Chapter 259 - Under Running Water (3)

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“This… what is happening…”

The King of Hale, who was watching the two, mumbled as he processed what he had heard.

He didn’t believe it.

A duel… A duel with the Great Magician of Runtel?

Forget possible victory, considering the backstory, it was a situation that had to be avoided completely.

But the young Sword Master didn’t back down.

No, if it was listened to clearly, it seemed like the Sword Master was the one who had made this offer.

“Done… we are done. Winning is a problem and losing is also a problem for us. How should we deal with the wrath of the Runtel kingdom…”

“Your Majesty, calm down. Runtel’s people will not be able to intervene in a private duel.”

“Sir Oswaldo.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“If I were to cry here, would it be too horrible…?”

“… don’t do that.”


Seeing the King of Hale on the verge of crying, the commander of Twilight Knight’s expression darkened.

He too wanted to cry.

No matter how rude Yprene Slick’s attitude was, he didn’t want things to turn out like this.

Do people avoid poop because they are afraid? No, it was avoided because it’s dirty.

It was something that they had to endure for a couple days, and everything would be back to normal.

Even Kirill, who had a fiery attitude could be stopped. But Airn, whom no one expected, had gone and done this!

“Hill. How does this seem to you? Why do you think Master Pareira made such a sudden move?”


Hill Burnett, the vice-commander of the Twilight Knights, groaned at the question. He too didn’t understand why this happened. He only remembered Airn Pareira from 2 years back.

‘Even at that time, it was a weird situation, but not like now, this is a bit…’


No, the situation itself seemed like something was off.

He felt confidence in Airn.

A more accurate expression would be…

‘… a firm and sturdy feeling?’

Of course, the reason for that was unknown.

Despite the trip to subjugate the demon, Hill Burnett wasn’t too close with Airn.

In addition, considering the changes of mind which might have happened in 2 years, it was safe to say that Airn was now a different person than he used to be.

But now…

“… let’s watch for now.”

“Hm, you have any reason to believe?”

“At least I know that Master Pareira isn’t the type of person to do such things.”

“True, but…”

“For now, we only have to cheer for him. Putting aside the worries for a while, and the things we want to ask him… I hope our side wins.”

“Our side… right. Our side! A person is doing everything he can to save the kingdom, so I must not be so depressed!”

Hearing the vice-commander’s words, the King said those words.

Right. Things happened like this.

And what happened with Yprene Slick was irreversible, so winning was better than losing.

Now, they had to cheer for him and encourage him.

They had to do something so that they can properly strengthen their side. With a strong will, he opened his mouth with a solemn expression.

“The P-pride of Hale! Hale’s blessing! Sword Master Airn Pareira, fighting!”


The King of Hale wasn’t too loud, actually the way he yelled was tough for anyone other than him to hear.

Seeing that, the queen sighed.

However, this wasn’t embarrassing.

The Sonan Kingdom and the Cologne Kingdom…they were all hoping that the Young Sword Master would break Slick’s nose, but they didn’t have the courage to cheer for him.

Of course, apart from that, they were all in deep discussion.

“Maybe… Yprene Slick will win?”

“Right. In a one-on-one situation, a swordsman has an advantage over a magician, but when the level is similar it can change.”

“It has only been a year since he became a Master, so his skills must be lacking…”

“But, don’t the Slick’s have more strength in just theory?”

“Hm. Well, we are here to attend a banquet instead of a battle, so there might be a bit of a shortage of magic tools with him…”

“It isn’t like Master Pareira has a chance in the first place.”

‘… stupid people.’

Kyle, the Duke of Vissau sighed.

He understood something.

The 3rd family of Runtel>The Battle magician Perry Martinez> all other magicians.1

It was the general thought anyone would have, and that any ordinary Great Magician can barely deal with a Sword Master.

However, that isn’t true.

Runtel magicians were strong. Much more than anyone knew.

In the 150 years since the devils disappeared, the magic of Runtel had progressed tremendously.

‘Now they will know.’

The Duke had a sad expression as he sighed.

Thinking about it rationally, Yprene would undoubtedly win.

However, emotionally, he was supporting Airn Pareira.

It was the moment the duel began.

“Are You ready?”


“Do you have any complaints? Do you want to change the place or do you want to me to give myself a handicap? Considering the difference between a swordsman and magician, you might think….”

“It doesn’t matter.”

‘Cheeky bastard!’

At Airn’s attitude, Yprene Slick’s forehead frowned

What was that confidence?

What advantage could this swordsman have over a magician?

Was it just confidence in himself?

Or was it because of his lack of experience with magicians?

‘The last reason was unconditional. I am sure of that.’

The old magician smiled at it. He understood.

A young man who was a Master in his early 20s.

Ian, who was well known in the continent as well as Julius Hul, all of them broke through that wall at 25 or 26. So it wasn’t unusual for this young man to be confident.

On the other hand, what about him?

Although he was a Great Magician in name and recognized by the Runtel, he had never shown anything remotely strong enough to prove it.

And he didn’t even bring a magic tool which was important for the magicians, so maybe that was why the opponent was confident.

In fact, those who predicted Airn’s victory were probably thinking that he would win because of the shortage of magic tools and artefacts on Yprene’s side.

Such thinking was stupid though.

‘I am more armed than ever before.’

Yprene Slick had a strong tendency to be prepared.

Like most of the Runtel magicians, he was in doubt and distrust, so he made a trip down to Hale.

And the fact that he had come in a huge carriage was proof of that.

Dozens of magic circles were engraved on the carriage supporting him.

‘This one, it’s clear that he doesn’t know about magicians.’

That alone would let him win, even if the situation might seem favorable for the young Sword Master.

Even though the duel started a long time ago, the opponent was still holding his position.

Airn was just staring at Yprene with a firm posture while holding the sorcery sword.

Perhaps, he didn’t know much, so he was trying to focus on defense…

‘Giving a magician enough time is dangerous… I will teach you a lesson on that.’

Yprene Slick, who had a smile, secretly called forth his magic.


Magic entered the magic circles. And it didn’t stop there, and as Yprene intended, it changed as a catalyst of magic.

It happened in an instant, and repeated over and over again.

Dozens of magic were ready to be used.

It wasn’t elemental magic like lightning, fire nor was it physical magic that mobilized enoumous mass.

It was mental magic.

The most secret and deadliest of all magic, it had a force which caused the opponent to lose the battle by itself, and in the form of a thick rope, it flew for Airn.

It wasn’t too fun to see because of how it looked, but it made Yprene feel confident!

A smile bloomed on his face. And it only kept turning wider.

The changing eyes and lips made his face look creepy.

And after a while.


As he saw the development that had occurred which was completely different from expected, the smile on his face broke.


The rope exploded and was crushed.

And it didn’t stop there…One step, and then in an instant, the distance between the two was covered by Airn’s sword.

It was then that Yprene felt like something was wrong and moved his hands, however, his mind was thinking too many things.

‘How the hell did he destroy it?’

Sadly, Airn wasn’t the only one who didn’t know his opponent.

On the contrary, Yprene was completely in the dark about Airn, and three things stood out now.


That Airn’s skills weren’t at the novice level of Sword Master.

The last time he revealed his skills was in the championship match more than a year back, and he developed tremendously since then and he looked like a different person.

The second.

His skills were one thing, but Airn’s mental power was unmatched.

It was natural. The will of his past and present had merged and formed into a flame for the great sword, his heart turned strong enough to even repel the curses of devils.

Even a Great Magician’s attack would have no effect on his mind.

However, the third was the most important one.


If a lot of time was given, it wasn’t just a magician who gained advantages.

And that was the biggest fact that had an impact on the winning or losing of this match.


Airn Pareira’s sword fell.

It was better than when he was recognized by Khun.

Even better than when the former commander of Red Knights, Quincy had acknowledged him.

He was stronger and faster than he had been when he went to the banquet of Joshua Lindsay.

The golden light from his sword shone brightly.




No one was able to say anything.

The King of Hale who was rooting for him and the Twilight Knights were the same too.

All the people from the Sonan, Cologne and the even Vissau Kingdoms.

Even the 64 magicians who were expressionless were now in shock.

One Slash.

The Sword Master of the Pareira family of Hale Kingdom, stunned the Slick Family in one slash.

He said, looking down at the magician.

“Again, I decline to go to Runtel.” 2

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