Chapter 202 - An Unexpected Encounter (2)

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The sword descended on him each time at a terrifying speed.

It wasn’t just fast. It also contained an aura with more ferocious energy than anything Airn had ever seen and it was approaching him with vicious sounds.

‘I am done for if I can’t stop it!’

There was no time to think, and Airn hurriedly took his stance. The oncoming attacks weren’t at a level where he could simply stand and defend. Remembering that the best defense was offense, he swung the sword.




A groan of pain emanated from his lips. Airn took three steps back. His hands and wrists were already numb.

It wasn’t just being pushed back. The moment they collided, he felt like everything in his body was being pushed up.

Perhaps because of the opponent’s skill.

‘As expected from one of the 5 great swordsmen…’

Fortunately, Joshua didn’t attack right away.

But that thought changed immediately.

He looked at Airn for a moment and then looked at the sword he was holding, and with the same coldness, he mumbled to himself.

“I didn’t think he could stop it…”


Was it an unstoppable attack?

While he was shocked, Joshua Lindsay smiled and said.

“It’s a joke. I wanted to see your skills. If I didn’t attack you with this much strength, I wouldn’t be able to see your true abilities.”

“… I see.”

“Yes. So, let’s do it a bit more. Just think that this is an official match, so feel free to…”


Without even finishing his words, Joshua Lindsay moved.

Airn thought that this man was absurd! Yet he moved his sword.

This didn’t feel weird. Airn had been subjected to numerous matches till now, but he never saw someone who had rushed to attack him like this.

Thanks to everyone conceding to Airn thinking he was weak, he always got the chance to show off his swordsmanship.

I am no match for him. He is definitely attacking me with some emotion!’

Airn, who understood that, ground his teeth.

He didn’t understand what had happened.

But he did understand that if he didn’t move, it would be a huge deal.

With his mind alert, he raised the aura with all his might and fought back using the power of the spirits.

Then, the weight of the great sword of Airn turned heavier.




Left, right, back, right, and left.

Joshua’s attacks poured in from left and right.

Airn countered it with his sword before the opponent’s power was fully gathered, and used his strength utilizing his core and lower body in order to not back down.


As he countered that, the ground where he was standing became unstable, forcing him to move backwards. Still, thanks to his quick thinking, he wasn’t pushed back by a lot.

Joshua’s eyes widened at the sight, and he took a deep breath.


A stronger energy condensed onto the sword. And with that, came wind and typhoons.

Airn felt the hair on his head standing tall, and the force of the Sky Sword, which was raging to crush him.

He couldn’t stop this.

Airn, who sensed the crisis, gave up his stubbornness and stepped back.

And thanks to that, he was saved.

Suddenly, Joshua Lindsay’s sky sword fell and engulfed the place Airn was previously standing at.


What a terrible sight!

Airn gulped at the power of the Sky Sword, which ate into the ground.

Did that man believe in Airn and truly not hold back at all? Or did Airn’s safety not matter to him?

He expected it to be the former but was too reluctant to believe it.

He lifted his head and looked at Joshua Lindsay.

He had a faint smile as he said.

“Right, if you can handle this, then you are qualified enough to go with my daughter.”


“Wait, what? I don’t have a lot of time, you know!”


Joshua dismissed Airn’s words and swung his sword again. And then the terrifying energy flew in again with it.

It was purely Aura manifestation.

And it was not an ordinary aura, but rather, one which contained the energy of a storm.

Airn, who was staggering as if he had encountered a natural disaster, opened his eyes and bit his lip.

‘Get yourself together!’

Feeling the taste of blood in his mouth, his mind cleared instantly.

He didn’t know what Joshua Lindsay was hoping for.

However, it was clear that his sword wasn’t going to hold back.

The sword of Joshua Lindsay was tougher and more threatening than Durkali’s great warrior, Karakum’s, and yet, that very aspect was stimulating him more strongly.

His blood boiled and the fire burning in his heart made his entire body hot and sharpened his senses.

And his iron will, which was once hard, met the fire again and changed its shape.

The great sword.

No, Airn, who was now equipped with more elegant steel wings, began to move towards the typhoon.



Seeing the young man approach him with a golden aura, Joshua Lindsay seemed surprised.

It wasn’t simple to destroy this force. As he looked at Airn, he remembered a similar event that he had heard about that had happened 400 years ago.

The figure of the Lindsay head, who didn’t lose in the fierce winds of the Demon Dragon King and continued his path as firmly as a steel butterfly!

That was the vision of the Lindsay Family. It was the only thing that could counter the Sky Sword.

And the fact that he was using it.

‘Ilya! You gave that guy pointers about the Sky Sword!’


Joshua Lindsay’s energy grew stronger. A daunting and intense momentum spread from him, and it seemed as if it would dominate the entire hall.

The Lindsay family never stopped interacting and dueling with others. It was to not let their skills go stagnant.

If other swordsmen gain something through their discussions, argumentative swordsmanship, and battles with other swordsmen, then the Lindsay Family, too, would gain a new meaning for the Sky Sword and would be able to strengthen it.

That was what the first lord Dion Lindsay said, so Joshua Lindsay had no intention of blaming Airn either.

And even if he did.

It would be the ancestor that he would blame, and not the young man.

With his eyes full of anger, he moved ahead.



Airn’s eyes shone with strength.

The hand holding the sword, his core, and feet. In fact, all the power he was able to exert was exerted to the fullest.

The sword, the aura, the spirits, and the Sword of Heart which was immaturely registered in his body.

Airn, who had all of them in his mind, brought them out and swung his sword with his mouth clenched.


The sound of metal clashing around.

Only then did Joshua Lindsay, who was attacking, breathe.

“… this.”

There was a look of regret on his face.

He thought the kid was holding up pretty fine, so he increased his strength, but then he remembered about the fact that his daughter was too close to the guy, so he ended up using too much.

If he hadn’t pulled back in the end, it would have turned into a huge deal.

Of course, still, it wasn’t something to take lightly. Joshua looked at where Airn fell back with a stiff expression.

And a familiar voice from behind.


“… daughter?”

Joshua was shocked.

Ilya, who was supposed to be resting, had suddenly appeared here!

However, even more important was that she called out Airn’s name first and not his.

“Airn, are you okay? Get a grip on yourself!”


Airn just groaned as if he was on the verge of losing consciousness.

Joshua Lindsay knew that this wasn’t good. He glared at the man who was on the ground.

Towards such a father, Ilya put on an absurd expression.

“Father? You were dueling?”


“No, why would you duel like this… no, Emma!”

Ilya Lindsay called for her escort, as if her father wasn’t important.

Emma Garcia came in quietly at the call.

“Don’t say anything which will pour oil over the fire and stay silent.”


At the words of his Knight, Joshua stayed silent until Emma helped Airn up.

His daughter’s face, that was stained with worry, caught his eyes.

It was more serious than the face she had when she looked at him after two years.

“Airn, are you fine?”

“I am fine. Really.”


“I don’t even need an escort to support me. I can walk fine.”

Airn Pareira got up after sitting down and standing up a couple of times to show he was stable.

After reassuring Ilya, he looked at Joshua Lindsay.

With dazzling eyes, he bowed his head.

“Thank you. It was an amazing duel, and I learned a lot.”


“I am sorry, but maybe… could we do this again next time?”


“I have a reason to become strong. Please.”

Airn Pareira bowed again.

Suddenly, Ilya mouthed to her father.

‘Say Yes, father.’

After a brief pause, Joshua Lindsay answered with a frown.

“… yes. Every day at 7, come here.”

“Thank you. Thank you!”

“… you did good, Emma.”


“I need rest. Look after my daughter.”

With that, Joshua turned away.

His face was even stiffer than when he first looked at Airn.

And there were also his burning eyes.

The father thought, leaving behind his lovely daughter.

‘I thought they were close, but…’

Actually, Joshua Lindsay didn’t hate Airn Pareira.

He had heard from Emma. Thanks to him, his daughter’s condition improved by a lot.

Ilya Lindsay, who was always anxious, nervous and obsessed, was able to smile brightly thanks to the young man.

That was a good thing, definitely a good thing.


‘Being more than a good friend, however… is a different matter.’

Hm. Nothing like that should happen.

Joshua Lindsay nodded and looked back.

His daughter, no, he looked at the guy.

‘Asking for future duels?’


They could do that!

But, don’t regret it now. Because it would be a lot tougher than you could imagine.

‘I will show you hell.’

Ilya’s father’s anger burned hotter than anyone else’s. With a firm resolve, he clenched his fists.

At the same time.

Located in the deepest forest in the southern part of the continent, in a dark place.

The clown was waking up in a new body with which it slept, and it scratched at the mask with his fingers.

In front of him stood a man in a pure priestly uniform, which didn’t go really well with the forest, making him stick out like a sore thumb.

And that man looked at the devil and said,

“I need help.”

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