Chapter 268 - Sneaky Guest (2)

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‘I am going to visit the Hale Kingdom for a while.’

‘What? Wai…’

‘Well, bye!’

‘What? Uh? W-wait! Wait!’

When his lovely daughter Ilya, suddenly left for the Pareira estate, the feeling of emptiness and deprivation Joshua Lindsay felt was indescribable.

In the days after that, a light outing was scheduled with the family.

No, it wasn’t just that.

It was the same in the past as well.

The time when the devil appeared in the Rabat estate.

There, Joshua gave counseling to his daughter. It was good that she liked it, and in fact, his daughter appeared quite refreshed after that day.

‘But, then…’

Ilya ran to see Airn to tell him what she felt, and not him.

… that memory was the main reason why Joshua left his family and came to the central part of the continent.

Waiting for his daughter to come back wasn’t something which sat well with him.

Even if it took a long time, it was better to just move directly.

It didn’t take that long.

He was a Sword Master; more importantly, he was part of one of the top ten swordsmen in the entire continent.

Some might disagree, but he thought that he was strong enough to be in the top five.

So, he concentrated on moving, day and night, and his speed was shocking.

It took only two weeks for him to move from the west to the central part of the continent and that crazy pace didn’t end there.

Somewhere along the journey, he asked himself what he was even doing?

‘Why is it that I care so much about the love life of my daughter who isn’t a child anymore?’

Of course, being concerned was fine.

Because she was his only daughter, he didn’t want to see her get hurt.

But there was no reason for this.

It wasn’t like Ilya had fallen for some insignificant man…

But it was to Airn Pareira…

There were a few things that were personally disappointing, but from a different perspective, he was a really good young man.

In terms of his sword, character, and even appearance, there was no flaw.

Still, he couldn’t stop himself and had rushed to the central part of the continent, all alone…what was the reason?

From that moment, his speed slowed.

Instead of moving quickly, he focused on his emotions and thoughts, and he became more interested in clearing the thoughts in his mind.

This was why he had helped the blue-haired swordsman along the way.

It wouldn’t have been possible if he was travelling with the thoughts of his daughter like he was before.

‘… it was nice to help out.’

That young man.

He was probably the eldest of the Lloyd family.

Joshua nodded thinking about the gentle swordsmanship he had seen from the young man.

Clearly, this generation had talent.

Compared to his childhood, countless youth with unparalleled talent were springing up now.

However, Joshua knew that this wasn’t an enjoyable occurrence.

The birth of a hero meant the start of a crisis.

Apart from the clown, numerous demons were also popping up and there were even a few devils too, so he wondered how long the truth could be hidden from the people.

‘… in the midst of that, I came running to this place.’


Joshua Lindsay looked up at the sky for a moment, and moved.

It was late. The Pareira estate was right in front of him.

He couldn’t regret something after coming this far.

He had to keep moving.

He had to face them.


His daughter.

And that guy.


He took a huge breath and made up his mind and ran at his fastest speed again.

“You must be from the west… have a nice trip.”

“Thank you.”

The disguise didn’t cause any commotion at the gates after a fake identification was given to the guards.

When the guard smiled, Joshua nodded and entered the Pareira Territory.

His destination was the mansion.

The goal of his long journey was for the two young people.

However, instead of moving straight there, he went through the estate first.

It was a habit he had developed after arriving in the middle of the continent.

It was so that he could clear his complex thoughts.

Also, in order to see the estate and the appearance of another territory other than his own, Joshua took a slow walk, examining the city scenery and the expressions of the people around him.

And that wasn’t the end.

What did he need to do to know more?

He had to make conversation.

And the necessary place for that…

…was any place with alcohol.

Looking at the orange sky, thanks to the shorter days than summer, Joshua entered a tavern.

“Damn it, I’m losing it.”

“What is it now? Didn’t it work?”

“Oh! You lost again!”

“Haha, you are ten years too early to become my opponent!”

The wind was warmer than the autumn air and there was the delicious smell of alcohol which blew through the place.

Along with the loud chatter.

He ordered a glass of beer with sides and slowly integrated himself into the place.

There was no need to use his Sword Master’s senses.

Among the drunk people talking about their affairs, Joshua quietly continued to do his thing…

“It is a good place.”

Taking a sip, he said.

And then, a middle-aged man grabbed a beer and sat across from him.

“Certainly, it’s a pretty decent place.


“The food is good and the price is good too, which makes it even better. Above all, there are many kinds of alcohol, so it is good to choose a drink according to the mood of the day. Ah, are you uncomfortable with me sitting here?”

“It is fine.”

Joshua answered.

It was sincere.

He didn’t think this would happen, but he thought that this was also a fun part of traveling alone.

Most of all, he liked this atmosphere.

The man sitting next to him looked calm. He had red-hair with eyes which looked deep.

Joshua who stared at him continued, as if just tossing the word,

“… when I said it was a good place, I wasn’t talking about tavern.”

“Hm? then…”

“About the entire territory.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. It looks better than the other estates around it.”

“You must be a tourist; can you tell me why you thought that?”

“Hm, okay.”

And eventually, his thoughts about the Pareira estate flowed from Joshua’s mouth.

“First, the security is excellent, it is only natural that the guard’s equipment reflects the good conditions here and the residents don’t seem insecure. The city seems better because of that. The roads are neatly maintained, and the inside of the castle is also kept clean, so there is hardly any smell lurking around.”


“The tavern is impressive. It is common in most estates to say that one gets sick from drinking, but I don’t think this is a bad thing. Rather than worrying about each thing each day, worry can be pushed to the future. From what I see that is how it happens in this territory, after seeing people drink here. It seems that the lord is taking good care of this place.”

“That is a better review than I thought.”

“They aren’t empty words.”

After taking a sip of beer, Joshua continued.

Security, maintenance, welfare.

It was a known fact that the factors that were mentioned, help immensely in the reputation of the estate.

Still, not a lot of people care because of the money needed for it, and because of that, most places have more troubles.

Or because some rotten nobles ignore the lives of their people.

If so, where was Baron Pareira getting the money to manage the estate?

‘Perhaps they are supporting some high-profit businesses at the estate. The glass craft seems to have attracted a lot of people which adds value…’

He didn’t know the full details.

The only thing he was interested in was Airn.

Baron Pareira and his estate weren’t important to him.

However, he could tell by looking at this place.

There was an abundant trade volume.

As well as a well-planned artisan union.

He also realized the business acumen who made it possible and the sense of balance which ran this place without any trouble.

Along with the heart of the lord of this estate who wanted the people to live happily. So, Joshua thought that Baron Harun Pareira was a greater man than he thought.

Aside from his son’s fame.

He said all that he thought without holding anything back, and the man in front had a pretty happy expression on his face.

This man had to be a native, or he wouldn’t make a face like that.

What was disconcerting was the fact that the native had much deeper interest than Joshua had thought.

“Then, what do you think needs to be done in order to develop the estate more?”


“Ah, sorry. Personally, I like to talk like this, but everyone around me gets tired of it… I can stop if you mind.”

“… no it’s not that, but it’s a very broad and abstract question.”

“Ah, that is a problem. So, let’s go over a specific question then. I’ve been thinking about using the blacksmiths which had been sitting on the estate recently…”

A discussion about the development of territory which started out of nowhere.

It was frustrating.

But it didn’t feel bad.

Rather, it was quite enjoyable.

It was Joshua’s first time that he had a deep and harmonious discussion with someone he met in a bar, so this was a different kind of fun.

What’s more, Joshua enjoyed talking to this middle- aged man without reservations, as his speech, attitude, along with his brilliant ideas, were so shocking that even Lord Lindsay was amazed.

After an hour.

Joshua said with a completely different expression from when he entered the tavern.

“You are amazing. Are you in charge of the administration of this estate?”

“Haha, no, I am just a little interested in the story of what is happening in the world.”

“It couldn’t be that…”

Joshua mumbled in disbelief.

He liked this.

To be honest he wanted to recruit this man. The conversations he had with the man, made Lord Lindsay want to reveal his true identity and take the red-haired man into the Lindsay estate.

It was a short conversation, but it was certain. The fact that the other person was a true human resource with the right personality and attitude as well as a good insight.

Lord Lindsay, whose heart was now tilting, forgot why he came here and pondered whether or not to reveal his identity.

Cups of beer continued to pile up.

It was then,

A topic that could make his mind blank came from the table next to him.

“You, did you hear?”

“About what?”

“Young master Pareira. There are rumors that he is in a relationship with the child of Lindsay’s family. No, that isn’t a rumor, almost certain…”

“What was that!”





The tavern was engulfed in silence.

Seeing someone punch the table and smash it with one shot, everyone was flustered.

What made the man so angry?

Before that, what was the identity of this man and why was he so strong?

Most of them paid attention to the latter part. No… it went beyond that. People even started to leave the place in fear. And the owner wept as he saw the people leave after paying the bill.

The red-haired man got up and handed the owner a gold coin.

“I am sorry. It turned into a nuisance…. It is small, but I hope this helps.”

“… it is fine to break things once in a while.”

The owner held the gold coin and regained his smile.

Returning to his seat, he asked Joshua Lindsay.

“Did you happen to hear about Young master Airn and Ilya Lindsay?”

“.. ahem.”

“Is it true?”


“I see. I already knew of it, but I suppose travelers wouldn’t know of it.”


“But the reason you are so agitated… I don’t quite understand.”


“I will ask you straight out. Our estate… the fact that Young master Pareira and Miss Ilya Lindsay are lovers…”

Did he feel something off?

… the facial expression of the man asking the question was so cold and stiff that it was hard to think that this man was the same one as before.

‘What? What is it?’

Joshua was puzzled.

He was aware that breaking a table was a strange thing to do, but it wasn’t horrible enough for the man to suddenly change.

And no one here even knows that he is Ilya’s father, right?


‘If I reacted like this?’

Was it because he was a native of this place?

Airn Pareira, the son of the esteemed Baron, who was building a name here. This man could feel that Joshua was ignoring the power of their lord.

Did he feel bad because of that?

‘If I think of it that way, it is understandable.’

Joshua nodded.

It seemed like he was right.

If so, it was also clear on how to resolve the mood.

He had to apologize.

He had to say sorry.

Finally, he had to come up with an excuse that he was from Adan, and that Lindsay was a treasure there… and so he got a little excited at what was mentioned.

It might be weird, but he felt connected to this man, a stranger.

So, he didn’t mind saying it.

“Of course, I was upset.”

… and he didn’t say what he prepared.

“I think that if it is Ilya Lindsay, the greatest genius of Adan, the youngest Sword Master ever… she might meet a better person who…”

Rather, as he talked, heat rose and he spoke harshly, without even knowing he said the words in a wrong manner.

But then Joshua stayed silent, it was easy because the emotions were so intense in the other man’s eyes that he didn’t want to push it.


Gulp, Joshua gulped.

The opponent was an ordinary person, not even a swordsman, and he didn’t seem like a magician or sorcerer.

And by his standards, this man was weak.

Still, he felt nervous.

Still, he couldn’t keep up with the intense emotions.

Looking into the eyes of the hot-blooded man,

Joshua Lindsay felt embarrassed, resentful and a bit angry.


“It is fine. How about this? Sometimes dates should be out…”

“Uh? There is no one here?”

The couple who entered the tavern stopped still.

A man with warm blonde hair as if he received the blessing from the sun.

A woman with beautiful silver hair flowing like the moonlight in the night sky.

Seeing the two middle-aged men having a fight with their eyes over a broken table, they both thought the same thing.



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