Chapter 207 - Among Geniuses (4)

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It was mid-march with chilly mornings and evenings.

The members of the Purification squad, including Julius Hul, were preparing to go out of the mansion to leave Rabat.

There were not many to see them off.

Very few people knew of their existence and what they were dealing with.

So only a few of the high-ranking officials of the dungeon exploration team, Joshua Lindsay, Airn and some others, were present.

‘… so amazing.’

The court magician of Rabat, Perry Martinez, was shocked.

He knew the surface power of the Holy Kingdom, but he never dreamed it would be like this.

The squad’s members were all people who made a name for themselves on the continent, including Quincy Myers.

With that kind of power, even that clown wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

Even the demons lurking around wouldn’t harm them. Showing a sign of relief, he turned his gaze to the other side.

Ignet Crescentia, the youngest member of the squad and the Black Knight commander.

And then Airn and Lulu, along with Ilya Lindsay.

A deeper emotion bloomed in Perry’s heart.

‘Talents who will leave a mark on the continent have flocked to one single generation.’

Not to mention Ignet.

At the age of less than 30, she had the skills to defeat Sevion Brooks.

Even now, without any devil around, she still gave out that ferocious energy he had seen back then. It was clear that this woman had attained some enlightenment.

It was the same with Airn and Lulu.

He still remembered the actions that were filled with courage and composure that they showed in the dungeon.

Even as an experienced magician, he was trembling in fear while these young people were doing their best.

If it weren’t for them, more damage would have definitely occurred.

‘But what is even more shocking is…’

Ilya Lindsay.

She did an amazing job in the dungeon.

She was one of the three who had broken through the second barrier of the clown, and everyone also knew that she had an amazing sword.

However, it was also true that she looked somewhat anxious when learning the sword from Ignet.

But not now.

He wasn’t sure since Ilya didn’t seem to be the kind to openly show off her strength like Ignet.

But if his intuition was right, this woman grew a lot too. A whole lot.

‘Even her eyes that are looking at Ignet. I can feel them being very relaxed… what. Just what happened?’

He couldn’t figure it out.

It was clear that Ilya Lindsay was ready to fly higher despite her defeat in the Land of Proof.

It would be nice to see Rabat have such talented people.

Perry, who mumbled that, looked to the side.

He could see Joshua Lindsay, a father watching his daughter with an uncomfortable expression for some reason.

‘What is with him? When his daughter is showing such a dignified appearance in front of Ignet.’

No, not his daughter. Was he looking at Airn?

He didn’t know. Actually, he didn’t even want to understand. All he knew was that this man definitely had an unusual side to him.

Of course, Airn couldn’t avoid it.

“Airn, Airn.”


“Ilya’s father is staring at you.”

“I know.”

“Have you done something wrong? Like stealing and eating something?”

“… I didn’t.”

Airn sighed.

He vaguely noticed it, but now he knew for sure. Joshua Lindsay was under some kind of misunderstanding.

And he couldn’t figure out how to solve it.

Of course, it wasn’t something he had to worry about.

Ignet took a step closer and opened her lips.

“Airn Pareira.”


“As I said before, in 3 years. Raise your skills.”

“Like I said before, I will join you unconditionally within a year.”

“You’re too overconfident. Khun isn’t that easy of a person to convince.”

“Have you met Khun?”

“Nope. But I have heard a lot.”


“Let me just tell you one thing.”

In an instant, Ignet narrowed the distance between them. It was close enough for their noses to touch, and she whispered something in Airn’s left ear and then took two steps back.

And with a bright smile, she asked Ilya.

“Do you have anything to say?”


Ilya Lindsay stayed silent for a moment. It was as if she was organizing her mind thinking what to say.

After about 30 seconds, she opened her mouth.

“… let’s meet next time.”


“Let’s have a duel.”

Unlike before, Ilya was speaking normally.

But that made it even more difficult to ignore.

Compared to the past, when it felt like her life was being squeezed out, she seemed more relaxed.

Ignet, was confused for a bit and then smiled. Stretching out her hand, she nodded.

“I understand. Next time then.”

“A handshake is a little too…”

“Ah, alright.”

“Then do it with me.”

“But don’t you hate me too?”

“But it is better than before. Enough to shake hands.”

In the place of Ilya, Lulu stretched out her paw, and Ignet held onto it and shook it.

Some of the old knights of the Purification squad looked at that.

‘They’re doing well.’

Julius Hul looked at Airn, Ilya, Lulu and Ignet.

Of course, he had a different opinion than the rest of the old knights.

What he saw wasn’t the present, but the brilliant and bright future.

‘I hope they can continue to have a positive impact on each other for a long time.’

Through them, he hoped the kids would grow stronger and more upright.

The paladin who devoted his life to the peace of the continent, closed his eyes and prayed to God.

At the same time.

In the middle of the great forest located in the southern part of the continent, an energy dotted with malice fell towards a young hero.

[Side Story-Joshua Lindsay]

“Dame Emma. How long do we have left?”

“At the current rate, it will take a week or so.”


“Shall we speed up?”

“No. don’t overdo it. It doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.”

After speaking, Joshua Lindsay closed his eyes. A sigh from his mouth.

After the disappearance of his son Carl Lindsay, Joshua was forced to turn more sensitive regarding Ilya.

It was for that reason that he constantly prevented his daughter from training.

Of course, he couldn’t break down her stubbornness, and the result of that compromise was the magic map in his hand.

It was an object which could identify the location of an individual after engraving it with their blood, and it also emitted a strong red color when the particular individual was subjected to physical or mental shock.

It was an item that wasn’t affected by any magical interference and was more expensive than any normal magical tool.

However, something was wrong with the map.

It was the dot on the map which should be green normally…but it was now black instead of red.

‘There is nothing wrong with the map.’


‘A few things can be expected but… it is definitely something stronger than simple magic… it is as if a space filled with magi or something similar is influencing it… that could be the case.’

Joshua recalled the words of the map reader.

Two weeks ago, he thought that it wouldn’t be a big deal. No matter how terrible a devil’s den was, it couldn’t put his daughter, a Sword Master, in danger.

Didn’t Emma Garcia say that Ilya’s three companions were amazingly skilled?

‘She said that one even beat my daughter. And that cat that accompanies them is also an excellent sorcerer…’

With that much power, Joshua didn’t have to worry about his daughter.

However, no matter how much time passed, the black dot didn’t turn to either green or red.


Was the existence that his daughter was facing was even more terrifying?

Maybe an ancient devil like the ones in the past appeared…

It was the moment he was thinking that.


“It changed. The light changed!!”


Joshua Lindsay opened his eyes. And looked at the map in his hands.

It had really lit up. And that too, it was green and not red.

His daughter was alive.

And she was in the best health!

He sighed in relief and even hugged his escort and the map reader in the carriage.

Emma Garcia could handle it, but the map reader was so weak that he felt pain.

“L-Lord! It is too strong…”

“Ah, right! Please check my daughter’s condition right now. Hurry!”


“What is it?”

“Ah, nothing. Sure.”

The old map reader, who was a sorcerer, nodded.

It was nice to see that the father was assured that his daughter was alive. But he didn’t like how Joshua didn’t care about his frail body.

He felt a little offended, but he did his job.

The ability to see the person and surroundings of the person by ingesting a part of the body of that person.

That was the ability of the sorcerer, and to do that, the sorcerer put a strand of Ilya’s hair into his mouth.

And with his eyes closed, he made a serious expression. Joshua Lindsay and Emma waited for the answer.

After a while, the information flowed out.

“Right now… the lady seems safe. And no problems too.”

“Phew, right! And anything else?”

Joshua asked. He was glad.

He wasn’t sure what all had happened, but it felt like his world was intact, knowing that his daughter was safe.

And it didn’t end there. Joshua hurried the sorcerer to tell him what he saw.

A small bunch of troops, and a wasteland.

Old knights in pure white armor were different from those he had seen before.

And a collapsed dungeon behind them.

“… something huge seems to have happened.”

“It seems so.”

Joshua and Emma looked worried.

From what they knew, this had to be done by a devil or demon. And it was definitely not just some demon but one which was very powerful.

How could his daughter be involved in such a terrible thing!

What the hell were the other bastards doing…

And then came some new information.

“And… there are two people close to your daughter.”


“Yes. One cat which seems to understand people and flies too…”

“Wait, two including the cat?”

“Huh? yes.”

Sorcerer answered in confusion. He couldn’t understand why his Lord focused so much on the number of people with his daughter.

However, Joshua was feeling sensitive.

‘Is it possible that the party of 4 was divided and torn into 2 different groups?’

His face hardened.

He didn’t like it even back then, when he had heard the report from Emma.

A party with men, what was that!

However, there was another woman, so he didn’t worry much but hearing this now, it felt like his head was bursting out.

Two people were different from four.

He asked the sorcerer again.

He didn’t notice, but his voice was a bit shaky.

“Th-then who is the other one? A woman? Red haired…”



“A blonde man and he’s quite handsome too…”

“Coachman! Speed up!”



Emma was bewildered as she saw Joshua’s sudden change.

Even the sorcerer was startled at it. Despite his pounding heart, he looked at his Lord.

“Hurry up, can’t we go faster!”

Whether he could reach or not, he didn’t care; his new order came.

He stopped the carriage and took two horses, and said to Emma.

“I can’t stay here like this. Let’s move first. That would be faster.”


“What is it?”

“Nothing. I will follow you Lord.”

Emma Garcia controlled her expression.

The two of them moved to the Rabat estate and were able to advance the schedule by 2 days.


‘It seems like my daughter has already fixed on him.’

Phew, Joshua sighed as he remembered the arrival.

Airn Pareira, a pretty decent young man.

He had a good appearance and a strong physique. His swordsmanship skills were quite good too.

Except for Ignet, there was no rival to him in the 20s. He could definitely be compared to Joshua when he was in his 20s.

Even his character was good.

He didn’t neglect others, and constantly put effort into getting stronger. And was kind to his daughter.

The problem was that no young man would look decent to a father.

“This can’t go on. I need to get stronger from tomorrow.”


Emma was silent.

Her Lord looked upset and asked her to have a drink with him, and this was the situation…

To be honest, this man was too much for her to bear.

This man’s love for his daughter was too much.

But Emma didn’t point it out.

After thinking for a moment, she opened her mouth.

“The Lord’s judgment is right.”

“Yes, yes. Have another glass.”

Joshua continued to drink whiskey after that.

Emma, who assisted him to the end, thought as she left the room.

‘It will be tough for you, Airn Pareira.’

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