Chapter 307 - War of Nerves (3)

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It was nothing special, just a few words to show their love for each other. An ordinary sight anyone could see anywhere.

It was common for such young people to whisper sweet nothings to each other. Even if one went to a banquet, this was a common sight.

If one decided to look in a more secluded place, then they would find people in a more intense skinship rather than just words.




However, it is all a story which corresponded to an ordinary place at an ordinary time.

Dozens of Sword Masters and Experts were gathered here… they couldn’t come to their senses with the sudden soft change in the air. Just five years ago, wasn’t the situation bloody enough for their swords to be drawn?

Such was the case with the confrontation of Ignet and Ilya. They were looking at each other but now, it felt colder, and yet, sweat was breaking out.

It was like an illusion.

As if nothing had happened before.

Looking at Ilya Lindsay’s happy face and eyes which were soft, no one could think of anything else.

In that quiet atmosphere, Judith asked Bratt.

“.. what is that?”

“I told you. A lot has changed since before.”

“Yes, but…”

Judith mumbled.

She knew the two were now lovers. Because she heard Bratt say their full story.

Actually, to some extent she expected this to happen. She wasn’t quick-witted, but she too was able to know the warm atmosphere between the two when they were all together.

‘But I didn’t think it would be like this.’

They weren’t kissing in public places or doing something weird. But she knew. Contrary to the assumption that they were in a romantic relationship where they constantly look at each other as man and woman, they shared a deep love.

“Hu, I thought they were babies.”

“Yes? Our ki…”

“Shut up.”


“Anyway, it is amazing. I am so moved by this.”

Bratt grunted in a low voice, but Judith didn’t care. She looked at Airn and Ilya with a happy face. Of course, there were those who didn’t know.

No, most of them didn’t know. Those who couldn’t adjust to the sudden change in the air, and one among them was Ignet.


She couldn’t understand.

She was a woman who received the attention of many people. Whether it be envy, jealousy or hatred, it was intense. But now, she felt nothing.

It was because it felt like no one paid attention to her.

And it felt weird to be ignored by the one she started to become interested in. In the midst of the unknown, an unexplainable feeling of discomfort and weirdness crept in.

She was getting grumpy. She raised her aura for the first time after she came to the banquet hall.


It wasn’t wide, but the sharp energy was only directed at the two swordsmen.

It was as sharp as a needle, and it pierced the bodies of Airn and Ilya. Ignet gulped, expecting a reaction from them, and she felt tense for some reason.


However, the two were still looking at each other.

As if they were away from the world. With a poignant expression that seemed to say that no one could destroy or come between what they have.

Ignet was silent for a long time. In a state of silence, she seriously contemplated whether or not to raise it more.

It was the moment when she was planning on raising it more.

“He is here.”

“Julius Hul!”

“The Commander of White Knights!”

“Next to…”

“Is it His Majesty?”

A commotion broke out in the hall. It was because of the existence that appeared in the hall. One of the most powerful people in the Holy Kingdom, and the commander of the White Knights.

An existence whose aura was mixed with holy power, which made people nod their heads feeling refreshed and calm.

And it felt good to be in it in that presence of the man, the most powerful person in the Holy kingdom.

However, there was an existence which drew even more attention, the King. Although he hadn’t appeared officially for a long time,and although he didn’t give out any emotions, everyone knew of his identity.

How they figured it out wasn’t explainable. It just felt like him.


‘The existence which has guided Avilius for decades cannot be normal.’

‘Why is he coming here?’

‘Does he have something to say?’

‘I don’t want to be bored by a speech…’

The Holy Kingdom.

The Elderly man.

Supreme power.

It was a combination which indicated that there was a boring speech coming, so there was a hint of concern in the people, even though they were wondering when the speech would come.

That was especially the case with Zakuang and Jarrot who hated being a part of such things. However, contrary to all their expectations, the Holy King wasn’t a boring person.

He stopped walking and smiled.

“Nice to meet you all, the swordsmen who have talent. You are all destined to spread hope in the continent. Without further ado, I will show you the schedule.”





He hit the cane in his hand on the floor which made a silvery, almost translucent surface with texts form in the air.

It was the timetable for the contest.

It wasn’t just to show the swordsmen. The servants had paper in their hands and were quickly writing it down for the contestants.

The participants confirmed their matchups and gasped. There were no different matches for strong and weak. Everyone was mixed in a single table.

It would be the worst if one met a master and it would be good if they met an expert with good skills which would help them move on to the second round.

And in the process, if they could show off their skills, then there was a high chance of standing out in the eyes of the nobles.

Most wandering knights had such thoughts.

The match was important to the master class, and those wanting to win looked at everything.

Whoever the opponent was, they had to defeat everyone and get to the top, even if they met a strong one, they would have to win.

A stuffy groan escaped from those who were matched with strong opponents in the starting match and those with smooth matches smiled.


In the case of Zakuang, it was the former.

It was fun in the beginning. A lot of the people who couldn’t even pull their swords out were lined up for him, but at the Round of 16 came the opponent Ignet, the commander of the Black Knights.

‘From the Round of 16, only the Sword Masters will be left, and it is a lot better than meeting Jarrot and Inashio, but…’

He frowned.

This was something he should be accepting with a pleasant face. It was nice that he didn’t meet Camrin Ray who was likely to be the winner in this contest.

It wasn’t that he was ignoring Ignet, but he didn’t think he would lose to a 30-year-old kid. That was what he thought 10 minutes back.

And then he witnessed her presence. And that made Zakuang feel threatened.

“What? Are you worried? Are you that worried?”

“… worried my ass! I was thinking about how to handle all of them.”

At Jarrot’s question, Zakuang answered.

Enough. Despite ignoring it, the uncomfortable feeling in his heart didn’t die down. Well, he had avoided meeting Camrin Ray so it was fine.

And Inashio, along with the worrisome western people were on the other side as well, so he liked it.

The most enjoyable part was…

‘Judith, I can kill that witch with my own hands. Ah, I shouldn’t kill her.’

He grinned looking at the opponent for his first round.


No one could guess that this name would be the one riling him up.

Haha, Zakuang burst into laughter and looked at Judith who was checking her opponents.

What kind of expression would she have?

“Yah, Airn. You are as bad as ever.”

“Uh? No, what…”

“Even if Ilya was here! It has been more than two and a half years since we last met, how can you not even look at me? Wah, seriously…”

“I agree, our Judith is a very delicate woman, so she gets hurt rather easily…”

“Yah, you crazy bastard, just shut your mouth!”


She wasn’t watching. She didn’t care.

Seeing her laughing and talking with the people around her made Zakuang feel like she wasn’t normal.

He clenched his fist in anger and his face flushed red.

The moment when an aura burning like lava was about to appear from his body, he looked back in surprise.


His eyes met with a supreme existence.

It was Julius Hul.

The moment he saw him, the aura in his body and his faith in himself collapsed.


Zakuang’s energy faded away as if nothing was there.


At that moment, seeing the old paladin looking at him, Zakuang mumbled.

‘Let’s hold back.’

Just a little while and then he could feel the joy of crushing down that woman.

Of course, Judith didn’t care about this. For her, what was more important than the match was the friends she hadn’t seen in so long.

“What is love?”


Georg Phoebe was training the sword all day only to drop it when he heard that question. It was impossible for a Master class swordsman to let go of the sword.

But now he did.

Because it wasn’t someone else, but Ignet Crescentia who was talking about love.

“What is love?”



He didn’t hear it wrong. After thinking, he picked up the sword and looked at the eyes of his commander. Competent in everything, and ahead of everyone else. It was she who had made people listen to her.

However, the field of love didn’t go well with her.

It was because she wasn’t ever interested in it, and now she was at the age of 31 with no experience in dating.

So, he was even more curious.


Did something happen at the banquet?

Did some strong one woo our commander?

Or did his commander get her heart stolen by some hunk?

All sorts of delusions ran through his mind. This was because love stories were always an interesting topic.

However, after a long thought, the conclusion which came out of Ignet’s mouth was… completely different from what Goerg Phoebe expected.

“Love is…. Unpleasant.”


“I’ll break them down. Both of them”

Ignet didn’t say anything after that.

A sophisticated energy escaped from her.

Seeing the commander show a different kind of look, Georg thought.

‘Why did you come to such a conclusion?’

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