Chapter 201 - An Unexpected Encounter (1)

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Joshua Lindsay.

He was the current head of the Lindsay family, and among the many swordsmen on the continent, he was someone who was strong enough to be in the top ten.

And Ilya Lindsay’s father.

And the daughter who saw him, couldn’t help but put on a blank expression.

Where was she?

She was in the Rabat Kingdom in the middle of the continent.

It was impossible for her father, who should be in the Adan Kingdom, which was in the west, to be here.

But the thought didn’t last long.

Father, her father.

The moment she saw Joshua Lindsay’s face, his expression, and his eyes which she hadn’t seen in 2 years, Ilya couldn’t help but feel a deeper emotion than longing.

However, her complex emotions rose up again and blocked her.

‘What do I look like now?’

2 years back, when she said she was leaving home to practice, she remembered her father’s face.

It was the first time that her father, someone who was among the major 5 swordsmen families, and also the coolest and calmest person known, had made such an expression.

But not now.

Only Ignet Crescentia’s face caught her eye.

She left her family without even looking back and continued to practice, to show herself to others.

No, not anymore, though.

Ilya’s head was more complicated.

She knew that her past self was wrong.

She was well aware that her obsessiveness and ignorance had destroyed herself.

And that now, it was the time to take a different path.

But she couldn’t.

‘I’m still swayed and entangled.’

I have become weak and uncomfortable. To the extent that a single word of recognition from Ignet broke down my wall of emotions… and right now, she was unstable.

She could see herself collapse in a moment, and she even began to think that the Ilya in the Land of Proof was mentally stable and stronger than she was currently.

Then, what did the past two years of training mean? The training she had done to perfect herself to the point where she ignored her own parents?

As her thoughts flowed in. a wave of rage came along with it.

Unable to raise her sword, or look into her father’s eyes, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, Ilya shook her head helplessly.

She didn’t dare to say a word.

But it didn’t matter.

“It is alright.”

It was her father’s voice, softer and warmer than ever.


Her father was the same as always.

Although Joshua Lindsay was cold-hearted in the eyes of others, he was the gentlest man to his daughter.

It wasn’t that her father didn’t seem warm in the past; it was her who didn’t feel it.

Joshua approached her and hugged his daughter as tightly as he could, and consoled her once more.

“It is okay. Everything is fine.”


“There is nothing to worry about. And I mean it. These aren’t just words.”

The girl, tired of the long voyage in the sea, felt like she had stepped on land.

Ilya Lindsay wept for a long, long time in the arms of her father, which were warm and wide.

She poured out everything and emptied herself. She felt like starting over from scratch.

And a little time passed.

Joshua Lindsay stared intently at his daughter, who had fallen asleep, and looked at Emma Garcia, who was behind him.

“Look after my daughter.”

“I will, my lord.”

“She must have been through a lot. So, take good care of her.”

“… this might be a disgraceful statement to say. But I think she is a much better person than she was two years back.”

Emma Garcia said without a change in her expression. Joshua Lindsay looked down at his daughter and then smiled.

As he said.

“Good and bad are very vague things.”

“I meant it in a very good way. And she will be better in the future.”


“Sorry for crossing the line.”

“No. I never thought that. You are the one who watched my daughter the closest, so you must be right.”

The father handed over his daughter and looked at a place.

His warm appearance vanished right away and returned to usual coldness.

Recalling the information he obtained by cornering Perry Martinez, he moved after saying.

“Look after her.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Get approval from Khun. If you do that, I will let you join us.”


“Don’t tell me you don’t know who Khun is.”

“I know.”

Airn nodded his head.

If this was asked at the start of his journey, when he had just left his home, he wouldn’t have known. But now he did, thanks to Kuvar.

There was no way he wouldn’t know that man.

The reason he stayed still without saying anything was because he didn’t expect those words from Julius Hul.

Airn thought with a serious expression.

‘Khun, why…’

Where should he go to meet him?

Right. That was the most important question.

The condition of being approved by Khun was understandable.

It was a matter of determining his qualifications to be a part of this squad.

Naturally, he thought that one of the top 10 swordsmen’s names would come out.

But among them, he wanted to know why the name Khun was mentioned, especially when his residence was unknown to all.

‘He doesn’t want me in the squad?’

Was it because Airn openly expressed his dissatisfaction?

Julius Hul looked at Airn.

“It is clear what you are thinking. But you don’t understand it. And above all… you are confident?”


“You are a lot more absurd than I thought. You know Khun, but don’t know what kind of person he is.”

At that moment, Airn felt a surge of consciousness run through him.

Raising his head, he looked at all the paladins one after another.

He didn’t just look; he used his eyes and checked their aura.

It was a look that could be considered to be rude.

But thanks to that, he realized again that among those participating, there was no one weaker than himself.

“Khun isn’t a good person. He has stricter standards than anyone else and has more demanding eyes too.”


“It means that even a few years of effort won’t be enough.”

Words that were closer to admonition.

However, Airn didn’t respond.

He was a little upset.

Encountering his previous self, learning the sword of heart from Ignet, and balancing metal and fire spirits, it seemed like his head had filled with pride without realizing it.

‘Get a grip!’

Airn thought of the clown and the other demons he came across.

He remembered the terrible and incredible powers of Karakum and Tarakan.

He had to get stronger.

So much stronger than what he was now.

The will of the flames which rose again made Airn burn.

The heated heart turned out of breath, and the light in his eyes was visible.

An atmosphere no one could ignore emanated from the young hero, yet no one watched him.

Feeling the strange atmosphere, Airn turned his gaze to where the others were looking.

And was shocked.


A middle-aged man with a cold impression.

As if carved out of ice and always surrounded by cold.

An appearance that was without a blemish and seemed incredibly powerful.

However, he couldn’t avoid looking into the aura of the person.

Airn unconsciously checked the opponent’s power and was shocked.

‘It’s almost like the former commander of the Red Knights!’

Considering that this man looked rather young, it was amazing.

At that moment, Airn knew who the man was.

There was only one silver-haired swordsman in the world with the skills on par with Quincy Myers.

‘Ilya’s father! How is he here…’

“I heard you were going to do this secretly.”

Airn’s thoughts didn’t continue, and Joshua Lindsay’s voice, as cold as his appearance, resounded around.

Even the old people of the Purification squad were avoiding the eyes of Joshua Lindsay. And that was a new shock,

‘What is this now?’

Airn was literally shocked.

The faces of Julius Hul, Quincy Myers, Ignet Crescentia, who saw him, were weird.

They hadn’t expected this man.

What kind of action will the man take after appearing suddenly in Rabat?

Is he going to solve the bad relationship he had with Ignet?

Or did he already know of the devil? Was that why he came here?

If so, should Airn put aside his personal feelings and let them talk?

It was neither.

Joshua Lindsay, who paused for a moment, looked at Julius Hul.

“There are things I wish to ask, but I will do that at a later time.”


“Before that, can I take this young man with me for a moment?”

“You can. We are done here.”

“Okay. Follow me.”


Joshua Lindsay turned away. Seeing him walk away, Airn had a bewildered expression,

To which Julius Hul said.

“What are you doing? Follow him.”

“Ah! Yes!”

“Uh? Let’s go together, Airn!”

Airn, who answered without knowing, followed the head of the Lindsay family.

Lulu, who couldn’t keep up with what was happening, followed him.

As the three went away, Quincy said.

“We’re in trouble.”


Julius Hul nodded his head.

Judging from the atmosphere, it seemed like he had heard what happened from Perry Martinez.

The fact that his daughter was entangled with a powerful devil, and he was probably planning on going on a demon hunt which wasn’t even disclosed to people.

The bad relationship between him and Ignet was another thing that made them feel uncomfortable.

Julius Hul, remembered that he would later have to have a talk with Joshua Lindsay and sighed.

“I am glad we passed this for now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Didn’t that young man manage to distract him for now?”


Everyone knew that this man was a fool for his daughter, so he was probably more concerned about men.

Julius, who thought it shook his head.

It was incomprehensible for him, who had been single all his life.


Following Joshua Lindsay, Airn recalled what happened.

At first, things were moving too quickly for him to understand, but now that he thought, it was a shocking sight.

‘How could he subdue the paladins who were so tough to deal with?’

Indeed, this man was the head of the Lindsay family.

At the same time, the desire in Airn to fight him rose.

What was the driving force which made him turn so strong?

The biggest thing for Airn was his relationship with his past life, but the fact that he constantly met new and strong people and crossed swords with them played a significant role.

For that reason, Airn’s eyes filled with admiration and envy while looking at Joshua.

The head of the Lindsay family, who is said to be among the best 5!

How great could his swordsmanship be?

Must be better than Ilya?

He wanted to compete with the completed Sky Sword!

A lot of things were running through his mind.

Perhaps because of Julius Hul’s words that told him that he was lacking now, and how he aimed to get stronger.

“Airn Pareira.”

Before long, Joshua led them to another training hall.

“I heard that you are very close to my daughter.”

“Huh? Yes, that is true.”

“It is?”


It was strange how the man asked him again in a sharp tone.

“I heard that there were four of you who were traveling, but I see you two are alone.”


“Did you do something?”


“I mean, on purpose for you two to be together…did you abandon them?”


“Eh? No! I am here too! Me too!”


Lulu, who heard Joshua’s words, jumped ahead.

She wanted to tell him that she was a member of the party and to not ignore her.

But he didn’t care. Even if a cat can talk, it was still a cat.

With a much more bitter expression, Joshua asked Airn.

“Have you planned something?”

“Ah, no! plan, what are you…”

“You didn’t plan anything?”

“I did not! Really!”

“… is that so?”


Airn responded desperately.

Without knowing what was happening, he decided to just nod his head so that he could live. But Joshua Lindsay didn’t seem too happy.

After a moment’s hesitation, he opened his mouth again.

“Is my daughter not even great enough that you didn’t even have to plan anything?”

“Huh? What are you…’

“I can’t listen to this anymore. Pick your sword.”


The sound of a sword being pulled out of the sheath.

Airn gulped.

He saw the face of Joshua Lindsay staring at him and said again.

“Take out your sword.”


“If you don’t, I won’t take responsibility for what happens to you.”



Airn hastily summoned the sword. Joshua rushed for him.

The Sky Sword, which he wanted to experience, was being struck at him with fierce force.

And he didn’t really wish to see it in such a situation.

Airn Pareira, who changed his mind right away, swung his sword to survive.

A completely different fear from when he met the devil came over his whole body.

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