Chapter 232 - Go and be back (3)

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The stone devil couldn’t stop Airn’s second attack. Unable to withstand the shock, the stone devil crashed into a wall.


The noise and vibration were so loud that the entire cave shook. Blood-red lava flowed under the dust raised place.

Based on the power behind the attack, the damage that was dealt was too severe for any demon to not die.

However, the stone devil was fine. No, to be exact, it had one more chance left.


The reason the ancient devils had their own nests was because they could store their power there.

It was the same with the half-destroyed body of the stone devil. The labyrinth which savored the screams and pains of humans turned to dust. The particles which had wandered for a while, eventually reconciled to the gigantic body of the devil.


The stone devil returned to its original form in an instant. However, the expression was different from before.

Looking at the blonde swordsman in disbelief, the devil thought.

‘What is this?’

Although the humans didn’t think the same, the thing the devils were the most interested in were actually humans. And as he looked at the human in front of him closely, he realized that he wasn’t that old.

Even though they were of different races, the devil tribe had eyes which could tell the age of humans.

‘Seems…not more than 30…probably mid 20s…’


The devil burst into laughter. It was absurd.

No matter how fast the beings of the human world grew compared to time, no being in its mid-20s could possess such power.

At least, in the devil’s common sense it didn’t make sense.

The blonde young man.

Faced with the opponent holding a sword which shone like his blonde hair, the devil realized that his knowledge was useless.



The devil exhaled. He knew thousands of ways to harass humans, but the field he was the most confident in was fighting.

Having erased all the distractions around him, he breathed continuously again and again. As the inhalation and exhalation continued, the density of the body turned denser and his energy grew more violent.

Airn watched this silently. And the moment he intuited that his opponent was in perfect condition, he rushed forward with immense speed.


There was an uncomfortable sound, like a piece of cloth being torn apart. He arrived in front of the demon as quickly as he could and swung his sword.

It was a movement that was out of balance, but he couldn’t care less.

Worrying wasn’t his thing. That was what his opponent should be doing.



A suppressed moan escaped from the devil’s mouth. A cobweb-like crack appeared on his huge, black forearm as the sword struck.

However, that was just the beginning. Airn Pareira, holding his breath, took a step forward.

He swung down his sword with a normal strike loaded with so much weight that it made a sound.

As if his legs were rooted in the ground, he continued to attack.




“Kuak! Kuak!”

From right to left and left to right. From bottom to top and top to bottom.

Airn’s attack was so ugly and harsh that it felt slightly foolish.

It had a completely different look than usual, and had a heavy yet clean taste. However, that wasn’t an issue.

Rather, it worked well.

Unable to even dare to counterattack, Airn thought he was only attacking a stiff stone.

‘My body has changed,’

He thought he had trained his body to the limit. It was only three days ago that Airn desired nothing more from his body, except to enter a new realm in swordsmanship.

But now…he could feel it.

The waste products dissolved in his muscles had been purified.

The impurities stuck between his joints disappeared.

It was as if he retained his pure body like this from his birth. Still, the results of the training also remained intact. Airn’s body right now was absolutely flawless!

Airn felt reborn and swung his sword with his arms and even used his entire body to test the endless possibilities of his new self.



A powerful shot erupted from Airn.

The stone devil who endured it all despite the harshness, spewed out lava from its mouth and stepped back.

But Airn didn’t care.


One more step.


He kept swinging and went for relentless blows at the devil. And it wasn’t just physical strength. Airn was simply striking with excitement, but in his subconscious mind, the harmony of swordsmanship and Aura which had accumulated over the years, was also perfectly being utilized.

There was nothing in his body that was limiting him. And nothing bothered his mind either. Feeling the thrill of pleasure, he threw in a stronger blow.

At that moment, a completely different sound resounded in his ears.


It wasn’t the sound of metal and rock hitting each other. It was the sound of metal breaking through rocks and stone.

Airn who did it, looked ahead.

A devil resembling a stone statue, twice as tall as him, was collapsing with his waist halved.

But he wasn’t distracted.

The devil was now almost confident that the one it was facing wasn’t human.

Although he only had a few memories before when he influenced the humans, he still knew that he wouldn’t die from his waist being cut.

Not in two pieces or four.

Not in four pieces or sixteen.

So Airn had to grind the devil until there was no trace of him!

Airn, who had a firm resolve, ran forward again.

And although he thought for long, not much time passed.

Airn, hit a devastating front kick at the upper body of the devil which was falling.




At that moment, the upper body of the devil which was kicked fell with a rattling sound and started disintegrating.

Airn looked closely at the fallen devil.

The lower body was the same; the two legs which were standing like a pillar withered in an instant and the lava that wet the floor before, seeped into the ground. An unpleasant anxiousness rose within him along with an urgency to attack.

He sharpened his senses to prepare for the attack.


The devil appeared.

But it didn’t attack Airn.

The devil appeared behind Bratt Lloyd who was standing far away. Watching the enemy going for Bratt, Airn stomped his feet.


The speed of a whirlwind. If it was an ordinary person, they would think that Airn was the wind god.

However, the devil was a little faster. It already had aimed for this and it caught the gap between, and thus it didn’t think of moving back.

The devil grinned.

It had no intention of taking the blue-haired human hostage. It knew that negotiation was impossible with the blonde one.

All it wanted was the cruel and gruesome death of the blonde human’s comrades.

It was the moment when the sullen evilness of the devil was about to hit the other swordsman.


Bratt Lloyd wasn’t an idiot.

He knew that he was the biggest weakness in this party. He also knew that his existence wasn’t enough to subjugate this devil.

But he still came.

And the reason why he, who was always calm and cool, came here by force was because;

First of all, it was because of the intuition that he wouldn’t be able to break through the wall that he saw in front of him unless he risked his life.


And the second reason was because he was certain that he wouldn’t lose a battle if he risked his life.

‘I just have to believe in myself.’

Bratt Lloyd raised his sword.

It was something he had done hundreds of thousands of times.

Millions even. And perhaps even more.

However, it still wasn’t something he had managed to perfect. As his blue hair fluttered to the back, he mumbled.

‘Come at me.’

He said it not just for the devil but for himself as well.

It was a request and wish for the energy which didn’t come out. And now, the moment when he was in the most desperate situation,

His worst weakness turned into his best strength.


It was not as bright as Airn’s or as elegant as Ilya.

And there was no strong and ferocious energy like Ignet either. But it was still fine.

Even now, although it seemed a bit plain, he was still satisfied. The blue energy which flowed naturally through the sword.

It was the Aura Sword.

The moment Bratt Lloyd swung it.


And waves crashed against the devil.

“What is…!”

The devil, who was shocked, couldn’t speak. The rushing wave of blue aura pushed against him constantly.

Of course, it wasn’t like he lost. It was only a shock for a brief moment. It was too sudden that he couldn’t go through with his plan.

However even after he regained his senses, it wasn’t possible.


A shield was deployed by Kirill and pushed the devil away from approaching Bratt.


Lulu turned into her sorcerer girl form, and pushed him away.

But the devil still didn’t give up. In the end, he wanted to do his best to take the life of a human. It staggered and struggled to go through with its plans.

Airn’s sword, which had approached him even before he noticed it, purged the devil which was now in the form of a green fog.



Although he had realized the sword of water, his sword was still hot.

So it was the rigidity. That was why he didn’t awaken the power completely.

The flame and metal continued to rule over him. But there was now a stream which governed the flame.

Airn who found harmony and balance, put down the sword he was holding with all his might.


The hero’s weapon, which had a splendid presence, disappeared.

It was the same with the silver-grey shield and the Lulu’s nest-like barrier which supported them.

It disappeared along with the devil which completely evaporated.

But Bratt…

“Haa… Haa…”

Taking deep breaths, he got up using the handle of the sword as support.

His gaze went to the tip of the sword, the symbol of the Sword Master he longed for. Watching the blue aura flow softly like a wave, Bratt gulped.

And looked.

Kirill’s expression which hated him was different, Lulu’s mischievous expression was also no more.

And even his best friend and rival Airn was looking at him differently.

With a heart prouder than ever and more emotions than before.

He said.



“Sword Master, Bratt Lloyd”

Tears fell from Bratt’s eyes.

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