Chapter 165 - Judith’s Way (1)

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Ancient warriors who explored martial arts and fighting techniques had gone through a lot of errors in order to become stronger.

Sometimes through long training, sometimes sharing their knowledge to others, and sometimes by fighting fearful and terrible demons.

And through all these practices for centuries, the concept of 6 step Aura operation was created.

The concept of accumulation, reinforcement, hardening, blooming, concentration, and manifestation was passed from the old warriors to the current swordsmen, and each step had its own characteristics and history behind it.

Of course, while the humans made these developments, the Orcs weren’t just playing around.

Although they played a relatively small part in establishing the framework of Aura operation, they succeeded in creating a unique aura operation of their own, a ‘Spiritual one’.

Like humans, the orcs too inherited knowledge from older warriors of each tribe, and today, the accumulation of all these techniques resulted in the Five Spirits Divine technique.

‘The Five Spirit Divine Technique. That too, from the warriors of Durkali!’

After hearing that, Airn gulped.

He didn’t know the full details.

All he knew about spirits was what Kuvar would occasionally tell him.

And his first time hearing about this method was during this journey.

However, it was clear that this was a great opportunity.

It was because this method was what made Karakum into one of the top ten warriors on the continent.

‘Of course, not everyone could use this Aura operation…’

He heard that from Kuvar.

This technique dealt with Aura, but it heavily involved spirits.

Which was why people who didn’t have the talent for spirits couldn’t even try it.

Just look at Tarakan right now; despite being a chief, he didn’t have any spirit energy in his Aura.

However, Airn was certain.

About one particular thing, that among the five spirits, he could at least handle ‘metal’.

‘Because I managed to deal with the iron stakes of the man in the dream.’

A deep confidence filled his heart.

Airn wasn’t the only one who felt confident.

As soon as Judith heard the word ‘Five Spirits Divine technique,’ she looked at Tarakan.

‘I need to learn it!’

Water, earth, wood, metal.

She didn’t know about any of those, and wasn’t even interested in them.

But, it was different with the fire element.

From the moment she witnessed the sword dance of Ian, Judith had been working hard to capture the essence of the dance and replicate it by using the fire element.

Fire was the ideal she pursued.

Of course, there were differences in it, but she was drawn to the words said by the chief.

However, in the midst of all this, a thought popped into Bratt’s head.

‘Will this be tolerated by the high-ranking warriors of Durkali?’

If the chief and Karakum had absolute power, then this wouldn’t be a problem.

Their words would have been the law.

However, from what he had seen so far, the high-ranking warriors in the Durkali were like nobles in the human kingdom.

Looking at Master Khalifa and Gorha, it was clear to Bratt.

No, not even them, just looking at Gunt and his men, it was evident.

From their point of view, would they be happy if humans were taking away their most precious treasure?

At that moment, Master Khalifa appeared there.

Bratt thought that they must have gone down the mountain, but it wasn’t the case.

Khalifa wasn’t alone.

Behind him was Gunt and three other orcs as well, and everyone had heard what Tarakan had said, and their expressions weren’t good.

Everyone looked at Master Khalifa.

And after a moment of hesitating, the huge Orc spoke.

“Chief, I am against it.”

“Why is that, Khalifa?”

“I also have something to ask of you as well, why did you make such a decision alone? This is a bad decision. The essence of Aura and spirit operation, which the great warriors of Durkali tribe have devoted their lives to craft for hundreds of years, how can you pass them down to humans that we just met?”

“We aren’t just passing it down. Didn’t the old warriors tell us? Stagnant water will rot. If the old warriors of the tribe had not passed on their knowledge, would Durkali have enjoyed such a prosperous time? No. You know that too. Not just that, it wasn’t just the orcs, the humans and even the elves have shared their knowledge with us. They gave us something equal to the Five Spirits Divine Technique.”

The conversation between Tarakan and Khalifa was in the language of orcs. So, except for Kuvar, no one understood it.

However, it was clear that Khalifa didn’t like it. Judith’s expression began to change.

Not because she didn’t understand.

But because this didn’t seem to be working out.

Judith was unsure of whether she could speak or not, but she knew that she would cause trouble for Tarakan if she said anything, so she stayed silent.

However, when Gunt suddenly intervened and spoke in the official language of the continent, it spoiled her mood.

“Chief! Those people were all warriors who proved themselves. But not these people!”


“The two Sword Masters and the child of the Lloyd family are descendants of the old heroes, and are maybe entitled to this… but not that red haired woman. Neither does she have family, nor did she prove anything. Moreover, she didn’t hesitate to insult the orcs.”

“That scum…”

Judith cursed under her breath. And Bratt, who was next to her, heard it clearly.

And it perhaps had even reached the ears of Khalifa; however, Bratt didn’t stop Judith.

It was because he knew that the moment he did that, Gunt would speak even more.

However, nothing changed.

Hearing his third son’s words, Khalifa nodded and said.

“I agree with Gunt. Aside from right and wrong, isn’t it true that that human swordsman hasn’t proven herself as a warrior?”

“This was a request from Gurgar. These four will have a huge impact on the future of Durkali, and will make it prosperous.”

“I will consider it too. How about putting together all that had happened and then made a decision at the grand meeting? I think it is right to listen to the spirits and other warriors, and Gorha too.”

Was this all Gunt’s influence?

Kuvar and the four stayed silent as Khalifa talked in the language of the continent, and Karakum closed his eyes.

It was because he didn’t want to intervene after getting down from the position of chief.

Tarakan took a deep breath and nodded.

“We will hold the meeting.”

After a while, the chief went down the mountain and called for the grand meeting.

As it was a gathering of the elite, the discussion was held, and the conclusion was reached sooner than expected.

It was because Gorha, who was known to be against Khalifa, agreed with him this time.

They allowed Airn and Ilya to learn it.

Although Bratt Lloyd was somewhat lacking in standards, they respected the words of Gurgar and allowed it.

However, Judith, who they thought was unqualified, would only learn it after proving her worth.

She would have to go through the ordeal of a warrior.

In order to prove that she was an excellent warrior, she had to fight three high-ranking warriors in a row.

Everyone who heard it was worried for Judith, but she just smiled and said.

“Mr. Gurgar told me that it is a present for us. Then I need to do it…”

That ordeal wasn’t something that she couldn’t overcome.

Everyone who heard her, nodded their heads.

A week after Gurgar’s resurrection.

In a huge area similar to the one in the Land of Proof, the ‘Trial of a Warrior’ was being held to see Judith’s qualifications.

The entire scene was similar to the battles that happened in the Land of Proof.

Countless orcs filled the seats to watch the battle between the orcs and the female human.

The difference was that, here, all the spectators present were supporting the orcs.

“I want to see how strong that human is.”

“Judith? Never heard that name. Besides, isn’t she too young?”

“Doesn’t matter how young or old a human is. The battle will be against the three kids of the Great Khalifa. No one else other than a Master can win against them.”

“Even a human Master won’t be able to.”

“Because basically an orc’s body is superior, and facing three of them in succession would be tough for any Master.”

Unlike the wandering orcs who were friendly to humans in order to survive, the orcs in the northwest completely looked down on humans.

For them, who had high physical strength, humans were like dwarfs.

However, if one asks if the orcs felt superior to the humans, then the answer would be NO.

It was because of the history of the world.

400 and 150 years ago.

The orc warriors had fought off multiple demon underlings and tore bodies without respite, and tales of their achievements had spread around the continent.

However, it was the humans who played the decisive role in ending that chaos.

Dion Lindsay, the first head of the Lindsay family, cut off the head of Demon Dragon King.

The Commander of the White Knights of Avilius, the Holy Kingdom, sent three of the Seven Great Demons back to Devildom.

Even the strongest Orc couldn’t do that.

No matter how strong Karakum was, he fell short in front of Ian, Khun, and Julius Hul. 1

And that gave a sense of inferiority to the orcs.

Superiority and inferiority.

These two emotions, which were impossible to mix, existed within the orcs at the same time.

And this was expressed in the tribe by looking down on human warriors.

“Gunt! End this yourself without involving your brothers!”

“Mr. Gunt! Smash her!”

“Gunt, Pahun, Garam! Whoever it is, don’t turn back!”

“Get lost, human!”


Not a single orc seemed to be rooting for Judith.

However, that wasn’t exactly the case.

Kuvar, who was sitting next to Tarakan, longed for Judith to win.

However, he was extremely regretful because of the negative turn of events.

It was because the warriors Judith would face were great.

‘Master Khalifa’s three sons… they are the best among the Orc Experts.’

In particular, Garam, the eldest, was known to be able to surpass a Master.

And to beat them in a row, no matter how strong Judith was, this was going to be extremely hard for her.

Even more disadvantageous was that she was going against the huge orcs with her tiny body.

Unlike humans, orcs were taught to fight from a young age.

Kuvar, who was going crazy, closed his eyes and thought of his teacher.

And unlike the other orcs, he prayed for the red-haired human to win and stay unhurt.


Gunt, who was the first of the three warriors, stepped onto the stage. His eyes, glaring at Judith.

He knew that she was a tough opponent.

However, fighting was the orcs’ way of life. Besides, the human wasn’t a match when considering their physiques.

Gunt, who already predicted his victory, smiled and said.

“From now, I will show you what a real warrior is.”

Judith didn’t bother answering or even responding.

She simply raised her fists without saying a word, ready to strike.

Seeing that, Gunt laughed.

It was not a bad posture. But thanks to the difference in size, it didn’t feel intimidating at all.

Licking his lips, he took his stance, and soon, the announcement to start the fight came.

Immediately, Gunt, who took a low stance, decided to go for a lower hit to crush Judith.

Shouts and cheers erupted from everywhere.

But they subsided in an instant.


Judith, who pretended to step back, quickly took a step ahead and kicked.

Gunt staggered back. Thanks to his thick neck and jawbones, he didn’t take serious damage.

However, Judith didn’t miss the chance.

She rushed in and went for a series of punches at Gunt, who was still in a daze.

And she didn’t stop there.

Judith went from behind and wrapped her arms around the opponent’s neck, and strangled him.

That was the end. Gunt resisted for a moment, but then fell to the ground like a puppet with its strings broken.




In the silence, Judith whispered in Gunt’s ear.

“Who exactly was a real warrior in here, you bastard?”

  1. I’m assuming that Julius Hul is the commander of the White Knights of the Avilius Kingdom ↩️

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