Chapter 244 - Cannot help but admit (2)

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‘Will this be fine?’

Kirill, who returned from her brother’s room, was frowning.

She didn’t like this. It wasn’t her brother, but Bill Stanton.

‘Brother is too kind. Come to think of it; he’s always been that way till now.’

She thought about Airn Pareira.

Her brother had a solid physique, a nice height, a decent face with good proportions, and trouble-free skin.

He wasn’t some god, but it was accurate to say that his appearance would shake the hearts of women.

However, not once did Airn ever take full advantage of his handsomeness.

Yesterday and today, he still had the same travel clothes.

He would keep on wearing clothes that had no individuality or fashion, except changing the clothes as the seasons changed.

It was unavoidable.

Airn, who spent his youth most interested in the sword and then the sorcery barrier, didn’t have the luxury to think of the opposite sex.

That meant that he reached his 20s without going to balls or parties or gatherings, which were common for the nobles.

Thinking about it like that, she thought that it was her own fault for leaving her brother alone.

‘I wasn’t really interested in myself, but I should have paid more attention because I was better off than my brother.’

In that sense, the proposal to dress him up with better clothes was appropriate for a ball.

But the problem was with who the one who gave this idea.

Bill Stanton.

An absurd person with a foul mouth, as well as someone Kirill didn’t have a good impression of.

And when she thought about having to leave her brother to such a guy; she couldn’t help but get anxious about it.

‘That bastard, he isn’t just suggesting it because he spoke about us being sloppily dressed, right?’

Although she was a sorcerer, Kirill was unable to change Airn’s clothes with sorcery because the clothes they wore were different since they were both of different genders.

However, 2 hours after Airn disappeared, she deeply regretted her choice.

A notorious bastard.

The guy boasted an unpretentious first impression befitting him.

A guy who clung to the topic of taking care of her brother.

Is it okay to trust her brother to such a person?

It was then,



“It is fine. Don’t worry too much.”

Lulu suddenly came to calm her. Seeing that, Kirill frowned.

After all, this was Lulu’s fault; it was 90% her fault that things turned out like this. If Lulu hadn’t brought Bill Stanton in, Airn wouldn’t have been deceived.

However, the reason she didn’t yell or show her anger was that this thoughtless cat was sometimes like a sage.

And now, it might be the same.

Lulu quietly approached Kirill and spoke her thoughts.

“It doesn’t matter how cool Airn looks in those clothes.”


“The fact that he paid attention to his clothes for the first time is the important thing. Of course, it would be preferable to look better and good looking than anyone else in the ballroom, but I think being a little clumsy is fine too.”

“… really?”

“Yes. If I was Ilya and Airn appeared in some different kind of clothes, then…‘With what heart did he wear them?’ That is what I will think.”

Thinking for a moment, Kirill nodded her head. What Lulu said was right.

Even if it wasn’t the usual clothes, and even if the clothes Bill Stanton chose were the worst, it would still be different from Airn’s usual choice.

And that gave her a bit of confidence.

And that was what was important.

A man who never paid any attention to his clothes, now had a different appearance.

That alone would make Ilya feel nice, and maybe her heart would change along with it.

“No, aren’t we pushing it too much?”

“I don’t think so? Airn from before, and Airn now are completely different.”


“Yes. This is my prediction… maybe while preparing for the ball, more changes will occur.”

Lulu waved her tail as she said it.

It went without saying that she meant a change in Airn’s thoughts.

No one would have thought that it was strange that a person who had become lost by the death of his mother could smile brightly and have positive thoughts and be confident in his acts.

But at the same time, the opposite could also happen.

A person’s mind and their behavior aren’t independent. Changes in behavior could always affect the mind.

And that was the case of present-day Airn.

Instead of approaching in the usual attire.

Investing in his appearance more than ever, checking his expressions, and practicing to smile in front of a mirror.

Even if such actions weren’t initiated by his own will, but by the suggestion of a man called Bill Stanton…

“After doing that for a day or two, there is a high chance that his feelings towards Ilya would change.”


“What is it?”

“… nothing.”

Kirill shook her head and opened the window.

The cool breeze of early summer night came in and cooled her body.

Kirill, who was a little bit angry, said to Lulu.

“I don’t think your words are wrong, but.”


“Don’t go around taking food from just anyone and then bringing them over to us, okay?”


Lulu responded with a sullen voice.

The amazing fish taste still lingered in his mouth.



“No, I think someone is talking about me… I must have been mistaken.”

“As a swordsman and a sorcerer, young lord Airn, I don’t think you were mistaken. Still, we need to focus here. In addition to the clothes and the way you walk, culture, your expressions, smiling and most importantly, dancing… there are many things which need practice.”


Airn answered in a serious voice.

He didn’t know how it happened.

He was only planning to dress up, but when he came to his senses, he realized that he was practicing things over and over again.

Fortunately, they weren’t difficult.

As he ascended to Sword Master, he was able to easily follow most of the movements another person showed him thanks to his body and his senses which had been trained.


‘I feel strangely tense.’


Because he did something wrong to Ilya?

And did his body need more strength because he was doing it to resolve the anger?


There was a feeling that it was something bigger than that, and there were emotions blooming in his heart.

However, it wasn’t clearly evident.

Airn was too dull. He was normally like this, but because of his time away from the real world, he was even more dull.

And now he was entering into something he should have experienced a long while back.

But the important thing was that he had to keep moving ahead.

And so, two days passed in an instant.

Soon, the time for the ball came.

It was no ordinary ball. This was an event being held by the Lindsay family after a long time.

After Carl Lindsay’s disappearance, Joshua Lindsay had never held a banquet.

But here was another surprising thing.




“What is this?”

“The clothes…”

The daughter of Joshua Lindsay, one of the top ten geniuses on the continent, who reached the Sword Master level was here.

Despite her reputation, she had always been extremely reluctant to attend social gatherings, and now, she was here.

A blue and luxurious dress that had an off-shoulder style.

And she wore her silver hair carefully draped, and her makeup was light yet clear, and the accessories she was wearing were carefully selected.

All the people gathered there were wide-eyed at the beautiful appearance of the lady.


Naturally, the reactions of men in their 20s and 30s were the most insane.

Ability, fame, background, and appearance; She was an existence that didn’t fall behind in anything.

Such a being had awakened from her long silence and made an appearance.

And for that appearance, she had completely broken away from her swordsman appearance and had come in an elegant attire.

In such a situation, there was no one who wouldn’t go after her.


‘If I ask for a dance, would it be accepted?’

‘I don’t know about other days, but doesn’t Miss Lindsay seem more friendly now…’

‘Is my hair alright?’

The hearts of all the young men present in the hall were beating fast.

But no one took action right away.

She was a really attractive woman. A woman who shone brightly.

So, approaching was difficult. The irresistible sense of entitlement made them halt their steps.

Above all else, there was someone standing behind the smiling Ilya Lindsay.

The presence of Joshua Lindsay, who was scanning the room with a terrifying look… no one could dare go through that man.

‘He is usually cold, but it is even more so when it comes to his daughter.’

‘I heard that all those who looked at his daughter were asked for a duel…’

‘Is it true? No, even if it isn’t true, asking for a dance while receiving that gaze…’

‘Is impossible.’

In the end, the men calmed their hearts and turned their gazes away.

Joshua Lindsay, who sensed that, smiled, and the old nobles who noticed it shook their heads.

They fully understood his love for his daughter.

But wasn’t it too much to do this when he was one of the top-ranked swordsmen on the continent?

Even in the Adan Kingdom, where there are so many talented young people, who would dare come and approach the lovely daughter who has such a scary father?



It was then.

A little commotion rose from a corner of the hall. Calling it a commotion wasn’t right.

It was just a few exclamations in the general ballroom.

But it drew enough attention.




There were now more gazes concentrated there.

More interest grew, and multiple eyes filled with deeper interest, turned towards a young man.

His name was unknown.

The place he was from was unknown.

He wasn’t from the Adan Kingdom. Even the most social ladies couldn’t figure out the young man’s name.

Only a few people know, and that included Joseph and a few others.

And even they were surprised.


Seeing the blonde man slowly approach, Joshua gave a displeased look.

However, he didn’t give out any energy because he already knew that this man wouldn’t stop because of that.


‘Isn’t this guy a lot more distant normally?’

It wasn’t just the clothes that had changed.

The walk, the facial expression, the smile, and the manners.

Airn transformed into a noble of Adan.

He asked gracefully to Ilya.

“Lady Ilya Lindsay. Would you please give me the honor to dance with you?”


Completely different from what was expected.

But as she looked at her friend, who was still approaching her with familiar eyes, Ilya Lindsay felt her heart beating fast.1

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