Chapter 185 - Flustering (3)

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Dragons are amazing.

Not just their physical abilities.

Of course, they have a huge body and have great physical strength along with it.

However, the reason dragons were called truly amazing beings was because they were known to have ‘magical abilities’ that far surpassed that of a normal great magician.

Humans can handle only so much magic in their bodies.

Humans knew that it was useless to compare oneself to a dragon because, of the many different varieties of magic dragons used, they knew that most of these could not be imitated.

Also, the magic dragons use is so quick and efficient that humans cannot keep up with them.

And this was the popular opinion people had about the dragons from the legends.

Of course, all human magicians didn’t believe in the existence of dragons.

There were no records of dragons 150 years ago or even 400 years ago, which was long before the Devils appeared.

At best, the Devil ‘Demon Dragon King’ was a form of a dragon that people knew about, and no one actually knew if a dragon could transform into a human either.

Therefore, it was actually absurd for the brilliant battle magician Perry Martinez to have uttered the word ‘dragon’ from his mouth.

He was the most skeptical one about such things, and would never say such things even as a joke.


‘If anyone sees her wielding so much magic, they too would be in a situation where they couldn’t help but think of the dragons!’

That was the first thing Perry Martinez thought about when he saw Lulu.

And what was more absurd?

The being in front of him was dressed like a battle magician, and also had horns on her head and wings on her back, both of which were known to be dragon characteristics, and the magic power in her was something which even a great magician of the central region couldn’t dream of handling.

What else could it be?

A cat?

“… what does that mean?”

“Huh, what?”

“About being a cat, I asked what you meant by it.”

Perry Martinez asked the question with a stiff face.

He spoke politely because although this girl looked like someone who was young, it was impossible to know how old she really was.

No, it wasn’t an existence he could treat rudely even if he knew its age.

‘She does give out a playful feeling, but if she gets serious, I don’t know what she will do.’

He even had those kinds of thoughts.

But the horned girl said again.

“I am a cat. Did you not hear me?”

“… that isn’t a joke but the truth?”

“Yes. It is not a joke; it is real. Why don’t you trust a cat’s words?”


“Ah! Right! I am Lulu. Nice to meet you!”

“… Perry Martinez.”

“I love that my human form can give handshakes!”

Seeing Lulu reaching out with a smile, Perry Martinez shook hands with Lulu.

Of course, his doubts about the girl were still unresolved.

He frowned, and as if he encountered an unknown monster, asked questions by being extremely cautious.

And then he asked straightforwardly. About why it wasn’t a dragon but a cat.

“This! Magicians are really suspicious people towards others!”


“Even then, it is fine. These days I only go with swordsmen, so magicians are pretty fun to talk to. I’ll hang out with you for a while!”

Lulu was a bit annoyed with Perry’s question.

However, those feelings didn’t last long.

After calming herself, she pointed her thumbs to herself as if telling the man to take a look at her, and then spun three times.

And then she was wrapped around in a brilliant light.

And changed into the form of a cat, and now anyone who saw her would acknowledge that she was a cat.

“See this?”


“From now on, I hope that you won’t doubt people so much and trust them faster. If you go through life always being doubtful like that, it becomes tiring.”

“…. I see. It was sorcery. I only thought of it now.”

Perry Martinez mumbled as he looked at the black cat staring at him.

He heard of it.

There was a sorcerer who was attached to Airn Pareira, the one who defeated Ilya Lindsay, the youngest Sword Master, and surprisingly it wasn’t a human sorcerer but a cat.

It was impressive seeing the cat float in the air and speak casually.

Of course, he never thought that a cat could turn into a human.

He had never even heard about the transformation, nor had it thought that it could be done with sorcery or magic.

In fact, with the logic and common sense of a magician, this made no sense at all.

However, there was a miracle word that could explain all of it, and it was ‘sorcery.’

And sorcerers were crazy people whom Perry couldn’t understand with the logic in his brain.


However, finding out that Lulu was a cat sorcerer and not a dragon didn’t stop his interest in her.

This cat used magic power.

He wasn’t sure if this cat replaced sorcery with magic power or if she acquired the talents of a magician through sorcery, but the important thing was that Lulu could be of great help for Calven!

And he knew that he wouldn’t be able to sleep through the night without uncovering what power she actually used…

Thinking that, Perry asked.


“Yes Perry… Perry, right? It has been long, so I forgot.”

“It is fine. But I have a request…”

“Like what?”

“Can you show me that form from earlier?”


“The power that you use for your transformation is very similar to the use of magic. I wonder if it is possible for you to use magic in that state…”

“Ahh, okay.”

“Can you show me then? If you show me, I will serve you a special fish dish that you might like.’


Lulu nodded with innocent eyes.

Another miracle happened as the cat rotated three times.

In an instant, she was back to the girl with horns and wings.

Seeing that, Perry went stiff again.

It was clear. Lulu, in her transformed state, gave out an air that was similar to that of a great magician. And because he walked the path of magic, Perry knew.

‘Definitely not below me, and maybe…’

Maybe even greater than the three great families of the Runtel Kingdom, which was famous for magic!

To him, who was confused, Lulu said.

“Okay! This is something I have been practicing for a few days; I’ll show you something special.”


An unusual atmosphere set upon them. Along with slight vibrations, there was a movement in the surroundings that could be felt by a great magician.

And Perry Martinez’s face turned more serious. An anticipation that couldn’t be hidden was clearly visible in the eyes of the old magician.

Magic power was raging around. And it was spreading. And it brought about a new change.

A brilliant light burst out like a shining star in the night sky.

And Lulu’s face, looking at her completed magic, was full of pride.

And she said,

“Phew! That was hard! But it was complete! A picture I drew by using lights from sorcery.”


“Airn is on the left, and Ilya is on the right. In the center is me in the form of a cat! Ah, Airn and Ilya are my friends, and they both talk a lot with me…”

The sorcerer cat was now suddenly bragging about Airn and Ilya.

Perry Martinez, who was watching her, looked at the painting.

It was bizarre, as if a kid drew it with a tree branch.

The result was so insignificant, that it was hard to believe that it required so much magic power, but it was cute.

‘Was she kidding? Or was she serious this time too?’

He really couldn’t figure it out.

“… you have good friends.”

He thought, barely saying that.

He really wanted to know more about this strange sorcerer.

Ten days passed since Airn arrived at Rabat with his party, and a banquet was held to relieve the tension before the exploration of the dungeon.

Although the personnel of the Holy Kingdom hadn’t arrived, the events proceeded as planned.

And the intention of their unwillingness to not wait for the opponent was also implied through these actions.

Of course, there was no way Rabat and Palanque were able to keep the Holy Kingdom in check, and they also looked at Calven with kind eyes.

Unlike in the past, now Calven had enormous power on their side.

‘You look unbothered, Airn Pareira.’

Sevion Brooks, the best knight in Palanque, observed Airn in the banquet hall.

He didn’t do anything childish, like releasing his energy.

However, any normal swordsman would be a bit weirded out if someone kept staring at them.

But Airn didn’t waver. Still, in his own way, he maintained his own pace.

‘A feeling that was better than Ilya Lindsay, which the entire West boasts about.’

Although he met a lot of swordsmen and magicians that night, his interest didn’t leave the young man.

On the other hand, Perry Martinez wasn’t looking at Airn, but it was on Lulu, who was in a gorgeous dress.

‘An incomprehensible one!’

Normally all sorcerers were like that, but Lulu was a level higher.

The fact that she gave out the feel of using magical power when she transformed, and that she could also handle huge amounts of magical power, as well as the efficiency at which she controlled the magical power around her.

All of it was hard for his mind to accept.

‘… and the magic.’

Parry thought of what had happened the day before.

The fireball that Lulu had shown for the first time was also strange magic!

The magic which had completely changed the landscape was terrifying…thinking about it, he gulped even now.

‘You never know what kind of abilities will bloom in such an individual, so I will keep an eye on her.’

Just like that, Airn and Lulu were being watched by the best.

However, there was someone else who was under even greater pressure than the two of them; it was Ilya Lindsay.

Except for Sevion Brooks and Perry Martinez, everyone looked at Ilya with distaste.


Airn looked at her eyes which were trying to hide her emotions.

He knew it too. The public opinion of Ilya in this place was bad.

The nobles of Rabat and Palanque thought that she was here for fulfilling a greedy goal.

Like entering the dungeon with the name of her family on her back, or being rude by not paying attention to others and trying to settle her private matter with Ignet in such a situation.

In the end, she decided that people looked at her for one of the two reasons.

‘It is too much.’

Strictly speaking, it was true she participated in this place for personal reasons.

However, Ilya already spoke about it.

Risking her name and honor wasn’t something that she would do, and she didn’t want any rewards from the dungeon, and she even said several times that she wouldn’t cause trouble by working with Ignet.

Even so, Airn didn’t like how the nobles were pouring out unkind glances and were gossiping about her when she hadn’t even done anything wrong.

‘But, it will be fine.’

He wasn’t too overly concerned with it.

Although Ilya was currently going through a time of wandering alone, she was a strong person.

If she wasn’t strong, then he wouldn’t have come all this way to face Ignet.

And Ilya’s expression wasn’t too serious either. As usual, it was quiet.

After seeing that, Airn turned to Lulu. And when their eyes met, they nodded their heads and smiled.




A clear and sweet voice.

However, it was hard to believe that such a word had come out of that mouth.

The attention of everyone was focused on one place. Sevion Brooks, Perry Martinez, Airn Pareira, and Lulu looked at Ilya Lindsay.

However, her expression was still gloomy.

The silver-haired swordsman, who took a small pause, opened her noble mouth once again.



Lulu dropped the magic wand she was holding.

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