Chapter 341 - Sword Of The Continent (1)

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"He, hehe!"

Seeing the golden flash coming for him, Yprene Slick laughed. He picked up his cane, and suddenly, obsidian-like crystals exploded from the cane and were directed ahead at Airn.

But Airn didn't back off. The blonde hero quickly drew a circle around him, making an aura shield and put more force into his lower body. The sound of something burning could be heard.

This was similar to the match he had with Inashio Karahan in the Warrior's Festival, but it was much more intense.

However, Airn Pareira today was different from the past. The hatred which was surging in him was being used to increase the output of his power.

Normally, he would step back and then strike, but he didn't do it this time. Rather, he was taking an offensive approach to pierce through Yprene's front.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were flames swirling on his body, and they exploded. It was painful, but he was bearing it. He was using the chain of explosions as his force to move ahead, and resistance was replaced with speed!


Shocked, Yprene Slick swung his cane, and the curse energy swirled around Airn, but it didn't seem to do anything else.

He approached the face of Yprene in a moment and swung his sword.


Yprene's lower body was sliced, and his upper body flew away. This time, it was the sword and not the blunt side of the blade that was being used.

It wasn't because he was concerned about the unique nature which made up the demons or devils. He just wanted to make Yprene feel more pain.

And there was something more important than the Devil's death.

Airn asked, raising Yprene, who had only the head left after the attack, to his eye level.

"Tell me."


"I said tell me. Where is Ignet?"


"Speak already!"

"Haha, you have gotten a lot stronger than I thought. Airn. Hahahaha!"

Yprene's head exploded as he fell into madness and black liquid constantly came out of his eyes and mouth and the severed throat. Still, he spoke without showing that he was in any pain.

Of course, no one cared. As if asking him to answer quickly, Airn strengthened his grip on the head. And was ready to rip the hair off.

But the laughter didn't stop. Rather it kept turning louder and louder inside the top floor, and the result of it was the eyes were shaking.

Thinking he was making fun of himself, Airn slapped the demon with a stiff expression. But it was unchanging. The demon kept laughing like a broken alarm.


It felt strange.

He moved a couple steps away from the head, and the head immediately exploded completely.

A crack appeared on the top floor, and it still gave Airn a bad feeling, but the crack wasn't huge enough to destroy the tower.


Phhhhh- phhhh



Dust, darkness, and magi.

Airn swung his sword.

However, the situation remained the same. The dark Aura that obstructed his senses was still floating near him, and it grew thicker and darker.

The dark barrier. Despite his disgust for it, the hero didn't close his eyes. He didn't cover his nose either.

This wasn't good.

His instincts kept signaling him that this wasn't good, and there was a weird energy piercing through his skin. His chest was pounding, though it wasn't unbearable.

The fast pumping of the blood due to this was making Airn feel lighter. It was making his nerves sense things quicker.

1 second.

2 seconds.

… When 5 seconds passed,

An attack came from an unexpected place.




A hand came up through the ground and grabbed Airn's ankle.

No, to be precise, he avoided it right before it happened.


He used his sword, but the opponent had already disappeared. There was no evidence of the opponent even trying to touch him.

'It can move freely through the ground….'

He couldn't keep up with it. A lump of muscle approached him with a loud thudding sound and swung a large hammer with a scream.

The atmosphere wasn't right.

Not daring to underestimate this being, Airn moved to the side with his left foot as the center.


He avoided it.


He avoided it again, but he didn't want to do this anymore. The speed and power of the attack were good, but the motions weren't connected smoothly.

Honestly, it was full of gaps, and if it hadn't been for the existence being below ground, Airn could have countered it sooner.

Airn, waiting for the perfect timing, swung his sword. It was checkmate. He could see the Hammer Devil's eyes wide open and unbalanced.

And then came a very faint sound.




It wasn't just the Hammer Devil.

A devil resembling an octopus appeared, and it had traces of an eerie smile. And that was it… something resembling octopus tentacles turned his perfect chance to defeat the Devil into nothing.

Airn nodded and thought.

'This will be tricky.'



The being under the ground, was aiming for a crack in his form, and was intimidating.

Until now, there were numerous times when he was aware of the opponent being behind him, but he had no experience fighting an enemy under his feet. Consciously doing that alone consumed a lot of mental energy.




"Such a shame."

"Right. It is such a shame."

"Let's try again. We have an advantage."

"Right. We have an advantage."

Fighting the dumb-looking Hammer Devil and the disgusting Octopus Devil combined wasn't easy.

The former was full of gaps but was strong and used attacks that took full advantage of its strength. The missing part was filled by the latter.

The Octopus Devil's actions were focused on attacks without the intention of protecting its ally. Perhaps, if it could injure Airn at the cost of Hammer Devil's life, Airn felt like it would do it without another thought.

And this style of fighting didn't sit right with Airn.




The bigger problem were the 3 devils and the 16 demons surrounding him. They seemed to have been the disciples of Yprene, and as they expected the battle to take place, they had received the full help of magic tools and magic circles.

The physical and magical attacks that were raining on him couldn't be ignored even if the three devils were taken down.



"Haha, are you shocked? No matter how much we get hit, it won't hurt us!"

"Great! Amazing!"

The attack which came from behind was by the Octopus Devil, which aimed for Airn's neck.

He had to raise his sword to block the attack. Although the demon was unharmed, the black magi touched Airn's body, and it felt different.

It wasn't known whether this was the effect of the magi, or if it was something else. The important thing was that the situation was a lot worse than it was at the start.

And a combination of attacks that showed that the devils weren't on the losing side.

They openly went for Airn's gaps, and the fight was completely different from before.

Finally, the 16 demons who were firing shots at Airn without being concerned for their allies, showed off their strength which was on par with a devil.


Take a deep breath.

In the midst of nothing but darkness, only Airn's breath felt like the light. It wasn't clean or soft.

The heat he endured until he came here was exposed to this new world. And in that instant, the demons flinched.

They saw the anger and determination of a wounded hero which couldn't be compared to his tattered appearance.

The Hammer Devil clenched its hammer as he felt fear, and Airn didn't miss the opportunity.

He moved.


He used his feet with inhuman force and kicked the ground. There was a heavy roar that even suppressed the killing intent of the Devil under the ground. This showed the difference between their strengths.

At the same time, Airn approached the Hammer Devil in an instant and made a full swing from the bottom to the top.




The Hammer Devil narrowly managed to avoid a fatal injury. To be precise, it took ample damage and then retreated back. But he wasn't angry.

There was a smile of joy as the attacks of magi continued to rain down on him.

Its body was still stumbling back because of the sudden attack. In addition, with Airn bringing his sword to the top, his hands were raised up, and his lower body was open!

This was a gap. Even if he didn't know, this was the right time for all the demons there to attack him and the Devil clenched his fist.

The octopus and the demons would turn this human into nothing in front of his eyes.




However, the situation went differently from what he thought.

Airn wasn't aiming for the Hammer Devil alone.


The sorcery greatsword, which moved from his hand, flew far and annihilated the demons.

The 16 demons desperately tried to use shield magic, but it was too much for them. If only the Aura was used, then it wasn't known what would happen, but now at the sudden attack which came with throwing the great sword itself, a formidable power made its way to them.

'Is he crazy?'

The opponent's attack was indeed effective, but he had lost his sword in the process. No matter how many demons he took down, his actions didn't seem like a gain.

But it didn't matter to them. The Octopus Devil grinned as it attacked the hero with all its might. It didn't care about defending itself.

It was better to think about running away than to prolong the fight with a hero. It had tentacles ready to block Airn's path of retreat as well.

And that was a mistake.

After letting go of his sword, Airn was able to move freely and took a stance. He stretched out his hand and aimed for the Devil's arms.




The sword, which was far away, was recalled and stabbed the octopus.

The bewildered Devil shrunk back its tentacles and aimed for Airn's back. It was no threat.


Airn immediately ran up to the Octopus Devil and used his body as the center of gravity, and swung his sword.

After the Octopus Devil fell, the Devil from below the ground appeared again.

Hundreds and thousands of attacks fell from the sky.





Avoiding the attacks from the surviving demons which were trying to kill him, Airn moved constantly and pressed hard on the head of the Devil. And its head broke.

A shock wave spread around the Devil, which then disappeared without a shape. The ground rose like a wave of mud and created a huge barrier that shielded him from attacks by the magicians. Coincidentally their views were blocked as well.

Confused by the sudden wall of mud, they used detection magic, and naturally, the frequency of the attacks decreased.

Shortly after, a half-moon-shaped Aura flew past the barrier and took down 15 demons immediately.


Thud! Thud!

The demons fell down and turned to dark red petals as they crashed.

Airn didn't care. His attention was on the ground and not the sky.

There was a more ferocious energy than before.

The cruelty he felt from it couldn't be compared to anything!

Airn felt it and raised his sword high before slamming it into the floor as hard as he could. And the ground, which was the enemy's territory, kept getting pounded again and again.




And then came the answer.

The giant body which had been hiding inside the ground of the tower and was aiming for the chance to take down the hero at the right moment.



The buildings around the tower, which had managed to stay fine till now, collapsed. Blood gushed from the orifices of those who were close by, and even some people who were far from the place fainted.

The residents of Godara were running away in fear, and some of them were heading back to steal the items of others. Others were attacking people and killing them as they ran away.

All the ill-will and negative emotions were absorbed by the Devil and made its body bigger.

Eventually, it became even bigger than the legendary dragon, and a 100-meter-tall devil appeared!

When its head was hit by Airn, he took the remains of the demons and Devil on the ground and gulped them.

As a result, the energy of magi within it grew stronger, and Airn, who was looking at this, exhaled roughly.


This wasn't going to be easy.

The fact that this new enemy was powerful was something that even a deaf and blind person could recognize.

Although he had fought twice with a much stronger clown, the situation here was different.

The first one was a fight he won with the help of sorcery. The second one wasn't a battle of strength either.

But there was still a chance.


Airn Pareira, who aimed his sword at the Devil, used an aura sword that was shining in red.

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