Chapter 283 - Bratt Lloyd’s Wish (3)

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Elsa Collins.

Despite her being just 19 years old, no one in the social world ignored her.

Her beautiful appearance and the elegant air around her were weapons, and the wealth of her family, which was ranked third in the Kingdom, was a background most people couldn’t have.

She was good at speaking, and was known to have followers and a strong personality that made even high-ranking nobles reluctant to talk to her.

But now.

They were of no use.

A fistfight? A brawl?

It wasn’t such a joke,

Looking at the piece of metal which had become a ring and gave out smoke… Elsa felt a fear she had never felt before.



Her followers were the same.

No, even her escorts were the same. They knew what that action meant because they were people who had been training with a sword for at least 10 years. They knew what this aura from the woman in front of them meant.

Aura manifestation.

It flew like a haze instead of the way a Sword Master’s aura usually did, but the fact that she was able to show it off was amazing in itself.

Experts could do this, but to successfully do it meant that this woman had reached the highest level.

‘Judith… I knew that she was from Krono!’

‘I heard that she was active in the Land of Proof, but I thought it was an exaggeration from the commoners around…’

But that wasn’t it.

Far from being an exaggeration, the truth was that the rumors were a level lower!

Similar to the pressure felt when facing a volcano, no one could stop Judith.

The lives of all those gathered there were now in the hands of the Red Witch.





Judith retracted the pressure. With a swipe, she threw the ring made of the tiger tail.

Completely calling back the aura, she shouted at Elsa Collins and her followers and escorts.

“Fucking get lost. Before I lose it.”



Those who came to their senses, quickly took a step back.

It had nothing to do with being a lady or a knight. Even Elsa Collins, the bad-tempered woman, disappeared in fear.

It was a fear that would last a lifetime!

It was something that would be engraved in their bodies, and all those who acted shallow went back to their mansions rather than the ballroom.

No one would be crazy enough to party after that.

‘…I’ll leave too.’

Judith sighed.

Her mind was a mess. A number of thoughts flowed in. However, it was clear that this place didn’t suit her.

Clenching her fist, she looked at the gate, and the ladies disappeared. And a clear voice came from behind.



Judith stared at the person for some time and then returned the greeting.

Because it was such a person.

The person had no sword, no magic or sorcery…

However, Judith felt that it was a person who couldn’t be ignored even though it was someone whom she could take down with just her finger alone.

She couldn’t do it since that was the kind of person that was in front of Judith.

It was a lady in an elegant dress who smiled brightly without looking away from her eyes.

‘She is someone with… no connection to those idiots.’

Of course, that didn’t mean she would put up with this woman.

“Yes, Hello. Then, I need to leave…”

Judith, who gave a short greeting, turned around.

She was tired, and she didn’t want to talk.

She tried to walk away. It was in the direction where the noble girls had disappeared to.

She felt sorry for Bratt, but she couldn’t stay here anymore. She couldn’t grant his wish, and because of that, she decided to apologize later.

But before she could leave, the lady spoke.

“I apologize, but I can’t let you leave like this. You need to pay compensation.”


Judith, who turned around, had a puzzled expression.

The lady pointed to something.

It was the statue she had damaged… The moment Judith looked at the tiger, which now didn’t have a tail, she realized who the other person was.


“Yes, it is mine.”


“Ah! This is a late introduction. I am Liliana Clancy, daughter of Duke Clancy.”

“I’m Judith, Judith…”

Judith stuttered again, clearly, from the burden she felt since saying her name would be tantamount to revealing that she was a commoner.

She was sorry for damaging the property of the Lord. But why did she have to be placed in such an annoying situation?

Various emotions mixed together in her mind, and she couldn’t even figure out what to say.

It was fine.

Liliana Clancy, approached her with a light gait.

“Let’s have a small chat.”


“That will be enough to compensate… just for a while?”

Judith had no choice but to nod her head.

“I know! Such a funny one. What an absurd child, ha… pretending like it’s her own Kingdom?”

“Um, I don’t think it was fake. Because a person’s behavior can change depending on the situation and mood…”

“No, even then that… ugh, really, really annoying! Ack!”

The conversation with Liliana Clancy was comfortable until the topic of Elsa Collins was brought up.

It was strange. Obviously, this was different from before. The atmosphere of the banquet, which she wasn’t familiar with, and a topic that required her to be elegant.

Still, she felt easier to communicate and talk to.

After a few minutes, Judith felt that they were close enough to even bring up Bratt.

‘… but it’s still uncomfortable.’

However, Judith wasn’t completely at ease.

Was it because she didn’t like Liliana Clancy?


Rather, it was the opposite. Despite her position as a Duke’s daughter, she was considerate and understanding.

She had a wonderful personality that was completely different from Elsa Collins’ dirty personality.


That was the problem.

‘In the noble world… good people and trash ones are also different from me.’

It was that.

The appearance of Elsa Collins, who secretly turned on her, was different from hers.

The appearance of Liliana Clancy, who was kind and considerate of her, was also different from hers.

It was not just them. Thinking about the people in the ballroom, everyone seemed different from her.

They all had noble births.

They were raised in a different environment.

As a result, the different thoughts and insecurities she had started accumulating.

…she truly didn’t fit in.

‘Maybe Bratt and I cannot be together?’

This wasn’t a sudden thought.

It was something she had felt even before she had started dating Bratt.

However, the people she had met today just pushed the thought into her mind again. And now she was back to thinking about it again.

Judith’s expression hardened little by little.


Lady Clancy understood her mood.

Actually, she didn’t.

The number of words Judith spoke reduced, and her expression darkened as if she was having a troubling thought.

It was because Liliana was sensitive to the feelings of others that she grasped this.

The other person was feeling uncomfortable somewhere, and it wasn’t her fault.

So, if she asked…

Thinking that, Judith, who was silent, burst into laughter.

“I, need to go too.”

“Uh? What…”

“I just don’t think that this is a place for me. Well, people normally don’t get along with me. And this atmosphere too, ah! I-I what I meant, don’t take it offensively, but this is a little too much for me, for me to fit in here… I have no education, and I have not learned anything either. That was what I meant. Don’t misunderstand.”


“Uh, so… excuse me. And thank you.”

Nodding, Judith bowed her head.

She knew that Bratt didn’t invite her to tease or harass her.

However, she realized it. Being together with him wouldn’t be as easy as she thought.

“Ah, finally… excuse me, but could you pass a word to Bratt? It was a bit tough, so I had to leave first.”


“That… I am sorry. Ah, I already said that. Anyway, thank you for letting the tiger’s tail be forgotten. Then…”

“You know what it means to come to a ballroom with a partner, right?”

She wanted to leave, but then she heard lady Clancy speak.

Judith couldn’t move, and she was curious too.

But it was embarrassing to turn, so she stood still, and the other one spoke.

“It’s nothing serious.”


“In the past, we had to participate in the ballroom together with the one we had promised our future, but now we are free. It is a common sight where the noble scions develop a small liking for each other at such balls. It’s because we are in need of partners.”

“R-Right. It doesn’t have much meaning…”

“But there are some people who carry the old tradition.”


“Of course, even I don’t know if Bratt Lloyd is such a person. Ah, he is here.”


Judith turned to him in shock.

He really was, and she saw Bratt approaching them.

Rather than approaching, what she saw was him running towards her.



“Sigh. I knew you were out for a walk… why didn’t you come back?”


“No. Somehow, you look prettier than before. Unbeknownst to me, I just said that.”


“Kuak, ah…. Wait, that was hard, I wasn’t joking, but this hurts!”

“Shut up, stay quiet.”

“What? Is it wrong to say you are pretty when you are?”

“Ah, stop.”

Puck! Puck!

Judith mercilessly hit her lover, and Bratt received it with an exaggerated voice.

Lady Clancy, who saw that, smiled.

Only then did he stop and bow.

“Thank you for spending time with my lover.”

“Not at all. She is such a nice person.”

“She sure is nice to my eyes, but I don’t think other people will see her like…”

“Shut up, will you…”

“Euk. Anyway, I am thankful that you were with her. Then, can we leave?”

The lady nodded, and Bratt bowed.

And so, the pair moved.

Lady Clancy looked at the two, who didn’t stop arguing.

As the time passed, a lonely voice escaped from her.

“I knew it; it is impossible for me to win.”

No, she already knew it. That is why she said that.

But they fit so well together.

And the atmosphere between the two could never be alive if one of them was absent.

“… now I should stop thinking.”

Bold, yet elegant, Liliana Clancy shook her head and looked at the sky.

It was windy, but today was a fine day.

After the brief date with Bratt Lloyd, Judith trained more intensely.

It was because her mind was complicated. She kept remembering her teacher’s advice to never let go of anything.

Bratt’s attitude, which indicated that he was drawing a future with Judith, was a little too daunting for her.

‘I… I am not sure of doing that.’

She had the confidence to be the best swordsman.

However, that was where her confidence ended.

To share a happy future with someone.

She was less confident in it than in becoming the strongest swordsman.

It wasn’t something that could be done alone. It was a two-person task.

‘… can a selfish and bad-tempered person like me do that?’

She felt feelings that were very unfamiliar to her.

Her teacher, lover, and her friends who believed in her more than she did.

Although she had all of them, Judith felt burdened.

Because she thought she was lacking.

In all respects except for the sword, she thought she was worse than them.

It was for that reason that she focused on her sword.

From her troubles, the anguish that she felt, and the thoughts in her head which were difficult to solve…

“Damn it!”

Judith was angry.

She knew that this wasn’t the right thing to do. Just like in the past, she had heard from Airn that she was being cowardly in this place.

However, it was difficult to face such thoughts, so she chose to escape from it.

Of course, she didn’t run away.

Rather, she redirected that anger at herself.

Judith used that as fuel, and swung her sword. Time passed quickly, and the seasons changed.

“Well? That…”

A letter reached her.

It wasn’t different from what Airn received.

It was an invitation to the Warrior’s Festival.

Right now was the moment when the place where one could prove themselves more than the Land of Proof was about to open.

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