Chapter 183 - Flustering (1)

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Palanque and Rabat were kingdoms that were well known in the central continent.

It didn’t boast its great national power like the Gerbera Kingdom, but compared to the city-state of Calven, it could be said that they were strong.

Besides, there were outstanding people who they could boast about.

‘Sword Master Sevion Brooks and Perry Martinez of Rabat.’


These two were the reason why Amira Shelton wished for more power.

Not to mention, Sevion Brooks. Wasn’t he a Sword master?

No one would be able to take him on easily. He was at a state where every knight of the continent dreamed of being at.

However, if asked if Perry Martinez was decent compared to the other, that wasn’t it either.

Rather, in the field of dungeon exploration, it was always the existence of a high-ranking magician that was superior to Sword Master.

‘In terms of combat power, I know that that person possesses skills comparable to the three lords of Runetel Kingdom…’

That also meant that, despite being a magician, his skills could stand up to a master.

It wasn’t as if that person was the best magician in the middle east for nothing.

Amira Shelton, who thought till there, sighed.

She was happy though. Unlike in the past, there were a handful of people in Calven, including her, who didn’t lack power.

Although the two young swordsmen weren’t in their 20s yet, both of them were 2 Sword Masters.

Perhaps the moment they saw their skills, Palanque, Rabat, and even Avilius would be surprised.

But apart from that, she was still concerned.

‘Ilya Lindsay… she must have participated in the dungeon exploration because of Ignet Crescentia?’

The feud between Ignet and the Lindsays was famous.

It wasn’t like one party did something wrong, but the ending was bad.

It was also an open secret that Ilya was obsessed with Ignet.

Of course, Ilya Lindsay said she wouldn’t bring personal feelings into work, and she said that she was here as a mercenary and not as a member of the Lindsay family… Still, she couldn’t let her worries go.

‘Huhu, I shouldn’t worry too much. Let’s just leave this to the old man, and I can focus on the exploration alone. And I will handle those Palanque and Rabat bastards.’

Fortunately, Gregory Griffin, the captain of the 1st Knights, said that he would take care of the complicated affairs.

Due to his old age and physical condition, he was on the verge of retirement, so he couldn’t actively participate in the field, but his diplomatic and political abilities were much superior to others.

So, she wouldn’t have to worry about what will happen.

Mumbling in a low voice, Amira Shelton sighed again and then picked up a needle and cloth.

And started to cross-stitch.

‘Well, there is nothing I can do other than this to organize my complicated mind.’

From an early age, she loved cross-stitching.

The fun of reaching the desired results by accumulating one stitch at a time gave her a different pleasure.

Of course, this was secret from her subordinates.

The vice-captain had to be dignified and strong, so this was a secret.

And she didn’t want to get caught doing this. So, she locked the door.

But the cat sorcerer jumped out of thin air.


“Amira, what is that?”


“Ah, I know that! Cross-stitch? It is cross-stitch, right?”

“I want to do it too, but my hands are like this…”

Said Lulu as she looked at her front paws.

Looking at that, Amira Shelton spoke in a low voice.

“Lulu, you can’t come in here at any time you like.”

“Uh? Why so?”

“I am a person who prefers privacy. Outside, I am a cool and dignified vice-captain, but on my own, I enjoy my personal hobbies, which I don’t want others to know about, and wear comfortable clothes… and this is natural for anyone.”

“But I am a cat, so it should be fine, right?”

Lulu asked innocently.

At that, Amira Shelton hesitated. Regardless of her words, she was a cat person.

However, she was so busy in her life and work that she couldn’t adopt a pet.

And now she was in her mid-30s, and was single too.

‘But if a talking cat which can do its own tasks comes…’

It would be alright, right?

With that thought, Amira had been spending her time with Lulu a lot.

And this sorcerer cat seemed to like her.

“Amira, can I stay? I like Amira because she resembles my friend a little. So, I want to be with you.”

“… do we resemble each other a lot?”

“Not a lot, a little? Only when you are angry.”

“Is that person also a swordsman? How old?”

“Yes, a swordsman! And younger than Amira. Maybe 20 now? Or maybe not reached 20 yet? But fights incredibly well!”


Amira Shelton folded her arms as she looked at Lulu, boasting of her friend.

A young swordsman that this sorcerer cat kept on praising, she couldn’t help but want to covet that person. So, she asked.

“Could you introduce me to that person?”

“Huh? Why?”

“Nothing. If that person is a swordsman, I can talk about swords with them, and I am curious since you said we look alike, and it is always good to know more people.”

“Okay! I’ll introduce you later.”


“Huh. But that person is stronger than Amira.”




Amira bowed her head.

Lulu waved her tail, watching her.

Ten days after joining the Calven’s dungeon exploration.

Airn Pareira and his party moved to Rabat with Amira Shelton and the others.

Nothing was particularly troublesome.

There was a separate place assigned, to meet and get introduced with each other later, and so, it was informed that the swordsmen could relax until then.

Of course, that didn’t mean they were free to do everything.

Ilya was being Ilya, and Lulu was being Lulu.

And Airn too, was preparing himself to meet Ignet.

Sitting under a tree in the corner of the hall, he slipped into meditation.


Airn had his legs crossed and was breathing deep slowly.

It was a posture suitable for absorbing the energy of the spirits in nature around him, but currently, Airn wasn’t aiming to do that.

Before meeting Ignet, he wanted to reflect on his own self.

While coming from the northwestern part, he had been in trouble.

What was the reason for him to meet Ignet?

Was it because of what she said?

Or because he felt a fighting spirit for the first time as he faced against her?

That wasn’t wrong.

At that time, Ignet came as a huge shock to Airn.

Ignet, who had pierced his immaturity, had made him annoyed and even envious.

However, when asked if such a heart was the core of his flame, then Airn would shake his head resolutely.

That was not what had shaped him.

It was his good intentions towards the world, and not his fighting spirit, that allowed him to create his own sword, free from the anger of his young self and the man in his dreams.

‘Let’s just think about it. The thing I realized at the end of my previous life.’

‘At the end, I was left with regret.’

‘Let’s digest it in my own way and keep moving.’

‘With the advice of Karakum and the honing of the teachings of Tarakan, let’s establish my will.’


A fire burned in his heart.

The intense heat covered the steel left behind by the man and made it sharper and sharper.

And Airn held onto it.

It was different from the past when he couldn’t confidently answer Ignet’s questions as he was too busy being dragged around the man’s will.

But now, he had fully made his sword.

Only then did he realize.

The reason he stood in front of her wasn’t to defeat her.

It was to graduate from his past self.

‘Ignet too, is someone who can be called a teacher.’

Airn nodded.

Once his thoughts were organized, his mind was at ease.

As a result, his unstable breathing was back to normal now. He opened his eyes.

And saw a man in his 50s sitting in the same posture as he was.

Airn asked.

“How long do you plan to watch?”

“Did you realize?”


“I was trying to hide my presence.”


“Since when did you know?”

A dry voice with no emotions.

However, Airn could see that the man was surprised.

The problem was that he didn’t want anyone to interfere with him right now.

‘How should I put it?’

He knew that the other person would speak more if he spoke his mind.

Thinking so, Airn decided to lie.

“For almost 20 minutes.”

“You have good senses. I thought you wouldn’t know until you opened your eyes.”


Did he have to pretend like he didn’t know?

He thought for a while, but then decided he didn’t have to.

He could roughly guess the identity of the opponent.

He heard it all from Amira Shelton, that there was someone better than her in the other kingdoms.

If so, then this person had to have a better position and influence than she did.

But before all those things, he also looked like a swordsman, just like Airn.

‘This person must know that it is rude for a swordsman to stare at another swordsman’s training and still…’

Airn, who was finished thinking, tried to say in a gentle tone to not go against manners.

The middle-aged man who was sitting like Airn stood up.

Still, the man had the same blunt face.

However, he had a very slight smile. And said,

“Sorry to disturb you. It is hard to control my pounding heart each time I see a talented young man.”

“… thank you.”

“Don’t worry about this old man and keep doing it. Bye.”

Saying that, the man left.

Airn, who watched that, took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

However, he couldn’t concentrate.

It was because he knew that the middle-aged man who left would come back soon.


It wasn’t like he was sitting next to him now, but he was definitely observing Airn from afar.

Maybe he didn’t know that Airn noticed him. Another sigh came from Airn’s mouth.

But it was fine.

At least this wasn’t as embarrassing as being stared at from ahead.

In fact, he thought of not caring and doing his thing, but then thought it would be worse if he was immersed and then something brought him back, so Airn decided to just sit there.

And in less than a moment.


Another intruder.

Unlike the middle-aged man, a strong force came.

It was different from the swordsman, but Airn could feel that this person was strong too.

Who was this new one?

There was no need to be so worried.

The voice of the two middle-aged men gave Airn the answer.

“Perry. Don’t bully the young man; get out of here.”

“What do you mean? I am just observing; on the contrary, you were the one who yelled and disturbed him!”

“That young man is sensitive enough to know I was there despite me hiding my presence. If you wear those magic stuff and go, of course, he would lose his concentration!”

“Ah, is that so? Then I was wrong. I had no intention of doing that.”

“… it is fine.”

Airn nodded his head with eyes still closed.

Of course, because he said it was okay didn’t mean they could keep talking.

However, magician Perry Martinez wasn’t as serious as Sword Master Sevion Brooks.

“Definitely looks like an extraordinary young man. To keep his composure and continue meditating even after hearing my name. impressive.”

“Don’t be silly. Why does a magician have his eye on a swordsman?”

“It can’t happen? Unlike the magic tools and research, it is better for a battle magician to have a well-developed mind and body. It is only natural for us to crave for someone with a strong body and excellent concentration. Do you, by any chance, want to accept the young man as your disciple?”


“Ok, my, you nailed it! But you can’t take him as a disciple; the way you teach is so abstract and vague for young people, it won’t fit well with them.”

“You don’t have to concern yourself with that. That will be a matter between the young man and me. And with the talent that young man has, he would surely understand my teachings. Maybe he will rise to the level of Master faster than me.”

“I don’t get it; why are you using expressions like ‘between the two of us’? When did we get so close?”

“I apologize, but my training is over. I will head inside.”



Airn got up and politely greeted them.

He disappeared into the tent in such a way that his pace wasn’t slow or fast, and the other two just stared at him.

Of course, it didn’t last forever. Perry spoke first.

“He ran away because you made him feel flustered.”

“… he left because you were making so much noise.”

“Well, keep saying that. But I am curious. He doesn’t seem like a young one from my kingdom.”

“He’s not one of ours either.”

“Then it has to be from Calven’s side… I need to check it out.”

‘I need to do it in the room from tomorrow.’

I can only use the training hall when practicing.

Listening to the conversation of the two middle-aged men, that was the decision Airn made.

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