Chapter 296 - Neither Human nor Elf (2)

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‘… how did he get here?’

Until Jarin came to the basement, Gael didn’t think much of it. Although she was the daughter of an elf race’s tribe head, it had been long since she broke ties with them.

And there were enough ways to deal with her, and he decided that even if he didn’t take an extreme choice now, he could take her down first and slowly decide what to do with her.

Of course, he was curious about how she knew about this place. But first of all, the task at hand had to be finished.

‘I can ask her later.’

That thought disappeared in an instant due to the presence of the other person.

‘Airn Pareira.’

Gael Wise’s eyes widened.

Airn Pareira. The young hero of the Hale Kingdom who wielded a golden greatsword as if it was as light as a branch.

As a merchant, rather than an item he had to have, Gael felt that he had to make the acquaintance of this existence for life.

After his identity was revealed, he thought a lot about how to build good ties between them.

But it didn’t matter anymore.

Now that person was standing there and softly radiating his aura with a stiff expression.

The moment he saw him, Gael knew.

‘He knows about this!’

He didn’t know how much. However, it was a feeling that he felt deep in his bones, and it wasn’t good news.

Of course, considering the influence of the merchant guild and the position he had, it wouldn’t be a huge deal…

Was what he thought.

Gael Wise put on a puzzled expression as he watched Airn approaching him.




‘He hit me? Me?’

That was Gael’s last thought as he lost consciousness.


He fell. It looked like he was lying on the rough floor. And no one came to take care of him. The two men behind Jarin thought.

‘What do we do?’

‘Should I run away? No, I can’t do that…’

When they faced Jarin, they could handle it, but now they couldn’t.

They were experts, and that meant that they could subdue one silver card mercenary magician in an instant.

However, strength was always relative.

In front of a Sword Master, who numbered only 200 on the entire continent, they felt small.




An eerie silence continued in that dark basement. The experts neither said anything nor did they try to run.

All they could do was hold their breath. Even Jarin couldn’t move.

She was on the verge of exploding out of her body like an active volcano of anger and hatred. But even bigger emotions could be felt from this blonde young man.


Airn looked at Gael Wise.

He heard it from Jarin, but honestly, he didn’t want to believe it because of the good things about him. Even when he was in bed for 10 years, he had heard about this man.

He was someone who supported the poor and provided education generously for those who did not have the opportunity to learn. Other than that, he was a person with a good name who helped a lot of people.

But the moment he got here he knew.

There was evil and malice all around.

It was impossible to not know because the dark and ugly malice was so deep inside that it was pointless to control it from coming out.

It wasn’t as if he tracked the darkness and investigated it. Airn was just walking in the darkness that the half-elf spread.

‘… No, now he cannot be called a half-elf.’

He closed his eyes and remembered the past.

He had seen something similar to this.

Yprene Slick.

Although his abilities and position were great on the continent, he was an ugly old magician who held no respect for others.

And that wasn’t the end.

He left the Hale Kingdom with a deep sense of revenge and had brought up more malice which piled up in his heart.

It wasn’t known what magic Yprene was using at that time…

‘… if it had been completed, my family would have gone through a lot.’

Recollecting that, Airn opened his eyes.

The dark basement. The scent of flowers inside. The dark malice between them.

Even though they knew all this, the two experts agreed to this.

Finally, the half-elf who planned this.


He was now neither human nor elf…. He’s like a devil.

‘What do I do?’

Phew, he sighed.

There was no need to worry when dealing with demons and devils, he could just kill them. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that. The only thing he feared was if a devil he couldn’t overcome appeared.

But what about now?

Even though he was a human, Yprene Slick had a heart as terrifying as a devil’s.

Gael Wise, a half-elf, who was believed to be a bridge of peace between humans and elves, was actually someone who benefited from them in the ugliest way.

They were both members of society and they couldn’t be punished according to Airn’s will.

He wasn’t saying that Gael didn’t deserve what was coming.

‘If I punish Gael Wise here, then diplomatic problems will occur, and that will lead to racial conflicts and social chaos.’

Thinking about all of that made it difficult to judge.

It was like when he was in the Alhad mountains.

It was a painful question without a clear answer. No matter which path he chose, it would leave behind regrets.






And consideration.

It was even more than when he faced the devil, and Airn entered the endless darkness holding the sword.

It was then.

“Are you fine, Mr. Wise?”

Three men appeared. There was an unusual force. Seeing that the atmosphere grew stronger somehow, someone who was at the expert level or more had to have come.

But they weren’t important.

The oldest of three.

Sword Master Brudie Schaffer.

The experts behind, along with Jarin, revealed darkened expressions.

‘This, we should have ended it quickly and left!’

She didn’t underestimate Airn Pareira’s skills. Who in the world could ignore a Sword Master?

However, if the opponent was another master, it is a different story. And it has been more than 20 years since Brudie reached Sword Master.

Her eyes moved.

Airn Pareira and Brudie Schaffer

Jarin’s face darkened as she looked at both sides.

‘Not matter how much I think about it, it has only been 5 years since Airn turned into a master, so he cannot win…’

She didn’t miss his actions.

Maybe she was late, but she knew that he defeated all the demons and purified the earth infested with magi.

That scene was still engraved in her mind and probably would be for the rest of her life. However, a devil and a Sword Master are different things.

Moreover, Brudie had two people, and another two came over now.

Did he also know about this?

Although his expression right now was worrisome, the corner of his eyes showed confidence.

“Young lord Airn Pareira, please stop.”


“There seems to be some misunderstanding, please calm down. And don’t worry. If you stop, we are also willing to have a conversation. So…”

What Brudie Schaffer said was true.

Even if he couldn’t capture Airn, he was confident in defeating him. Considering the difference in experience, it was natural.

The part he was concerned about was the status of Airn Pareira on the continent.

‘To bring on the Lindsay family and Lloyd family and the Krono school as our enemies if we touch him…’

So, this had to be solved in a moderate way.

That was his idea.

However, there was one thing that Brudie didn’t know.

The true skills of Airn Pareira.

The sight he didn’t see because they had arrived late.

If it wasn’t enough that he defeated the demons and devils, the power with which he destroyed the curse of the devil at once… he couldn’t have imagined that this man could do it.


Airn raised his left arm. Everyone was startled, and they all clenched their fists. The energy of the flowers scattered through the room was sucked into his hand.



Brudie’s eyes fluttered open.

He couldn’t understand. Was it swordsmanship? Or was it sorcery?

One thing was clear. It was impossible to leave this opponent alone.

Clenching his teeth, he pulled out his beloved sword from the sheath.

At that moment, Airn, who was looking up, looked at him.



A suppressed groan escaped from Brudie Schaffer’s mouth. At the same time, he took two steps back.

He couldn’t believe it.

Was he backing up just from looking at the eyes of a man?

It wasn’t a dream.

Nor was it a lie.

Airn Pareira’s eyes were still staring at him with the same heat as a volcano.


Meanwhile, the mysterious phenomenon continued.

The sweet smell of the herbal flower continued to be sucked in.

The darkness was sucked in, and an ugly malice comparable to the devil’s desire was also sucked in without leaving a single drop behind.

The spheres gathered in Airn’s fist had an unpleasant aura which made them frown.


The blonde hero touched his necklace with it.

The necklace that was taken a long time back from the treasury of Durkali.

Its complete potential wasn’t revealed yet, but it was partially known.

It was the result of a combined study between Lulu and Gorha.

Eventually, the power of the five spirits appeared in the world.

Fire, water, earth, metal and wood.

A new space, a new dimension created by the foundation which made up the world.

Airn, who sealed the malice, looked at the Wise head. Brudie Schaffer was moving towards him.


But he wasn’t flustered.

Without stopping the malice sealing, Airn stretched out his right hand. And the gold sword appeared. The light from the sword was bright enough to fill the entire basement.

The highlight was the Aura Sword.

An aura of surprisingly high density which grew more and more!

Arin swung the sword to the floor.

It was right in front of where Brudie Schaffer was going to put his foot.



The old swordsman stopped walking.

He regained his balance, stood still, and looked at the floor which was cut.

… and, he didn’t move.

It was when Jarin who had been watching, was about to say something.

“No, you aren’t trying to kill everyone here, right?”

Gael Wise came to his senses.

Airn looked at him and hit him, and Gael didn’t avoid it. His face contorted with pain and he started breathing heavily.

However, his intense eyes didn’t give up. And he glared at the young hero.

“If there is a punishment that I deserve, I will sweetly accept it in the Holy Kingdom. The punishment of elves is forbidden unless it is by elves themselves or Avilius.”


“You might not want to break that and…”





Airn swung his sword.

Accordingly, the swords of the other swordsmen split in half. Brudie Schaffer was no exception. Gael Wise’s expression was distorted.

To him, Airn said.

“On the way, you come with me.”

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