Chapter 223 - Do me a favor (4)

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Airn, lay on the field sighing.

It wasn’t because he was frustrated. Just thinking about the series of battles which had happened in an hour, he immediately felt glad.

‘It was truly amazing.’

Ian, who seemed to have stopped time and cut the water, and even Khun’s swordsmanship, which he had witnessed just then.

A quick sword that split everything.

That terrifying speed…

It was even more shocking to think that his stubbornness, no, his conviction, which Khun had been clinging on to all his life, was his sword.

It wasn’t just Khun’s sword that surprised him.

Judith had shocked him too. Airn slowly closed his eyes and thought of her in Durkali.

And remembered the match.

Judith, who wasn’t afraid of breaking her body and burning her heart, the Judith who was ready to sublimate even the pain into her aura, and then the image of Judith who rushed in… it was far beyond the fire Airn pursued.


Airn nodded his head. He saw a lot of people like her.

Charlotte and Victor were the same, Grayson too. It was the same with Ilya in the Land of Proof. They all harbored a sense of inferiority and possessed a fire they couldn’t handle, and swung their swords in pain.

Ignoring everything else, they were content with being stubborn and lonely.

Strangely enough, when he saw Judith now, he didn’t feel worried. No matter how intense the flames were, Airn was convinced that his friend could endure it.


“What about me?”

Was it possible for me?

Just like Judith. Would he be able to embrace the fire and develop it into such a threatening force that it would make even his opponents stop?

“You can’t.”

Did he look into Airn?

Khun, who came closer, shook his head and answered. He sat down.

“A genius like you and Ian can never imitate it. Being good at this and that and other things… Do you think that this loneliness and suffering can be endured by those who enjoy their lives and have fun with everything they learn? You can never do it. To be able to do such things… only two people on the continent can do it.”

He then pointed to himself and said.


And at the house.

“And Judith.”


“Hang in there. The day will come when you and your teacher will be defeated at the same time…”

“Certainly, I don’t think I can keep up.”

Airn, who raised his upper body, straightened his posture.

He had a serious expression and serious eyes. Seeing that, Khun felt a little burdened.

Airn, who was in front of him, continued to speak.

“You said I am a genius, but I am someone who lacks a lot. I was helped by my family to get out of my laziness, I borrowed the hands of classmates and my teachers to develop my poor physical strength, and I received the teachings and advice of even more people to learn the sword. Still, it is still not enough. And it might never be enough. Perhaps, it is my fate to learn and depend on others for the rest of my life.”


“To think that I am ahead of Judith, who goes through all that pain alone… I wouldn’t dare to think that.”

It was sincere.

Many swordsmen had tried walking on this lonely path, and now Judith was walking that same path which none could succeed in.

Even so, this friend of hers thought she was courageous and hard working.

Airn looked more amazing than anyone. And it seemed the same, even for Khun, who walked a similar path.

Although they had met only for an hour or so, he felt as if he had looked into the other person’s life through swords.

Of course, acknowledging them didn’t mean denying yourself.

It was similar to finding the right way and moving.

He found his own way himself. And when times turn tough, he knew that he could hold someone else’s hand.

And that when he was tired, he could rest, relying on another person.

“… even though I am lacking a lot, I will continue to grow and move forward… I want to remain a match for Judith, as a friend who isn’t lacking.”


After Airn finished speaking, Khun looked at the eyes of the young swordsman.

There was no weird energy, yet Airn felt as if his insides were being checked.

It was a different but similar feeling to when he had met Ian.

‘… the eyes of a master swordsman who had risen to the highest position and those which were sharper than even a sorcerer’s.’

He gulped.

The pressure was no joke.

Of course, Khun didn’t show signs of trying to harm Airn.

He just frowned and sighed.

And said.

“You keep hearing that you suck, right?”


“You’re probably right. But, you deserve it.”

“What do…”

“You are like an old man. You are different from Ian, who pretended to be like that when he was young. Your insides are old. From where did you get the soul of a 30-year-old?”


“But then again, it isn’t like you are an old man.”

When he saw what Airn was saying or thinking, he could feel a calmness and seriousness as well as a leisure that someone from Judith’s age group would never have.

However, there was passion too. Rather than blindly following the path of others, he went his own way but, at the same time, didn’t refuse the help of others… there was harmony and balance.

Which was why he sucked.

The grumpy Khun stood up.

“Come in.”


“To my home. Don’t even think of saying that it is narrow. Don’t make noise. Just be there with your mouth shut.”


“Why are you dissatisfied…”

“No complaints.”

It wasn’t Airn but Kirill who answered. She quietly watched the two of them talk and then approached them. Lulu, feeling the atmosphere of an impending argument, jumped down from her arms.

Kirill didn’t care. She put her hand on her waist and said.

“So, you are going to acknowledge my brother, aren’t you?”


After hearing her words, Airn nodded.

That was the reason he came here. He was so absorbed in the battle with Khun and Judith that he had forgotten about it.

“Huh, right.”

Khun seemed puzzled.

Airn was one thing, but this woman called Kirill was abnormal.

Most people wouldn’t dare to talk looking at him, and that was especially true after watching his sword, but this one seemed fearless.

‘Seems quite strong, but…’

For him, her personality was greater than her ability. That didn’t mean he was going to back down.

Khun was that kind of a man. He wasn’t a generous senior or a kind old man; he was more like a fiery teenager.

At this moment, a fire was raging hotter than before appeared and said.

“I’ll have a talk with Airn for a second.”



Judith came out of the house and walked, staggeringly. With an air around her telling the others to move.

Lulu was the first to leave,


Seeing Lulu flying into the house, Khun looked at her. And he then looked at Kirill, who also soon went inside.

Seeing that, Airn was surprised.

Judith was the first one to make Kirill so docile. She was the same around Ian too.

“It isn’t like you are saying something secretive….”

“Just leave us alone.”

“Huh, what kind of a disciple is this…”

Khun, who moved, continued to mumble.

However, he knew that he couldn’t break his disciple’s stubbornness. He too, moved into the house, leaving the two swordsmen of Krono in the field.




“You seem stronger than when we were in Durkali. Did something happen?”


“I heard from teacher that you met some devil… you weren’t thinking of hiding it from me, right?”

“… I will tell you.”

Airn answered after a moment’s hesitation.

He knew that she must have already known something. And since he wasn’t in a situation where he had to hide anything, he spoke freely.

He told Judith everything that had happened since last year, one event after another.

And it was not just his own story.

He knew that Judith was strong, and that she had chosen the most difficult path where she would be alone.

So Airn wanted her to be happier and enjoy things. He hoped that she wouldn’t live a painful life thinking only of the sword.

He knew Judith would understand his effort too.

With that thought in mind, Airn spoke about not just his story but of those around him as well… and shared the thoughts and feelings of his friends.

Judith’s reaction was…

“Hmm. Good.”


“You, Ilya, and Ignet too. You are all unbelievable geniuses. Just thinking about it makes my stomach boil…”


“This amount of anger is right. Just thinking about this seems like it will help my training. Thank you, Airn.”


Airn shook his head.

Judith was Judith. He smiled and looked at the darkening sky.

At that moment, different words came out from Judith’s mouth.



“I didn’t mean to come at you like that as soon as I saw you. I knew it. And I know exactly what kind of dog-like personality I have and how fucking stupid I am. But I wasn’t at fault… no, shit, fault my ass. Rather, I am sorry that this happens each time I meet you, and you still keep struggling to help me. And I can’t promise to not do it the next time… but sorry.”

“Huh… right.”

Airn was taken aback by Judith’s sincere apology.

He knew her well, so this felt awkward to him.

But it didn’t stay like that for long.

‘Come to think of it, Judith is serious when she has to be.’

Airn remembered the past.

In the final evaluation. At the reunion after five years. In the Land of Proof too, her heart was never rough or malicious.


‘It was always warm.’

Airn, who faced Judith as a close friend rather than a swordsman, smiled brightly.

Seeing that, Judith smiled and said.

“Fuck, that was funny…”

“Wait, why are you suddenly swearing…”

“I rarely swear! Ah, I still need to cut it down. I kept listening to the teacher swear; it must have rubbed on me. Did I use too much?”


“Ah, forget it. Don’t answer.”


“Don’t say sorry.”

She opened her mouth and shut it and then searched her pocket. Airn, who watched that, stayed silent.

What? Did she prepare something for him?

It couldn’t be.

“You, where are you going after here?”


“No. How long does it take to go back and forth on that? On the Griffin? It will be quite fast, right?”

“But, why?”

“Then, do me a favor.”

Judith, who hesitated, then made up her mind, and handed him something.

It was a carefully sealed envelope.

Seeing Airn with a blank face, she seemed flustered.

“Stop by Lloyds family and hand this letter to Bratt.”


“T-tell me If you don’t want to do it.”

“No, it is fine.”

Airn who received it smiled.

He felt glad.

Contrary to his worries, it seemed like Judith’s life wouldn’t be so lonely in the future.

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