Chapter 275 - The Fifth Energy (1)

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“Hm, in the next week or so… I guess I’ll reach then?”

A man was strolling through the plains of the central continent.

His appearance was too flashy to be considered a simple traveler.

There were three golden chains hanging down his neck, and luxurious clothes decorated his body.

The wristwatch on his left hand was more expensive than everything else on him.

It was Eisenmarkt’s best instructor, John Drew.

Of course, it was dangerous to walk around in such clothes. Although the central part of the continent was known to be safe, it wasn’t without its fair share of criminals.

Besides, what about the general situation on the continent?

Monsters were turning ferocious beyond understanding.

The demonic monsters plaguing the continent had exploded to the point where it couldn’t be compared to the past, and it was the same with the demonic beings that were controlling them. Thanks to the unsettling atmosphere, the number of travelers traveling to and from the cities had plummeted, and the merchants moved only when they found skilled mercenaries.


‘If one is as talented as I am, then it won’t be a problem. Ah.’

John Drew chuckled.

Of course, it wasn’t that he wasn’t accompanied by escorts, but variables always existed.

However, what he believed in the most was his own ability, and that was what had changed the most compared to the past.

The brilliant trick he had figured out to fill the gap in talent.

An overwhelming method that can effectively ignore the aura.


For him, who had finally completed his John Drew Style Swordsmanship, his ugly self, which had only paid attention to the eyes of the others, was now a thing of the past.

Even though he hadn’t changed his colorful lifestyle.

‘Airn Pareira… how will he react?’

His reason to go to the Pareira Estate from Eisenmarkt was nothing huge, but it was just so that he could inform Airn of his realization.

It was a strange thing.

He loved money more than anyone else and was obsessed with it.

Then why wasn’t it like that now?

What was his reason for travelling to the Pareira estate? Especially when it was a journey that took a whole month, and he wasn’t even being paid for it!

John Drew chuckled.

He didn’t know at first, but now he realized it.

‘He is the one person who acknowledged me the most.’

He was the person whose swordsmanship had been better than anyone else’s, at least for John.

He was the person who had poured out sincere admiration for his swordsmanship more than anyone else.

It was a gift more precious than gold.

Recalling his face, John Drew nodded and mumbled.

“Although he is someone talented enough to reach the Master level, there could still be areas where I can help… uh?”

It was then.

John Drew could hear a commotion close to him. Turning his head to the side, he frowned.

“Looks like bandits. Let’s go.”


It was an act that ordinary mercenaries wouldn’t be ready to do, especially when it had nothing to do with them.

However, most of the people who were with John Drew were no different from students who had received advice from him. He believed that those who were helped by someone were bound to be active in helping others.

They quickly steered their horses to the place and pulled out their swords which shone in the sunlight.

But they didn’t have the chance to wield it.





One slash, another slash.

Each time he swung the sword, the bandits fell down like straws.

There were around ten bandits. But it wasn’t really a battle.

In the end, the man who was attacked took down the bandits in less than a minute.

There was a white brilliance that was clearly revealed on the blade.

John Drew, who checked the aura and the face of the man, said,

“The 101st Swordsman, Jet Frost!”

“Not 101st anymore.”

“Ah, right.”

With a mischievous smile, he walked over to Jet and held out his hand.

And so did the other man—a strong handshake.

“John, it has been such a long time.”

“I know. Around…. 10 years? But how come you are here…”

“Hm. I was on my way to the Pareira estate…”

“Uh? Pareira? You too?”

Jet had said it very naturally, and John Drew was surprised by his words about heading there.

But the two talked and then nodded.

They were visiting Airn for the same reason.

Taking a sip of water, John Drew said,

“Well, that young man sure has a way to charm people.”

“That is true.”

Jet Frost nodded.

After watching Bratt and Judith fight, he returned to his hometown.

However, the fact that he didn’t meet Airn lingered in his heart. The passion and effort he showed, the talent he had for the sword, and that unknown charm of his, lingered on Jet.

Was it for inspiration?

To find a clue and break the wall which seemed to have visited him again?

There had to be a reason.


“I just wanted to see his face.”

“Umm, right. Looking back, I think that is the biggest reason.”

John Drew agreed.

At the same time, his shoulders seemed to turn stiff.

It was because the thought, ‘this is that kind of situation’ popped into his mind.

‘It is like I am walking to a place where a Sword Master resides while talking to another Sword Master comfortably!’

John Drew, who saw other people as less than him, now saw everything in its true color.

However, he didn’t completely abandon his former tendencies.

Still, he wanted to appear more vibrant than before, and he felt overwhelmed by the current situation of casually hanging out with strong people.

And he slowly glanced back.

A couple of people looked at him with envy.

This made John Drew walk up more proudly, and he asked in a low voice.

“Shall we head out then?”

After joining Sword Master Jet Frost, John Drew’s attitude turned more dignified.

When ordering food, his voice would turn a little thick, and when he would introduce himself at the gate, he tried to look like some important person.

There were people who recognized him too. Although it was not quite as great as Jet Frost, he too had a reputation of his own.

Especially since some of the experts he recently taught seemed to talk about him.

“Indeed, John Drew! You must be so famous in the central part…”

“That is so great! So amazing!”

“Haha. Why are you doing this? Teacher Jet Frost is next to me too; it is amazing for me as well…”

It was true that he was feeling so good that he couldn’t hide his expressions.

Therefore, when they arrived at their destination, the Pereira estate, they had some expectations regarding what they would see.

It was a small nation in the middle of the continent.

Among them, if it was a mansion with the Lord being at the Baron rank, wouldn’t it take a while to visit such a man?

… was what they thought, but it was flustering when the checking near the gate ended very quickly.



“What is it?”

“No, um… nothing.”

John Drew made his way through the gates looking at the guards near the gate who stared at him, all of them having a ‘what is wrong?’ expression on their faces.

And he looked back, and to his surprise, Jet Frost was treated the same.

‘No, what happened?’

John Drew was shocked.

He was one thing, but Jet Frost was on a whole different level.

Even before becoming a Master, he received the most attention on the continent, so it was impossible to understand why the guards were reacting in such a dull manner.


Why were they treating them like plain regular wandering people?

As he thought about it, there was a commotion from the side of the gates.


Startled, John Drew turned his head.

What the hell?

What had happened for the guards and the people to make such a fuss?

With that thought, he narrowed his eyes, and two orcs appeared among the crowd.

At that moment, John Drew’s expression changed to astonishment.



One of them was familiar, while the other was not.

But it was immediately known who the latter was.

With a height of over 2 meters, a large chest and a huge axe which was enough to intimidate people just by looking at it, and an atmosphere where everything else seemed insignificant.

It was Karakum.

At the appearance of the best Orc warrior, everyone had a blank expression.

“Sir John Drew! Sir Jet Frost!”

“Ah! Ahh! Kuvar! Long time no see!”

“… it has really been long.”

Seeing Kuvar approaching them with a friendly face, John Drew and Jet Frost greeted him.

However, they didn’t feel comfortable.

When they looked at Karakum standing behind him like a rock, Kuvar couldn’t help but feel bad.

Fortunately, since Kuvar had an easy-going personality, he led the conversation.

“Aahah, I see. This is such a weird coincidence. We also came to see Airn.”

Shortly after Airn left the Durkali tribe, Kuvar and Karakum went on a journey of their own.

It wasn’t because of some faction fight that they left the tribe.

It was simply because they thought that spending time together meant something meaningful for them.

“After wandering around like that, we came to the Hale Kingdom before we realized it, and thought that it would be nice if we stopped by.”

“Ahh, r-right…’

John Drew nodded at Kuvar’s response.

However, his eyes kept darting towards Karakum.

He couldn’t know what the giant Orc was thinking.

However, the appearance that was looking at him and Jet Frost with a heavy gaze, made a chill run down their spine…

“R-right now! W-we should head and see Airn, right?”

“Um, me too.”

John Drew pointed towards the mansion, and Jet Frost nodded.

Although they were people who were skilled, it wasn’t easy to withstand the atmosphere of Karakum.

They had never missed Airn’s comfortable face as much as they did now. The two of them were in a similar situation, so there was nothing to say about the other party.

“M-Mr. Karakum? The chief of Durkali?”

“Not anymore. Now the chieftain is my son, Tarakan.”

“Ah… I see. I didn’t know.”

“No, you don’t have to.”

In an instant, the group tried to talk about things.

That made John Drew feel a little nice, but it still bothered him.

First was the attitude of the guards of the Pareira estate.

Even though a giant warrior called Karakum was here, they all seemed calm! He couldn’t understand it.

‘Of course, it wasn’t like they weren’t surprised at all, but they seemed to have a more gentle reaction than I had thought. Just how!’

No matter how nice Pareira was, even if he reached the Master level when he was in his early 20s… is this a normal reaction from his estate?

However, there was something more curious than that; Karakum’s attitude.

His body, as he strode forward without even receiving the guidance of a servant, was giving out a strong energy which let out something that looked like a haze from the body.

What the hell?

What was it that was making that monstrous orc act like he was ready to jump into a battle with that axe on his back?

The question was soon resolved.









Are they all below twenty?

In the middle of the mansion training hall, many individuals who seemed to be very young were swinging their swords. John Drew, who saw it, was shocked.

Normally, he would consider the young swordsmen to be cute, but he couldn’t do that now.



It was because he saw the sword of the blue-haired one.

As well as the sword of another person which made her silver hair flutter in the air.

Everyone had their Aura Swords ready.

However, there was another entity among them that caught their eyes strongly.



Another silver-haired swordsman who watched the battle between the two Sword Masters.

He walked towards Karakum.

Karakum, too, walked to him.

The Orc who moved his heavy body, which was still giving out energy, didn’t care about his surroundings.

The moment the two faced each other three meters apart, John Drew gulped.

‘… maybe I shouldn’t have come?’

Jet Frost.

Bratt Lloyd.

Ilya Lindsay.

Joshua Lindsay.

And the Great Warrior Karakum.

Squeezed by the relentless pressure of those people, he looked around with a flustered and confused expression.

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