Chapter 182 - Ancient Dungeon (2)

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All the guests sitting in the inn turned their gaze towards Airn Pareira.

It wasn’t because he asked a strange question.

A dungeon that was supposed to have been created in ancient times, was qualitatively different from the hideout of a magician!

Isn’t that an exciting story to listen to?

Be it a mercenary or a magician, one could definitely be interested in it, and it was natural that with a little more courage, they could ask to join.

However, people’s reactions were weird.

And Johnson knew why.

‘Still, it won’t be a big deal.’

When he first started working as a coachman, he was trembling in fear as if he saw a death reaper, but now he knew.

The young man wasn’t the kind to start arguing with others.

He was just a bit slow.

‘It would be better if he could just show off at least half of his skills.’

That was unavoidable. There were too many things that had happened to Airn, so he decided to follow Kirill’s advice.

Fortunately, the people of this inn didn’t ridicule him.

He just looked at the mercenary with a blank face.

However, Airn wasn’t the only one interested in dungeon exploration.

A sharp-eyed man who was drinking in the corner alone, also came ahead.

As a result, there was tension in the eyes of the guests. Some even pushed their chairs closer to the tables.

Overall, the air around had changed ever since Airn talked.

In the midst, the man also asked the same question.

“I am assuming that the Calven side is also looking for people. Right?”

“… you are right. That is the case. Compared to other nations, they are lacking in people and other resources.”

“Right. So, we aren’t too late then?”

“That, I am not sure. If even a person like me knew about it, then doesn’t it mean this information has been going on for a while? If you are aiming for something, I suggest moving quickly.”

“Thanks for the advice.”

The sharp-eyed man who nodded, put two coins on the table and disappeared.

And the middle-aged mercenary who confirmed that the man had disappeared out of the inn, sighed and said.

“Two silvers aren’t enough. But I don’t want to see that face for any longer.’


“Ah, if you are also interested in the exploration, go to Calven. Like I said, they are looking for mercenaries. However, given the scale of the dungeon, it can’t allow people with average skills to enter. Of course, I didn’t mean that about you, don’t get me wrong.”

“I didn’t think that either.”

Airn smiled at the words. Even with his soft appearance, the middle-aged man thought that this man in front of him was unique.

‘When I saw him, I thought of him as a kid who didn’t know about the world, but now that I look closer, he doesn’t seem like that…’

Did he have the skills to back up the confidence with which he came up to them and opened his mouth?

The mercenary smiled and took a sip of his drink again.

Of course, he was the only one who had that reaction; the others didn’t even care about Airn.

Rather, he picked up the information of the person who left the inn just now.

“Was that man Vern?”

“Right. I hear he recently subjugated the Demon den of Karlun by himself.”

“Then is that enough to participate in the exploration?”

“I don’t know about that. But according to what I know, it is a dungeon being attacked with at least three kingdoms, and it’ll be four if the Holy Kingdom comes… can a single mercenary fit in?”

“Still, it might be worth a try.”


Some chattered and glanced at him.

The air around the place was different from when Vern was there, and even Airn understood it.

But there was no need to worry. And returning to his seat, he said.

“There is no need to go to the Holy Kingdom.”

“So, Calven?”

“Yes. The things we have heard may not entirely be right, but once we get there, we will surely get the right information. If that is true, then I want to be a part of this exploration.”

“Okay! I like it! An ancient dungeon, I am looking forward to it!”

Lulu changed her stance on the matter right away and added the word ‘ancient’ to it.

But it was understandable enough.

Unlike the recent ones, the ancient dungeons must have been there for hundreds of years…. It was like a sorcery box with unknown contents.


Airn, who recalled the existence of his previous life, then shook his head.

For now, getting to Calven and joining the dungeon exploration was a priority.

Having gathered his thoughts, he looked ahead and said.

“Johnson, thank you so much.”

“Ah… yes. Then I will leave from here.”

Johnson nodded.

Calven wasn’t far from here, and unlike the northern parts, the roads were well maintained.

So, they wouldn’t need his guidance anymore.

So, after performing his tasks for the 3 monsters, he was set free without being discovered as being the leader of the bandits.

The next morning, Johnson looked at the piles of gold in his pocket and thought.

“… I need to live a good life from now.”

However, a stained character couldn’t be cleansed right away.

Still, the reason Johnson wanted to walk the path of reformation was because of his financial situation…

‘There are too many monsters in this world.’

It was because, at this point, he realized that there were countless powerful people who hid their identities.

He quietly closed his eyes and remembered the last trip.

A young man in his 20s using a golden aura with a kind face.

A female swordsman who can chop wood but would look stunning if she wore a party dress.

And a monster cat.

‘Ahh. No. This is a world where we have no choice but to live kindly.’

And to be a person not afraid of cats roaming on the streets.

Johnson nodded and then headed out to embark on a new journey to become a new person.

“No! I don’t like it!”

“Vice-captain, if you say it another time, it will be the 1,000th time.”

“What the hell is this dog-like situation! Ack! Garbage! You rat bastards!”

The lieutenant who was watching the Vice-captain Amira Shelton of the 1st Knights troops of Calven, shook his head.

It wasn’t a nice sight to see someone continuously throwing curses with their mouth like that.

The profanity this woman was using was enough to make people in the back-alleys frown.

Of course, that didn’t mean the lieutenant couldn’t understand his Vice Captain’s feelings. He, too, was annoyed by the treatment of Palanque and Rabat. 1

‘It is an abandoned land, and the dungeon is in the outlands, but it still looks like it was snatched away…’

The place where the dungeon was discovered was a wasteland between Palanque, Rabat, and Calven, and it was a land full of monsters like goblins.

However, since the place where the monsters gathered was near the Calven in terms of distance, the kingdom had no choice but to send subjugation squads periodically to clear them.

And then, the dungeon was discovered during one of these subjugations.

Of course, the kingdoms of Palanque and Rabat, who realized it late, couldn’t stand still.

The two kingdoms fueled by great greed claimed their rights to the dungeon as well, since officially, the dungeon wasn’t in a land owned by any of the three kingdoms.

Of course, Calven went rampant saying that was nonsense, but when it turned out that the dungeon was bigger than expected, the nation backed down a little.

It was because they, who were just a city-state, didn’t have the strength for a large-scale attack while simultaneously keeping the two kingdoms in check.

‘In the process, even the Holy Kingdom people intervened, saying that it might be an ancient temple and was worth being looked at.’

The participation of the Holy Kingdom wasn’t bad.

As those who advocated for the glory of God, they could prevent Palanque and Rabat from taking away the entire contents of the dungeon.

Even so, it was essential to adjust the powers to a certain extent.

If this small state can’t even bring a Sword Master or a battle magician like the other two kingdoms… They wanted to stand and survive as the best talent in the exploration.

“But, where are these mercenaries, and what are they up to?”

Kwang! Bang! Kwang!


The vice-captain Amira Shelton pounded on the table. And the wooden table cracked at a lot of places.

Actually, when she first recruited the mercenaries, she didn’t think that she would be this concerned.

Because she thought she could hire Charlotte and Victor, who were a duo working in the central part of the continent.

And if that didn’t work, she planned on bringing in Jet Frost, the 101st swordsman, or Harrison or Ricardo.

But all was in vain.

Charlotte and Victor, who could be usually seen and heard about everywhere, couldn’t be found anywhere now, and Jet Frost and Pinto were too busy practicing.

And all the other useful mercenaries had other things to do.

The only one left was Vern, who subjugated the demon den of Karlun, but that alone wouldn’t be enough.

If possible, she wanted to hire a top-level expert who was close to a Sword Master…

It was when she was thinking about it, that a report came in.

Amira Shelton, who saw the content, looked somewhat relaxed, and then cleared her throat.

“Ah Ah, how is it? My voice?”

“It is fine; you might want to tie your hair though, it is a mess.”

“Ah, really? I will tie it up. Is this fine? Is it nice to see now?”

“Wonderful! The appearance of Miss Shelton is bound to appeal to any mercenary.”

The lieutenant’s words were sincere.

Her face, which was tensed, was now relaxed, and the mouth which constantly poured out vulgarities had now turned pure.

Her hair that was usually scattered all around as if it was hit by lightning, was now bound into a ponytail.

Looking at that sight, the Vice-Captain wasn’t inferior to any knight representing Calven.

“Great! Let’s go.!”

Excited, Amira made her way to the training grounds outside.

In her head, she was already thinking about the mercenaries she would soon meet, ‘Will this one be nice? Will they maybe be an expert? Or will I be disappointed?’

Even then, the three mercenaries who she would meet soon probably wouldn’t be too bad.

Since the idiots who pounce on the word ‘Ancient dungeon’ had already been filtered out.

‘But what if they ask for a stake in the dungeon instead of money? No, let’s not think about it right now. Let’s just check if they are talented.’

That was the right idea.

These days manpower is scarce, thinking about the pay is something that should be considered later.

First, she had to secure talented people.

Amira Shelton prayed and prayed again, hoping that those outside would be great enough people, that their names would be known everywhere.

However, the moment she saw the ones in her sight…


Her reasoning was cut off.

“Yah!” 2

“Yes! Vice-captain. To start, the blonde swordsman on the left has a silver medal from Alcantra…”

“Yah, no need. Just get lost.”


“Get lost!”

The vice-captain was furious.

The knight who was introducing the mercenaries walked back.

Amira didn’t care about him. Having lost her smile, she drew her sword.

“Come on, show me your skills.”

There was clear irritation in her voice.

She had no choice but to feel that way. She wanted a strong person so that her state wouldn’t be embarrassed.

But who were those in front of her?

It was just two kids, perhaps just 20 years old, staring at her.

‘No, damn it! Wasn’t it said that there were three in the first place? Can’t these bastards at least get the number of the people, right?’

She checked to see if she could find another person, but couldn’t find one.

Even after rubbing her eyes, she only saw the blonde man and silver woman, along with a cat scratching its stomach.

“Let’s do this quickly.”

Amira said. Slightly annoyed.

She knew it wasn’t their fault. If something was wrong, then it was because of her own subordinates.

However, she wasn’t able to hold back her annoyance in her current state.


Perhaps, the silver-haired woman understood it; she took a step forward and drew her sword.

The blonde one stepped back and took the cat with him. In an instant, a one-on-one fight was ready.

Amira, who saw that, shook her head, and tried to say.

‘Well, even if it is one or two, it will be the same. Let’s just end this quickly.’

Let’s finish it.

She just wanted to finish it quickly and look for that idiot subordinate who got the number of people wrong.

Thinking so, she swung her sword.


A strike which flew in at a frightening speed!

Of course, she had no intention of hurting anyone. It was just to knock them out.

However, Amira couldn’t achieve her purpose.





A neat defense.

And a fast follow-up.

Amira Shelton had to let go of her sword. And the sword which left her hand flew far away, and as it fell on the floor, it rotated with a whirring sound.

And the fight was done just like that.




Silence fell.

The silver-haired swordsman and the blond hair swordsman and her subordinates. They were all silently looking at her.

Even the black cat looked at Amira Shelton without purring.

Having endured that, she began to move somewhere quietly with a red face.

Unable to handle the embarrassment, running was her only option.


“What. What happened?”


“Now, wai-wait a minute! Our vice-captain is a bit finicky…sorry! So sorry!”

A knight who identified the two people desperately tried to keep them there.

Of course, there was no reason for Airn or his party to leave. They had all their own reasons to participate.

It felt weird to be treated like this.

After they waited a few minutes like that, someone else appeared after the vice-captain.

A man who introduced himself as the lieutenant, held an envelope decorated with cute petals.

“I want to open it.”

Lulu moved from Airn’s arm and opened it. Inside was a greeting.

[Congratulations! You have become an official member of the Calven’s dungeon exploration team!]

“… sorry. Our vice-captain is like that.”


“Could you forgive her rudeness?”

It wasn’t really something that was particularly rude, but the three of them nodded at the same time.

  1. Palanque and Rabat are the 2 kingdoms apart from Calven and the Holy Kingdom. ↩️

  2. "Yah" is slang for "Hey" or "You." You can see that Judith often uses it ↩️

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