Chapter 169 - Five Spirits Divine Technique (2)

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The Five Spirits ceremony was primarily for those who had never been in contact with the spirits.

Only those who knew of the spirits would do it. And this was for them to know what they lack and to understand what they were good at.

Naturally, if the outsiders who have never even heard about spirits participated, the results would often be shabby.

It would usually be a very small puddle of water, or a fist-size flame that disappears right away, or a metal as small as a pebble…

However, Airn’s spirit awakening wasn’t like that,

Metal and flames.

It wasn’t unusual for two spirits to appear at the same time, but it was the size of the spirits that was huge.

A huge stake of iron that could pierce the sky, and a fire that was so strong that it was unbelievable that Airn had no prior connection with spirits.

However, what was more remarkable was that the two spirits were separate.

‘The flames shaped the metal; From a form which would have been crude, to a sword which was a weapon…’


Watching the amazing sight with their eyes, the talent shown by Airn, which indicated that he was able to control both fire and metal, made even Gorha become stunned.

And it wasn’t just him.

Kuvar, Karakum and the others were stunned beyond belief as well.

No, everyone present there was dumbfounded at what they saw.

“… hmm.”

That was the first thing that Gorha said after witnessing the sight before him.

He was the most outstanding person of the Durkali tribe in handling spirits, and he was the one who always led the ceremony.

But even he couldn’t make up his mind and speak.

And what came out from Gorha’s mouth after some time, wasn’t an explanation, but rather a question.

“You, did you learn about spirits?”

“… I did hear about them from Mr. Kuvar.”

“Kuvar. Did you teach the human about spirits?”

“I didn’t. Whatever I told him was only for the purpose of understanding, and I just gave advice by using the five spirits to compare, but this… this is unexpected.”

Kuvar nodded his head as he said that.

He knew that Airn was special.

It was a miracle that couldn’t be seen in normal humans. Kuvar knew that ever since he saw the flames burning inside his heart because of a few kind words, and Airn’s will to save a human who had lost her way in Eisenmarkt.

However, Karakum and Khalifa, who had mastered the technique, never dreamed that Airn could be like this.

Karakum, who heard Kuvar, said.

“… I think the transmission of the technique should be done for both spirits.”

At that, everyone nodded their heads.

A person who had known nothing about using spirit arts or spirit techniques had the ability to handle two spirits.

It was as if Airn had built up a relationship with the spirits and learned them in a completely different way.

In other words, it meant that the orcs could also obtain new knowledge about the spirits through their exchanges with the young man.

The orcs who understood that, now thought that it was fortunate that the human called Judith overcame the ordeal.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have come here, and the Orcs wouldn’t have seen this absurd sight.

‘Gurgar was indeed right. The growth of these humans will be a great help to the tribe…’

Master Khalifa thought in secret. Some orcs looked at him and smiled as if they knew what he was thinking.

But that was only for the orcs.

Judith had no interest in such things.

Complex emotions swelled in her mind.

Her gaze that was hot like a volcano, turned to Airn, who was bewildered.

‘That crazy bastard.’

It was shocking.

How does he keep showing unexpected things each time?

Judith’s heart wasn’t big enough to celebrate her friend’s achievement.

To be honest, she felt quite offended. Just like last time, feelings of inferiority, jealousy, and envy all rose.

However, unlike in the past, she didn’t stop herself from feeling these emotions.

She closed her eyes and poured out all the negative emotions she felt into a hot cauldron in her heart.

And they melted them in the terrifying fire that was burning in her heart.


And thus, Judith’s heart was reborn with a single emotion called ‘fighting spirit’.

Finally, she was able to look at her friend in confidence.

Looking at Airn, with fiery eyes, she said.

“But mine was bigger.”


“The size of the flame. I don’t care about the other things. I will never lose when it comes to the flame. After learning the Five Spirit Divine Technique, I will show you how to use a sword which is hot enough to burn you.”

“… okay.”

Airn smiled and took Judith’s hand, which was ready for a handshake.

Seeing that, the orcs smiled.

It was so nice to see warriors who were competing among themselves, helping each other.

However, it was none other than Bratt Lloyd who was even happier.

‘I am proud of you.’

He knew Judith better than anyone.

And he even knew what a horrible personality she had.

But aside from her personality, lately, she’s been too depressed.

After meeting Airn and Ilya, her expression had always been darker.

Even though he knew that better than the others, he couldn’t find a way to help her. So Bratt was constantly feeling bad.

However, after the fight with orcs, Judith changed.

Although the feelings were still there, it seemed like she managed to overcome the poison that was eating away at her body in her own unique way.

‘I am really glad.’

A similar expression appeared on Bratt’s face.

He thought that Judith was cute, but it was something the others that were present there wouldn’t understand.

And he didn’t keep that face for long. Because Bratt was a person who was cool and level headed.

However, this time the timing was late.

A harsh word came out of Ilya Lindsay’s mouth, who stared at Bratt.

“****” 1




All of Airn’s party turned their heads towards Ilya.

Lulu even dropped the ball of yarn in her hand.

The rolled yarn just kept moving on the ground, untangling itself as it rolled.

They had no choice but to be shocked. In the first place, Ilya wasn’t the kind of person to talk a lot, and Ilya had never talked bad about other people before.

It was natural for someone to be shocked when someone who had never used such harsh words said that.

Airn asked.

“W-what happened?”

“Did something happen?”

Even Judith looked at Ilya, clearly shocked.

After a moment, she stepped forward and said.

“… I want to take the test.”

Only Bratt didn’t question Ilya. And after that, the testing of the two started without another question.



“Uhm, indeed most of the young ones seem to be getting fire.”




“Oh oh… it’s water. That is a huge amount too….”

After Ilya came Bratt. Ilya got fire and Bratt got water.

Although less in quantity than Judith and Airn, Gorha was still shocked at the amount of water that could be considered to be amazing within the tribe.

Finally, Lulu put her hand into the jar, but nothing happened.

“I don’t know if it is because you are a cat or a sorcerer. But I don’t think that there is talent…”

“It is fine. I am just a sorcerer and that is fine.”

Lulu responded bravely.

In a way, all the members of the party she was in with except her, learned what spirits they could use, and that was more than what they had expected.

The elder orcs returned, their satisfied faces clearly displaying that they had seen a great sight and that they were happy. And Tarakan, along with Khalifa, left for their respective jobs.

Kuvar, too, went to his teacher’s grave.

So, the Orcs who were left were Gorha and Karakum.

After quite some time, when everyone had left, Karakum spoke to Airn.

“Airn Pareira.”


“Follow me.”


“Gorha, I will teach this one.”

“I understand. I wouldn’t say anything, you are the best when it comes to metal… I will take charge of these humans.”

After a long pause, Gorha looked at Judith.

Like a magician who found his next interesting test subject, his eyes were dripping with interest, which felt a little burdensome to Judith.

Of course, she wasn’t scared.

“Please make me stronger than Airn.”

“Haha. I can’t say for sure, but when it comes to spirit skills, I am the best teacher out there.”


Judith seemed to smile, which made Gorha flustered.

Bratt shut his mouth, not saying anything, and Ilya concentrated on Gorha’s words.

To Airn, who was watching them, Karakum said.

“How you hold metal and flame… I heard things from Kuvar.”


“He said that you were born with a huge block of metal that was incomprehensibly strong. And to shape and control it you went on a journey to find a flame to ignite it.”

“That’s about right.”

“It is amazing… how you can reach such a state only by using your mind, without the help of a teacher to show you the technique.”

They were sincere words.

It was understandable to some extent that the spirits were naturally strong. Even among orcs, such things could appear.

Not to the extent of how amazing Judith’s fire was, but some of the best talents of the entire Orc species had as much as Bratt’s talent.

However, without systematic training and teaching, and only with the power of the mind… they had never seen a case where the energy that was lacking was raised so much in just a year.

‘To refine the metal in his heart by himself with the flames that he built.’

Even thinking about it was absurd for Karakum.

Of course, that didn’t mean he had no intention of denying teaching the kid just because he didn’t go through it. Rather, it was something to be grateful for; teaching him would definitely broaden his perspective.

Therefore, the next words which Karakum spoke weren’t that of a teacher.

“Take care of metal in your own way.”


“Isn’t there a way you were doing it till now? Since you ruled the metal with flame, the crude metal must have taken the shape of a sword, right?”


Airn nodded, and Karakum continued.

“Usually, when we practice the Five Spirits Divine Technique, we follow coexistence. Just as water comes out of metal, a tree grows out of water, fire eats the tree, ashes are born from the fire and metal clumps together again from the dirt and that is how one spirit energizes another.”

“I see.”

“But it is different for you. It is like raising a flame to control the strong aura metal, but it is not win-win, but it is rather a fight for supremacy over another. And it is not a very common case, so I must be careful about the approach. If possible, I would like to examine how you have been handling it, and give you appropriate advice. To be honest, I want to expand my awareness. Do you get it?”

“… I kind of get it.”

“Then do it. Like you did before.”

After speaking, Karakum slumped.

He looked so blunt that Airn thought he would be like that for an entire lifetime until he started.

Airn, who watched him for a moment, sat cross-legged.

And then immersed himself into meditation.



It had been a long time since he last trained, but nothing felt awkward for him.

As Airn began to concentrate, a large sword appeared in his mind, and a flame wrapped around it.

Airn’s will continued to strike the sword, which was heated.




In an instant, Airn had a stable flow.

But he felt like something was missing, and he soon realized why.

It was because he had witnessed Judith’s flame.

Airn, who thought that, remembered the huge, strong hot flame.

‘I need a stronger flame.’

As he saw Judith’s flame, it was like a huge building, while his was just a flame on the floor.

Airn’s flames were separate and moved chaotically.

‘If I can make them into one, or at least find one main flame. I will be able to harness more flame than I can currently…’

To create a sharper sword, a greater flame was required.

To create a greater flame, one needed a flame with a main point.

If so, what are the sparks in his heart?

Which of the sparks in your heart deserved to be the main piece?

Was it the family he loved when he learned sorcery?

The spirit of change he realized In Alhad mountains?

Was it the fighting spirit that blossomed after meeting Ignet?

If not, was it the friendship he had with Ilya?

The question made Airn shake his head.

Watching him like that, Karakum silently studied him.

And then, two hours passed.

An orc warrior came to their place.

“This is Mr. Gurgar’s message now… it said the preparations to check the past life are complete.”


The news came earlier than expected.

Everyone turned their heads towards Airn Pareira.

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