Chapter 239 - How dare you (2)

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Joseph Swordsmanship school.

He inherited the name of the seventh most glorious hero, ‘Joseph’, and he was regarded as one of the top-ranked Sword Masters in the western part of the continent.

Now that he was old, he had turned quiet, but when he was 20 years old, he was a fighter who showed his skills to the world through various battles. He too, had been through numerous subjugations.

Such a person was truly a veteran.

For such a man, there was no reason to be disturbed by the fact that a few young people were arguing in front of the Lindsay mansion.

It was the same even if one of them was Bill Stanton, an infamous person of Adan Kingdom.

However, his thoughts changed when he saw the young man standing behind the woman-his bright blonde hair, which looked like the sun.

On one hand, he had an expression that made one feel good just by looking at him.

And on the other hand, he had a perfectly balanced, strong-looking body crafted from great training.

‘The champion of the Land of Proof!’

Of course, Airn wasn’t the Champion anymore. He knew that this person had left Eisenmarkt as soon as he took the title of Champion.

But that didn’t matter. The important thing was that the fight from that time had remained in Joseph’s mind even after a year.

‘My heart still races when I think of that time.’

Joseph was someone who had gone through countless battles so far. He had been fighting countless times with people stronger than him and had also fought the most brutal battles with Masters.

The fight between Ilya Lindsay and the young man was so intense and ferocious that even he had just sat there tensed at what the outcome would be.

It wasn’t because of the background of the two kids who were top students of the Krono Academy.

It was because of the skills and the fighting prowess that the two of them displayed…something that had transcended their age, and it was something that had made the blood of an 80-year-old man boil after a long time.

‘Airn Pareira… to see that young man here.’

Joseph looked at the man. After appearing like a comet in Eisenmarkt, speculation about his future whereabouts had swept through the western continent.

However, contrary to others’ expectations, Airn had been quiet, which was why he was even happier at this unexpected chance.





Of course, while he was lost in thoughts, Bill Stanton and Kirill Pareira continued.

‘What is he doing?’

In the end, a figure of the Joseph Swordsmanship school who wasn’t seen had approached them.

To be precise, the figure approached Bill Stanton.

He knew… what kind of character this man had.

However, it was true that he was arguing because of his arrogant and proud personality. The man was convinced that the current quarrel was because of Bill Stanton.

“Now, take it easy. Apologize to the lady right away.”

“Ah, Mr. Anton. Long time no see. No, why should it be me? Why are you telling me to apologize without even listening to what happened?”

“Do I need to listen? It has to be your fault.”

“Right. He was rude to us.”

“Ha. Wow, you are quite some…”

Upon hearing Kirill’s words, Bill Stanton looked bewildered.

The gatekeepers were looking at him in a cold way. And he also saw the cold eyes of the members of the Joseph Swordsmanship school.

And even his own escorts weren’t on his side.

Like an upset child, Stanton had an expression that suggested that what he was going through was unjust, and tried to explain the situation to Anton, a mighty figure from the Joseph Swordsmanship school.

“No, please listen carefully.”

“I am listening.”

“What day is the day after tomorrow? Isn’t there a banquet to celebrate the birthday of Joshua Lindsay, the head of the Lindsay family?”

‘I see. That is why there are so many people!’

Airn nodded his head. He had been skeptical for a while. He heard that since Carl Lindsay’s disappearance, the Lindsay family had never held a banquet.

‘If I think positively, can it be said that the pain of losing someone had lessened after a long time?’

Perhaps it was thanks to him that his friend, Ilya Lindsay, had overcome the wounds.

He had a few thoughts like that. And a feeling of joy bloomed in his heart.

He felt like rushing into the mansion and calling for Ilya.

“So? Why did you have to smirk at us as you passed by?”

Kirill wasn’t going to stand by because of what had happened. She was angry.

She couldn’t understand this man at all. And the answer came right away.

Frowning, he pointed to Airn and Kirill with an unpleasant gesture.

“On a very happy day when outside guests were allowed into the Lindsay Estate for the first time in 8 years, you are trying to cross the threshold of the Lindsay family gates with such a sloppy outfit.”


“I laughed at you because, as a cultured noble representing the Adan Kingdom, I cannot overlook it!”

Upon hearing Stanton’s words, Anton shook his head. It was a pitiful reason.

Of course, what he said wasn’t exactly wrong.

Even to Anton’s eyes, Kirill was dressed too normally. And she also had a hairy cat on her shoulders which was black, and people right now were sensitive about such things.

But that didn’t justify his reason to laugh at them.

‘I need to do something. As the man said, it’s a banquet held by Lindsays after a long time.’

The least he could do was to not let them fight in front of the gate.

At that moment, the blonde woman pulled something out of her pocket and put it to her chest.

And with a bright light, her outfit changed entirely.


The casual clothes from before was nowhere to be found, and a beautiful woman appeared in front of them in an elegant red dress.

Bill Stanton opened his mouth in surprise.


“So I guess there is no problem now?”


“Since you judge people by their appearance, does this ease your mind? And you… Phew, say something.”


“No, not just the appearance. Rather than worrying about the exterior you put up as a noble, I would recommend that you start concentrating on what’s inside as well. Let’s go, brother.”


Bill Stanton blocked Kirill as she took Airn’s hand and walked ahead.

Despite his handsome face, he looked like an ugly man with excitement oozing out of his nose.

‘His appearance now is really ugly.’

Kirill thought to herself and asked with a smirk.



Bill Stanton continued to ponder.

He knew that if anyone disrespected even just one person, then what he did was actually disrespect three or maybe four people.

But now, his pride wouldn’t let him apologize.

To be honest, he didn’t expect something that started as a simple snort would turn this big.

Most of all, the woman’s appearance and her attitude made it unbearable.

‘Isn’t there a way to lighten the mood in some noble way, without hurting my pride but at the same time also make things get better? No, if I do that and it reaches my father’s ears, I’ll get scolded… no, and looking at her now, she is so pretty. Isn’t there a way to improve our relationship? Ah! But I don’t want to apologize.’

Complicated thoughts entered Bill Stanton’s mind.

At that time, Joseph, who was far away, gently intervened.

“I roughly understand what happened.”

“Uh? Headmaster?”


“Ah, I’m sorry. My introduction is late. I am Joseph of the Joseph Swordsmanship school.”

“… hello. I am Kirill Pareira.”

Kirill has a short introduction.

The other man was polite, but she wasn’t a fool, and the fame of Joseph was well known. Wasn’t he a Sword Master respected by many?

‘… thinking about it, I was too excited. I shouldn’t be like this in front of the gate of the place I was hoping my brother would have a nice time at.’

Remorse filled her mind, and Kirill exhaled.

She was angry, but she knew when to step back.

And since Master Joseph personally stepped in, she couldn’t act headstrong now. But the words from Joseph’s mouth were unexpected.

“I think both of you were at fault to some extent, but I think that if we just parted like this, both sides would only have hatred for each other. So, how about a small and clean sword match to relax the mood?”



“Ah, of course, I’m not asking Miss Kirill to come. The young man in the back? Are you, Miss Kirill’s brother?”

“Huh? Ah, yes.”

“You are a swordsman, aren’t you?”

“… yes.”

“How about it then? Aren’t you thinking about raising your sword for the sake of your sister?”

‘What is this now?’

Bill Stanton was bewildered at this. He was someone who was constantly told that he wasn’t mature despite being 31 years old, because he had more accidents.

However, contrary to the evaluation of his behavior, Bill Stanton was someone who was confident that he wouldn’t lose to anyone his age in swordsmanship.

Because he was treated as one of the famous swordsmen in the Adan Kingdom.

‘Looking at him, it’s a body that feels pretty well-trained, but…’

His opponent seemed to be in his early 20s. That meant that he wouldn’t have become even an Expert, and it meant the young man wasn’t his opponent.

No matter how upset he was, he couldn’t use his sword against the weak.

As he opened his mouth to reject the offer…


Kirill smirked right then. And that was a huge blow to Bill Stanton’s esteem.

“… if the other side agrees, I will too.”

“Huhu, it is nice that you are full of energy. And the young man, what about you?”

“Brother, you will show them, right?”

“Uh? Uh…”


At the confrontation between the two young men almost being done, the Joseph Swordsmanship School members raised their voices.

They couldn’t understand why their kind headmaster was encouraging two people to fight rather than making them stop.

‘Sorry, Bill.’

Joseph smiled and apologized in his heart.

He just couldn’t help it. He was curious about Airn’s current strength, so he wanted to make an excuse and watch him in action.

‘If you have that kind of talent… you would have grown tremendously over the past year. I can’t stand this much excitement.’

Joseph’s smile widened like the innocent smile of a child.

Even though it was someone else’s fight and not his; It had been a while since he felt so excited!

The 80-year-old man clenched his fists and stepped back. Meanwhile, Bill Stanton, who drew his sword, warned Airn.

“I am Bill Stanton. A lone wolf from the Stanton family, as well as the swordsman who will take charge of the future of Adan Kingdom.”


“Don’t be afraid. Won’t you introduce yourself too?”

“… Hale Kingdom, Airn Pareira.”

“Okay. I will warn you in advance. I’ll take care of the situation with my swift and strong sword, so I am not sure how your body will fare. But I will still do my best.”


“Did you hear me? Promise me. To do your best.”

“… Alright.”

“Nice. Ah! And you don’t have a sword! Yah, give that young man a…”

The moment he spoke to his escorts.


A golden sword grew out of Airn’s hand. Bill Stanton stood there still, perplexed at what he saw.


It didn’t end there.


A golden energy covered the blade. Having witnessed the Aura Sword, which was so clear that no one could mistake it, he had a dazed expression and looked at the cat flying behind Airn.

‘A flying cat?’

‘Airn Pareira?’

‘Sword appearing from thin air?’

‘Hale Kingdom?’


All the pieces fell in. It was when Bill Stanton was trembling with a sense of betrayal and turned to look at Joseph in upset.

“I have no fear.”

Step step!

The gate opened. A middle-aged man approached them with a sword.

He had silver hair as soft as the moonlight and an overwhelming atmosphere that made people feel chills.

Joshua Lindsay, who felt sharper than usual, stood in front of Airn Pareira, ignoring Bill Stanton.

And said.

“You have grown a lot, Airn. How dare you pull out the Aura Sword in front of Lindsay’s mansion?”

“That, I… Happy, happy birthday.”

Airn quickly pulled back the sword and bowed.

Joshua Lindsay looked at him and asked with cold eyes.

“Is that true?”


“You are here to celebrate my birthday, is that true?”

“Yes, of cour…”

“You aren’t here to see my daughter?”




“Raise your sword, Airn.”


Airn was bewildered.

Kirill was stunned, and Lulu flew around restlessly.

Bill Stanton moved back, and in that hectic atmosphere, Joseph laughed.

‘It turned out to be more fun than I thought.’

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