Chapter 279 - The Fifth Energy (5)

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A fire burned bright.

A reddish aura that seemed to want to burn the whole world, and she seemed like she was a part of the Red Knights more than the Black Knights.

Ignet exhaled a hot breath twice. Immediately after, a sword strike was fired in an instant that aimed to pierce Airn’s shoulder.


Airn raised his sword in defense.

She kept swinging and slashing the sword.

Although she increased her speed even further, the movement of her opponent was clearly visible to her. And it wasn’t just that. She could see their operation, intention, and even their aura too.

She was sure.

That her present self had definitely surmounted the wall.

A stronger energy emanated from Ignet, who smiled.


For almost a year, she had been fighting the most powerful people on the continent.

Masters with exponential strength.

Beyond them, there were also other masters she fought.

And then, she went to Ian, Khun, and Julius Hul. None of them were lacking compared to the heroes who had cut off the devil’s head in the past.

Even for her, it wasn’t easy, but the results were clear.

In the endless enlightenment she had obtained, Ignet looked back at her sword and completed it.

And after tearing down the wall, she succeeded in taking a big step forward.

She was literally ready to become a being in the sky.

Who was her biggest inspiration?

Was it Joshua Lindsay, the descendent of the Hero who had beheaded the Demon Dragon King?

Or was it Ian, the schoolmaster of Krono?

Or was it Khun or Julius Hul?

Ignet smiled as she had already found her answer.

Holding her sword stronger, she moved her body and continued to attack Airn.

There was a storm of fire.

The answer to the question, however, was the blonde swordsman who stood in the center of that storm without hesitation.

Watching his clear blue eyes, Ignet whispered.

‘Thank you.’

Ever since the mercenary troops and even before that, Ignet had always walked alone on her path.

No one came after her, and she didn’t want the help of others either.

Actually, she had faith.

She had the confidence that she could support everything on her own. She had the conviction that assured her that even if she wore the crown of loneliness, she wouldn’t be weak.

However, Ignet knew that it wasn’t the best-case scenario.

Even if she could do it alone, it was better to do it together.

Even if she had the ability to carry everyone, she knew that being carried was fine. And it was thanks to that thought that she started training even more intensely.

It was something her former self would have never understood. The fact that she had wanted to escape from the responsibility of the subjugation and continue her personal training.

And the existence which made it possible.

He was a young hero who could never be her opponent but had risen to the highest level by exchanging hearts and beliefs with people.

Looking at Airn Pareira, she let out a smile.

“It feels like my vision has been broadened.”

Pop! Bump!


Ignet’s sword turned faster.

There was a chain of explosions, and that caused the acceleration and the angle of the blade to change.

It was something that would make one’s eyes dizzy. A bizarre swordsmanship that even a decent Sword Master couldn’t catch up with. Airn’s expression was distorted as he stood there. It had been just a minute or so, and there was sweat dripping down already.

He didn’t care, though. Rather, he stretched out his sword faster and stronger.

She thought that this was her gift for him since he was the one who was the reason for the broadening of her mind.

Thinking that, Ignet showed off her new swordsmanship without regret, and as time passed, Airn’s body turned into a mess.



Half an hour had passed since the battle started. It wasn’t a short time.

However, considering Airn’s physical and mental strength, it wasn’t a huge time either.

However, he wasn’t in a condition to continue. Blood was dripping from his cracked palms, and his clothes were stained red.

His breathing didn’t stabilize, and his lower body trembled; it was impossible for him to try and stand.

It was a precarious condition, and Airn seemed as if he would fly away with another hit.

“He’s done.”

Karakum said softly.

Kuvar thought so as well. There was no more hope. On the contrary, he thought it was great that Airn had managed to endure this long.

Even to him, who wasn’t familiar with swords, the current Ignet was too strong.

‘She was like that when I first saw her, but… I feel like her level as a swordsman has grown exponentially.’

Kuvar recalled the past.

He thought of Charlotte and Victor. The scene he had seen then wasn’t like what was happening now, but he remembered Ignet, who crushed the two of them, whom Airn couldn’t handle.

The violent and ruthless air from her swordsmanship; tearing, exploding, and burning everything, created a sense of fear in those around her.

Now it felt different.

The strong presence was still there, but it wasn’t just hot.

Now, there was also a warm light, but it was still unable to look straight at the source.

It was like looking at a presence one would never be able to reach. As if they were facing the real sun.

‘She has become stronger.’

… more than Airn had grown.

Even though he wasn’t privy to what had actually happened, Kuvar still felt a great shock and a sense of loss.

But the important thing happened next.



Airn managed to block the opponent’s sword, which had been fired at him like an explosion. It didn’t last long.

Using the shock of the block to spread the distance, he took a quick breath and prepared to charge in.

However, Ignet didn’t move. Rather, she maintained her form, rooted herself to the ground, and focused on her aura.



Aura waves manifested outside her body like tendrils, and each of them was thick enough to be seen with the naked eye.

Her energy burned like an active volcano and gathered in an instant.

The Aura Sword, which momentarily stretched out, was compressed and concentrated into the form of a sphere.

And the size of that sphere continued to decrease, further increasing its density.


A sound rang out. The ominous sound cut through the air and pierced Airn’s ear.

Kuvar could hear it as well, and he moved his body.

Ignet had no intention of considering Airn’s well-being.

Airn couldn’t even properly stand. He definitely couldn’t stop it.

He had to save his friend, and he had to do something quick!

However, it wasn’t possible.

Kuvar turned his head and looked at his father.

Gently, he tried to use the spirits and help Airn, to somehow block Ignet even if it meant his father getting angry at him.

However, he couldn’t overpower his father.

In the end, he had to watch the fight, unable to move because of his father’s pressure which kept him stuck there.


There was a momentary noise.


Then there was a calming sound.

However, the commotion which occurred after that was huge enough to blow away the silence.



Kuvar covered both his ears and almost moved back.

But fortunately, because his father was there next to him, the shock was dispersed.


The sound of land being hollowed out could be heard.

Branches and stones fell like hail as they rained down on them.

But none of that mattered. Kuvar looked at his father.

Why did he block it only for Kuvar? Why didn’t he intervene for the sake of Airn?

Airn was someone who had helped the father and son duo to reunite after decades. So, when his life was in danger, why did his father act so cruelly?

As he was about to ask, Karakum spoke first.


It was just one short word.

But somehow, Kuvar felt his heart calm down as he heard that voice.

There was trust in his voice; he slowly turned his head to look where the red sphere was shot. And to his surprise, Airn was still standing.

Kuvar thought his eyes would pop out.


This wasn’t normal.

His clothes were ragged and completely torn, and his bare skin was exposed with blood flowing down.

The dust which settled on his body made him look more wounded.


He blocked it.

Airn had withstood it.

Kuvar couldn’t understand this situation.

‘It was definitely a different attack from before. I know swordsmanship, but I had a feeling that Airn would never be able to stop it…’

It was a feeling that was strong enough to be compared to a sorcerer. That was the reason he tried to help Airn. Because Kuvar didn’t want to lose him.

However, Airn was unharmed for the most part.

He even had a faint smile on his face as he looked at Ignet Crescentia.

“Next time…”


That was it.

Airn Pareira couldn’t complete his words and fainted.

Kuvar ran for him and checked his condition.

Fortunately, there were no grievous wounds on him. But that didn’t mean that this wouldn’t turn into trauma.

He took out the first aid kit and began to help.

“Let’s go.”

“Yes, right away!

“You weren’t wrong this time.”

“It isn’t always wrong to say no! yah!”


Anya Martha opened the portal, and Ignet stepped ahead. Before she left, she looked back.

She paused and then mumbled.

“… there is no need to go to the others.”

It was quite funny.

It was the high-ranking Sword Masters who had helped her realize something, but strangely, it was the people younger than her who were more memorable to her.

The silver-haired swordsman, Lord Lindsay. The glaring swordsman, Khun.

The blue-haired swordsman who had sat with Ian of Krono, hadn’t left her mind either.


However, the place Ignet headed for wasn’t Avilius.

As she said before, there was no need to head back there. After all, she was acquaintances with the young man. And she was going to develop through her interaction with him.

When she thought of the future, she smiled.

‘Someday, it seems like it will be fun to hang out together.’

Two years ago, she would have never thought this; Ignet Crescentia was moved to see the White Knights Commander once again.


After she left.

Karakum stood where the battle had happened.

It wasn’t because she ignored him.

He knew it the moment he saw her.

For her, who already had a direction, competing wouldn’t matter. She had come here only for Airn.

It was to stimulate Airn… as a favor to him.

‘… it was a bit drastic, but it turned out good.’

The Durkali warrior nodded.

A circle that was created in an instant.

As he recalled Airn’s last appearance, which indicated that he had entered a new realm, he smiled.

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