Chapter 266 - Take care of me (2)

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“A lot, I like you a lot.”

Airn’s confession wasn’t as unexpected as Bratt Lloyd’s was to Judith.

Airn had spent the entire day thinking about it and had made a plan. Moreover, he had also sought advice from those around him.

It was thanks to their help that he had a flying carriage, a good spot, and a cozy dinner place.

‘Bratt was a bit…’

It must have been an act of goodwill so he could just ignore it.

The important thing was that they all played a part which created the right atmosphere for the confession.

The most important part of the confession was its content, and that was Airn’s duty. He couldn’t leave that to anyone else.

It was the reason why Airn couldn’t sleep last night and kept tossing around in his bed.

Fortunately, this was the outcome.

Airn took a deep breath.

‘I am trembling.’

He knew the feelings he had for her.

And he also knew that she had feelings for him. Yet, he still couldn’t help but be nervous and anxious.

Because he was human, he wanted to show her a much better image than what was normal.

Besides, this wasn’t some ordinary moment, but a special moment of confession which marked the beginning of lovers.

However, Airn put that thought aside and dropped his hands.

Sophisticated speed, skillful expressions, actions as well as attitude. All of which were things that would make the other person’s heart flutter.

That didn’t suit him. No matter how hard he tried the entire day, it was clear that he couldn’t do such things.

Which was why he thought he had to be more focused…

Confessing didn’t mean he had to show his feelings in a fancy package.

Rather, what he had to do was to fully convey the sincerity of his feelings.

Airn who nodded at that thought, said while looking at Ilya.

“I like the Ilya, who first approached me when no one dared to come close.”

He remembered their first meeting in school, when he was horrible enough to not even try forming a proper relationship with anyone.

And thinking back, Ilya was kind to him from the start.

Even though she had her own things to do, she took time to help him and was unbiased towards him.

Despite the misunderstandings, she listened to him calmly and showed him how he could overcome his limits as well as his personality. Both of which weren’t easy to do.

“I like the Ilya who greeted me with a bright smile, despite me showing up after 5 years and not keeping my promise.”

He remembered her from the Land of Proof.

They were difficult and painful times. Although she was in a darker place than Airn had ever been through, she had still welcomed him with a bright face.

Although there was another misunderstanding then, even in that moment, Ilya still didn’t walk away from him.

Thinking about it, maybe he had liked her since then.

“The Ilya who was awkward while traveling, the Ilya who couldn’t cook well and the Ilya who would coolly help out Judith… I like all of that.”


Ilya who listened to it, put on a flustered expression.

The reaction had come when he mentioned the cooking part, and as he saw that, Airn smiled a little.

Because it reminded him of the time where he had to use the aura sword to cut down that tough beef she had cooked.

He liked that too.

This clumsy appearance she showed now was her being embarrassed about her past clumsiness.

And Airn continued.

The big things like the events that had occurred in Durkali and the battle with the clown.

There were also small things like the times when she would make sure to sit next to him and stare into the horizon and talk about the most trivial of things.

All of them were good and precious memories to him.

But that alone was enough.


He called out her name.

And looked at her.

All of a sudden, he felt like the words he wanted to say were flowing with ease. What if she was getting tired of it? Worry gripped Airn’s body.

He had to just shake it off.

It was fine to be worried, because this was going to be the start. And as Bratt had told him, all the first times were clumsy and messy.

Recalling the advice from his friend, he spoke embracing the worry he had in his mind.

“Will you go out with me? Noth…”


Airn exhaled and spoke in a firmer tone.

“Go out with me”


Listening to his voice…seeing the emotions he was trying to convey,

Ilya, too, fell into her thoughts.

It was similar to his, but slightly different.

If Airn remembered when he started liking the other person, what he liked about them and how much.

Ilya looked back at herself and not Airn.

‘I, I…’

Airn asked whether he was worthy of being liked?

She never thought she was before that.

No, she didn’t even ask that question to herself.

All she had in her heart was her brother, her family and Ignet.

She didn’t have the time to worry about who the other person was, what he liked or disliked or anything of that sort.

Of course, it wasn’t the same now.

She realized it as she escaped from the dungeon of the clown.

She realized that in order to love someone, you first had to love yourself.

It was then that she realized the fact that she had someone she had liked so much that she wanted to be beside them forever.

From then on, Ilya’s emotions flowed in a healthy way, and her heart, which was wounded, began to improve little by little.


‘Coming back, for the first time… my current self, is it ready to love and care for myself enough to love someone else?’

It was an unnerving question.

But it was a question which had to be addressed.

If the answer was neglected, she wouldn’t be the only one getting hurt. It was clear that Airn, who gave his heart to her, would also have a hard time.

Which was why she couldn’t answer right away.

Of course.

“… yes.” 1

If one asked if it was a tough enough question to change her mind, then the answer would be a resounding NO.

She answered shyly and burst into laughter.



“Ah, I laughed like a fool.”

Ilya, who realized it too late, had a shocked expression on her face.

It was meant to be.

When she delayed her answer, Airn had a restless expression on. Still, it was cute to see Airn working hard to not show the anxiousness he felt, outside.

Seeing that, it was impossible for her to not laugh.

She smiled as she thought,

‘If I am asked, if I have enough confidence, self-awareness, and esteem, then I might probably be lacking…’

But it is fine.

If it was going to be Airn’s eyes that were looking at her, and his emotions that felt for her, then everything would be fine.

Even the shortcomings in her seemed like they could be filled.

“I like you too,”

Ilya Lindsay said.

She, who was now ready to date Airn Pareira, spoke.

As the words were said, she felt better instantly.

It must have been a relief to finally talk about her honest feelings out loud without hiding them anymore.

Without even caring about her blushing face, she whispered.

“I like you. Me too… I like you a lot, Airn.”

“Uh… Ah!”

Hearing that, Airn smiled with a dumb expression on his face and then came to senses.

Ilya liked him too.

And the smile didn’t die. Like water flowing, pleasant emotions kept flowing from both of them.

It was really fortunate that no one could see them.

Because it would have been awkward.


‘For now, I only want Airn to see me like this.’

After thinking that, Ilya Lindsay went close to Airn.

She took one step ahead.

At a very slow pace.

As if her steps indicated her desire for him to hold her, Airn moved.



Despite being lovers, they awkwardly patted each other’s backs.


Their hands clasped in tension…both of them slightly sweaty.

The two didn’t let go for a very long time.

Even though they were lovers, the moon in the night sky was looking down at them as if giving hope to those who had a young heart.

“… What. Are you not done holding hands?”

“Why? Is holding hands not good?”

“No, it is fine. But the atmosphere is good, well, you know, to take it a step further?”


… no.

Apart from Airn and Ilya, there were other people watching these two.

It was Kirill, Lulu and Bratt. The two sword masters were sensitive enough to catch even the sound of another person’s breathing, but they didn’t have the capability to break through the sorcery which Kirill and Lulu planned beforehand.

They couldn’t concentrate elsewhere.

The two sorcerers were able to discuss the outcome of the date to their heart’s content.

No, it was only a bit like a discussion.

That was because the current happenings with the new couple were leading into a one-sided dissatisfaction of Kirill’s hopes.

“Still, uh? If it is this kind, it is fine to kiss, kiss!”

“Um. Is that so?”


Kirill said in a strong tone.

How hard had they worked for today.

She styled Airn and focused all her sorcery into controlling the carriage, and even guided him to a good place so that he could confess.

The current landscape was created after great care, and this was usually the most crowded place in the city.

However, Lulu had rented the entire place out for these two.

‘So, the confession was bound to be a success! So…’

It was natural for them to wish for something like this!

That was Kirill’s argument and the black cat just nodded.

To be honest, Lulu was satisfied with just this.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know the other’s feelings, but for her, this was enough since the two had worked extremely hard to get here.

And Bratt was the same.

As he watched the two of them moving away, he spoke in a serious face.

“Both of them are very introverted, especially in this aspect, so I didn’t think things would happen as easily as Kirill had expected it. But isn’t this fine too? I think it will be more fun to watch it if it is fresh and pure despite it being a little frustrating.”

Hearing that, Kirill said with a frown.

“Don’t be silly. Mr. Lloyd took charge of the table and the atmosphere got too weird. If it wasn’t for that, the atmosphere would have been a little better.”

“What… it wasn’t. Thanks to the right alcohol pairing with the food, the two probably feel a lot be…”

“Bratt, I don’t think so.”

Lulu shook her head and so did Kirill.

Both had serious eyes. There was also a feeling of criticism against him.

“No. Watching this closely, if they slow…”


“Well, let’s call it again. The emergency meeting”

“Ah, nice! I liked it a lot! It was fun!”

“We aren’t doing this for fun!”


Lulu got scolded by Kirill for being excited.

Neither of them cared about the other man.

Suddenly, feeling lonely, Bratt looked up at the night sky and thought of his lover.

‘I miss you. Judith…’

What was she doing?

Swinging the sword as usual?

Thinking about that in the cold wind, he was in solitude.

At that time.

“… why am I so itchy?”

“Yah! What are you doing! Is your teacher’s teaching making you itchy?”

“No, wait! My ears are strangely itching…”

“Don’t make excuses! Aren’t you doing that because you want to res…”

“I said no you crazy bastard! Ah, seriously it itches like hell. Believe what people say!”

‘… is something thinking about me? Is it Bratt? It would be nice if it was him.’

Judith, whose ears were itching, was also thinking about her lover.


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