Chapter 270 - Sneaky Guest (4)

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Early in the morning when the cold air could be felt.

Airn Pareira, who woke up, sat still after a long time, and then entered into the world of imagery.

An iron sword which stood tall.

A flame which burnt constantly so that the sword wouldn’t turn dull.

There was even a stream of water running around so that the flame didn’t spread too strongly.

At first glance, the stream didn’t seem different from when he attained enlightenment in Lloyd’s estate.

But it wasn’t just that.

Even more solemnly than before, Airn nodded, looking at the deep and wide river in front of him.

‘This time too… I have been helped by so many people.’

The emotions in the dark pit were removed and had spilled out.

Those emotions of his found peace by communing with his loved ones. What was important was the part called ‘communion’.

As Airn conveyed his feelings…

…the other party too conveyed their sincere feelings and thoughts. On the contrary, it was much deeper than what he said.

It wasn’t like it was without malicious intention. There were people like the Great Magician of the Runtel Kingdom, but even more good intentions had flowed towards Airn.

It had started from small streams.

From these small streams, it became a wider river.

The energy continuously rose, and it gave greater strength to Airn.

Because he knew that this wasn’t his own virtue.

Because he was able to feel his emotions in the flowing river, and as if he was holding the bond with his own hands… he had no choice but to feel humble.

‘I can’t get complacent here. Rather, now is the most dangerous time.’

He wasn’t forcing himself to be humble.

He didn’t know before, but now that he learned about the spirits, he knew it.

There was more danger around than he had thought. He needed another spirit to keep things in check.

He was also looking for a flame to control the metal in the past.

It was for that reason he even learned the Sword of water to cool the heat which was transferred from Ignet to him.

If so, what should be done in order to control the overflowing river due to so many reasons?

He knew the way.

It was to nurture the energy of earth and support the energy of water.

So, what will he have to do to move in that way?

He didn’t know that yet.

It was embarrassing…

Yet, it was a fact that he was now more aware of the energy of earth than he had been before.

‘What happened?’

Airn frowned.

It was clear that his sense for the energy of earth had grown stronger.

The land, which was wider than before, was now enough to support the wide river.

If it was in the previous level, the problem would have been already felt.

Whether it was by his own feelings or by the expectations that others had for him, Airn would have nonetheless been engulfed in the river that he couldn’t handle.


He thought about it till there..

Airn then got up and opened the window.

He smiled as he looked up at the sky which seemed brighter and then had a regretful expression.

Because today was the day that Ilya, who had stayed in the estate for a long time, would leave.

Airn who had been gazing at the scenery a little further was ready to see them off.

“I’ll come back again.”

“No…next time I will come to you.”



Airn and Ilya’s farewell was simple considering the fact that they were lovers who had just started dating.

However, their gazes were different.

Joshua mumbled quietly as the couple looked at each other.

‘Calm down. It is fine. This is something lovers usually do.’

With his eyes closed, a gentle energy rose.

However, the moment he heard Harun Pareira’s voice, his expression softened.

“The next time, I will come to see you in your territory.”

“…come anytime. I will be waiting for you.”

A short, blunt conversation between the fathers. But that was enough.

Airn, Ilya, Amelia, Kirill, and Lulu.

It was because the two of them had built a friendship that was deep enough to be felt by so many.

Of course, there were some who thought that this was calculative.

Marcus was an example.

‘Now the power of the Pareira family is… we have grown so great that no one can call the Lord just a Baron any longer!’

Normally, the Pareira Lord was considered to be a Viscount in terms of their financial condition.

Then what about now?

A Count?

Or even greater than that?

It was something that couldn’t be figured out quickly.

What was certain was that the influence that this small estate had, had grown much bigger than the entire Hale Kingdom.

“Then, for now…goodbye.”

“Please move safely. The Young miss too, stay safe.”

“Thank you for everything. If it is the griffin given by Miss Pareira, we will reach our estate within a week… after we arrive, a letter will be hung around the neck of the griffin and sent back.”

“Don’t put it around the neck, put it on the feet! If you put it around the neck, Cherry will feel stuffy.”

“Then I won’t do that.”

“I’ll try to make one for Lady Lindsay as well, the next time you come there, so look forward to it.”

“Thank you. Then…”

With those last words from Kirill, the Lindsay Lord and his daughter got on top of Cherry.

As they left, Ilya Lindsay was waving her hand at them, and Joshua was looking at them with a solemn expression.

And quickly, they both disappeared into the distance, and Airn stood there watching for a long time.

It was unfortunate.

He wanted to be with her a little longer.

But it wasn’t like it was unbearable.

Airn lowered his gaze and closed his eyes, feeling the water flowing through him.

His father, mother, sister, Lulu, his friends, the Orcs from Durkali and the other precious people of his life…

Among them, Ilya’s feelings for him were the biggest and deepest.

Rather than being swayed by it, he had to embrace it to be a better person. The thought of turning into a better and greater person ran through his head.


Only then did he realize it.

The reason why he had gotten stronger recently.

The reason why the earth’s energy turned stronger without him even realizing it.

It was because of the interest and attention of many people.

Their expectations and love, along with the hearts of even more people.

In the past, these things felt burdensome to him, and he wanted to run away from them.

But not anymore.

He wanted to respond and reciprocate them now.

It was because of the will which had developed in him.

“… let’s work hard.”

“Uh? What?”

“Nothing. No, it is nothing, but…”


Lulu tilted her head and looked at him and Airn just smiled.

He stroked the black cat’s head and walked to the training hall.

Concentrating on others and getting to know the world was also a kind of training.

But as of today, he now wanted to focus on the sword entirely.

‘I learned a lot.’

Flying on the griffin, Joshua Lindsay, mumbled to himself.

He really did learn a lot. Initially, he thought he was teaching Airn, but thinking back, he was the one who had learned a lot.

Airn had learnt to let go of the bitter past.

Airn had learnt to never get caught up in worries and anxiety for a future that was full of hope…and naturally, he walked his own path without much difficulty.

On the other hand, what about him?

He still lived his life regretting the past.

Because of the trauma in his mind, both the present and the future would be affected.

It was based on the overprotection of his daughter, Ilya.

Now he knew.

He was obsessed with his daughter’s safety and future more than necessary…

‘It’s because of my son… it is because I couldn’t get over the guilt I felt for Carl.’

Joshua closed his eyes.

Now, even the face of his son looked blurry.

On the other hand, he could clearly remember the strict behavior and cold expression.

And how the expression of his son had darkened after that particular event.

He had to escape this.

And that would be the only way that Joshua Lindsay could stand up for his family. It would have helped his daughter become happy too.

Thankfully, two fortunate things happened.

The first one was that he was finally aware of the horrible truth he had ignored for a long time.

And the second truth was that it was Airn Pareira who had shown him the path.

The sword Airn had spread out, came to his mind.

The look in his eyes also came to his mind, and the will etched deep in it came to his mind.

For a brief moment, he also remembered the blue haired swordsman he had observed before entering the Pariera estate.

“Dad. We are almost there.”

“… already?”

“Yes. I see it.”

Joshua Lindsay, who was meditating, asked in surprise.

It was true.

He saw the estate ahead and nodded.

It felt fine.

Although he was riding the griffin for the first time, and his mind was very confused, everything seemed calm.

Of course, the negative emotions that had plagued him weren’t completely resolved.

It would take a lot of time and effort in the future.

It would be difficult since it was something he hadn’t faced for a long time, and it would be a slow process.

But still, it was fine.

He had realized it before it was too late and that would be enough.

The Lord, who smiled brightly at his daughter, jumped down from the griffin, which had now landed in the Lord’s mansion.

It was then.

A familiar voice came from behind him.



“Ignet Crescentia, the commander of the Black Knights of Avllius, asks for guidance.”

Joshua Lindsay, the head of one of the five swordsman families of the west.

He looked at the black-haired knight who was looking at him with a serious face.

At a glance he could see it.

She was stronger than when they crossed swords at Rabat.

No, she was much stronger than when she had attained enlightenment.

…this wasn’t mentioned till now.

The Lord opened his mouth with a stiff expression.

“I am not feeling well today.”


“It’s going to be extremely tough. If you are thinking of ending it with a simple spar…”


“…then you should leave.”

Even in the strong wind, Ignet didn’t hesitate.

No matter how wide the sky was. No matter how strong the wind that took over the air was, the sun didn’t lose its light.

She, who still hadn’t backed down, spoke with a cold smile.

“I ask you with the same intensity that you ask me.”


“Without any level of stimulation, you’ve reached an unbreakable wall…”

“Let’s change places.”

Lord Lindsay interrupted Ignet.

It wasn’t to avoid the spar, but rather, it was to have a proper one.

Because if he fought at the entrance, the mansion could be damaged.

There was also the desire within him to destroy the other person properly without caring for anything else.

And then came another voice from behind,

It was Ilya Lindsay.

“I want to watch it.”


“Is that possible?”

“… follow us.”

Joshua Lindsay nodded and Ilya Lindsay, stood there with a tense look.

And then there was Ignet Crescentia who wasn’t losing her light even in the midst of the storm.

The attendants of the mansion couldn’t pursue them, but not everyone was like that.




A priest.

A clown.

And a swordsman beside them, watched the spar quietly.

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