Chapter 180 - Towards their Own Path (4)

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Before Airn, Ilya and Lulu departed from Durkali, a modest party was held.

To be honest, the word ‘modest’ didn’t seem appropriate for it. Even the word ‘party’ didn’t seem appropriate.

Only six people participated, but it was still great.

‘It is natural for Kuvar to come, but I didn’t think Tarakan, Karakum, and Gurgar would come too…’

When Judith and Bratt left, they thought it was a little strange because these three didn’t join.

But that didn’t mean they were feeling uncomfortable.

Gurgar was a very good-natured spirit, and Tarakan, along with Karakum, had gotten close to them over the past two months.

Ilya was a shy person, so they thought things might be awkward…


“In the end, farewell calls for alcohol!”



“Are you going to drink all of that?”

Looking at the huge bottles of alcohol open on the table, the others were shocked.

“It is unfortunate that Bratt isn’t here, but we can drink a bottle. Ah, you should all drink too! Wait a minute…”

Even the three orcs and Gurgar were drinking that strong alcohol, which was being poured into their glasses continuously.

“Hm, this is good. It’s spicy, and a cherry flavor fills the mouth.”

“Ugh, And I really like how this smells. Father, should I get another bottle?”

“Obviously! And if something like this is there, take it out more often!”

“Even the chief isn’t rich enough to drink this every day.”

“Kuvar, give a bottle to this teacher. I used to hold back because of my health, but now that I am dead, this is fine.”

“… a joke like that is difficult to accept.”

“What! After hearing that, I want to drink too!”

The orcs kept having fun and drinking.

In response to that, the cat jumped into the air and transformed, and Kuvar, who noticed it, poured her a glass.

Shockingly, Lulu drank three glasses in a row.

“Ah, everything is turning.”


And it didn’t last long. She was back to her cat form and fell into the arms of Airn and fell asleep.

“Me too… I am done…”

“Huhuh, is that all? The last time I saw you, I thought you could handle your drinks; you look weaker than I thought…”



The next drunk person was Ilya.

Unlike Judith, she could handle a certain amount of alcohol, but even then, she couldn’t go against the monstrous orcs.


Ilya headed to her room with a gentle greeting as if she had never cussed.

Fortunately, there was no staggering. Airn, who looked at his friends, took a sip with a smile.

And looked at Kuvar with slightly drunk eyes.

‘If I hadn’t met Kuvar, what would my days have been like?’

He didn’t want to dwell too much into it.

To him, Kuvar was more than just a teacher.

It was Kuvar who told him to nurture the flames in his heart, and it was Kuvar who gave Airn the right advice to ignite the embers in his heart.

Even the memories of his past, which were testing him, were solved because of coming to Durkali, so it was safe to say that this quack fortune-teller was an amazing gain for Airn.

As he remembered the journey with him, Airn felt blessed.

He felt like he should somehow express his gratitude to him when he wasn’t drunk.

However, it wasn’t possible.

Kuvar, who was also staring at Airn in the same way, said.

“Thank you…”


“When I first approached you, I had no idea. I was using you. The loneliness which I had accumulated while wandering for 20 years, your aura which was a little more unusual than others. And the little pride in me which wanted to lead a young man.”

“Using me? Not at all. As Kuvar said. If it wasn’t for Kuvar, I’d be wandering too, not having any idea what my path was.”

“No, not at all. Even if I might have helped, it was just me saying some words which anyone could have said. My advice wasn’t anything special. Being able to handle the words I said and using them to become better is what is truly great.”


“Being helped and comforted… funny that the whole time it was me and not you.”

Closing his eyes for a moment, Kuvar recalled the past.

The first time he felt the greatness in Airn was at Alhad mountain.

He knew Airn was a good person, and that he wasn’t trying to keep his goodness to himself, but was rather thinking of spreading it to the world.

The eyes of Airn that Kuvar saw then, were asking questions that would’ve been ridiculed by many and were searching for the best path to move forward.

And it didn’t end there.

As time passed, Airn turned stronger, and his passion turned hotter and hotter.

The young man didn’t give up even when he met Ignet, and carried out his will without feeling burdened even in the Land of Proof.

He was a person who had a more honest heart than anyone else, and held the courage to put his thoughts into action… and, in the end, made miracles happen.

He didn’t run away, nor did he turn away because things were hard.

“The person that ended my wandering of 17 years and ended my pitiful escape… it was all because of you.”


“Even before you saw into your past or established your beliefs… you were already a hero to me.”

Phew, speaking, Kuvar exhaled. And the smell of alcohol touched Airn’s nose.

However, Airn didn’t mind.

And with clear eyes, Kuvar adjusted his posture and bowed to Airn.


Airn was bewildered and looked at Kuvar, not knowing what to do.

And that wasn’t the end.

“Thank you. Thank you very much.”

Gurgar followed his disciple and bowed.

“Thank you for bringing my brother back.”

Tarakan, Durkali’s chief, followed him.

And finally, even Karakum, who had been drinking throughout the farewell party, bowed.

And in the most polite way, he said.

“Thank you, young hero.”


“For allowing me to lighten the burden of a lifetime, for bringing back my son, and… thank you for allowing me to meet him again.”

As he bowed, tears were dripping down his face.

They weren’t the tears of a former chief or a great warrior, but those of a father.

Airn, who felt overwhelmed by it, also shed tears.

Bowing his face to the orcs, he said.

“To become a hero not just for Kuvar but to become a hero for everyone else … I will do my best.”

The next day, Airn and his party had an early lunch and left Durkali.

Lulu and Ilya had a bit of a hangover, but it was fine. Because one of the orcs helped them on their journey.

“This is as far as I can come.”

But the service wasn’t provided forever.

The orc dropped off their things at a city, and took the carriage back to Durkali, and now they were back to just the three of them.

But only for a while.

“Oh my, it is so nice to meet you! It is an honor to see you people here!”

They soon hired a new driver.

They had no choice but to do so. Until now, everything was done by Kuvar for them.

In other words, it meant that Airn, Ilya, and Lulu could not continue their journey by themselves since he had left.

‘I’m speaking to all of you, don’t try to do things on your own and just hire someone. It would be for the best for you all if you did that.’

Airn, Ilya, and Lulu all nodded their heads.

No matter how much they wanted, it was unreasonable for those three to do the tasks.

As a result, the number of people turned to four again. And Airn, with his party, continued their journey with a great coach.

However, they didn’t know.

The words which spread through, about the appearance of the young people walking around, and the generous tips that they gave to their employees, and how it would make them look.

And how many bad people were in the world waiting to target such good-natured people.

‘This is amazing.’

Johnson, the coachman of the party and leader of the bandits, drove the carriage with a smile.

He never thought that strangers who didn’t know much about the world and that were this young would have so much amazing money to spend, and would appear in a northwestern city where there was nothing to see.

And to think those people would be his target.

However, all that luck fell on him, and now there was just one final step remaining. While they prepared to set up camp near the hideout, it would be completed when his men arrived at the appointed time.

And since he was a merciful bandit, he would leave some money to the young people to return back to their homes.

‘I think it’s better to just deal with them after what happens, but they are too young…’

Even the cold-blooded Johnson was not ruthless enough to hurt such young children.

This time, he planned to give them a ‘world is scary’ lesson.

However, it was Johnson who didn’t know the world well.

And he understood this because of the incident which happened in the evening.



“Airn, is there enough firewood?”


A noble woman was gathering firewood to make a fire.

However, the process was strange.

Instead of picking up fallen branches on the floor like a normal person, she turned to a tree that wouldn’t fall even when stuck with an axe and cut it for fire.

And the shock didn’t end there.

“It can’t be that thick. The raw trees won’t burn well…so throw it in.”




“Would it be better if you cut it thinly?”



Johnson’s eyes went wide as he saw the tree being shredded into 32 pieces of firewood as it landed on the ground.

And right after, Lulu, the cat sorcerer, who was sleeping back next to Airn, said Yap! And fireballs were thrown.


“See that! Now I know how to use spirits!”

“That isn’t spirits, but sorcery.”

“Ugh. I want to learn about spirits too.”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to use them?”

“Yes. But as I studied them, they were interesting. But I can’t…”


‘What? Am I dreaming now?’

Johnson, the leader of bandits, was shocked.

Young people who can cut down huge trees and the young man who cut down the huge log into pieces instantly.

And the most bizarre thing was the cat which could make flames from its paws and could speak human language!

What the hell? Who were they?

The confusion and absurdity of the things he was seeing were overloading his mind. He couldn’t tell if this was real or not.

And then, something changed.

“Hehe, what? A luxury carriage on this quiet road…”

“Oh, nobles maybe? The air is classy… it will be a lot of money.”

“You aren’t thinking of taking away the money and giving it to the poor, right?”

‘… No! not them!’

Johnson was back to his senses.

Don’t do it. Trying to steal from these weird people, it will ruin everything.

Even the minimum would be death, and the maximum would be… well, he didn’t know.

The monstrous black cat which could curse people.

Throwing away the cooking ingredients, Johnson went and stood in front of the men. And drawing his sword, he said.

“Get away from here! You fuckers!”



The bandits were shocked.

They had no choice but to do so. Their leader, who was bringing their prey to them, was now saying this. It was natural that they couldn’t understand it.

And one thought Johnson was joking.

Hehe, with a mean laugh, he said.

“Ehh, brother. Great acting…”


“Acting my ass! Go away!”



“Brother, you say, since when was I your brother! Stop with the bullshit!”

“No, wait. Wh…”





“Is this enough? Or do you want to get on my bad side?”

Johnson threatened them with his sword.

It was only then, did the bandits actually look at him.

Blood drenched eyes, and a ghost-like face.

Realizing that their leader was being sincere, they slowly disappeared.

“Move faster!”

And disappeared quickly.

“Gasp, gasp, gasp…”

Johnson took a deep breath.

What happened just now wasn’t really tiring, but it looked like he was going to die.

In fact, he felt like his heart would burst.

And if he hadn’t done what he had done, then perhaps his employers would come over to see what happened.

No, it was already happening.

‘Damn it!’

After exchanging glances, the blonde and silver-haired swordsmen approached.

But they both had blank expressions on their faces.

Seeing the two walking towards him at the same time, Johnson felt like he was being pushed by a wall. And his breathing turned rapid.

Maybe, maybe he will die?

And then, as he heard what they said, he realized that it was a misunderstanding.

“Thank you, Mr. Johnson.”

“Really. You are just a coachman, but you work so hard and are brave even in front of bandits too… I’ve never seen such a person.”

Airn and Ilya seemed moved.

In particular, Ilya’s feelings were intense.

For her, who was conscious of being ridiculed all her life, it had been a long time since she saw such pure and courageous kindness.

At least that was what Ilya thought.

“Thank you, Johnson.”


And as he saw the black cat giving out gold stuff from the air, Johnson couldn’t come to his senses.

But those feelings were short-lived.

He looked at the three gold mice in his hands, and he spoke in a loud voice.

“I, Johnson, will continue to serve my employers with all my heart!”

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