Chapter 335 - The Bet With The Devil (1)

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“Oh, child. Such a pitiful child.”

They were words said by the darkness holding Carl in its arms and embracing him. The Devil, who finally escaped the light, bowed his head and crouched.

The clown’s singing voice was constantly ringing in the air.

‘It was worth it.’

The clown who confirmed the condition of the human swordsman, smiled in satisfaction.

He knew that there was no way this man could defeat Ignet. And that was what the Heart Demon wanted as well.

He wanted to induce even more frustration within Carl which could then be used as a new driving force. Thinking that, the clown healed the wounds of the swordsman in an instant using the darkness supplied by the Heart Demon.

“Haaa…. Nice. Real nice. Oh, this child! Don’t keep trembling. I’ll continue to sing.”

The clown stroked the man’s head. He possessed a strong body, but his mind, in contrast, was too insignificant.

There was no better human to play with than this. The human swordsman would become their masterpiece and traverse the continent.

By the side of the newly born Devil King. He would be next to the demons and not the humans.


“Ohh! Oh!”

The clown screamed exaggeratedly at the aura pieces which passed by him.

After reading the room, he widened the distance between them once again from the two beings fighting each other.

But he couldn’t take his eyes off him.

The Heart Demon was strong, but Ignet Crescentia was also strong.

As he watched her tear apart the darkness with her sword, which was shining bright like the sun, a story passed down by the devils came to his mind.

‘It is possible to confuse the human world, but we can never destroy it. That is the fate of beings who are not born there.’

It was a message that was in line with the myths and legends of heroes handed down between the humans, which said that whenever a great crisis occurs, a hero would surely be born to stop it.

But this time, it was wrong.

The current Demon King, despite being a devil, wasn’t born in Devildom.

“Goodbye, Paladin.”

Feeling the mask that had cracked before being restored back, the clown spoke with a happy expression.

Chang! Chang!


The sound of metal colliding with metal, and things exploding and reverberating could be heard throughout the sky, and Ignet, who had been strengthened by sorcery, swung her sword.

Seven crescent-shaped auras were fired out at once.

The opponent moved his body to avoid four, struck two down with his arms, and the last one was caught with the mouth.


And he spat it out. Fragmented auras were shot back at Ignet, but that didn’t work on her since she had already disappeared, leaving behind just an afterimage. Suddenly, she appeared behind him.

The Devil quickly turned, and simultaneously Ignet’s red sword blade fell like a shooting star onto his raised arm.


But the sword couldn’t be completely cut through.

It was now deeply stuck onto the Devil’s body. Ignet, smiled in relief and retrieved her sword, and tried to attack again.

But she was unable to do so. Tentacles of darkness grew from around the wounded area and wrapped around the aura sword.

Although the Devil was constantly bleeding, it seemed like the Devil wanted to take Ignet’s sword even if it meant losing his arm. His intention was to seal Ignet’s sword.

The Heart Demon chuckled.


Ignet immediately gave up her sword. She smashed the opponent’s body with her left hand and pretended to pick up something with her right hand.

And to their surprise, a sword of light sprang up from her empty hand.


Ignet slammed it right into the torso of her opponent.




Puck! Puck!

Puck! Puck! Puck! Puck! Puck! Puck!

She constantly stabbed him without stopping.

A groan escaped flowed from the Devil’s mouth, who now had turned into a hedgehog. With a smile, Ignet looked at her sword.

Even if the Devil was weakened due to the light, he would be able to recover from it with time.



After stopping her thoughts, she kicked the Devil and then used her own force to back away.

It didn’t matter. Either way, the Devil seemed too immersed in her actions.



From the wound where the sword of light had been stuck, the hand touching it groaned. The sword where the aura disappeared was smashed by him in anger. And Ignet’s expression turned sour.


From the crack on the other side, something ferocious was revealed. Maybe it was going to be tentacles again or a wolf’s mane.

She suddenly thought that it was an enlarged bundle of human blood vessels. Well, whatever it was, it was disgusting.

Suddenly, the priest’s skin and clothes were completely torn away, and the Devil, who threw away the annoying pieces of flesh, spread its back and stood high. It was a larger form than the normal physique of a strong male.

But the face was familiar to her.

Ignet Crescentia, who checked the opponent’s appearance, mumbled.

“… Khun?”

“Call me Heart Demon.”




A huge crater formed. It wasn’t caused by an attack, but because of the Heart Demon crouching and getting ready to jump. It was a testament to the power behind his jump.

After the great leap, a ferocious attack followed it. The attack was nothing more than a simple punch, but Ignet groaned in pain as she received it.

Despite using the sword of light to defend herself, the shock still reached her body.


Woong! Woong! Woong!

As she flew back from the blow, she raised her left palm. A brilliant sphere of light bloomed, and speedily shot towards the Devil.

And it succeeded. But it wasn’t a huge attack. She frowned at the effect it had and tried to hit him constantly, but the spheres of light were only the size of an egg.

Bewildered and shocked, Ignet mumbled.

“What is this?”

It had no effect on humans, but for demons, these spheres of light were as powerful as the Aura Sphere she used in the Festival.

Even after 10 of them were used, she couldn’t see any significant damage on the Devil. The opponent was truly a monster, no… a Demon King.

Of course, she couldn’t give up. As Ignet raised her palm, three times as many Aura Spheres as before were used.

And with her right hand, she wielded the sword of light. And that sword fell from the air like a streak of sunlight.

All of them were shot towards the Heart Demon.

But they were all ignored. The Heart Demon no longer stood still and started defending himself by going for the offensive. Taking moderate damage, he sprinted at Ignet like an angry wolf.

The crude, savage, and ferocious appearance was difficult to avoid even with the most versatile movements.

In order to escape, she constantly used attacks of light.


The Heart Demon kept chasing Ignet. The swords and spheres were constantly being dispatched at the target. It was like a scene from legends. No, this fight would become a legend itself.

Even the clown devil who lived for a thousand years had never seen such a spectacular fight.

To put it bluntly, Karen Winker, who split his mask, was surely amazing, but this was different from that.

“Huhu, Hehehehe. This surely is exciting, but no. Wouldn’t there be a limit of what can be endured?”

There were worries on the face of the Devil. The clown smiled and looked around without a care.

The Clown Devil confirmed that the space which had been filled with light until then was gradually turning into darkness due to the sorcery they used.

This was the Heart Demon’s ability. It didn’t just pursue the opponent blindly, but also corrupted the surrounding space. Each step he took brought in darkness, and each time he punched, he brought in the night fog.

All of a sudden, the surroundings were filled with dark and gloomy energy. It was to a point where it was enough to be called as the domain of the Demon King.


And then something strange happened.

As she retreated frantically from the coming attacks, she stepped into the realm of darkness instead of the light, and something immediately grabbed Ignet’s ankle.

It was a dark hand. Just like her, the Heart Demon also used his powers.


Khun’s face was stained with a cruel expression. He crouched again. The muscles in his lower body were bulging and screaming. It was over.

The clown trembled as he realized that this was going to be the end of a hero. The excitement and anticipation stirred up emotions inside of him, and an unknown liquid flowed down from under the mask.

But there wasn’t one change.

Dark clouds filled the sky due to the ability of the Heart Demon. But the sun was still hovering at the top of those dark clouds, and created a crack of light in the dark barrier.




The Heart Demon put his head down. Feeling the pain, he tried to look up as he retreated.




And as scary as the first one was, another ray of light fell upon him.

And it wasn’t the end. Rather, it was just the start.

Throughout the retreat, countless swords of holy dazzling light from the sun which had been created continued to pour down upon the Devil.

Kwang! Kwag! Kwang! Kwang!


It was an indiscriminate bombardment. Without a break, it continued to break down the barrier of darkness and descend. And it was fired to destroy the Heart Demon.

Ignet Crescentia didn’t stand still.

Shsh! *


She cut off the dark hand holding her ankles and pulled out a sword of greater light than before.

A Sword of the Sun

No… it was more like a Spear of the Sun, since it looked to be more suitable for throwing. The Holy attack slashed through the air in an instant wanting to burn away the demons that stood in its path.


A huge flash of light spread out with a force that seemed to erase all the darkness that had accumulated around her.

“Ack! Ack! Ack!”

The Clown Devil trembled and retreated. He took Carl along with him as well. He couldn’t throw just away from the material which would be the greatest masterpiece of his life.

Fortunately, there was no major damage to either of them. It was a shame that he had to watch from this far, but if he had made a mistake by going closer, then he could have taken serious damage, which would throw him into recovery time.

And it wasn’t without worries anymore like before.

The clown gulped and looked at the battle with wide eyes.

His eyes hurt because of the rays of light which kept falling, and the water from his eyes was blurring his vision.

But he smiled.

The Clown Devil saw his wounded body.

It heard his exhausted breathing.

Yet, the Heart Demon was still standing, and had the most innocent smile on his face.

“Hehe, hehehe! Nice! I like this! It is over! It is finally done! I like this child! I really do!”

This wasn’t a guess. The clown then turned his eyes from Demon Heart to the other side and looked at the figure of Ignet Crescentia. He saw her exhausted body and how she was still standing as if she could collapse at any moment. She had exhausted all her power, and the strength and the sound of her breathing were too low.

There was nothing more to see. Even the child in his arms could now come and stab her with a sword, and she wouldn’t be able to defend herself.

‘Of course, there is no way that this heartbroken child could do it.’

Well, it didn’t matter.

The clown smiled.

However, his expectations were cut short. He looked at the Knight of the Holy Kingdom with a gloomier gaze than before.

He got closer… a little closer to appreciate her dying form. He saw her holding the sword in her hand… a hand which wasn’t moving.

She was dragging it along with her.

In his ears, Ignet Crescentia’s voice was heard.

“Would you like to make a bet with me?”


In front of the Demon King, who made people’s hearts still with fear.

A human offered a bet for the first time.

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