Chapter 295 - Neither Human nor Elf (1)

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The devil was subjugated. Demons and monsters under it were controlled.

Although the darkened earth still gave out disturbing energy, it was purified by the power from Airn. The head of the Wise party used holy water generously and the priest who would come at a later time would solve the rest.

Those who were kidnapped were rescued.

Upon hearing the news, the lords around the devil’s nest expressed their gratitude to Airn and the Wise heir and treated them nicely.

The adventurers were the same.

Of course, there were very few people among them who had confident expressions on their faces

“Hmm, ahem.”


The reason they headed to the Holy Kingdom was to see something interesting. It wasn’t for a noble cause.

And the reason they were with the Wise head’s party wasn’t to punish the demons.

It was because they were afraid to act separately and to look at Airn Pareira in the eyes.

Although they didn’t know who he was, most of them ignored him. They mocked and ridiculed him. Even the nicest ones, just stayed silent and didn’t talk to him.

That was why no one could raise their voices at the decision.

After a while.

Admiration flowed for the young hero from the adventurers who were served alcohol and meat from the lords of nearby territories.

“Great. Very great.”

“I know. To take down the devil while protecting the hostages, is that even possible?”

“That sorcery sword too! The golden light which defeats the darkness… looking at it, my courage swelled up.”

“Right. It was as if I had received a blessing from a priest.”

“The talent in swordsmanship to become a Sword Master and the sorcerer talent which has the mysterious power to clear out magi…”

“A blessing to the continent. Ah, right!”

The expression of the person who spoke was quite flustering. However, it was only for a while. Those who had uneasy hearts rushed to speak good things about Airn in an effort to erase their past mistakes and they praised him repeatedly.

It wasn’t an incomprehensible act. However, it wasn’t a pretty sight either.

Ethan grumbled gulping down a glass of wine.

“Tch tch, how quickly things change.”

“I know. When was it that they were speaking shit for the sake of the Wise heir?”

“It’s so funny. They moved slowly because they didn’t want to deal with the devil, but they are all enjoying the drinks and the alcohol.”

Giovanni and Kenan agreed as well.

Of course, they weren’t in a position to be proud. Somehow, it felt like they didn’t know Airn Pareira anymore. They treated him as a joke, and they had also played a huge role in him being ridiculed.

So they thought they weren’t any better than the other mercenaries.

Even before his identity was revealed, Airn seemed the same.

And even after he didn’t change much.

‘It isn’t just the swordsmanship which is great.’

‘A person who is a lot better than the rumors…’

‘I wish he plays an active role in the Warrior’s festival.’

It was a common thought for all three of them.

In their ears, the stories of the others were heard.

“But the Wise heir is also great.”

“Right. To be honest, it wasn’t a business, and it was so large…”

“Isn’t the holy water used to purify the area worth a huge deal?”

The person who was at the centre of the topic was Airn. However, Gael Wise’s story could also be heard.

It was because of the holy water which he used.

And it wasn’t just that. The Wise heir went out of his way to heal and give care to the kidnapped ones, especially the elf.

Considering how difficult it would be to transport those affected by Magi to the Holy Kingdom, and how burdensome it would be to take responsibility if something happened in between, it was truly great.

Something like this could truly be called a great act.


However, Vulcanus’ expression on hearing it wasn’t good.

A strict blacksmith who drank one glass after another. Seeing him like that, Ethan thought of what to say and then didn’t speak.

As he said before, it was difficult for him to treat them kindly now because of what they did.

“Where did Jarin go?”


“I don’t know. Maybe the washroom?”

“Is that so?”

Instead, they thought Jarin was better in this situation, but they couldn’t find her. Of course, it wasn’t a huge deal.

Having lost his appetite, Ethan drank again.

Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves.

These four intelligent races lived in the world but they didn’t get along very well. However, as time passed and they faced a powerful enemy called ‘devils,’ they grew closer.

Humans and dwarves first became friends. Dwarves made things humans wanted and humans recognized the value of dwarves.

And now there was no need to search for dwarf tribes. They had become a part of the human world.

The relationship between the humans and orcs wasn’t bad either. Although they were warlike and impatient, the Orcs knew how to acknowledge their opponents, and they had been steadily building friendships with human warriors.

It wasn’t as much as the relationship of humanity with the dwarves but I travelled to the northern part, so such things could be seen often.


‘Not elves.’

Compared to the two, elves had mild personalities. They weren’t fighting spirited like orcs, nor stubborn like dwarves. Even then, until just 100 years ago, things between humans and elves weren’t on good terms.

It was because of the difference in beauty.

The appearance of the elves was superior to humans, and illegal slave traders aimed constantly for them. If it wasn’t for the efforts of the Holy Kingdom, which was sensitive to the conflicts of races, it would have never changed.


‘It was Gael Wise who brought the two races together.’

Gael Wise.

A being born between a human and an elf. A half-elf.

He made political use of his very birth and it served as a bridge between the two races, and they also received protection from the Holy Kingdom.

The chaos on the continent decreased, and peace prospered. The dimension opening was stabilized, and the future everyone wanted had been achieved.

From that point, it could be said that Gael Wise took the lead for the peace between the two races and had great influence.


The elves were curious about the human world which Gael Wise was a part of, and Gael Wise embraced them all.

He spared no effort in helping the elves adapt to the human world.

He helped them learn the human language and human culture and also arranged jobs for them. Furthermore, he also offered a helping hand to those who want to start a family…


From there it was a problem, however.

Going down to the basement of the castle in darkness, Jarin remembered the words of an old acquaintance.

‘Strange. It’s so unnatural.’

‘What is?’

‘There are too many elves who have ties with human nobles. It’s only the women, and it’s always only through the Wise Guild.’

At first, she didn’t think of it as strange.

How many doors had opened for the elves in the human world? Most of it had to be because of the Wise side.

In a way, it could be said that it was natural to form relationships through them.

It was a little weird for elves who sought freedom to be pushed into the rigid noble life, but it didn’t seem impossible.

The past that was biased towards women wasn’t taken seriously.

However, as time went on, the investigation of her acquaintance deepened, and she heard more stories. After a while though, her fate turned obscure as if she had been erased from the world.



‘It is dangerous…. Stop. Stop.’

Her father, who was the leader of the race, applied pressure on her, who continued the investigation by following in her friend’s footsteps.

Jarin’s doubts were no longer doubts, and she was certain.

It had been 7 years now, since she ran from her home.

‘… there was nothing I could do about it.’

Right. Although running out was reckless, there was nothing she could do.

Compared to the Wise head, the power she had was as small as a firefly in front of the sun.

And she had no evidence.

To say that Gael Wise used female elves as political and business means was horrible. But she herself couldn’t believe it.

‘Which is why… it is strange.’

Jarin exhaled.

It was strange. Really strange.

She didn’t know why. There was no reason. Yet, Jarin continued to descend. And her heart kept telling her to move.

Could it be a magician’s sense? Her head was messed up, yet she didn’t stop moving.

A few minutes passed, and her confidence grew. There was a sense of impulsiveness too. Even the artificial smells rubbed her nose.

All other inexplicable information pointed to here. And she looked at the basement door.

Without any hesitation…

Jarin drew out her staff and began to use magic.




A groan. It was natural and expected as she concentrated so much of her magic into her wand which broke. And blood gushed out from her mouth.

Even so, the noise wasn’t loud at all, and the strangeness made Jarin more anxious.

And then her anxiety became a reality.


Five elves were lying on beds.

There was an unidentified flower in the centre giving out a strong scent. When Jarin, who felt dizzy, retreated back, a person wearing a mask appeared.

It was Gael Wise.

“Hello, Jarin.”


“You seem to have something to say.”


“It is not the right time. Shall we talk inside?”

“…shut up.”

Jarin said.

There was blood in her mouth. The scent of the blue flowers which seemed to be mixed with herbs had a sweet smell and disturbed her head.

‘Don’t lose consciousness.’

She vowed to herself.

“Stop right now.”


“This shit. Remove those damned flowers and release the elves in here.”

“Let me clear it up, this is definitely a misunderstanding. I never forced them, and no one was harmed. Rather, they are just working hard for a quick recovery and stability. I can’t entrust elves to humans who don’t know much about us.”

“You aren’t an elf.”

“I’m a half-elf.”


Gael Wise moved, and Jarin stepped back but she couldn’t run as she saw two humans appearing from behind her.

‘Damn it. they are experts.’

That wasn’t a problem.

It was difficult to breathe. Unlike the others who had masks on, she was constantly exposed to the scent and she felt her strength fading to the point where she couldn’t even stand properly.

However, someone helped her hold her ground. She knew that the experts were coming, and she felt her will breaking.

But after a while.



Jarin, who felt the heat rise suddenly, came to her senses. And she looked down. She clenched her fists and opened them.

It seemed fine. Every nook and cranny of her body which had been weak a moment ago suddenly seemed fine. It felt as if the dust in her body was purged in the fire.


But she couldn’t speak.

Yet her eyes moved, Jarin’s eyes focused on the young man who supported her and moved ahead.



Airn was walking towards Gael Wise.


The half-elf stuttered.

It was different from before. Despite the face being covered in a mask, his eyes could still be seen.

They were clearly flustered and shocked.

There was anxiety and hopelessness in those eyes.



A pain he would never forget all his life.

Gael Wise lost consciousness after a single hit and fell down.



Airn couldn’t accept it.

He looked down at the monster who fell to the floor with cold eyes.

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