Chapter 257 - Under Running Water (1)

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The Kingdom of Magic, Runtel was known to be a powerful nation.

It wasn’t just a simple power, but rather, a superpower comparable to the Holy Kingdom, the strongest nation on the continent.

Avilius was a Kingdom which had expanded its influence with powerful paladins and priests along with their faith.

And Runtel was a Kingdom which grew with powerful magicians and by selling magical tools.

If anyone ever asked the biggest difference between the two kingdoms, many would mention one fact.

“The high-ranking magicians of Runtel are notorious for being narrow-minded. And they rarely come out of their countries.”

The Twilight Knights commander, Oswaldo Odone, had a serious expression as he said it.

Like he said, the powerful power of Runtel came from the magicians in it and those magicians were known to have accumulated knowledge, and recorded it for a long time.

It was for this reason that the three families of the Kingdom of Runtel were famous for several hundred years.

Because other families couldn’t tackle that history.

Of course, recently a genius battle magician called ‘Perry Martinez’ had appeared…

‘Could the other Runtel families acknowledge him? No way.’

Recalling the arrogant faces of the Runtel born magicians, Oswaldo continued.

“Others, especially… a magician of the Runtel Kingdom are known to be reluctant to hang out with people from small nations like Hale. And of them, I know that the Slick family is known to be the most sensitive of such things like origin.”

“They’re completely different from the Holy Kingdom.”

“Yes. Unlike Avilius, who only sees faith regardless of their other conditions… the people from Runtel are closed off. There must be some reason they are here, but…”

The commander of Twilight Knights who was speaking, looked at one person.

The one who received it was Airn Pareira, who didn’t panic.

Thinking, Airn seemed like the reason.

“Is it because of my brother?”

“… ah, yes. It is also because of Miss Pareira.”

Kirill nodded at those words. Although late to understand, this made sense.

Everyone’s expression hardened.

The closed and proud and authoritative Runtel.

And Slick was known to be the most oppressive one.

‘Besides, if it was to the extent of mobilizing 64 people… perhaps the Vissau’s King has pulled over Yprene Slick directly to their side through marriage. This is quite tough…’

A Great Magician, one of the top ten on the continent, participating in the feast of a small nation.

To meet with the Pareira siblings, who were promising youngsters who are reaching new heights.

What was the intent?


Or maybe favor?

Nothing could be said with certainty.

His wish was simply… to hold the banquet safely without any problems occuring.

As he was thinking that, Baron Pareira said in a low voice.

“Kirill, your father’s words might sound old…”

“Ah! really! What do you think I am? A 10-year-old kid?”

“… I haven’t even said anything…”

“Don’t try to speak, hold back your words. Weren’t you planning to nag me because of my temper?”


Baron Pareira coughed and turned his head away from his daughter’s gaze indicating that she was right.

Seeing that, Kirill frowned. But she didn’t drag the issue further.

Grunting, she sighed, trying to ease the emotions.

“I will be quiet. Otherwise let me know and I’ll stay in a room using the excuse that I am sick.”

“Uh, that is a bit…”

“Well, since you are that worried, I will do that.”

She wasn’t just saying those words.

Kirill really intended to do it.

She was afraid that she might not be able to control her temper, but it was more that she didn’t want to be in the same room as the Slick family’s magician.

‘… the worst impression.’

It reminded her of when she was in the Cesar Duchy.

The attitude, atmosphere, and the gaze of the two old men who were high ranking magicians of the Slick family. None of it was to her liking.

Their gazes without hostility or favor. And the way they treated people with emptiness…

“Anyway, don’t worry. I won’t cause problems!”

“Haha, worried? I didn’t even think of that in the first place!”

The commander said with a smile.

To be honest, he was a little worried, so he looked to the side and chuckled.

‘I don’t have to be worried about Master Pareira.’

A strong sense of trust and reassurance was flowing from Airn.

A soft smile continued to hang on his face.

“Phew, haaa, Phew, haa. Sir Oswaldo, is this right? Uh? It isn’t bad, right?”

“… Yes. And nothing will happen.”

“Phew… right? I think so too. But what should I do if my breathing gets worse? Huh? What should I do then?”

‘The Pareira family isn’t the problem here but rather, it’s the King.’

Seeing the King of Hale constantly breathe in anxiety, Oswaldo sighed.

Of course, it wasn’t like he didn’t understand it. His King had always been timid.

He was the one who secretly sent him to the Pareira family even after Hill Burnett had informed that there was nothing to worry about Airn Pareira.

However, he worked for the Hale Kingdom whole-heartedly.

And now he was happy.

A promising sorcerer, Kirill pareira.

And a young Sword Master, Airn Pareira.

At the commander’s words to look at the two, the King turned his head. And put on a warm expression.

“Haa, haaa, Sword Master, a Sword Master! A Sword Master in a small nation like ours, that too a young Sword Master… ha!”

However, his happiness didn’t last long.

The moment he saw people of the 4 kingdoms gather for hunting before the banquet, along with the Slick family present, the King of Hale felt overwhelmed.

The queen beside him, held his hand.

“It is fine. All fine.”

“Uh, right? Phew, it is fine, right?”

“Of course it is. Has anything happened till now? It is fine and once this is done, we can all head back to our normal life. Come on, let’s enjoy the hunt.”



‘… He shouldn’t be losing it.’

Instead of giving out orders and speeches, the commander felt sad seeing the King act so timid and scared.

But fortunately, his feelings weren’t noticed by the King who was already tense… it seemed like the people of the other kingdoms were nervous too.

As he watched the guests, he looked at Slick’s side again.

As if the whole palace was moving, the scale of the people was huge, but what was even more shocking was that all 64 people they brought were magicians.


The commander of the Twilight Knights drove ahead with his horse.

And then he shook his head vigourously. If the Slick family was going to stay quiet, it would be better if they continued it till the end was what he thought.

No, it wasn’t just his thought.

Even people of the Vissau Kingdom seemed to have the same thought.

… the problem was, an hour passed since the start of the hunt.



The window of the carriage where Yprene Slick was in, was opened and he looked out and that action made everyone nervous.

Just because he was quiet now didn’t mean that he would be quiet in the future.

Some were afraid that this man from Runtel would show malice towards them, so they moved to a spot where they couldn’t be seen.

However, Yprene Slick didn’t care.

No, his interest lied elsewhere. Yawning, he felt the autumn breeze on him and snapped his fingers.

Two of the 64 people outside, went in and closed the door. Those who went in were a woman and a man.

After a while, unfamiliar moans could be heard which only meant one thing when men and women were together.



Looking at the records which spoke of slavery in the past, these were a few common things.

It was a part where nobles often had sex in carriages or open fields with their slaves or sometimes, they even made the slaves do it as they just looked at it.

It was because slaves were considered as animals like dogs, cattle or such but never humans… they didn’t care whether people could see what was being done to a slave or the sounds coming out of the carriage like now.

And Yprene Slick was such a person.

At least, some of the people gathered there thought so.

“… Ahem.”


At the ignorance of the man, some coughed.

Some people preferred staying far from the carriage.

Of course, it wasn’t without complaints. However, no one dared to point him out.

And this atmosphere turned the hunting contest more uncomfortable as the time passed.

And after a while.

“Your Majesty, the men are chasing the beasts. Get ready.”

“Oh, is that so…? Seems like a pretty huge boar! All right, I will show my skill!”

Hunting was just a contest, and currently they were here to promote the friendship of the four kingdoms.

Therefore no one considered it as a competition and just used arrows to hit any target they saw.

Under such a situation, the large carriage, which was quiet after the post-sex period, was stopped.

And from the opened door came Yprene Slick with a bow.

Swish, an arrow flew.


It wasn’t known if it was because of magic, or if it was because the man was good at it.

However, one thing was certain.

The arrow fired by Yprene Slick was approaching the boar.

The fact that he ignored that it was the turn of the King of Hale, the host of the banquet and did this was also known.

And the atmosphere turned cold.




In the deep silence, the King of Hale was startled, he wasn’t sure what he was to do.

Normally, the King of a rival nation would yell in anger, but he couldn’t do that.

The Sonan Kingdom.

The Cologne Kingdom.

Even the Vissau Kingdom which brought the Slick family into this, felt bad for the King of Hale.

And it ended there.

No one expressed their dissatisfaction.

“Great Magician. I am sorry to say this, but it is basic manners to wait for your turn.”

Except for one man, Airn Pareira.


The Twilight Knights’ commander was surprised.

It wasn’t just that. A lot of people looked at Pareira with a bewildered expression.

However, most of their attention was focused on Slick.



The Great Magician didn’t mind the attention. And even the Sword Master didn’t seem to care about it.

The two looked at each other without moving as if they were in a painting.

The first to open the mouth was Yprene Slick,

“You…do you have no intention of coming to Runtel?”

It was before the audience were surprised by the unexpected proposal, that the answer came out in a firm manner.

“I don’t plan to.”

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