Chapter 164 - Gurgar the Fortune Teller (2)

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“Uh, he is out.”


Bratt Lloyd walked out of Gurgar’s tent.

Airn and his party, who were waiting for him, gathered at the same time.

And obviously, this also included Judith.

Out of the entire group, she had always been the one who was the most superstitious, so she couldn’t help it now.

It was because the charisma displayed by the orc fortune teller Gurgar exceeded her expectations.

‘Not because he came back from the dead, but because he was strong enough to drive away a master with just his words!’

That was something even a sorcerer wouldn’t be able to do.

Judith’s heart swelled at the thought of meeting Gurgar.

To the extent that she was feeling regretful for not coming here sooner.

But even with those feelings, she couldn’t speak to Bratt.

Nearly 10 days had passed, and they hadn’t solved the issue between themselves.

“How was it, Bratt?”

Fortunately, Ilya asked the question.

And everyone focused on Bratt as he responded with a serious expression.

“It was great.”

“Really? Super great?”

“Different from Kuvar?”

“Different. Definitely different.”

“No, you guys. No matter how great, you can say that in front of me…”

“However, Kuvar’s a quack.”


Not listening to Kuvar, Airn and Ilya asked a few more questions.

It was all about divination, but Bratt shook his head and said.

“I’m not supposed to tell anyone else the contents of the conversation. The efficacy would be lost.”

‘What bullshit is that?’

Judith frowned.

This was her first time hearing this stuff.

And even more ridiculous was that Bratt was the one saying it.

How could a guy, who never believed in this stuff come out of that tent with such an attitude?

On the other hand, her anticipation grew even greater. If this is right, then Gurgar is really amazing.

“Judith, come in.”

“Oh! Ah, yes.”

She had been called.

Judith exclaimed as she solely moved.

It was the moment when she walked into the tent feeling a bit embarrassed for some reason to greet Gurgar.

“Interested in love?”


“I asked if you were interested in love.”


Judith was at a loss for words.

The reason she walked to Durkali was to face brave warriors and to find out the direction of her growth.

Of course, for her, the growth meant growth in wielding the sword.

Gurgar didn’t seem to know that either.

Despite coming back from the dead, it didn’t seem like Gurgar was the best fortune teller on the continent after all.

‘No, he must have gotten stronger after dying.’

Thinking like that, she thought that maybe the old orc was making fun of her.

Just before coming here, something annoying had happened, so Judith wasn’t in her right mind.

“Please don’t joke around, do it right.”

“Judith, what do you mean? I am being sincere right now.”

“No, now… ha, fine. What I am looking for is some advice on swords. How can I become stronger, how can I turn into a Sword Master or even stronger? Please tell me.”

“I don’t plan on saying it.”


Judith’s expression changed.

Her skin was turning as red as her hair in anger and a soft sound of something grinding in her mouth. She was on the verge of exploding.

It was the moment when she, who tried to calm herself, was about to say something.

Gurgar, who was smiling, said.

“Well, you have no intention of listening to what I say, right?”


“It’s not just me. Up until now, many experts with better skills than you have given you advice, but you probably never listened to them. You have no intention of changing your mind. How can I give swordsmanship advice to such a stubborn person? Besides, I am not a swordsman.”


“Am I wrong?”

Judith, desperate to say something, went silent with a look of discomfort.

She hated admitting it, but Gurgar was right.

So far, she had received advice from many people and had ignored all of it.

It wasn’t just swordsmanship.

When talking about forms and battles with Bratt and Airn, she consulted them for advice here and there, but Judith stubbornly didn’t change any aspect of her sword training.

She strongly objected to the swords of Jet Frost, the 101st swordsman, and the reason why she left the school and came out to travel was because she wanted to prove to Ian that he was wrong.

Of course, that wasn’t easy.

‘Damn it, how!’

Judith was furious.

She knew she was stubborn.

She tried her best to change her thinking and accept other people’s opinions, but it wasn’t that easy for her.

Maybe it was her birth, or the area she grew up in; Judith just couldn’t change.

However, when Gurgar confirmed that fact to her, it felt as if she was being told, ‘This is your limit.’


“Stubbornness isn’t bad.”

Gurgar’s next words, however, were positive.

To that, she replied with a confused voice.


“I said it isn’t bad. First of all, you are special. Everyone likes to win and hates to lose, but after doing that several times, people tend to be satisfied at a certain level. It’s painful. No matter how much you hit or knock, if you challenge a wall that can’t be penetrated, then it would be your body and mind that starts to tear. People around you will discourage you. They will ask you to calm down and find another way, or maybe ask you to go back a little….”


“But you can’t do that, right?”

“… yes.”

Judith nodded slowly.

Gurgar smiled.

“You are the one who understands yourself the best and thinks the most for yourself. If you know yourself better than anyone else, if you do not give up your stubbornness even after listening to some great advice… there must be some kind of reason for that insistence.”


“Go your way. Set foot into Judith’s way, a path which only Judith could walk, a level which only Judith would reach… what do you think? I think I am pretty good?”

Ah, of course, you shouldn’t be narrow-minded.

Gurgar added that and reached for the table. He was drinking tea from somewhere that she had no idea where it came from.

Could ghosts feel heat?

Was what she thought, but then it disappeared.

Judith didn’t close her eyes, pondering over and over at the words.

How long had it passed?

She, who calmed her anger a lot, bowed her head to Gurgar.

“Thank you.”

“huhu, did that help?”

“Yes. I don’t know yet… thank you though. I haven’t been able to figure it out in the last few months, but now I feel like I’m getting the hang of it.”

The red-haired woman bowed once more.

Gurgar smiled.

So did Judith. As if the burden on her heart had lifted a little, she looked at the fortune teller with a faint smile, and tried to leave.

But the session wasn’t done.

The voice came.

“So, you don’t need love advice? Really?”


“Think carefully. I am the best on the continent. Before I died, there were human guests who came to see me from the south too. Oh, and the elves from the east also came. All of them brought thousands of gold, but I only spoke to those whom I liked.”


“And that great person is asking about your love life… so?”

Are you, are you really not interested in dating?

Asked Gurgar seriously.

He seemed to know something. Judith, who was silent, held the door.

And then little time passed.


Eventually, the red-haired went back to Gurgar.

And the fortune-teller smiled, and he said.

“Thank god. This is actually my speciality.”

It had been quite some time since Airn’s party came here.

Meanwhile, after Bratt and Judith were done, Ilya went inside.

Airn, ended up having the last turn and waited with thumping hands.

In a little while, he might find out about the secret of his dreams.

Even if the entire thing couldn’t be figured out, he could get a clue!

It was normal for him to focus so much on the tent.

And he noticed how the atmosphere between the two friends who came out was strange.

‘What is this?’

He felt it a few times in Eisenmarkt.

Without a word, they sat quietly…

Why was it weird as he kept looking at the two?

Airn spoke to Kuvar, who was thinking.

However, he didn’t get any satisfactory answer.

“If you look like that, you will live the rest of your life just like that.”


“Ah, it is your turn. Go in.”

“Uh? Ah…”

Kuvar was pushing him away.

Airn wanted to talk more about what he had just said, but as Ilya had come out of the tent, he had no choice but to go in.

He asked.

“Are you fine?”

“… I don’t know. I think I need a little more time.”


“Still, it isn’t like I haven’t gained anything.”

“Ah, this…”

“When I have frustrating times, I was asked to open up.”

Seeing the paper in Ilya’s hand, Airn nodded his head.

In the past, he received something similar from Kuvar. It was a small fortune slip, with advice written on it.

‘It’s not a calm face…’

Airn looked at Ilya’s expression.

Bratt and Judith, apart from the strange air around them, it was obvious that they had gained something.

But not Ilya. She still had that dark look, like she was trapped in darkness.

He looked at Ilya with a frustrated heart.


However, he noticed something strange.

Not just darkness.

She didn’t have a bright expression, but Ilya’s eyes seemed different from before.

And it was weird.

As soon as he sensed that it was similar to what he felt from Bratt and Judith, Airn realized that he had been staring at Ilya for too long.


“For what?”

“I was staring at you for too long.”

“It’s fine.”

“Uh, then I’ll go in.”

Ilya stared at Airn, who walked in waving his hand.

The young blonde didn’t realize, but she, too was staring at him for a long time.

With an ambiguous expression, Airn entered the tent.

Gurgar looked at him with a serious look.

Clear and deep eyes.

Just as he thought that this was how Ian would look at him, the fortune teller opened his mouth.

“Say it out loud for me. I can interpret your dreams.”


“Actually, it is a past life. The man in the dream you are so curious about is form a long time ago.”

Airn’s heart began to beat faster.

It was different from when he heard it from Lulu.

Unlike then, there was confidence in Gurgar’s voice. And the orc said he could interpret it.

With his burning heart, he opened his mouth to say something.

However, the fortune teller was faster.

He raised his hand and stopped Airn as he said.

“You can’t look into a past life easily. You need to prepare, and you have to collect necessary material through Kuvar…”

“Is that so?”

“But don’t be too disappointed. And to make sure that you won’t get bored while waiting for the right time, I have prepared a present for you. No, it isn’t just a present for you, but for all four of you.”

“A present?”

Airn asked with wide eyes.

For a fortune teller, giving past life advice was one thing, and giving them presents was another thing.

As he was wondering whether Gurgar looked into his heart just like a sorcerer, Gurgar spoke.

“I will say it again. Thank you for bringing my disciple whom I didn’t meet even before my death. I mean it.”


“A present for that. Ah, I might have to consult with Tarakan for this… could you go out and wait for a bit?”

With that, Gurgar closed his eyes.

Airn didn’t say anything.

He wasn’t aware till then; the body of the orc was more blurred than before.

Apparently, the time he had in the world was limited. Airn, who was too lost in thought till then, came out of the tent right away.

And then, Karakum and Tarakan were present.

As if they knew everything, they entered the tent.

Judith, Bratt, and Ilya came to ask Airn.

“Present? What is it?”

“I don’t kn…”

The four were thinking about what their present would be.

However, they couldn’t think of anything. Being such a mysterious orc, there were so many which came to mind.

And their doubts were quickly resolved.

“Then, see you later. My disciple, next time bring more alcohol than food.”


Gurgar disappeared into the air, and Kuvar stood silently.

Tarakan stepped forward on the old orc’s behalf.

And spoke in a low voice.

“The present for you is… the method of aura operation that has been passed down to high ranking warriors of Durkali.”


Tarakan nodded as he looked at the faces of the four people who seemed too shocked.

“Right. The Five Spirits Divine technique.”

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