Chapter 306 - War of Nerves (2)

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“Funny. A kid like that gets invited to Avilius? Did something go wrong?”

Seeing Judith enter the hall, Zakuang mumbled it.

It wasn’t that he wanted a fight…he just truly didn’t understand why the Holy Kingdom made this decision.

‘Bratt Lloyd next to her is fine but I cannot understand why someone who looks below us all is here.’

A competition to present the strong people who would lead the continent in the future. Unless there was another objective, Zakuang couldn’t understand why an expert with red hair was walking around so boldly.

Actually, most of the people who were here were people he knew, except for the kid, and all were Masters or on the edge of becoming one.

What could be the reason?

Did the red-haired woman reach the Master level?

It didn’t seem like that. So, was it through her connections? Did she come here through her connections to the Lloyd and Lindsay family?

‘I cannot know.’

What was clear was that she didn’t seem important.

“What are you looking at, kid?”

Zakuang asked with a smirk.

And he was a bit shocked since her eyes looked straight at him. Considering that she was in her early 20s, that seemed amazing.

At 30 or so she might become one of the giants supporting the continent. But not now, so…he had to figure out what her deal was.

It was when he turned away his gaze.

“Get lost.”

“…brat, what did you say?”


A terrifying force exuded from his body. It felt like hundreds of horses were running around wildly. Most of it was concentrated on the red-haired woman. But she didn’t back down.

She didn’t even seem scared. Rather, she said the same thing again.

“Fucking get out of my way.”




The hall turned silent.

People were asking what happened, and even the musicians who were playing music went silent, while the reporters who were doing their work just watched it.

“Hm. So that happened.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“No. Not at all.”

Judith’s question was answered by Bratt Lloyd with a smile.

“You’ll get sick if you hold back your words. So, speak whatever you want.”

“… what. Why do you suddenly feel bad?”

“Would you like me to stroke your hair?”

“Shut up. I don’t feel like joking.”

She cut off her lover’s words and looked at Zakuang.

She looked at his rough appearance, his ragged size and the scars on his body. But Judith didn’t seem scared of it, rather it only made her fire burn stronger.

‘… something makes me feel bad.’

Besides, she hadn’t been feeling well lately. Nothing bad had happened. The journey to the Holy Kingdom was smooth and she also had another achievement in the meantime.

She had a good time with Bratt whom she hadn’t met in a long time, and was confident of achieving good results in the festival too.

In other words, her current mental health was good enough to ignore this level of provocation.


‘I don’t know.’

Judith thought of her teacher and shook her head.

She was a bit upset; she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t come with her.

But she thought that she was being overbearing and then she spoke.

“That, sorry.”


“Sorry for swearing. Are we done here? It isn’t like you have said something nice, either.”

“What is this crazy brat even…”

“Ah, I did it again. I cursed another time. Fine, I will let this one go, so let’s end it nicely. Look everyone is staring at us… right?”


Someone’s laughter came from behind.

Inashio Karahan, who watched this commotion with an interesting look, cheered for Judith.

He thought it would be better if she riled up Zakuang a lot more. Even he didn’t dream things would come this far.

Seeing the face of the Southern Mercenary King on the verge of exploding, he shouted.

“Act in moderation, junior and seniors. It is a place where the people gather for the well-being of the continent…. Ah, sorry. I will stop.”

Inashio Karahan stepped back.

It was fun to watch, and he didn’t want to be involved in it. And gently passing by, he disappeared into the crowd.



There was silence again.

No one intervened in the situation between the two. Those who lacked the skills were pressured under the force of Zakuang, and those who could handle it thought this was bothersome.

However, they had a common thought.

‘… she is too calm.’

‘… how.’

‘…is she still holding on?’

The expression ‘killing people with force alone’ isn’t just an expression. There were experts who could apply the force of their energy on their opponents through aura. Not to mention that once they became Masters, no matter how talented an opponent expert would be, they would crumble in the face of that force.

But she was calm.

Amazingly calm and silent. And admiration for her burst from places, and everyone seemed shocked.

’This child!

Of course, Zakuang didn’t like it. However, there was no other way. If he wanted to take her down now, he would have to ask for a real fight which would become a mark on him, a Master who represented the south.

No matter how great he was, no one would be happy if a southerner wreaked havoc in Avilius.

The aura which he showed Inashio was for intimidation, not to cause a fight.

‘But if this keeps going on then…’

He frowned and he realized that sweat was forming on his head, and not Judith’s.

He couldn’t walk away.

However, it was burdensome to continue doing it. He didn’t know why, but this girl was able to handle him rather well.

But it didn’t seem like she had reached Master level yet, but she was capable of doing incomprehensible things.

Just like that, time went by as he worried, and he sensed something from behind him.


Zakuang looked back. He thought he was lucky. But when he looked back…

…it wasn’t Jarrot.

Ignet Crescentia.

The black-haired swordsman who was in charge of an entire Knight Order of the Holy Kingdom was looking at him with blank eyes.


Zakuang stiffened at it.

The sweat was starting to drip down faster now. He didn’t know. He was so distracted with this girl that he didn’t notice Ignet approaching him.

At that moment he heard a voice.

“Stop. Judith.”

Another young swordsman caught his eyes. The genius of the Adan Kingdom, Ilya Lindsay.

His expression hardened. He didn’t feel her either. The fact that she was this close to him.



And the atmosphere was weird.

Up until now, the fight between Zakuang and Judith was the biggest source of tension.

Jarrot and Bratt Lloyd who were by their sides should have acted up, but there was no denying the fact that this war of nerves between those two had brought in great people.

Even Inashio, Devan Kennedy, Ralph Penn and Camrin Ray couldn’t take their eyes off them.

And that wasn’t all.

Ignet Crescentia.

Ilya Lindsay.

As they watched the two swordsmen’s faces, the crowd felt a strong sense of pressure on them.

“… unusual.”

“Right. This…”

“A lot more than I thought.”

From a distance, the reporters mumbled. It was interesting, beyond exciting.

Unlike Zakuang or Judith, who had no specific contact points, Ignet and Ilya were entangled because of a famous story on the continent.

And the fact that the latter entered Krono to catch up with the former and went to the Land of Proof was well known.

‘However, no matter how good she is… it is no use if you can’t take down the opponent.’

A tall reporter remembered the past.

Unfortunately, unlike Ilya who was overly cautious of her opponents, Ignet never cared. Not just that, but with the look which seemed like she was far, it felt like Ignet was saying ‘She and I are not in the same class.’

But that wasn’t it now.

The silver haired swordsman looked at her opponent.

And the black-haired swordsman didn’t avoid the gaze. She even had a faint smile too.

They weren’t using aura yet. Yet the tension which rose from the two was tingling the skin of the others.

Even the swordsmen who were coming late had no chance but to gulp at it. But there were others who didn’t care.

Step step.

The sound of footsteps resounded.

And this drew the attention of the people. It was a little strange. Little by little, despite seeming insignificant, the heads of the swordsman turned and all their gaze were fixated on that one person. It was really weird.



Zakuang and Jarrot.

And Judith and Bratt too.

Even Ignet. Some people noticed that.

With eyes which were deeper than when she looked at Ilya and people saw that, they knew it. This was instinct acting up.

And the distance grew closer.

Step step.

A small pace.

Right, it felt like a slow movement.

There was no need to keep an eye on him.

People looked at the black-haired woman and the blonde-haired man.

Why is she so focused on him?

Is something going on between them?

They couldn’t know.

What was clear was that this young man had immense power to him.

… when they were all quietly holding their breath.

The blonde swordsman passed by Ignet.




Everyone had a puzzled expression on their face.

Some went stiff at what they saw. It was something different from what they expected.

But he didn’t care.

Airn Pareira, who stood in front of his lover, smiled and said.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you more.”

Ilya Lindsay smiled.

Seeing those two, Ignet Crescentia put on an absurd expression.


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