so don’t make that shitty face.”


“So are you. Straighten your faces, it won’t be long.”

Gurgar turned his gaze away from Gunt.

The most powerful man in the army of Durkali, Master Khalifa, had also arrived at Gunt’s side. 1

And it wasn’t just him.

Other Orcs appeared on the other side, and they included the Great Spirit Warrior, Gorha, and his aides, a force that supported Kuvar 17 years ago.

Although inferior to Khalifa, he had high authority.

As the seats were filled with such high-ranking orcs, the air turned heavy.

‘… not a single person here is ordinary.’

Airn Pareira, who looked at the orcs, went stiff.

True to the reputation, the next greatest warrior after Karakum, Khalifa’s presence was immense.

His body looked so hard that not a single needle would go through his skin.

Gorha, known as the Great Spirit Warrior, didn’t look simple either.

In the human world, he was underrated as a spiritualist, but he seemed stronger than Experts.

‘I never expected to see Kuvar’s teacher in such a chaotic situation…’

No, he didn’t think that he could ever see him.

Even though he was the best fortune teller of orcs with amazing abilities, Airn couldn’t imagine that someone who died would appear.

However, this was a good thing.

If it was an orc who was this great could help him, then maybe his dreams could be interpreted.

Maybe the identity of the man in his dreams could be found out!

Of course, that was only his wish.

Nothing was certain yet.

Besides, what was important was how to make a request to Gurgar in such a suffocating situation.

However, that part was solved easily.

Gurgar slowly got up and then stood right in the center, looking at each orc that came.

And then he looked up at the sky as he muttered.

“I was locked up all my life.”


“When I was young, I lived in the world with common sense and because I was a bit thick-headed, I was trapped in the rules of the tribe. I thought I would be relatively free when I joined it, but I wasn’t. I got trapped in the suffocation of political matches, and I sent away my one disciple and lived a lonely life. And then I died.”

A complaint.

It was unheard of for the dead to complain.

Gurgar, who said his words out loud, seemed as if the man had kept his feelings within him, and as a result, Khalifa’s face, which was like an iron mask, and Gorha’s face turned subtle.

They couldn’t look at Gurgar, who was looking at them, in the eyes, and all they had was a bitter expression.

Gurgar looked at them for a long time.

From the mouth of a person who had nothing to fear, words fell.

“Everyone who wasn’t invited, leave this place.”


“I know it’s against the rules to look into the future of people other than the Durkali, but I am dead. And I don’t want to bind myself with the laws of this world any longer.”


“Let me make this clear. Today’s work will not do any harm to the tribe. No, on the contrary, it will be a great blessing to Durkali and the entire orc species, so I hope you put aside the unnecessary worries and leave.”

Gurgar finished his words and waved his hand.

And then a tent appeared.

As he went inside said.

“You there, young man.”

“… me?”

“Yes. The blue haired one. Come in.”


Sensing the strange charisma in the voice that was calling him, Bratt Lloyd followed Gurgar into the tent.

Despite the tent being made with a seemingly thin cloth, not a single voice could be heard from inside. As if the tent was cut off from the world.

Khalifa, who watched that, sighed.

“Let’s head back.”

“… us as well.”

Gorha did the same.

The two groups, who arrived at the same time, left at the same time too.

All that was left on the mountain were Kuvar and his companions; Bratt, Judith, Ilya, and Airn.

“…what are they talking about inside?”



The three young people looked at the tent with curious expressions.

Looking at them, Kuvar had a strange smile on his face.

At the same time.

Gurgar, with Bratt Lloyd in front of him.

“Now, I will foretell the most important part for you.”

“… what is it?”

Bratt asked nervously.

He did not believe in divination, but now he had changed his mind.

It was natural.

He wasn’t some narrow-minded idiot who wouldn’t listen to the words of a man who returned from the dead.

‘If I was young, I wouldn’t have listened, but…’

Not anymore.

He listened and waited for Gurgar to speak, and then he heard one word.



Bratt Lloyd pondered for a moment, and then nodded as he answered.

“You are right.”

  1. By the most powerful man, it excludes Kuvar’s father, who has retired. So technically, he is the second powerful, as explained later on. ↩️

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