Chapter 269 - Sneaky Guest (3)

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Shortly after Bratt Lloyd left the Pareira estate.

Airn Pareira and Ilya Lindsay continued their usual training.

This was especially true for Ilya, because there was something she felt when she met her friend.

‘He is much more mature than me.’

She knew that Bratt’s goal wasn’t to be the best swordsman on the continent. She knew that he learned the sword to protect his estate and be a good Lord.

But did that mean he had no desire to win a fight?


If it were such a man, he wouldn’t have been able to understand Judith’s heart and win her love.


He never lost his way.

Even if there were people ahead of him.

Even if it caused painful feelings, he never got caught up in it, and he continued to walk at his own pace.

‘Compared to me who was under the shadow of Ignet… he is so different.’



As she quickly spread her swordsmanship, she thought of Ignet Crescentia.

It had been quite a while. Compared to the past, when she thought of her every single day, she had changed.


Did it mean that Ignet was completely out of her system?

This was why Ilya skipped lunch and focused on her sword.



Of course, it wasn’t happening how she wanted.

As the blue sky turned orange, Airn spoke to Ilya.

And she smiled.

He had been by her side all this time since Bratt had left. She couldn’t help but feel his affection for her.

However, the words which followed were different from what she expected, so Ilya couldn’t answer right away.

“To change the mood, how about we have dinner outside?”

“Uh? Ah…”

Since the day of his confession till now, the two enjoyed having dates within the estate.

It was because she was in full swing with her training, and it also felt burdensome to show others that she changed a little after getting a lover.

“Seems like you are frustrated. Come to think of it, you were here for a whole month, right? Sometimes, I think of the past, like when we used to travel, we went walking around like that… so let’s do something like that tonight?”

“… No. I think it’s a great idea. Nice. Let’s do that!”

“Uh? You are fine with it?”

“Yes. Come to think of it, Airn is right. Let’s go,”

Ilya responded with a smile.

Thinking about it, there was no reason to hide their current relationship.

It wasn’t a bad thing.

‘I would rather brag.’

Still, she thought what she was trying to hide was the evidence that she was still being swayed by other people’s reactions.

She couldn’t focus.

And she didn’t want this.

Seeing the unshakable figure of Bratt, her heart filled with passion.1

That was the reason Ilya nodded and that was why she appeared outside the mansion.

It was also the reason she was proudly walking down the street holding Airn’s hand, and it was the reason she opened the door to the tavern that usually had many customers.

But the result…

‘… Dad?’

She never dreamed that she would meet her father, Joshua Lindsay here.

She was sure.

He changed the color of his hair, put on a beard and added a few other things, but he couldn’t fool his daughter.


But it wasn’t just Joshua.

The reason why Airn was shocked was…

…because Baron Harun Pareira was there.

He, too, was not in his usual blonde hair, but he was still recognizable to Airn who was his child and also since Airn had his Sword Master instincts.

And Ilya whispered.

“… why is dad? And the Baron… why are you both here?”


Airn couldn’t say anything.

He could understand why his father was here. Occasionally, he liked to visit the place and listen to the conversations so that he could know about the people and their conditions.

But the fact that the Lindsay patriarch was here was beyond reason, and he couldn’t understand the situation.


Especially since he was someone who had to be in the Adan Kingdom?

Why would he show up here alone, in disguise?


Was he worried about his daughter?

As soon as the thoughts flowed, Airn felt the urge to run out from the place.

Even if he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Even if there was nothing to be ashamed of concerning the fact that he and Ilya were now lovers.

He felt embarrassed to stand in front of Joshua Lindsay.

“Ahh… phew.”

Airn took a deep breath and exhaled.

He looked at his father.

He couldn’t look at Lord Lindsay.

Airn, who fixed his gaze on one place, greeted his father.

“Father, you must have been inspecting the place. I will leave for now.”



“Then, bye…”

Saying that, Airn stepped back and left the place.

Airn leaving had left Ilya bewildered! And then she figured out the situation.

No, she didn’t know it fully.

But she knew that nothing good would come out of staying here, so she decided to follow.

“… Have a good talk with the Baron, bye dad.”





Silence ensued.

Dead silence.

Baron Harun Pareira and Count Joshua Lindsay.

Even the owner of the Tavern, who was watching this happen couldn’t speak and it seemed like an eternity had passed.


“… Ahem. That… sorry.”

It was Joshua Lindsay who spoke first.

In a sense, he was the one who had made the mistake.

In front of the son’s father, he said that his daughter could find someone better, right?

It was so horrible, that even Joshua wanted to run, but that would be a bigger shame onto the family.

Lord Lindsay once again apologized.

“I apologize. That… I never thought that you could be Baron Harun. No, not that, it is true that I made a mistake here. I really apologize.”

“… I apologize too. I got too excited at it and messed up the nice atmosphere. Well, looks like we both made the same mistakes.”




“Would you like some more drinks?”

“Hm… right.”

“Not beer. Maybe something a little more… strong?”

“I think that would be nice”

Joshua nodded.

Clearly, this situation would be difficult to move if they didn’t have something strong.

At the very least, they thought that the conversation would only flow nice if they could take something stronger than beer.


“Yes, yes! Customer.”

“I’m sorry, but we might be taking up more time here. Is that fine?”

“I-it’s fine. Totally!”

Baron Pareira gave the owner two more gold coins and found another table and sat down.

After a moment’s hesitation, Joshua sat down in front of him. He started pouring the strong whiskey into the large glasses.


In one gulp, the entire glass was empty.

It was Baron Pareira who did that.


A second glass.


A third glass.


After drinking in rapid succession, he set the glass down on the table with a clicking sound.

To him, Lord Lindsay asked.

“Your drinking ability…”

“It is neither strong nor weak.”

“I am on the strong side, so it’s fine, but wouldn’t that be too much for the Baron?”

“This is a situation where I want to overdo…”




“But even then.”

Baron Pareira poured the drink into the glass for the fourth time.

It had been a while, and his face was already turning red.

And he stared at the glass filled with amber liquid for a moment and then looked at Joshua.

“We are both proud no matter where we are… and the pride will never decrease since we are both parents of adorable children…”

“…it is the same for the two of us.”

“It was quite interesting for us to meet like this and talk,” Baron Pareira finished.

When Joshua heard those words, he felt touched…

“… that is true.”


“Exactly right.”

In the end, he admitted to it in a weak voice.

In that atmosphere, it felt like things had turned more comfortable.

They talked about the stories of each other, the stories about their children that both fathers knew, and the stories about their children that either father didn’t know.

Sometimes, they laughed, sometimes they looked down in melancholy.

There were times when they felt angry, and times they were sympathetic to the other.

And at the end of that long talk, there was one conclusion.

The fact that their son and daughter had graduated from their parents’ care.

That the fathers also needed to graduate from their children now.

Naturally, the one who felt it more strongly was… Joshua Lindsay.

“Phew, let’s get up.”

“That would be nice. We have been drinking a lot. I got drunk too. A lot more drunk than what I said I would be?”

“Haha, is that so? Actually, I can drink a little more. However, if we have to continue, let’s head to a more comfortable place…. Um, so, how about heading to the mansion?”

“Good. I like that.”

“Let’s go, go.”

The two drunkenly left the tavern and headed to the mansion.

The soldiers guarding the entrance were puzzled at the Baron bringing in a stranger.

“It is fine. It’s okay…he’s the patriarch of the best family among the five great swordsman families of the West, the Lord of the Lindsay Family.”

“… Uh?”

“Take me inside. Take me in. Hahaha.”

“Yes, yes….”

Of course, the soldiers didn’t believe it.

They just thought that this man was drunk and a little bit unusual. That was probably why the man treated them like his own guards.

However, before they could do or say something, someone else moved before them.

It was Airn and Ilya.



Airn was two steps ahead of Ilya.

Standing in front of Joshua Lindsay, he said in a nervous voice.

Earlier, he was flustered and embarrassed that he ran away. He didn’t have the confidence to face Joshua Lindsay.

But not now.

So, it didn’t happen again.

He wanted to be able to stay as Ilya’s lover.

He felt like he needed the approval of Joshua Lindsay to stand proudly next to Ilya.


A force rose from Airn’s body.

It wasn’t the aggressive one when he faced the devil.

However, it was hard enough to rival him and warm enough to feel nice.

‘If it is a fight I will do it, and if he responds with words, I will also respond with words’

Airn wanted to show sincerity in any way!

It was the moment when he was firmly determined and looked at Joshua.

“Take care of my daughter.”


Joshua gave his permission too easily.

He entered the mansion with Baron Pareira with a smile and didn’t even look back.



Airn and Ilya both looked at each other with bewildered expressions, unable to understand the situation.

Of course, this wasn’t a bad thing. Rather, it was a good thing.

Airn who calmed down said, “Ugh, I am still nervous…”

“I am happy. I was worried about what my dad would say since he came all the way here.”

“Right, but are you sure he is here to see us?”

“… probably?”

Ilya nodded and then Airn nodded as well.

However, there were no further questions.

It was unavoidable.

It was because they were too young to understand the heart of Joshua or his father.

Right now, only Baron Pareira could understand Joshua.


‘Airn that little one… he seems to grow stronger each time I see him, but it is still not enough. I need to train him a little more tomorrow. So that he can grow into a more suitable man for my daughter…’

Even the Baron didn’t know such thoughts were running in the other man’s head.

And like that, another day passed in the Pareira estate.

  1. Originally said, “turned her on even more.” KEK ↩️

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