Chapter 297 - Neither Human nor Elf (3)

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“Kukuku, do you know how funny the brat was back then? Totally…”

“No, you shouldn’t bring that up! Then, you were…”

“Shut up! We decided to not bring it up!”

“What! Did something like that happen? Fine, let them both go.”

“Haha, idiots. Well…”


“Yah, something is wrong!”

“Uh? What is it?”

“What now? Have the demons attacked?”

‘Haha,’ the mercenaries were joking about it, and everyone laughed. There was no way that would be the case if a demon appeared, but they weren’t worried.

Didn’t they have two Sword Masters?

Besides, they had experts who would support them. Considering the people with Wise, worrying was foolish.

The strange thing was that even the one who came in to speak something knew it.


“What is wrong with you?”

Looking at those who had a serious expression, everyone began to sense something was seriously wrong.

If he said a joke in this atmosphere, he would get hit so they knew something was up.

“It is difficult to explain… come and see. The atmosphere is bad.”

“Bad? What…”

“Between the Wise head and Airn Pareira.”


“They don’t seem to get along.”



Silence fell and the fun atmosphere turned cold. All of them were under the grace of Gael Wise and were indebted to Airn.

The two could never be forgotten. So, the drunken travelers went out to see the situation.

And they encountered an unbelievable sight.

Four experts were standing there disarmed with bewildered expressions. Brudie Schaffer had his sword broken and Airn was facing them with a face of anger.

Gael Wise, the head of the group and the head of Wise merchants was also there, and he looked beaten, and… and Airn seemed angry at him more than ever.

Everyone gulped in that air and a firm voice came from Airn.

“Those who wished to head to the capital of Avilius under the protection of Wise… I feel sorry for you, but we will have to part ways now. Because these people don’t deserve it.”



“If you still want to move together, I will not stop you, but the atmosphere in the party will not be the same. Be mindful of that.”

Saying that Airn Pareira disappeared.

People watched him blankly for a long time as he left, taking away Gael Wise, holding him by the neck.

What happened?

How big was the fight for the son of Wise to be like this?

And what of Brudie Schaffer?

A person who had been a master for 20 years? Why did he fight?

“What is this…. Ah! Jarin!”

Ethan, who was bewildered, saw Jarin.

Giovanni and Kenan approached also her. Only Vulcanus sat in peace. Unlike those who were restless, he was savoring the beer.

“What? What is it?”

“Did they drink and fight?”

“Fool, Aron, no Airn, ah, Mr. Airn? Ah, shit, what should I call… whatever, he isn’t like that!”

“That is true. Gael Wise is also not like that.”

“Then what happened…”

“He kidnapped the elves.”



“And… as I said before, Gael Wise is an ass.”

Elf Jarin, who talked till there, began to pour out words with a cold face.

“I’ll say it.”

A few days passed. In the meantime, the number of people who were in the Wise group fell.

They all wanted their own safety and didn’t want to be in the middle of a conflict.

There were no more dangerous places after Tamoe Forest, so it was natural. And Ethan’s party was the only one with Airn and Vulcanus.

To be honest, Ethan too didn’t want to get involved in this, but considering his relationship with Jarin, he couldn’t turn his eyes away.

‘Since we have been together for 5 years, there isn’t a single one of us who doesn’t owe it to her…’

Jarin might not know, but they thought of her as a sibling. Adding to that was the guilt of not believing her.

“Even if we die, let’s die together and if we live, then let’s live together.”

“Right, fuck! What is that man?”

“I know. No, those who do wrong things in the first place shouldn’t act proud!”

“Right. But what is with your voice? Why is it as small as a mosquito’s?”



Jarin laughed.

It was understandable that they couldn’t speak about it. No matter how guilty the man was, he was still the head of Wise.

It was a group with a huge influence on the world and no one would deny it. They had power greater than a nation.

‘Airn is great.’

Jarin looked ahead. She saw the back of Airn. Ethan, Giovanni and Kenan were walking at a distance thinking he would feel comfortable.

However, despite being far away, his presence was felt. And with his presence, they also felt the trust, faith and reassurance that seemed to withstand any pressure anyone could be in.

‘It isn’t good to just have such goodwill, but…’

Jarin looked to the other side.

He saw the experts of the merchant guild who had troubled expressions. More frightening than them was the face of Brudie Schaffer.

Looking at him who was glaring at Airn, she thought,

‘Can we arrive without problems?’

It wasn’t just Jarin’s thoughts.

Everyone along with Ethan had the same thought.

And that evening.

Among the party which camped outside because there was no city, an existence moved.

Brudie Schaffer.

He was sharpening the sword in his mind for the entire day watching for Airn’s gaps and was finally able to act.

However, such an attempt was stopped in a few seconds.

“Whatever you do.”



… Brudie Schaffer’s body stopped.

He couldn’t move. His hand was holding the sword and his footsteps had been muffled. He couldn’t even dream how he was found out.

His breathing turned rough.

And in his eyes which barely moved, appeared the form of a blonde man.

“Whatever gap you aim for, whatever method you choose, I can handle anything.”


“Try it if you are curious.”

Saying that Airn closed his eyes. Silence fell on the group again.

But no one could sleep.

Not the master.

Not the experts.

‘… damn it!’

His body trembled.

He wanted to rush in, use the aura sword and shove it into Airn’s neck. If that was impossible, he wanted to cut off a few limbs of that elf.

He wanted to ridicule and humiliate her for doing this. But he couldn’t.

Because he knew. It was impossible.

… in the end, all he could do was calmly put down his weapon and go to bed.

“Airn Pareira.”

At that time a person broke the silence.

It was Gael Wise.

While everyone trembled in fear, Ethan’s party too was holding their breath, he was calm, and Jarin thought it was absurd.

Airn opened his eyes again.

Gael Wise accepted his gaze with the darkness within him and spoke.

“Do you know how I became the head of Wise and the best merchant on the continent?”


“Because I have a lot of friends. Friends who are far more capable and powerful than you can even think. Of course, in Avilius too.”


“You seem to have nothing to say.”


Gael Wise laughed at it.

Everyone had bewildered expressions on their faces. Some looked at him with shocked eyes. Surely, he had influence but right now, Airn had him by the throat.

How could he show such boldness?

‘He must see it.’

Gael Wise smiled.

He knew. He knew very well what Airn Pareira was.

As long as he accepted walking down to Avilius, he wouldn’t harm him despite what he said. Because he had such a personality.

A young man with the heart of a hero who was better than anyone.

‘Conciliation is impossible, but… there is no need to be afraid. After all, he moves within his set lines.’

If it was Ignet, Gael would have stayed silent. If it was the hot-tempered Khun, Gael would have been silent.

But now it was Airn.

A being who was said to be the kindest, and someone who never crossed the line.

The half-elf smiled and said.

“I know. Your connections are great. The Krono Swordsmanship school, the Lloyd family, and the Lindsay family which is considered as the best… all of them are good. Even if we are the Wise Guild, they cannot be treated lightly. But…”


“…even if you add all of them up, you cannot exceed the power of the Holy Kingdom.”

The values of order and the continent’s law that was set by them couldn’t be undermined.

Gael’s words ended there.

After he finished, he went back to bed and silence fell.

No one fell asleep.

Some smiled while some trembled in anger and most of them were confused.


Meanwhile, Airn was calm. Until the morning, he didn’t get up.

A month after the subjugation of the Veil Devil.

Finally, Airn arrived in Avilius.

Of course, it takes about 5 more days to reach the capital, but it felt strange to have set foot here.

It was like something big was about to happen. And those thoughts turned to reality.

A group of horses approached them. Gael Wise, who checked the flag, discovered them to be to the Pritchard family, and he clenched his fists.

‘Count Pritchard moved quickly as promised.’

Esteban Pritchard was his customer and a family in the Holy Kingdom whose power couldn’t be ignored. As long as he moved, this problem could be solved.

The half-elf looked at Airn with a sly smile.

However, after a while.

Gael Wise’s expression began to harden.

‘… it isn’t Count Pritchard who is in the lead?’

It was strange.

The flag was of the Count, but the vassals weren’t. He knew the Count wasn’t leading them because he could see the Count, with his handsome mustache, in the following the Vanguard.

Then that man is?

With white fluttering hair, and a physique stronger than anyone… The old man approached with a strong air around him.


Gael’s body stiffened.

He discovered the identity of the man. He was a powerhouse of the previous generation known to have died, but he had reappeared during the insurgence of the devils.

The former Red Knights commander, Quincy Myers.

But the identity of the man didn’t matter because of what followed.

“Long time no see.”

“Long time no see.”

Airn Pareira and Quincy Myers exchanged greetings with friendly faces and seeing the two who seemed to be close, Gael Wise and the others of his group became extremely confused.

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