Chapter 33 - Four Geniuses (1)

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The final evaluation was done.

That meant that the school year was almost over.

A final interview with Ian was remaining, but that wasn’t of much importance.

Everything was decided by the final evaluation.

In such a situation, all the prospective trainees had idle time to sit, roll around their rooms or swing their swords.

However, the instructors didn’t leave them alone.

“Are you prospective trainee Gaaran?”

“Yes, yes?”

“Ah, don’t get nervous. I didn’t call you for the final interview. I just had something to let you know.”


“The swordsmanship you showed in the final evaluation was impressive. It was a series that made good use of fast movements. Most people won’t even be able to tell what’s happening.”

“Th-thank you.”

“But, I want to teach you how to clutter your opponent’s eyes a little more efficiently. How do I put it? It’s like mixing a few raw herbs into health pills for effect.”

Ahmed, Karaka, and Brandon.

They were all true instructors.

The three didn’t simply rest after the evaluation.

For several days, they pondered and thought over and over again about the appropriate teaching methods and advice they could give the kids.

They suddenly called in the prospective trainees, but when the trainees were being advised, they felt emotions swell up in their hearts.

But only for a while.

Most of the trainees had realized.

That this would be the last teaching they would get in Krono.

That they would soon leave the school and return to their new reality.

‘Damn it…’

‘Now it’s all over…’

Of course, the interview hadn’t even started yet.

But as mentioned, the children already knew what was going to happen.

On average, 20 were chosen as official trainees.

In other words, most children who fell short of the desired level would have no choice but to walk out.

“Sigh. Even then… it wasn’t bad.”

“It wasn’t like I didn’t gain anything. No, I learned a lot.”

“Too bad. Even then, I have no regrets since I did my best.”

The prospective trainees who received the instructors’ last gifts slowly began to organize their minds. And looked around the school.

The running courses they ran, the sandy roads, the fitness room full of equipment, and the rest room where they meditated.

All of that was engraved in their hearts in order to not forget it even after leaving.

The last place where the children stopped.

The Grand Hall.

Looking at the huge scars in the room, they smiled in despair.

‘The only ones who can enter Krono are those who can perform such feats.’

The Deadbeat Noble.

Airn Pareira.

They recalled the blonde boy, the trainees who thought of him shook their heads.

At first, they were like, what is with this guy?

Physical strength which couldn’t even be compared to ordinary people.

He only practiced the sword for a month, before that, there were rumors that he was a no-good kid who did nothing but laze around.

Which was why everyone ridiculed him.

However, that was wrong. His essence was completely different.

‘Is there anyone who can work harder than him…?’

‘Maybe it would be impossible to find even if the entire world was searched, right?’

Airn wasn’t just talented.

There was nothing that could stop that stupid bastard.

Regrets of the past.

Even the terrible pain of the present.

Doubts and worries about the future, and even anxiety and frustration couldn’t stop him.

Obstacles that made other people stop on their path couldn’t stop Airn.

Therefore, when the trainees thought about Airn, they thought about his effort and not his talent.

‘Of course, he is a genius.’

That was also correct.

No matter how great Airn’s efforts were, no man could complete a sword with just effort.

The sword he showed proved that.

Unless he was a genius, such a nonsensical sword couldn’t be completed.

‘Then what will happen?’

‘He’s a genius. But because he works so hard, no one thinks of him like that…’


Hardworking genius.

Those were words fit to describe the Deadbeat Noble.

However, being with him for this long, the children acknowledged him.

Out of the 20 kids who would be selected, they already knew the 3 geniuses who would be selected.

‘The 4th genius of the continent…’

The sword mark left by Airn in the Hall.

Those who looked at it weren’t only the ones who were leaving the school.

Rather, those who were going to become formal trainees looked at it for a long time too.

Judith too.

She watched it for hours with burning eyes.

She didn’t care who was next to her.

Even when the trainee beside her changed. Even the assistants who came would burst out in admiration, even Ahmed looked at it with a serious expression.

Even the one who took the top spot in the final evaluation was the same.

‘… I have the top spot?’

Ilya Lindsay pondered for a moment and nodded. She deserved to be number one.

Wasn’t Ian one of the best swordsmen on the continent? She shouldn’t have doubts about his decision.


‘It’s undeniable, the fact that Airn Pareira’s sword almost took my spot.’

It wasn’t a nice thing.

She did manage to protect her position, but her heart couldn’t settle down.

This could be the final goal for anyone else, but for her, she had bigger goals.

It was just the first step, getting the top spot in the final evaluation.

So, since the beginning of the journey, she never allowed others to chase her, but now… it didn’t feel pleasant.


‘I don’t feel bad for some reason. Why?’

Still unable to take her eyes from that mark, Ilya recalled the final evaluation.

His presence, which seemed to be shrouded in reality and fantasy until the test, turned into an evident existence.

His pressure was heavy as if a giant in armor had risen. At that moment, Airn turned into a completely different being.

He didn’t stop. No, he couldn’t stop.

Whether it be scorching flames, tidal waves, or even a huge storm that dominated the sky.

He proceeded forward without hesitation and swung his sword.

Ilya Lindsay thought so and nodded her head.

‘It wasn’t that I was lacking, but Airn was excellent.’

That was true. She did her best, and she was in no way lacking.

Even if she unfolded her Sky Sword again, she wouldn’t be able to show a better image.

Nevertheless, it didn’t mean that she began to fall down in her efforts.

It was because her opponent’s skills were excellent. She acknowledged it and accepted him.


She didn’t have to hurt herself.

She didn’t have to hurt anyone either.

After a long time, she came to the conclusion which calmed her heart. It felt like something had been blocking her emotions, and it finally broke down.

Ilya turned away and smiled. She wanted to hold onto someone and talk about her current feelings.

No, was anyone okay?

Then, is it possible…

It was at that time when she was in thought.

A blue-haired boy standing a little further from her.

Her smile disappeared when she saw Bratt’s face.


He, too, had come to look at the sword mark in the hall, long before Ilya had come.

He must have been there for the sake of Judith. She just knew.

‘… Bratt and Judith aren’t easy ones.’

It was true.

Frankly, unexpected.

It wasn’t that she was ignoring them, but she thought that there was a significant gap between her and them.

And she thought that 3 months was not enough time for them to catch up with her. No, she was sure it would never happen.

But she was wrong.

The reason why Ilya used her family sword wasn’t because of Airn Pareira.

‘What I am telling you now… it won’t help you.’

After a moment of hesitation, Ilya turned to Bratt.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t figure out what she was feeling. Rather, it was something she wouldn’t solve.

Leaving the two behind, Ilya left the room. And quickly went to find the person she wanted to meet.

It wasn’t difficult.

It was obvious what that person would be doing, so she went to that specific location.

Unsurprisingly, the boy was meditating.

With the greatsword in his hand and eyes closed.

With a small smile, Ilya called out his name.

“Airn Pareira.”


He slowly opened his eyes.

As if someone had come out from the curtain, a huge pressure rose for an instant.

But that didn’t last long.

As time passed, the feeling changed, and the two were back to their familiar selves.

The real Airn Pareira.


Airn, at the time of the final evaluation, was similar to now. For a moment, it was as if he was a different person.

Of course, that wasn’t the point now. She was here to talk with the boy.

And Ilya asked.

“Can I take some of your time?”


Airn nodded his head.

To be honest, he wanted to feel the man’s sword a little more, but he didn’t want to turn down Ilya’s request.

The two naturally headed to a bench and sat a little distance apart.

After a few seconds of silence, Ilya opened her mouth.

“I’m not staying in Krono.”


“I am leaving. I had no intention of becoming an official trainee from the beginning. Once I got first place in the midterm evaluation and the final evaluation… I was thinking of heading back to my family right away.”

Airn was perplexed.

Of course, Ilya may not be as desperate as others to learn Krono Swordsmanship. The Lindsay’s sword was one of the best on the continent.

However, if she hadn’t come in the first place, she would have questioned whether or not she should go back to her family.

“Why would you, why?”

He had no choice but to ask.

Shocked and astonished eyes.

Ilya liked the reaction she saw.

If he had asked in a calm manner, she would have been upset. As conscious as she was of him, she wanted Airn to be conscious of her too.

With that thought, Ilya spoke again.



“Do you know who the greatest genius on the continent is?”

A topic that didn’t have any relation to the question he asked.

But Airn didn’t ask. Ilya’s face was too serious as she slowly looked up at the sky.

After a while, the story of a monster, who made the world’s strongest people come out, slowly started.

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