Chapter 302 - Hero’s Promise (5)

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Just like the strong paladins it had, the training halls of the Avilius also showcased its might in its own way.

Moreover, since the biggest event on the continent was being held, it was necessary to provide the best amenities to the participating guests.

Therefore, Airn Pareira was also assigned a fairly large independent training ground. The problem was that the training center that he had received was reduced to almost ruins in a week.

“It is fine. It isn’t too bad.”


“Then, shall I go once again?”




The Queen of magicians, Jia Runtel, was the one who had just spoken. As soon as she said that, a shrill noise rose all over the place, and Airn gulped at it.1

A stone golem which seemed to have swallowed the floor of the training hall, rose up. There were dozens or maybe even a hundred fireballs floating in the sky, and there were countless thunderbolts mixed into the fray too. They all seemed to be ready to fire at him.

In addition to the fire and lightning magic, various other aspects of magic that were unknown to him unfolded simultaneously below the ground and in the air.

As if each attack had a will of its own, they were all waiting for a chance to strike at him. And despite being nervous, Airn wasn’t scared.

He smiled brightly.

He raised his sword that represented his family… the sword he swung for his loved ones. Furthermore, he was an aspiring hero who had the steel sword to protect the continent.

‘Because I want to be faithful to the sword and swordsmanship.’


He had been training for more than ten years and was a real swordsman who enjoyed the sword 200%.


Shortly thereafter, The Runtel Queen’s attack began. The first was lightning magic. Thanks to the barrier that was placed around the training hall, the majority of her power could be unleashed without holding back.

Airn knew that it would be too late to react solely by seeing, thinking, and then reacting. In order to respond quickly, he had to rely on his instincts.

He had to clear his head.

He had to clear his mind, expand his horizon, and mobilize his senses even beyond what was normally capable.

The new form of Airn, who seemed as though he could see the dust in the air and even feel its weight, disappeared in an instant.


Airn appeared 20 meters away and swung his greatsword.

Papapang! The fireballs that approached him exploded.

The bundle of lightning fell on him through the gap, making Airn take a few steps forward to avoid it. And those he could avoid through minimal movement were avoided by moving his shoulders.


The lightning that descended on him collapsed, and the Queen of Runtel who watched it made an interesting expression.

‘He is a lot more fun than I thought.’

She realized that Airn was a great guy. It wasn’t that unusual when she remembered him talking to the old king confidently.

Besides, it was just two years ago that he was able to defeat Yprene Slick, and during that time, he must have gotten even stronger. So, it wasn’t strange that he was able to endure these attacks.

‘But… his method is unique.’

Jia Runtel recalled the situation which happened before.

Fireballs and lightning magic.

Since it wasn’t a physical attack, there was only one way to handle it, either dodge them all or destroy them with the Aura Sword.

At least that was what she thought. But Airn didn’t do that. He dodged some and smashed some, and ‘blew’ some away.

He would bring his sword close to his shoulder and bounce the attack away, using it as a spring of sorts.

‘Like… for a moment his entire body turns into a lump of iron.’

And things like that kept happening.


When he blocked the next flames that came upon him, he showed cool and smooth movement like water.


Airn would show a standard response when dealing with the earth golem, which was constantly chasing after him. He would block, stab and cut without getting the least bit flustered.

Of course, just pouring water into the situation and repeating his actions wouldn’t work. As long as Jia Runtel’s mental power was relaxed and fine, the damaged parts of the golem would recover.

The important thing was that Airn didn’t seem to be tired.



She had felt it. The moment the golem’s fist touched Airn’s attack, a considerable amount of energy was sucked in through the greatsword.

At that moment, he seemed like a tree. It felt like he was putting down roots into the ground and absorbing the golem’s nutrients.

After observing for a long time, she finally realized what Airn was using.

‘This kid… he is using the spirit technique of the orcs.’

It wasn’t like she hadn’t heard of it. The method that was unique to the Orcs’ race which utilized the spirits of the world, the five elements, and used it like Aura.

Although it was completely different from magic, Jia Runtel knew more about it than others. So, it was even more surprising.

She knew how difficult it would be to use it, the time and the concentration required to draw energy into a single place…

‘In such fast situations he is able to use that?’

Beyond that, he was even able to strengthen himself at the same time?

It was confusing.

But interesting too. Contrary to the indifference she had initially, she was now interested in him. Of course, she didn’t mean to hurt him just because she was curious.

Jia Runtel increased the output a little more, and the number of magic spells increased. Still, Airn got through it pretty well.

Moreover, as if his body was getting used to it, he was showing sharper responses. But that didn’t last forever.

As the Queen’s expression turned more serious, Airn’s form suddenly collapsed. It was because he was deceived by illusion magic which had risen from the floor and made him lose his balance.


“Phew, haahaa, ha… thank, thank you.”

“Well. This much is enough for you today.”

Jia Runtel laughed.

It was sincere. She was determined to do her best against Airn. And the Queen of Runtel did say she would grant any wish of his.

And he had asked her without any greed.

‘Please help me to raise my senses of battle.’

Considering that she wanted to meet the cat sorcerer, it shouldn’t be a huge deal. So, she said alright.

‘Rather than being greedy, what he had was an honest feeling of achieving something. I felt it when he was inside the room meeting the king, but… he was really a good fit for this contest.’

Simply put, right now, this guy was uninteresting.

But considering his potential and abilities, other than his lack of talent for magic, it was difficult to ignore him.

In any case, until the Warrior’s Festival began, and until that cat sorcerer arrived, her duty was to get along with him, so she acquiesced and observed.

It was time to look at the ancient characters again.

“But is that a magic tool?”


“That golden cup. It was given to me by Lulu, the cat sorcerer, so I thought it held sorcery powers…”


“Ah, if it’s hard to explain, it is fin…”

“Whether it be magic or sorcery, as the realm rises there are overlapping sections.”

Jian Runtel opened her mouth and answered Airn.

What was surprising was the content.

Magic and sorcery overlap?

It was shocking because the Queen of Magic was saying this.

Comparing magic which worked through countless calculations and procedures, with sorcery which had no rules…

For magicians, it wasn’t such a nice thing. But the Queen didn’t seem to hate sorcerers.

She continued.

“High level magicians can technically use magic without spells, but most of them don’t. We get help from something. And the same goes for the great magicians too. In order to create effective magic, there is a need to have something which helps you focus. And the most common ones are words and spells.”


“Language is a tool for thinking, and thoughts come from the human mind. From that point of view, it cannot be said to be necessarily different from the sorcery which changes through aspirations. Of course, the process is different…”

Jia Runtel, who thought for a moment, mumbled in a small voice.

“… everytime I see an ancient character that seems to contain magic and sorcery… I wonder whether it is possible to fuse the two, or maybe even whether the two were one from the start.”


“Hm. Did I get too absorbed in it and kept blabbering?”

“N-Not at all.”

Airn shook his head, and Jia Runtel laughed.

“Well… to be honest, swordsmanship, holy power and spirits are similar too. Like the sword of the Black Knight Commander, the holy power is a miracle which burns through the individual’s heart because of his love or reverence for gods. Even….”

Considering that even the devil’s contracts come with destructive forces.

Everything in the world can be considered to be the outcome of the mind.

Talking till there, she smiled and said.

“Of course, it would be difficult to study the mind from the magician’s point of view and analyze it and find an answer which is clear enough to explain it.”


“Fine. The talks end here. Do you want to go again?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Airn got up and nodded his head. However, his concentration wasn’t the best. The contents of the talk he had with Jia Runtel lingered on his mind for a long time.

Everything that made up all the things of the world, all the powers and abilities of the humans were… maybe from the mind and heart.

‘Somehow, I like it.’

He didn’t understand it, but it made him feel better.

He finally cleared his head and said to Jia Runtel.


Airn raised his sword.

And he took his stance. It wasn’t just the stance that had become sharp. It was the same for his mind too.

He would win. He had to stop focusing on the results, and had to show the appropriate process to the people and spread hope to everyone on the continent.

From the sword of the hero whose heart had bloomed anew, a light began to rise with firm belief.

“Phew, phew…”

He was tired. He also felt sensitive. And it was confusing.

Even after drawing the power of darkness, which he had promised not to use, it didn’t feel too overpowering.

As a matter of fact, he was being pushed back.

The one who abandoned his family name, Carl, looked at his opponent with tensed eyes.

The old man still looked like a monster with his arms blown away, and only a handful of Aura left.

An unknown question flowed from the mouth of the fastest swordsman, Khun.

“Do you know the story about the two wolves which live in the human heart?”

  1. For some reason, the author is adamant about referring to Jia Runtel as the King of Magicians. I have changed almost all of them, but just in case I've missed any, this is why, hahaha. ↩️

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