Chapter 258 - Under Running Water (2)

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The King of Hale hiccupped while watching the conversation between a Great Magician and a Sword Master.

Fortunately, no one noticed him. Because everyone was looking at the two.

He covered his mouth with his hand and felt his wife’s hand on his back caressing him, but his heart wouldn’t settle down.

‘Is it fine to reject it with such a strong tone?’

But it was Yprene Slick who showed disrespect first.

Even if there were no objections raised, what he did constantly disturbed the atmosphere of the hunt and even now, he ignored the presence of the King and shot at the boar.

However, the King of Hale was more concerned about Airn’s response.

No matter how talented or brilliant he was, even if he had amazing friends, he couldn’t be compared with Yprene.

Yprene Slick, the powerhouse of Runtel!

‘This wasn’t supposed to turn out like this…’

The king thought that. No, he couldn’t even think much. Since he was too anxious to even do anything.

And his anxiety even spread to the Twilight Knights’ commander.

But no one could do anything.

If they could, they wanted to go and grab that Great Magician by the throat.

‘In the end, we will have to see this through.’

Clenching their teeth, all of them looked at Airn who couldn’t be helped by anyone now.

For now, they could only trust Airn.

At that moment, Yprene Slick snapped his finger.



A white barrier unfolded in an instant.

The people of the 4 Kingdoms were terrified.

It wasn’t attack magic, but the fact that a Great Magician used it was surprising.

‘I can’t see.’

‘I can’t hear anything… what do we do?’

The Sonan Kingdom and the Cologne Kingdom.

Even the Vissau Kingdom who had brought this man, couldn’t do anything.

One of the 64 magicians, who stood like dolls till then, spoke.

“The Master wants to have a quiet conversation, so please forgive this. It is fine to continue with the hunt.”


In an atmosphere where no one could move easily.

Of course, there were those who didn’t care. One of those people was Kirill Pareira.




The moment the 64 magicians looked at her at the same time, even the great Kirill decided to stop.

“Kirill, let’s just wait and watch for now.”

She suppressed her anger. The pressure from the other people, the 64 magicians and her father were the reason…

‘He is a brother who defeated even the ancient devil, so this wouldn’t be anything huge, right?’

Her belief in Airn was the biggest reason.


Kirill nodded and snorted.

And then she glared at the magicians who acted like the representative for that person.


Shielded from her vision, something was flowing in the white barrier.


“I want to have a secret conversation.”

“I said everything I wanted to.”

“I am not done yet.”

“I don’t want to be with you.”

“Why? Is it because of my attitude?”


“But have I done anything disrespectful to you?”

“To the other….”

“You and them are different. I tend to be courteous to those who deserve my respect.”


“In a way, to people like you. Haven’t you also judged people in your own way? That is why there is a colder side to you compared to others. It is the same for me. I evaluated the people gathered here based on my own standards and acted accordingly. If they were dissatisfied with my attitude… they should have come up and asked.”

The old magicians smiled.

“But no one did. They didn’t even have the courage. Or it might’ve been because they lacked skills.”


“That is why I have no choice but to ignore them.”

“… what is it you wanted to say?”

“Didn’t I say it already? I want you to come to Runtel.”

“I already ans….”

“The world considers the Slick family to be arrogant.”


“But I don’t agree with that. We just want to develop and hang out with people who are worthy of being next to us, and exchange knowledge and build relationships as well. I don’t blink an eye, when people excluded from great history misunderstand and slander us. It doesn’t harm me in any way. I let them bark.”

Airn sighed.

The thought he had before coming to the banquet was right.

He only met good and kind people all this time. He could clearly feel it when he was in front of this man.

‘It’s frustrating.’

However, he thought that if he didn’t listen to this man talk, more frustrating things would happen.

Desperate, he let out another sigh.

And asked Yprene Slick.

“Why would the Great Magician of Slick family want me? I am no magician.”

“There aren’t just magicians in Runtel. Although lacking, we have other forces. Three Masters.”

“Then, isn’t that enough?”

“It isn’t. We don’t want masters. We want more than that.”

“More than that…”

“The birth of a swordsmanship family comparable to Runtel, Slick and Korkoran. Something even better than the five swordsman families in west… the beginning of history.”


“I think you are the most suitable person for that position.”

It was sincere words.

Yprene believed that this gentle looking young man had a lot of potential.

Of course, he couldn’t achieve it alone.

The best environment had to be provided for such potential to grow.

And the full support of Runtel was the negotiating card he was planning to use.

“Many geniuses have made their mark in history, but not all of them have built great families. However, it isn’t their fault. It was because of the environment they were in and the people around them were terrible. Runtel isn’t going to be like that.”

Pride rose on Yprene Sick’s face.

A land of magicians which had nothing to do with swordsmen?

Stupid people thought of it like that.

But that wasn’t true.

The knowledge accumulated through extensive data, through analysis and relentless experiments didn’t apply just to magic.

From theory to actual practice with swords…and then finally to aura.

Rather than the Western swordsman who focused on abstract concepts of enlightenment, Runtel’s method was more effective.

‘Sorcery and holy power. Except for those two areas… there are no fields that Runtel has failed to conquer.’

It wasn’t hope.

Nor was it a goal.

It was the simple truth. Yprene Slick spoke with a faint smile.

“I know making a decision won’t be easy. I know that it is hard to break away from one thing.”


“But you will have to decide wisely. You need to think seriously. Depending on who is by your side and supports you, your life and swordsmanship will all change. If you can take that decision after careful thought, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. You will absolutely love Runtel.”

Yprene Slick’s persuasion continued.

He had confident eyes, completely different from the expressionless look he had before.

Of course, he wasn’t rushing anything.

He knew that an immediate answer was impossible. It was unavoidable. Those who have been in the well for too long didn’t know how wonderful the outside world is.

It would take a little longer for this man to come out of his shell.

‘But he’s a talent worth waiting for. Unlike that commoner.’

A person’s face passed through his head.

He shook his head slightly thinking of Ignet, the current Ignet Crescentia.

At that time, he was saddened that the Holy Kingdom had taken her away.

Unlike Ignet, Airn was known to have a gentle personality and his bloodline was relatively good too.

It would be much easier to handle this man and shape him for the glory of Runtel. The old magician’s smile deepened at the thought.

He had to convince him.

Until his mind changes, he do continue trying various things until he had no choice but to agree.

Yprene Slick was confident. He had a firm belief that he was going to get what he wanted.

But then came the crack in his confidence.

It was when he realized that the young Sword Master wasn’t looking at him.

‘… what is he looking at?’

The eyes of the Great Magician followed the gaze and his eyes trembled.

He saw the white barrier which completely cut off the inside from the outside.

It was because he was flustered at the appearance of Airn, who seemed to be looking beyond it.

‘No. he isn’t even a magician.’

Even a magician will find this impossible to do.

Wasn’t he in the top ten on the continent? Was this young man really able to break through his solid magic and see beyond it?

It was impossible. Even Perry Martinez wouldn’t be able to do it.

Yprene calmed his expression and looked at Airn.

And the young Sword Master spoke.


“… what?”

Yprene Slick thought it was absurd.

It wasn’t funny.

To be quiet all this while and then suddenly asking him to apologize?

No, he didn’t like this man from the beginning.

He felt it at first, that this man’s personality was different from what was informed to him.

And Airn said again.

“Apologize to the King of Hale, to the knights who support the Hale Kingdom and to my father.”


“Are you pretending to not know? The environment I live in, the nation I live in, the family I live in… and don’t insult my parents, who embraced me more strongly and warmly than anyone else.”

“… what if I don’t?”

Anger appeared on the Great Magician’s face.

There was no smile anymore.

No matter how great of a swordsman this child was, he was still a kid.

Maybe in 10 or 20 years he might change, but for now Yprene Slick was strong enough to take down a Sword Master in his 20s.

“I am requesting a duel.”

“… I don’t know what you are thinking. You haven’t left your family since you were young, so you don’t know what Runtel is really like. And do you even know anything about me?”

To be honest, Airn didn’t know.

But Yprene didn’t know about Airn either.

Airn thought of his friends and he remembered the conversations they had.

‘Ilya, Judith… it’s been a while since I met Judith. I hope her training is going well.’

Judith was a very precious person to Airn.

However, with her fiery personality and red hair, she was a friend who provoked a lot of people countless times.

Recalling her lines, he said

“Are you scared?”

“…. You crazy swordsman bastard.”



The white barrier broke apart.

The second in command of the Slick Family who was visible to the crowd again, nodded with an angry face.

“Fine. I accept the duel.”


Hearing that, the King of Hale dropped the bow he was holding.

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