Chapter 196 - Sword of Heart (1)

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What was the most effective power against the demons and Devils?

The answer to that is fixed, and of course, it was holy power.

Unlike the Devils, who had endless malice towards humans, God bestowed infinite grace on all creatures of the continent.

The paladins of the Holy Kingdom of Avilius, boasted their thousand-year history as they were the ones who destroyed most of the evil.

But does that mean that those without holy power were vulnerable to the demons and Devils?


Rather, in history, there were people who had performed even better than the paladins.

That was the case of Dion Lindsay, who subjugated the Demon Dragon King 400 years back, as well as Jacob, the very first owner of the Krono Swordsmanship.

Even though they couldn’t handle the holy power, they cut down the demons without it. And people of the later generations didn’t hesitate to call them ‘heroes,’ and their swordsmanship was called the ‘Hero’s Sword,’ expressing their great respect for these people.


‘Ignet is also known to have been born with a Hero’s Sword.’


Sevion Brooks gulped. It was a famous story.

An anecdote that told the story of the leader of the White Knights, who saw Ignet’s swordsmanship during her mercenary times, and how he strongly recommended her along with the high-ranking priest of the Kingdom who was always suspicious of people, and how they unanimously agreed to her recruitment.

It wasn’t simply because she possessed an overwhelming talent for swords, but because she was born with the energy to subdue Demonic Magic.


‘Is she going to teach that swordsmanship to us?’

No, before that. Was it even possible to teach it?

Sevion Brooks had no choice but to think it over. The Hero’s Sword couldn’t be taught to anyone. He knew that much.

If that was possible, then the entire world would be filled with heroes, and the devils would have been exterminated completely long ago.

A good result for a test can be achieved with hard work, but heroes weren’t like that. Heroes had to be born. That was what the top knight of Palanque thought.



It wasn’t just his thoughts.

The other swordsmen and knights, too, were in doubt.

Even if it was the words of the Black Knights commander who shook the entire continent, they weren’t sure if they would be able to acquire the power of a hero.


‘Even if I don’t have any intention of aiming for the Hero’s Sword or their energy which is fatal to the Devil…’

‘Wouldn’t learning the sword from Ignet be a huge opportunity?’


It was for that very reason that the swordsmen couldn’t refuse Ignet’s words.

A sword which was like poison for demons and Devils?

Sure, that was good.

But more than that, the fact that they could learn swordsmanship directly from Ignet aroused their desire to grow.

It was the same for Sevion Brooks.

No, it was more accurate to say that he was the most desperate.

Because he had competed with Ignet and knew how great her skills were.

‘I will learn the Hero’s Sword and take down this devil’s curse…’

‘I don’t expect such results. But…’

‘If only I can learn that sword. If only I could learn swordsmanship from the strongest swordsman of the future!’

The eyes of the swordsmen blazed as if there were flames in their eyes. The atmosphere of the dungeon, which was rather faint, was now filled with vitality.

It wasn’t like there was no anxiety. It was because Ignet was concerned that only a few strongest among them could learn it.

“It seems like there are many who want it.”


“I won’t allow everyone to learn it.”


“It would be better to keep the possibility wide open. I would be glad if anyone could obtain my vision and lift this disgusting dark barrier…”

“Thank you!”

Before she could even finish speaking.

Amira Shelton, the vice-captain of the Calven troops, who had a blank expression on her face, bowed.

She had skills that couldn’t be compared to anyone in her small nation, but she knew.

That if she decided to broaden her horizon to the neighboring countries, the world would be full of people who were more talented her.

That there were countless people in the world who reached a level, she could never touch.

And this was the same.

Airn Pareira, Ilya Lindsay.

The two geniuses who were more than 10 years younger than her, but nevertheless, they were the ones who had saved the exploration team from crisis.

‘I cannot compare myself with them.’

That’s natural. It was so natural that she didn’t even try to do anything about it.

However, it was because she was like that, that this current opportunity made her more desperate.

“We will do our best!”

Amira Shelton once again bowed to Ignet, and Gregory smiled as he looked at it.

It was just the beginning.

The knights of the three kingdoms, who had been watching till then, began to show their respect.

“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

“We will do our best!”

“.. I too will do my best. Please teach us.”

Even Sevion Brooks, the Sword Master of Palanque, bowed his head.

At that, Perry Martinez was shocked.

‘That proud Sevion is bowing his head.’

It wasn’t that he couldn’t understand the prestige Ignet made, but it was still strange.

However, there was another person he was interested in.

Perry turned his gaze from his own rival, and even Sevion looked at that person.

A young swordsman who was standing and facing the evil of her past.

Ilya Lindsay.

‘What choice will you make?’

Will she reject the teachings of Ignet to protect her self-esteem?

Or will she bow her head to her rival?

Everyone’s attention was focused, including Perry Martinez. And Airn, along with Lulu, looked at Ilya.

Compared to her amazing swordsmanship, she was vulnerable to public pressure, so he couldn’t help but worry.


“Thanks. Then, I will learn,”




Ilya spoke with a calm face.

At her reaction, Georg, Anya, and the others too were dumbfounded.

For a moment, even Ignet’s face went stiff.

However, she wasn’t angry. She just smiled and nodded.

“Do whatever pleases you.”


“Airn, what about you?”

This time, everyone looked at Airn.

Their eyes were completely different from when they looked at Ilya, full of anticipation.

Even Ignet was the same.

She was looking at him with even sharper eyes than the time when they met in the banquet hall were looking at Airn.

Of course, it wasn’t to discourage him.

Airn held up the sword, which was stuck to the ground, and now, as he picked it up, everyone saw that it had a perfect golden color.

Airn said.

“I will do my best to break the curse.”

A week since the exploration team members stayed in the dungeon.

Usually, when a long time is spent in a place filled with curses, it would twist the body and mind, and it would be agony, but now, the atmosphere was very bright.

Especially for the swordsmen.

Looking at them, Perry Martinez mumbled.

“I envy you all.”

It was sincere.

For the sake of a higher level, the swordsmen had entered into the fires of hell without hesitation.

For them, the teachings of Ignet were an even greater gift than the rewards this dungeon could give them.

Of course, those tendencies weren’t much different from a magician.

Perhaps, if one of the three Lords of Runtel Kingdom had been the one giving classes, even the magicians of Rabat, including himself, would do the same.

In that sense, the reactions of the Black Knights and Georg were surprising.

‘Since you have holy power, you feel like there is no need to covet the Hero’s Sword? But…’


While examining the Black Knights, his eyes met with Geog making Perry turn away his head.

Georg, too slightly, turned his head.

Basic lectures on Devils were being given.

‘An introductory course?’

Everyone had misconceptions. Ignet wasn’t a person who didn’t want to give her swordsmanship to others.

In a way, the woman didn’t want people to just directly take her sword.

It was similar to her case. When she was a mercenary, even when she wasn’t the best, she would think of practicing and following the Hero’s Sword.

And the result?

‘It was a failure. How do I follow it?’

She had understood the basics. Materialized the power and even succeeded in looking at others and learning from them as well.

A year and a half ago, it was for that reason that she found that Airn had an iron stake in his heart.

But to refine it into a sword and, furthermore, complete it to the level of a full sword?

Georg, who thought till there, shook his head.

‘Still… maybe one, or maybe two of them.’

Airn and Ignet.

Georg, who watched them for a moment, still couldn’t understand it.

‘But, instead of teaching the Hero’s Sword, I think it would be faster for the commander to just recover and take us out.’

What was their commander thinking?

Did she really think these people could master the Hero’s Sword so quickly?

Or was it to change the atmosphere of the dungeon?

If so, then it was a success. A much brighter atmosphere than before, which is quite good, was moving around the swordsmen.

In an instant, it felt like the darkness was fading away.

However, this behavior was different from the usual Ignet.

So, Georg had no choice but to feel confused.

‘Maybe, she realized something…’

And like that, Georg was immersed in his thoughts, and Ignet’s explanation continued.

“First of all, what kind of existence is the Devil? No, let’s turn to a more specific question. What kind of energy is the Magi which the demons and Devils use?”

It wasn’t a difficult question.

It was simply evil.

At the source of its power was the desire to destroy, kill, trample, and terrify people…

In fact, everything close to darkness was the essence of Magi, which made humans suffer.

Which was why many people couldn’t even kill demons; it was because they developed fear and thus became unable to use their skills.

However, there was also an opposite energy that could swallow up that terrifying energy, and that was the holy power.

“On the contrary, the holy power consisted of endless love for man. A strong belief in God shines brilliantly in itself, and it is the opposite of demons.”


“And human will, too, can be used as the grace of God.”


An unknown energy flowed from Ignet’s body as she turned back.

It wasn’t an aura. It was much deeper than that.

It was flame. There was no warmth or gentleness to it like Airn’s, just her standing there gave them a sense of reassurance that they could be protected from everything.

People looked at Ignet’s back with their mouths wide open.


“Ugh, gasp… this, this is the realization of my inner ‘Will to protect’ with my energy, and is something that was created to defeat my desires and the destruction of the devils.”

“That means…”

“Think of it as an external form of the invisible power of the mind.”


“Just like training the body to increase the muscles and training the aura and externally expressing the Aura sword…”


“… so like this, the power of mind… and among them, the Will to protect the world comes out, which is contrary to the will of the Devil, phew…”


“And that means you can train, refine and lead it into the realm of swordsmanship.”


Everyone was speechless.

It wasn’t because they didn’t understand Ignet’s words.

And neither were they underestimating anything.

Didn’t they feel the reality when they entered the dungeon?

Those who lacked strength were left behind, and those who had faith were the only ones who broke through.

How do they materialize it?

Furthermore, like the Aura Sword, it had to be given a form and then developed into swordsmanship.

Is that really possible?

Before that, was this really a place where it was possible to be learned and taught?

It was then.




The sound of air slashing. People around were like, ‘No way?’.

Exactly what they thought was happening.

Airn Pareira carefully looked at his newly awakened power.

‘No, it wasn’t a new awakening,’

The sword of Heart?

He was already using it.

When receiving the final evaluation in Krono, when slashing the demon in south subjugation, when trying to control the iron stake and when pulling out the Aura Sword against Ilya Lindsay, confirming the past and believing in the flames, he achieved it.

He was always wielding the sword by using his heart.

Whether it was through the will of the man or his own. The moment he heard of her theory, he knew he could do it.

And the moment when a rather abstract concept concretely entered into his head…


A third power spread throughout his body.

And as he tried to push it into the sword, the Golden Aura Sword shone even more brilliantly.


Looking at his temporary teacher, Airn Pareira, who had achieved the Hero’s sword, asked.

“Is this the Hero’s sword?”

“Right. But…”

Ignet, who was shocked, said.

“I prefer calling it the Sword of the Heart.”

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