Chapter 203 - An Unexpected Encounter (3)

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The Devils were divided into two main categories. One was the type that doesn’t care for their own body and were hellbent on destroying and causing chaos.

The other is the type who had a hobby of making fun and deceiving humans, and was more concerned with self-security than the former.

The clown was the latter.

For 2 thousand years, the reason he was able to remain in the human world without falling or moving back to the Devildom was because of that.

‘… I might die for sure this time.’

Thought the clown who was waking up in the south part of the forest.

He loved the human world. He loved it so much.

He was the one true devil who was more than happy to see humans despairing and frustrated with his pranks.

That was why he didn’t return to Devildom despite his serious injuries.

He wanted to recover from them in the human world and continue his time here. And he hoped that his dream would come true soon.

However, that wasn’t it.

He suffered great damage again because of those heroes who entered his place, and he had no choice but to escape into a dummy after destroying his main body in the dungeon.

The problem was that it didn’t seem like the situation would end.

‘That dark-haired woman… she must be from the Holy Kingdom.’

The chills still stayed on his body.

When the aura and the holy power were shot from that woman’s sword, it shook him.

That woman must be alive even after he attacked them by sacrificing his body.

No, even if she wasn’t alive, the humans there would have reported the news to the Holy Kingdom.

The paladin army, which was much more powerful than in the past, would search the entire continent for him.

‘The best thing to do is to recover the power by recovering the dummy before the Paladins move, but… that is unlikely.’

The clown looked at himself.

The body he had, belonged to the corpse of a fellow devil he had played with 1,500 years ago, but there were bruises on it.

With such a body, he couldn’t gather strength and travel the continent. There was a much higher chance for him to find ‘real death’ with this body.

In that case, it would be better to let go of this dummy body.

If so, then his presence would be noticed on the continent, and then a rift would open up.

‘If I go back to the Devildom with the rift in the dimension, it can save my life. I might not recover right away with magic, but…’

The troubles kept deepening.

He knew. He knew it very well.

That giving up power rationally, and leaving the human world, and returning to the Devildom will be the right choice.

However, the special memories he made here, made it difficult for him to choose that.

Even as a clown, he couldn’t tolerate the fact that he had left this place where he made memories of joy and would be forced to return to his place.

“I need help.”


In the shade, a human form appeared.

And it wasn’t just some random human either.

In pure white robes and ornaments hanging from the neck which had symbols of Gods, a priest.

However, the clown didn’t think of this mysterious priest as a human.

He observed the man for a long time.

He gave out Magi, and the Clown devil thought if he had to spin around run.

But then, he realized that it was a fairly comfortable atmosphere with this human.

The clown nodded and sat down.

As he said.

“Right. You are a devil too.”


“I thought there were a few left beside me, but I never thought I would see one in this place. Yeah, uh. By the way, as you can see, I am not in a good state. My back, my shoulder, and my chest hurts. Huh? My head hurts too! Maybe that is why my senses are playing with me. Funny, right? A devil who can’t recognize its own? Heheh…”


“Not funny? I thought it was funny.”

“I am not the type to laugh.”

“Well, you do seem like that. Good though. At least I don’t think you came here to harm me!”

The clown jumped out and hugged the fellow devil. Still, the priest didn’t act.

Man, was he really asking for help?

The clown who thought, asked.

“What do you need help with?”

“Don’t go back to Devildom.”


“Your situation is difficult because you were found. Soon, the Holy Kingdom will shake up the continent, and being swept away by it, I will also suffer damage.”


“Shouldn’t you at least take responsibility for the shit you brought on? Don’t go back. Whether you make demons or go out yourself, attract the attention of the holy kingdom. Until my work is done.”

“Ha, indeed, you!”

The clown threw his head back as he laughed out loud.

Instead, he made something like a star-shaped thing explode.


It didn’t feel that way.

Thanks to the other one who spoke confidently, the clown began to develop curiosity.

Laughing out loud, the clown moved.

Looked straight in the eyes of the priest and said.

“I will be honest. I can draw attention. Well, I was thinking of doing something big like you said. I also make demons from time to time, and it seems like they are here and there.”

“I am glad.”

“But once the dimensional rift opens, I will run to Devildom.”

“That is fine. I have one more thing to ask.”

“One more? Does it also have something to do with what you are planning?”

“Yes. Humans.”


The clown shook his head.

No devil could know better than him. Except for Karen Winker, the man he met from a thousand years ago, the clown had never failed in manipulating humans.

The reason he smiled was because the aspirations of the priest seemed to be less than what he expected.


“That isn’t the end.”


“Through the flowers which bloomed with your help. I will make this place like your home.”


Listening to that, the clown changed his mind.

“Yah, you aren’t a human, but you seem to have the same delusions as them.”

He turned his finger round and round near his head.

Just as there were myths and legends of heroes in the human world, there were stories that were handed down to the demons too.

It was possible for them to confuse the humans, but never destroy the entire human world.

It wasn’t a story floating around but an undeniable truth.

Humans had the power to destroy their own continents, but not devils.

That was the fate they had for not being born in the human world.

‘Those who went against that fate met tragic ends.’

There were a few before him who tried it, and he remembered them. A typical example was the Demon Dragon King.

Unable to tolerate the greed of his, the heavens sent down a hero, and the Devil collapsed.

And the clown had no intention of being like that.

He didn’t even think about it. It was absurd.

He understood if it’s at the level of destroying a couple kingdoms and causing wars, but turning the human world into Devildom?

It was absurd. And the clown who lost interest clicked his tongue.

No, it was that moment.

A black line flowed from the priest’s body and entered the clown’s mask.


The priest had kept everything secret and revealed just one fact. But that was enough now.

The clown smiled and nodded.

“I see. That was why. It isn’t that my senses were broken, but rather because you are special. I should have noticed when you mentioned home…”


“A devil not born in the Devildom… such a precious guest! Uhahaha!”

The clown smiled.

Like a child, he seemed excited.

Seeing that, the priest nodded and smiled for the first time and extended his hand.



The clown had an innocent smile as he reached out for a handshake.

A week had passed.

The weather was still cold, but Airn wasn’t having a cold day.

Cause it wasn’t just any Sword Master.

A swordsman who ranked in the top was competing with him every day!

Actually, it was too rough and ferocious to feel like a duel, but Airn was learning a lot.

‘The wind…’

Heading to the meeting point with Joshua Lindsay, Airn Pareira recalled his sword.

The Sky Sword was unique. It was a truly unique swordsmanship he had never experienced before.

Although he knew of the swordsmanship from Ilya, the level Joshua was using wasn’t something Ilya was even close to mastering.

‘How should I last longer?’

He couldn’t even think of defeating that man.

There was nothing to say; Joshua was a very strong person.

The close-range slashes, and the tricks and the distance attacks, everything was like Airn was being blown away by the wind.

Airn was able to wield the sword all day, but when he went against Joshua, he would be exhausted within 30 minutes.

‘Let’s hold out for more than an hour this time!’

Exhaling, he looked ahead.

As he continued to ponder, he was at the meeting point.

Thinking of Joshua Lindsay, who would come standing in that place like yesterday, he summoned the great sword.

However, that was it.


Ignet Crescentia.

She soon recovered from her injury.

The greatest genius who put Carl Lindsay into a slump.

She swung the ferocious sword at Joshua Lindsay, who was the greatest genius of the previous generation.

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