Chapter 281 - Bratt Lloyd’s Wish (1)

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A few months before Airn Pareira received an invitation from the Holy Kingdom.

Judith, who was staying with Khun, was focusing on training as usual.

No, it wasn’t just that.

Her body was wielding the sword like it had become a habit, but her head was filled with thoughts of Bratt Lloyd, who would soon arrive.

‘This jerk, just what… Why is he taking so long to prepare?’

It was weird.

Not long after she thought he had surpassed her, he suffered a defeat in her hands.

When she thought about it, feeling irritated made sense, but she wasn’t feeling bad.

‘If you lose again, I’ll kill you. The next time…make sure to win… and I will give you anything you want.’

That was what was in the letter she wrote to support him.

Seeing her lover’s skills soaring because of just one thing she said, she thought that her man who had told her, ‘I’ll come prepared’ with a happy face, would be back soon… it was fun then.

‘What dog shit is this!’

Judith shook her head.

They had been dating for nearly 2 years, and they had known each other for almost 10 years.

As they had a rivalry that had been going on for a long time, even before they started dating, she knew what kind of person Bratt was.

As she thought that, she wondered about the thing that he would want…

‘Something that I will feel embarrassed of… would it be a thing like that?’

Thoughts ran through her mind.

He might make her yell, ‘Bratt Lloyd, I love you! I can’t live without you!’ in a crowded street.

Or he might ask her to express affection to him in a crowded place.

Other than those things, she also thought of other flustering things, yet most of them were blatant situations that Bratt would like, and that made her annoyed.

Her face was red due to her imagination, and she screamed while swinging her sword.



“Ah, shit! What? Is today the day? That one comes?”

Seeing Judith burst out, Khun, who was meditating, opened his eyes.

In the past, he would constantly move his body and swing the sword, but recently, he began to live like Ian.

Of course, he didn’t intend to continue doing it forever.

He smiled and spoke, teasing her.

“I have been concentrating for a year and 365 days, but I need to take this day off. It would be fun to watch my disciple. Ah, I can’t miss this chance.”

“Shut up, please.”

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to!”

“Shut up! Teacher! Ugh, whatever! I’ll just kill you.”

“Haha! Do you have the skills to do that?”




Khun got up from his place and moved swiftly. It was at such a speed that the words ‘gale’ or ‘lighting’ wouldn’t fit.

Judith, who was just nearing the level of a Sword Master, couldn’t think of a way to catch up with his movements.

‘Damn it!’

Feeling something boiling within her, Judith closed her eyes.

She was annoyed. She was annoyed at her teacher and at her lover too.

However, the one who annoyed her the most, was herself.

If she had been a little stronger, there would have been no problem with her taking down Bratt.

It wasn’t just that.

Airn Pareira, Ilya Lindsay, Ignet, Ian, Julius Hul, and all the other swordsmen on the continent who were known to be strong.

She didn’t want to lose to anyone.

Charging herself up, Judith let out a hot breath and concentrated on her sword.

And it was then.


A griffin began to land softly from the sky.

It was Kirill Pareira’s Cherry.

However, it was a little different from usual. It has slightly unorganized hair and ornaments to its hair.

It also had a fancy ribbon around the neck.

After such a shocking griffin appeared, Bratt Lloyd jumped off its back.

And it didn’t stop there.


“It’s been long, sister Judith.”

The promising sorcerer, Kirill.


“Nice to meet you; I heard a lot of stories about you. I am Bill Stanton, the most fashionable person in the Adan Kingdom, and I specialize in socialization.”

… Bill Stanton, a nobleman, who made Judith want to attack him as soon as he opened his mouth.

Judith, who was staring at them blankly, looked at her lover.

As if she was asking for an explanation

And Bratt smiled.



“There is a place I want to go with you.”

“… Uh, where? No, but who are they? Are they coming along? Why…”

“Ahh, the place I want to take you has a dress code. You need to learn some etiquette too.”

“No, but the…”

“Well, they came to help us with that. Especially this guy.”

Bratt looked at Bill Stanton and said.

“Since he is a master in styling, you don’t have to worry.”

“What? Styling? What is…”

“Haha, it is fine. Do not worry. We will do our best to preserve the strength of your body and hide the shortcomings. We also aim to create a more beautiful appearance by using an elegant atmosphere.”

“I will also work with him, sister. Now, should we head in?”

“No, no, no, what are you all doing… aren’t you listening to me? Ugh! Ah!”

The two men approached her and grabbed her by the arms, and took her inside Khun’s residence.

It was amazing.

Those people did their jobs without even paying attention to one of the three strongest swordsmen on the continent who was standing next to them.

Khun, who watched them, laughed out loud.

“You have quite eccentric friends.”

“Kirill is a bit like that. Didn’t you know?”

“It is the same with the one called Bill. I guess he is crazy, but his skills are real, and he seems talented too… still, he’s a strange one.”

“Is that so?”

Bratt was a bit surprised.

Except for Ian and Judith, Khun wasn’t the kind of person who would be interested in others. So, it was rare to hear such things from his mouth.

However, the topic was changed quickly.

The old man asked the blue-haired man with a grin.

“Where are you planning to go?”

Bratt didn’t hide it and said.

“A ball.”

He recalled what Kirill said.

Last year, before Airn and Ilya became lovers, a ball had happened in the Lindsay mansion.

Imagining the romantic atmosphere they had, Bratt wanted to try it.

‘It is nice to have a date by wielding our swords…’

But sometimes, he wanted to enjoy it the noble way.

The Gerbera Kingdom, one of the three major powers in the central continent, was peaceful today.

Recently, although there were more demons around and rumors had spread that said that the Devils were back, and multiple nations were taking damage for it, this place was different.

Gerbera, which was firmly established, was still going strong with more than 160 years of peace.

“Phew, there are a lot of people here.”

“It is bound to be so since this is a banquet hosted by the Duke.”

In the midst of all the rumors, there was a ball being held in the Duke’s mansion.

Since ancient times, the balls held by high-ranking nobles had always attracted people.

And there were a lot of people who had come here to meet other nice people.

There was no one who would refuse to attend the banquet of the Duke, who especially loved art, so most of the nobles, apart from the ones who absolutely couldn’t, had come.

So that they could enjoy this place and socialize.

And additionally, so that they could meet potential spouses.

Young men came knocking on the Duke’s door so that they could find a woman.

“Wow, brilliant.”

“Is that…a magic tool of the Runtel Kingdom?”

“I think so. Wow, it’s moving!”

“It is different, and look…it is moving so smoothly!”

Men paid attention to showing themselves off to the women there.

However, there was nothing that stood out more than money. Anyone would think about it when it comes to courting their potential other.

In the present age, where the boundaries of status and class were blurring, wealth was the way to prove their ability.

For that reason, it was common to attend the banquet with the most luxurious clothes, jewelry, watches, and the most trending items.

A vehicle.

It was a means of transportation that went beyond mere carriages and was something that could move with magic.

Count Spencer’s youngest child, Rogelio Spencer, appeared on the Runtel magic carriage with a proud face.

‘It was well worth it.’

Honestly, it was an overkill.

In order to get this magic carriage, all of his fortune had to be poured out.

And when that wasn’t enough, he had asked his father for more money.

For that reason, despite being a count’s son, he would have to live poor for a while, but he had no regrets.

The gaze of those passing by was enough. The expression of the guards and the nobles who greeted him.

Above all, the eyes of the women who constantly glanced at him!

It was thrilling. The joy of participating in this banquet.

‘I must be the hero for today!’

Gerbera Kingdom’s 1st ever Runtel magic carriage owner, Rogelio Spencer.

He tried to calm his expression, thinking of the amazing things which could happen today.

Some people there thought that he was overdoing it, while the others were terrified of his wealth.

However, the public’s interest in him didn’t last long.

There was something even more glamorous, astonishing, and mysterious than that.

Because something like a myth of legend had come here.

“Uh, that…”

“What is that?”

“Is it also a vehicle of Runtel?”

“No, it doesn’t seem like…”


The youngest son of the Count, who felt the commotion, raised his head, and his expression changed.

What kind of man was taking away his attention?

How good could his ride be!

And as he saw the ‘ride,’ his thought faded.

A griffin carriage which flew through the sky much softer and elegantly than Runtel’s magic carriage.

When everyone, including Rogelio, was shocked, the jealousy that they felt immediately stopped as they saw the person inside it.

The being inside it was,

‘Bratt Lloyd!’

‘The eldest son of Lloyd… it was said that he is friends with a sorcerer!’

‘The Runtel Magic Carriage was something that they might see again, but this…this was once in a lifetime.’

‘But who is that next to him? His woman?’

Bratt Lloyd, who rose to the level of Master in his early 20s, and the best groom of Gerbera kingdom!

Judith, who was standing by his side, didn’t have her reputation spread across yet.

The gaze of those wondered who she was. And the woman didn’t like her.


Judith was shocked.

It was embarrassing enough to stand in a red dress, in an unknown place, and to top it all off, countless people were staring at her too.

She glanced to the side and spoke to her lover.

“Sorry. I can’t, Ah… I really can’t. so…”

… can we please change it to another wish?

Bratt looked at her.

He looked at her with an expressionless face which slowly changed into a stern one that didn’t seem to like what she had just said.

Looking at her for some time, he said.

“Then you should have won.”

“Fu… ck…”

Judith’s face turned redder than her dress.

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