Chapter 215 - We Are All Old (1)

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Near the large lake in the northwest of Alcantra, the best city for swordsmanship on the central part of the continent.

There were many different kinds of fish and no monsters in the lake, so there were many people who went fishing there.

And it was even more so lately. Nobles and wealthy merchants would cast their fishing rods and enjoy this month.

However, something had interfered with their peaceful life.


“Wow! Kirill! So fun! Look at this! I caught a fish!”

“Huh? You are right!”

It was Lulu.

She had once lived on the coast of the eastern part of the continent, but it was a long time ago. Besides, she hated swimming in the salty water.

But she liked the deep and clear lake she was seeing now.

Wearing a tube made by Kirill, Lulu soared through the lake by splashing water and catching fish.

Those who enjoyed fishing would consider it as a hindrance. However, they weren’t offended by it.

Rather, as if they were seeing something unique, they only looked at her.

“Look there! That cat!”

“Huh! It is talking! The cat is talking!”

“I’m seeing it too. Recently there was something about a cat sorcerer going around as rumors, so it has to be that one.”

“A cat which likes water!”

“Haha! I am a cat who likes water, and I also love humans too!”

Lulu stood on her tube and proudly declared.

Despite being mysterious, she was cute.

The people forgot what they came here for and just looked at her.

Kirill looked at her, smiled, and then went back to focusing on her work.

She was thinking about summoning a beast that could be used in water.

‘I hate Krakens… So a turtle? Or maybe a dolphin?’

Kirill walked around thinking about such things. And as she was walking, her beauty shone even more as the sun was shining through her blonde hair.

Even though the members of the Pareira family were known to be good-looking, she was particularly beautiful.

Which was why the young people at the lake were looking at Kirill and not the cat.

Some of the older people looked at that and laughed.

And a little away from them.

A young man stood quietly in a remote place.

He swung his sword towards the lake with a terrifying speed.






There was a huge sound, and they saw a stream of water soaring high in the sky.

Those who were watching, including Kirill and Lulu, were shocked at it and gulped.


The huge sword dyed in gold.

A few of the escorts were talking as they watched Airn use the Aura sword in front of the late.


“That person over there is that man, right? The famous…”

“Right. He’s Airn Pareira. He became a Sword Master last year, but… I didn’t think it was real.”

“I know. He is still said to be in his 20s, but isn’t he moving at a faster pace than even Ian?”

“Right. Of course, just because he became a Master early, doesn’t mean that he will become a strong swordsman in the end.”

A man, who couldn’t shake off the look of surprise, spoke from behind.

“… I think it could be possible.”


“Being the strongest on the continent.”

“Hm, that is too far-fetched…”

The colleague who was rebutting stopped.

It was hard to come up with a reason.

Has anyone reached the status of Master faster than this?

Two people. Ignet and Ilya.

Of course, Ilya is said to be three years younger than him, and it was clear that she had the talent to rise to the ranks of the strongest people.

Thinking like that, he thought that this man was even more precious.

‘Maybe we are watching the training of the strongest swordsman of the future!’

Their bodies turned hot.

With that thought, they felt their blood rising, and everyone who was looking at Kirill turned to Airn. Hoping he would show something greater.

But no.

Ten minutes, and then twenty minutes passed.

The swordsman just stood there with his eyes closed as if he was immersed in some kind of mediation.

“…. Is that training?”

“Well, it has to be. How can we know how a Master trains?”


And they turned to Kirill and to Lulu too.

In the end, Airn failed to keep their attention on him.

Beside him. Ian appeared suddenly.

“Is it going well?”

“School master….”

“Don’t force it then. It will only make it harder.”

Just trying for a few days won’t make it work.

His appearance drew the attention of people.

Despite being in Alcantra, there weren’t many opportunities to see the owner of Krono.

It was because he was the type of person who didn’t come out much. Of course, even if they saw him too much, they wouldn’t lose interest.

Since he was known to be one of the three great swordsmen on the continent.

However, the swordsmanship shown by him fell short of their expectations.


It was neither fast nor slow.

If people had a deep knowledge of swords, they would have admired it, but there were no such great people here.

They were only concentrating on the image of the sword.

If they wait, won’t something great happen?

Even that expectation gradually disappeared.

Seeing that nothing happened, the escorts titled their heads and then turned their heads away.


There was nothing different about Airn too.

It was definitely a great sword. And they only thought that because they knew that he was a Sword Master.

Airn knew that the sword of Ian he showed just now held no force or pressure, and also that it was a sword made of decades worth of hard work. 1

However, the sword he saw a week ago.

Parting the water in the lake… this sword couldn’t be compared to that.

“As I said before, the thing I showed you first… and the sword I am showing you now aren’t different. They cut the same way.”


“Just because you don’t understand it now, doesn’t mean that you have to become impatient. Just take your time and practice… I will be away for a few days; I’m just letting you know.”

“… Yes, I get it.”

Ian left behind the same sword and the same words.

Airn, who watched his back, closed his eyes.

He remembered it clearly.

The posture, the breathing, the aura movement, and the flow of the drench when the water was cut perfectly in the middle. 2

But he couldn’t keep up with it.

Feeling frustrated, Airn sighed.

‘It would be nice if he gave me more hints.’

He had the desire to ask, but Airn held himself back.

There must be a reason why Ian didn’t want to tell him more. So, he didn’t want to ask.

‘Similarly, what he showed today would be meaningful too.’

Airn remembered the sword Ian showed a moment ago.

He didn’t understand it yet.

No matter how he looked at it, he could only see Ian dipping the sword in the lake.

It was as if he was facing a riddle, and this began to make his heart boil.


But he had to strive forward.

To join the subjugation squad within a year.

In order to defeat the clown and the other devils around.

He had to be a lot stronger than now.



The sword, in response to his rising will, spit out a cry. The aura sword, which was swung, fell on the water again.

This time, the water did not split.

And Airn sighed.

After leaving the lake, Ian walked around.

Although he wasn’t running, and despite seeming like an old man, he was still moving quite fast.

And the sun went down and rose for four days.

Ian, who came to his senses, swung the sword while looking at the valley in front of him.



And the water was cut again. The flowing valley of water stopped and split apart.

But not forever.

A few seconds later, it merged again.

Ian, who swung the sword again, hesitated and sheathed his sword.

“My heart is getting impatient.”

He had found a great disciple.

A child of great character, talent, and patience. The 23-year-old kid who was too good.

However, it was too early for him to realize the Sword of Water.

Normally it would take ten years to teach it.


‘I don’t know if I will be alive until then.’

Ian sat down on a rock and closed his eyes.

Agony and anxiety came to his mind.

The reason was clear. It was because the news about the devil from the Holy Kingdom had reached him.

‘What will the continent be like after I die?’

His words could be taken as arrogant.

However, Ian was confident. That at least for as long as he was alive, he was confident in protecting the continent.

Julius Hul could be the same. But he was old too.

Quincy Myers, who was considered to be the most secret weapon of the Holy Kingdom, was also old enough to die.

Karakum, the stronger orc warrior, was a little younger, but the lifespan of the Orcs was shorter than that of humans.

And the Lords of the Runtel Kingdom had been alive for 80 years.

‘In the end… in less than 15 years or less, the power of the continent will probably be cut in half.’

Which was why Ian was being greedy with his disciple’s growth.

Fortunately, a lot of talented young people have appeared on the continent.

Ignet, Ilya, and Airn.

Bratt too, wasn’t far from them, and Judith, who left with Khun, was the same.

However, there wasn’t enough time.

If the old men die trying to grow support for the continent, the demons would just hide and emerge when these old men died.

Will the continent be able to continue the 150 years of peace it has had till now?

‘… it is moving too fast.’

Ian shook his head.

Ian spent more than 30 years just cutting water. And even now, he was working on it. No matter how hard he tried, his anxiety was building up.

After thinking until there, he took a breath and concentrated.

He started to shake off his heart’s worry.

However, it wasn’t possible.



Ian opened his eyes.

A fast-moving force. He saw a man who had his sword drawn.

A demon?

Demons couldn’t be this quick.

A Devil, then?

The devils were too strong to be felt this easily, so there was one person who was remaining.


The swordsman suddenly moved.

Seeing Khun coming for him at such a speed, Ian smiled.

The timing was wrong.

Feeling the thick flesh on his body tickling, Ian swung his sword.

  1. By ‘sword’ in this sentence, it does not literally mean the weapon, the sword, but rather the technique or the skill. ↩️

  2. I’m not too sure what ‘drench’ means here, but I’ll be correcting it as I get more information about it. I'm assuming he's talking about the way the water fell, maybe? ↩️

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