Chapter 240 - How dare you (3)

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Joseph laughed at Joshua Lindsay’s appearance.

The original plan was to persuade Bill to clash swords against Airn, and then to intervene himself, because he thought that it would be tough to bring out the skills of a Sword Master if it was just Stanton.

However, if it was Joshua Lindsay, then the story changed.

‘I don’t know what this is, but I wish he can be pushed to the limit if possible.’

For a brief moment when Airn used the Aura Sword, Joseph felt it.

Airn Pareira’s skills had improved dramatically over the year.

The smoothness of his Aura operation, including the concentration and manifestation stages was incomparable to the past.

As he thought about it, Bill Stanton, full of dissatisfaction came up to him and said.

“Old man.”


“You did that knowingly, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“That person, you knew that he was a Sword Master and pushed me into it, right?”

“Well, did I force you into it? You could have said yes or no. If you made the choice yourself, why are you blaming others?”

“Making accidents and then blaming other people, isn’t that why he has been called a mess?” 1

“That is true.”

Aton shook his head and Joseph’s words.

He thought of Bill Stanton and his own headmaster who was bullying the man.

‘I feel like the older he gets, the more childish he is.’

Of course, few people cared about it.

Everyone in the place was focused on Joshua Lindsay and the blonde young man who showed an Aura sword.

“What? Raise the sword already.”

“Wait, one second, let me talk for a second.”

“Was that an order?”

“No, why would I… have I done something wrong?”

“You lied, didn’t you? Ilya was your goal, but you make excuses saying you were here for my birthday.”

“No, of course I came here to see Ilya, but… it is also true that I was here to celebrate your birthday.”

“Really? Then do you have a present for me?”


Airn went dumb.

It was fine to lie for his life, but when asked about the gift, he couldn’t think of any excuses.

Sweat trickled down his back.

And his sister helped him.

“Of course, we have…here it is, the present prepared for the lord.”


Kirill pulled out a bottle of alcohol from her sorcery pouch.

It was a bottle of very expensive wine.

She had bought it to have it with Lance Peterson and have a good time with him, but she sacrificed that for her brother.

Joshua, who received it from them, looked at it.

‘… it is the one I like.’

This time, Joshua was at a loss for words.

In fact, everything he said so far was nothing more than an outburst.

Airn, had come earlier than the one-year deadline, and he was a man who had captured his daughter’s attention, so, he started a nonsensical argument with him.


Since he had started the argument, it was right to push through till the end.

With a stiff expression, he looked at the blonde man and said.



“You haven’t forgotten what I told you, right?”

“… yes.”

Airn nodded his head.

To not be swept away by the flames of Ignet. To get out of it and keep my own pace.

His words were still engraved in Airn’s heart.

He wandered so much, but the change started from this advice.

Seeing the seriousness in Airn’s eyes, Joshua was a bit startled.

The advice he had given was something one’s head could know, but was hard for the heart to accept.

In other words, it was a question to see if Airn could do it or not. However, through the expression and the confident eyes he saw in the young man, it made Joshua intrigued.

He was the father of his beloved daughter, but he was also a swordsman who loved the sword more than anyone.

“… it seems to have paid off.”

“I am still lacking, but I am proud that I have grown from before.”

“Can you prove it?”

“I can.”

“Great. Then let’s change places. Come inside.”

“Yes, lord.”

The atmosphere changed.

The young boy with a weak impression after escaping out from a crisis had disappeared, and a young hero with a strong will took his place.

Joshua’s mood changed too.

Beyond loving and cherishing his daughter, the character who had nothing to say as he saw his advice being taken seriously, instantly exuded the atmosphere of a Master. 2

It was a very serious situation.

Joseph swordsmanship school’s people and the headmaster moved along with them in interest and Kirill and Lulu who came to their senses a bit later, also entered through the gates.

“This is going to be so fun.”

So was Bill Stanton.

He already forgot that he was played by the old man. And he hadn’t said anything since he had the chance to see one of the 10 top swordsmen of the continent, Joshua Lindsay in action.

Besides, his opponent was known to be a genius among geniuses… someone who was on par with Ignet and Ilya!

The immature noble moved inside, but there was someone who was like a hurdle to him.

“Why are you following us?”

It was Kirill Pareira.

“What? I am a guest of the Lindsay family, is it wrong to come in?”

“I’m not talking about that. Just get the directions from the maids and go to your room. Why are you following me when you have no connection with the battle?”

“Can’t I follow?”


“Then if I get permission from one of the parties going to cross their swords?”

“Will you ask the lord?”

“I was going to ask Airn Pareira.”

“Let me tell you the answer right here; you have been refused.”

“I am sorry for earlier, I was short-sighted.”

“I hate those who change their mind like flipping their palms.”

“No. I still think it is rude to show up in clothes which don’t fit the occasion. Of course, I ended up expressing it rudely in the process, so I apologize for that. If you want, I can bow in front of you and show my sincerity. Is it a no, even now?”

“It’s still a no.”

“Uh, then, there is nothing I can do about it. But, even if you regret after this, there will be nothing you can do about it either.” 3

“…whatever you do, I have no intention of visiting the same place as you.”

Kirill looked sharply at Bill Stanton.

It was something she felt so much in the Cesar Duchy.

After quarreling with them, some high-ranking nobles would throw in threatening words like this when things didn’t go their way.

However, Kirill wasn’t the kind to give in.

‘Whatever you do, I will pay you back in double.’

Resolute, Kirill was ready to deal with Bill Stanton.

However, the words which came out of his mouth were completely unexpected.

“If you don’t let me see the match, then…on the day of the birthday banquet, I plan to confess to you.”


“In a very crowded place.”


“I will do it very loudly and I will make sure to fill you with shame so that everyone is watching.”


“I will sing a serenade of love in a sweet voice.”

“What crazy shi…”

“This is a confession attack.”

“Kirill, this man is weird…”

Lulu mumbled in a terrified voice.

Kirill had the same thought. She looked at Bill Stanton. Put her to shame with a confession? Attack her with a confession?

What was this absurd attack?

But the effect was clear.

When she thought of Bill Stanton confessing in front of people, she thought of an illusion where dozens of bugs were crawling on her body.

She couldn’t deal with it.

It was disgusting. So, she had no choice but to say.

“Sorry. Don’t do that.”

“Then the match?”



Bill Stanton smirked and whistled.

Joseph Swordsmanship school’s people who heard that, looked at the man like he was mad.

“Are you ready?”


Whether they were watching or not, Joshua Lindsay and Airn were already engrossed in each other.

The Lord who had arrived first, pulled out his sword and Airn summoned his sorcery sword.

And when the swordsmen saw that brilliant golden sword, they admired it again. It looked more elegant and sharper and sturdier than any famous sword in the world.

However, that sentiment changed when Joshua Lindsay used his Aura Sword.


It was a sword wrapped in a silver brilliance.

While everyone was looking at the Aura sword, which was more beautiful than the swords of the Avilius Knights, Airn raised his aura as well.

The moment the two rays of light soared high in the sky.



The fight began.


The two collided in the centre of the hall, fighting for the upper hand.

Suddenly, a crack resounded in the hall. Unable to withstand their combined pressure, the stone floor shattered like cookies.

And this caused Airn to slightly lose his balance. Without missing that chance, Joshua’s sword flew in like a gale.


Another roar!

Airn didn’t resist it.

He slid off the floor and got out of the attack and Joshua continued to move with an offensive flow.

The sight of him pouring out attacks while changing the direction of the attacks from the back, front, left and right, was like a gust of wind.


Bill Stanton, gulped as he saw it.

The swordsmanship of the Lindsay lord, who inherited the blood of a hero, seemed to dominate the sky and press down on the opponent.

However, what was even more surprising was the fact that, despite such relentless attacks, Airn didn’t show signs of being pushed back.




Deafening metallic sounds continued to resound throughout the gymnasium.

A fierce sword storm.

However, Airn, who was in the middle of it, had plenty of room to do what he wanted.

He hardened his centre through the energy of steel.

And dispelled the attacks with the energy of flowing water.

If he confronted the wind head on, he would be defeated but if he focused on deflecting it by following the flow, then there would be no problem.

He had to keep deflecting the attacks as long as he could.

When it was impossible to deflect, he had to endure it with the durability of cast iron.

He knew that the opponent would also need a break from the attacks he was doing, and Airn could restore the balance in the meantime.

So, like that, 1 minute…and then 2 minutes passed.

When it was 5 minutes….


Bill Stanton and the others too.

Even Joseph was silent and watched the battle. No one dared to speak. It wasn’t an atmosphere where one could speak.

Everyone’s hearts felt like they would explode at any moment.

A gust of wind began to erupt from Joshua Lindsay’s sword, and he took a step back.


Joseph’s eyes opened wide as he saw this.

It was an attack which embodied the power of wind, and was rumored to have inflicted enormous damage on the Demon Dragon King, even beyond that of an Aura Sword.

It wasn’t just a simple increase in power. An opponent who was caught in the rotational force wouldn’t be able to even hold their sword properly.

How many swordsmen had become so miserable that they had no choice but to stare at their swords flying in distance while they just barely grabbed on to themselves?

However, Airn had no intention of giving up.


Airn opened his eyes wide and looked at Joshua.

He sharpened his senses in real time to maximize his sorcery. The flow of aura flowing through the Lord’s body felt close enough that he felt that he could grasp it.

As he saw it, he came to an understanding. The completed Sky Sword couldn’t be blocked by him. It had to be stopped before the attack was deployed.

Airn, who made the decision, used his Aura.


It wasn’t just a quick lift.

The aura which flowed through the body exploded with the energy of fire and then, exploded once again.

He used these explosions to make himself faster. So that he could achieve a speed beyond his limits.

Originally, it was a dangerous technique which could have ruined his body, but now, it was fine. Thanks to the proper use of the energy of water, he was able to bring it out without major side effects.

This was enough.

This much was enough.

Airn Pareira’s sword, which spread out in an instant, pierced towards the Sky Sword just before its completion.



And then silence.

Compared to Arin, who took 20 steps back, the Lord only took 3 steps back.

But no one ridiculed the young man.

An exclamation close to shock, flowed from Joseph’s mouth.

“Oh my god…”

  1. I kinda feel bad for the guy at this point ngl. ↩️

  2. I realize this might be a bit confusing. The person giving out the aura of a swordmaster is Joshua Lindsay. ↩️

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