Chapter 301 - Hero’s Promise (4)

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The Ancient language.

The Ancient language, which wasn’t used by the people of this time, referred to the language used by a minority of people at least 400 years ago, or the language that was prevalent during the ancient kingdom 1000 years back.

‘Quite interesting.’

The Holy King also paid attention to this. In order to uphold the word of God, which had existed since the beginning, constant study was necessary. Even now, many theologians were still interpreting the ancient texts through constant research, so the current situation was more than welcomed.

‘Of course, the Queen of Runtel may not be looking at ancient tests only as a humanistic value, but…’

Among the scripts were special ones.

It was something that ordinary people couldn’t understand, and even great scholars who were full of historical knowledge and literacy couldn’t make sense of.

Being able to grasp and understand ‘magic’… a special power that only those with the qualification of magicians could feel.

‘Magicians can understand the Dragon Language, and the sorcerers can feel the power of dragons? It seems as though it is a real thing. As soon as it was touched it glowed naturally.’

A silent laugh escaped from the King’s mouth.

In his heart, he wanted to laugh out loud, but if he did, he was sure to get a stinky eye from the bad-tempered woman standing across from him.

He didn’t want to do that because the concentration on Jia Runtel’s face was now truly amazing.

Her eyes, which seemed to have forgotten everything except the thing in her hands, and the ancient language which was engraved on it, gave him chills.

An hour passed.

And two.

The Queen of Runtel said nothing, and the Holy King couldn’t wait longer.

So, he asked.

“Did you find out anything?”

“… no.”


“Right. Truthfully, it is older than what I know of, and there are a lot of older characters. Perhaps…”

Jia Runtel, who was silent, continued to speak in a voice that couldn’t hide her excitement.

“… it’s not just a ‘word’ anymore, it has convinced me that it might be the real dragon language. Look here.”

She turned her head. Her eyes seemed to be on fire. It was blazing as hot as the sun.

“This, sell this to me.”


“You need money. How much do you need? How much will be needed to give me this?”

It was a desire she couldn’t hide.

An indescribable desire.

The intense emotions she had were enough to shake the heart of anyone but not of the Holy King.

After being silent for a while with a deadpan expression, he said,

“I have a proposal.”

“Phew, it was hard.”

Airn mumbled as he lay on his bed. He couldn’t help it. To others, he might have looked normal, but he was truly nervous there.

It wasn’t because it was the Holy King.

Rather, there was a real opponent that he had to overcome.

‘Ignet Crescentia.’

Recalling his goal, he closed his eyes. The memories from a year ago were still vivid in his mind.

Above all, he saw her figure radiating heat like the sun.

It felt like she wouldn’t lose no matter how much he tried.

So, he thought about it even further. If he didn’t want to lose to her, then he would have to climb higher.

‘Of course, I cannot ignore the others.’

Bratt Lloyd, who hasn’t been around him recently, must have grown beyond imagination, and it must be the same with Judith, whom he hadn’t seen in two years. The flame she showed was purer than Ignet’s.

He couldn’t even guess what the result would be. Whether she would be able to burn everything, including Airn’s own brilliance.

In addition, many strong people were coming here to participate.

Some wouldn’t be as good as the rumors, but for the most part, he thought that it would be better to think of them as better than himself. A person’s name wouldn’t be well known for nothing.

‘In the end, to win, it can’t be like this. I need to get stronger.’

After thinking about it, Airn got up from the bed and opened his eyes.

He was going to put the thoughts into action, but then he heard something.

“Someone is here for Airn Pareira.”

“… for me?”

“Yes. They are waiting in the training hall… may I guide you?”

As soon as he heard that, another emotion rose in Airn’s heart.

“Ilya! Did she come here already?’


The reason he was coming here wasn’t just to participate in the festival, but to also visit his lover, Ilya Lindsay.

And if it was said that his lover was waiting for him, how could he not go?

In an instant, he was overcome with intense emotion and opened the door, which startled the guide.

And said,

“Guide me.”


“Quick. Quickly please.”

“Yes, I understand.”

The guide, who was a bit shocked, calmed down and nodded. Then he started to walk at a faster pace.

Of course, Airn wasn’t satisfied with it.

But he couldn’t make the guide run, so he quietly followed him, and a little while after leaving the building, he reached the training hall.

And someone was there.


Without a word, Airn looked at that person.

He saw the silver hair and a body that was stable.

Wielding the sword harder than anyone else and manipulating the wind around… the pride of the Adan Kingdom.

Ilya Lindsay,

… no…it wasn’t her, but rather, it was her father, Joshua Lindsay.

And he spoke in a cheerful voice as he looked at Airn.

“Nice seeing you here, Airn Pareira.”


“Why aren’t you talking? Did you expect someone other than me? My daughter maybe?”


“Looking at your face it looks exactly like that. It is sad but Ilya is training. And it is her important moment, so you won’t be able to see her for another two weeks, understand?”

“… I understand.”

“It sounds like you are unhappy with it.”


“It is strange. Seeing you like that, strangely makes me feel very good. Haha, hahaha!”




Joshua Lindsay swung his sword.

As if he was really excited and happy, he exuded a light and refreshing feeling.

That deepened the disappointment of Airn.


He summoned his greatsword and applying aura on it, he said,


“I hope it isn’t rude, but can we spar?”

“Oh, a spar? Fine. But only a spar?”


“To call this a spar, your eyes look so bitter. I don’t think any father of your lover will like seeing…”

“I will come then.”

Airn responded briefly. Thud, as soon as Airn said it, the next sight that Joshua saw was of a man ferociously advancing towards him. It was something he normally didn’t see from Airn.

“Hahaha. Hahaha!”

Joshua didn’t care.

No, on the contrary, this was more enjoyable for him. And he burst into laughter. Although this was more annoying, Airn could do nothing.

… there was no choice but to wield the sword in anger and disappointment.

“Haha, Hahaha, Hahaha…”



Hearing Joshua Lindsay’s laughter that resounded endlessly as they shared the sun, Airn shed tears of blood inside.

“Your senses are dull.”


“Is it because you haven’t been in a spar lately?”

“It isn’t like I can deny it.”

Joshua nodded his head at Airn’s words.

Although he had criticized Airn, Joshua was surprised. Airn had grown tremendously over the past couple of months. He didn’t mention it because he didn’t want to, but the spar they had now wasn’t something Joshua could do in a relaxed way.

Which made it unfortunate.

The things that he pointed out were separate from his growth.

It felt extremely practical and methodical.

‘The rotation was slow and the tip of the sword was slightly disappointing.’

Airn seriously thought of what was being pointed out.

Actually, it wasn’t a huge deal. His goals of increasing the amount of aura and aura operations were difficult to achieve in the short term. However, it was easy to give strength to the relaxed body and mind.

If there was a fight in a series of fierce battles that were close to actual battles, Joshua would be able to feel the cells in his body wake up, and his vision would be widened.

The problem was that this wouldn’t work with this opponent.

“I cannot. I cannot do anything good for my daughter’s rival.”


“Was it too rude? Well, let me phrase it nicely… Ilya doesn’t have enough time for her training. As I said before, it is a huge moment for her.”

“I understand.”

Airn nodded his head.

A father cannot help but say he will work for the sake of his daughter’s growth. He wasn’t thoughtless enough to make an unreasonable request towards such a man.

‘But I have no partner.’

He heard that Bratt and Judith arrived in the Holy Kingdom, but they, too, like Ilya, seemed to be working hard on their own training.

It was possible to go and ask them, but it was difficult to ask them to spar with him.

Has Khun, Ian, or Karakum arrived?

If so, asking for their help would be the best…

Various worries popped into his head, and Joshua stared at Airn with an expression that seemed to understand him.

The same was true for a woman in her early 30s who was next to him. Without a word, she watched Airn with a face that seemed to be thinking about him.

… Joshua, who felt the presence belatedly, took a stance.

“Not you.”

The woman said softly.

Like him, Airn, who recognized it late, turned. His eyes were full of surprise, and his hands tensed, ready to summon the greatsword at any moment.

Clearly not caring, she said with a calm expression.

“No matter what you think, it isn’t you.”


“I have no idea that you would even know the value of it. It isn’t something you bought yourself. Someone else must have gotten it.”

Or was it maybe luck?

She mumbled when Joshua asked.

“Who are you?”

And the answer was short.




The two swordsmen were overcome with emotion.


The name of the most powerful kingdom only second to Avilius, and the first of the three major magic families.

There was only one person on the continent who could use such a name like that.

Jia Runtel.

The Queen of magicians.

Even Joshua, who was sober and calm, gulped.

“Tell me.”

Her voice rang.

“Tell me how you got this item, without omissions.”

It was in a calm voice that contained neither magic nor strength.

Yet, Airn felt a pressure on him.

It was a feeling similar to his first encounters with swordsmen.

Fortunately, she offered a deal.

“Then I will grant you a wish. Of course, it should be within the limits of what I can do.”


“However, the limit of mine is wider than you think.”

Now, say it.

Urged the Queen.

Joshua stepped back, realizing that this wasn’t his place to speak.

It was an act of consideration, but the pressure doubled on Airn. Without realizing it, sweat ran down his back.

But it was fine.

Taking a short breath, he looked into Jia Runtel’s eyes.

Suddenly, what she wanted to hear came out of Airn’s mouth.

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