Chapter 254 - While He Was Away (1)

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The Hale Kingdom, situated in the middle of the continent, was a small nation. Compared to the great powers the other nations surrounding it had, this small one had nothing special about it, or in it.

The territories, finance and military power were all insignificant. It was a nation with less influence than a swordsman family in the west.

The reason the Hale Kingdom was able to protect itself for more than 300 years was because of its allies.

The Sonan Kingdom.

The Colonge Kingdom.

And, the Vissau Kingdom.

All the four weak kingdoms which couldn’t overcome the chaos alone, were able to forge an alliance stronger than anyone else on the continent.

When the Hale Kingdom suffered injustice, the Sonan Kingdom would rise up as if it was their own problem and when the Colonge Kingdom was in crisis, the Vissau Kingdom would dispatch its troops.

The four nations which helped each other like brothers would deal with their troubles together.

In such a way, the small nations in the central region were able to carry on their lives in peace, and in the era of peace a banquet was held each year to remember the past.


‘It is all a past thing.’

The Duke of Vissau Kingdom, Kyle Murdoch smiled bitterly.

Right. There was no longer a solid relation between the four kingdoms like there was before.

It was because the entire continent had entered into an indefinite peace treaty under the claim of the Holy Kingdom that aimed to ‘purify the devils which bring chaos’.

Of course, no one had any intention of undermining the cause of the Holy Kingdom.

Because it was true that the world had stabilized since the noble pact was made 150 years ago. The devils which were common in the ancient times no longer appeared now.

However, the solidarity of the four Kingdoms, which had been freed from foreign invasion could no longer be called as strong.

Now, each country wanted to be better than their brother nations.

They wanted to show an image of being ahead of their former friends and allies.

In order to not be ignored, ridiculed or be betrayed.

That was the reason Kyle Murdoch visited the Runtel Kingdom.

‘Even then, the arranged marriage between the princess and the Slick family is a bit too… no, I should stop thinking.’

Duke Kyle shook his head.

The time for thinking had long passed and honestly, it wasn’t so bad.

Yprene Slick.

The Great Magician of Runtel Kingdom, and one of the ‘Two powers of the continent’, and the second son of the Slick family.

If the King of the nation hadn’t used his power and sent a powerful person to talk to this man so that they could make him a son-in-law of the country’s royalty, would the Duke of a small nation’s request for help even be heard?

The answer was obvious.


Kyle Murdoch checked himself in the mirror.

There was no mess, no stains and he had a perfect smile. And just as he got ready, a figure from the Slick family approached.

“Let’s go.”


They walked along the long hallway following the expressionless servants. He wiped the sweat off his brow and caught his breath.

Meanwhile, they arrived at the door.

Contrary to what he was feeling in his heart, the Duke of Vissau smiled brightly and entered the room.

In the middle of the strange spacious room, Great Magician Yprene Slick, who was seated, greeted him.

“You have arrived.”

“Yes. Kyle Murdoch greets Yprene Slick, the Great Magician of Runtel Kingdom.”

“There is no need for that, sit down.”

Contrary to the soft tone, the expression of Yprene was dry.

The Duke didn’t care. There were only a couple of things he was more concerned about, than the expression.

Kyle Murdoch forced himself to ignore the women who were undressed next to Yprene.

And the meal began soon after.

It was all rare cuisine and expensive alcohol; along with beauties which would make any man lose their mind.

This was a place full of things which the Duke liked, yet he didn’t want to indulge in.

After examining the atmosphere, he carefully tried to talk.

To ask for help with the position they were in.

In spite of what he was trying to do, the main point of what he wanted to say, came out of the other person.

“A Sword master appeared in the Hale Kingdom?”

“yes? Ah, yes.”

“I heard he is young, so it must be burdensome. I even heard that a banquet is being held in Hale kingdom.”

“That is true.”

“I guess that is why you came here. You need support. Because your nation doesn’t have the talent to stand alone.”


“Good. Let’s go then.”


When Kyle heard Yprene’s words, he was surprised.

He thought it was because the other person spoke up first.

Knowing how smart the Slick family was, they must have been watching the entire situation on the continent.

And like he said, the duke was planning to get two high ranking magicians to accompany him to the banquet show to show off their power.

And to show off their relationship with the Runtel Kingdom.


‘Will Yprene himself move for this situation rather than sending his men?’

It was hard to believe.

To be a bit more honest, it was burdensome.

It was strange to think like this from the standpoint of being helped, but he really wanted to ask Yprene to not come and just send people.

But he couldn’t do it.

“Didn’t you ask for it?”


“You are late to answer.”

“Sorry. I went off topic.”

“Things like that could happen, I understand.”

“Thank you.”



“Hm, the meat is a bit tough.”

Insignificant questions and conversations during the meal time .

However, in that brief moment, the Duke’s clothes were wet as if he was exposed to heavy rain.

Beads of sweat continued to form on his forehead and he even stopped wiping it off and just maintained a smile.

“Then, let’s meet at the banquet.”

“Yes, I am touched by the grace shown here.”

30 minutes later, the meal was finally done.

However, Yprene Slick didn’t leave the room. The man’s hand, as cool as a snake, wrapped around one of the beauties.

A light moan broke the expression of the woman.

The Duke didn’t even try to look at the situation. Bowing for the last time, he quietly left the room and the mansion soon after.

“… sigh.”

Deep sigh.

A deeper regret than that.

The Duke of Vissau, who was someone who had seen the princess grow into a fine young lady from when she was a child, got into the carriage with a dark expression.

“Father, me, and even my younger sister. The three of us have decided to go together.”

“Thank you. Really thank you!”

“I mentioned it before… Please don’t use honorifics.”

“Ah, right Master Pareira, thank you! Really!”

The commander of Twilight Knights, who was still awkward, was overjoyed.

He had no choice but to do that.

He had been hiding his identity from Airn out of the fear that since he was someone who had risen in status, he might reject the King’s request, so when it was accepted, he was happy.

For Airn it was a natural thing.

‘The king, who sent the best knights as soon as he heard about the demon appearing here in the past.’

Such a king had requested his presence.

And there was no reason to say no to a banquet. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t without any burden.

‘… no matter how long I try, this still is a bit uncomfortable.’

Airn was no longer the 16-year-old teen who was ignorant of humans and politics.

Sure, his experience was still shallow. But, he was fully aware of what it meant to be present in the banquet held by the king.

It was purely for showing off Airn.

So as to keep the other kingdoms in check.

Like the banquet which was held right after Airn returned from Krono by the 6 southern families, there must have been those who wanted to slander the kingdom or its great families.


“I’ll think about all that later.”

Putting a stop to his thoughts which had spread, Airn mumbled.

He didn’t mean to go thoughtlessly into it. But, there were more important things for him to do.

It was to take care of his own people and the ones who mattered the most to him.

‘Lord Lindsay, The Countess, Sir Bill Stanton and… Ilya.’

Airn headed to Vulcanus’ Forge and remembered some of them.

All of them were important to him, and they all always took good care of him.

‘I can’t go right away because of the 4 Kingdom’s banquet… then… wouldn’t it be better to hand them some presents?’

And for Ilya…

A letter too.

It was fortunate that Lulu said she would go. Thanks to her, he was able to request the presents be delivered to them.

He had other doubts, but then he pushed them all back the moment he arrived at the forge.

Vulcanus, who was sweating a lot while pounding on the iron, looked at Airn and said.

“What? Do you need something? A Sword?”

“… how did you know?”

“I have been making swords all my life, kid, I can tell by just looking at their faces. But this is funny. The one who was offered the sword for free, the one who came back 10 months late to collect his sword and then ultimately declined that sword, suddenly needs another sword? Is it as a gift?”

“… Yes.”

“Ha, thought so. To use my sword, a sword of Vulcanus’s, the greatest blacksmith on the continent, as a gift to others! I am going to go crazy because of my high self-esteem.”

“Sorry… however, it is because I won’t be satisfied unless it was a sword made by you. And the one I am giving this present to, are people I value a lot.”


“I-I will pay as much…”

“Enough! pay? I have enough money with me.”


“Ah! Enough! Just stay quiet and follow me! And choose, okay?’

Vulcanus said bluntly.

It wasn’t like he was super rich, but Vulcanus thought that he had received a great help from Airn. To be honest, this kind of request was nothing to the dwarf.

But Airn didn’t know it.

So, he was worried. Was Vulcanus going to give him a few decent swords and end their relationship?

Of course it wasn’t like that.

The moment the door to the warehouse which was on one side of the forge was opened, the weapon rack was displayed.


Airn looked at all the swords dumbfounded, without even closing his mouth.

‘Is this the level of the swords?’

To be honest, it was at the perfect level. Airn shut his mouth and gulped and grabbed the heavy sword that he thought would suit Lord Lindsay the best. And then, he used his senses.

… it is not lacking.

Even compared to the other numbering swords he had experienced.

“My skills have increased a bit since the last time I made a sword for you. In the past, swords of that level would come out only if I put my heart and soul into them, but now they come out quite often.”


“Of course, I have no intention of being satisfied with just this level. Because my goal is the golden sorcery sword that you have. Before that… I don’t intend to rest until I make a sword which excels that one.”

Still, this was good enough for a gift.

Don’t you think so too?

When one of the best blacksmiths asked Airn, he thought ‘He has the same thought process as the Lord and Stanton.’

Ilya Lindsay.

Thinking of the person he had a crush on, Airn asked Vulcanus.

“There is a swordsman I know.”


“It is a person with great skills and full of talent and a person who inspires people like a cool wind. I am sure that Mr. Vulcanus can be of help to them.”


“For her, can you make a sword?”


“The swords here are great but…for a better present… it is because I want to give her a sword that she will like.”

‘I know who it is.’

He knew because he had heard the conversation between Kirill and Lulu. This man was probably talking about Ilya Lindsay, the daughter of Lindsay family.

As a side note, he also knew this man’s feelings for her. The eyes of the boy now were the eyes of a person who was in love.

‘Not bad.’

Vulcanus grinned.

He didn’t know what kind of people they were, but he thought they would make a good pair.

“Airn Pareira is my inspiration itself, and Ilya Lindsay, the person which inspires this inspiration. Then…’

If things go well.

How great will the talent of the child born from these two be?

How great will that child inspire him?

‘… with that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to go over the line?’

Despite the two people not being in a relationship, he dreamed of a rosy future for the two.

“Okay. I will do my best.”

“Ah! Thank you!”

“But not right away. If it’s a sword which needs to be made with much care, then I need to start with seeing that person. Bring her.”


“Blacksmiths like me don’t move, so bring the person you want to give the present to, here.”


“Why? Can’t you bring her?”

Airn Pareira listened to Vulcanus.

He answered with a serious expression.

“I will bring her.”

“Great. Then we will talk again after that.”

The enthusiasm of the smiling dwarf burned brighter.

The heart of the swordsman standing next to him was even hotter.

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