Chapter 343 - Sword Of The Continent (3)

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‘They vanished…!’

Ian and Julius Hul, the two swordsmen who were known to be the best on the continent, moved. Their speed was as fast as lightning.

Most of the devils had missed their movements and it was the same with the Masters gathered there.

However, the enemies covering the sky were different.

‘We need to deal with them.’

‘We need to be prepared.’

From the moment the humans appeared, their eyes were solely focused on them alone. The Blue Devil focused on Ian and the Red Devil on Julius Hul. The Devils who tacitly came to an understanding of their opponents stretched out their hands.


The spell which was completed was half a beat faster than the leap of the swordsmen shot out. 13 layers of shields were formed to weaken the attack of their opponents and caused fear and confusion. A disgusting aura emanated from the eyes of the Devils that had no whites.

Julius Hul didn’t stop. Without hesitation, he swung his holy sword strongly.




The Red Devil fell to its knees after being hit in the left cheek by the sword. It couldn’t understand how he had been struck. It was an incomprehensible power.

The protective shields that had been prepared since the portal had appeared, were broken in succession. The Devils felt a tremendous force and lost balance.

“The paladins of Avilius aren’t afraid of anything.”

“… die!”

The red giant swung its right hand at the old man who stood with his head held high.


The White Knights Commander avoided the attack with a short delay and narrowed his eyes. Immediately after he followed through with subsequent attacks.

As if a whole garden was flying, he fired off a menacing Aura punch.


The opponent’s hand bounced off the devil’s body but resulted in its upper body being out of balance.


Of course, Julius Hul also bounced back like a stone thrown into a river, but he stopped immediately, and reset his stance by using Aura on his foot.

“The Paladin of Avilius is strong.”


This time, the devil didn’t waste any time and regained its stance and attacked.

Wong! Woong!


At an unstoppable speed, the place was bursting with attacks being traded back and forth. And it wasn’t just punches.

Despite the seemingly gigantic and slow body the Devil had, it was able to put pressure on Julius Hul. However, it wasn’t a problem for the old Knight. The body of the paladin shone intensely.

Julius Hul, whose entire body and sword was dyed in white light, avoided the attack of the opponent very cleanly and struck the Devil. Even the blood curse that was attempted to be used on him, was broken with holy magic.

“The paladin of Avilius is swift.”

“The paladin of Avilius always shines in the darkness.”

“The paladin of Avilius doesn’t back down.”

‘Mortal bastard!’

Whining, the red devil recovered his fist and tried to grab the opponent and smash them down.

He wanted to catch the humans and smashed them into the ground. But it was a failure. The old knight skillfully landed on the palm of the devil and rushed to its face.

The devil summoned its family. Ghouls and skeletons appeared from the skin and flesh of the devil.

However, Julius Hul didn’t stop. He kept walking up and used the Aura Sword to the best of his capabilities.

“The paladin of Avilius….”


“… will not stop at this!”


After a while, a half-moon shaped aura flew parallel to the devil’s arm. It took down hundreds of the Red Devil’s summons down in one blow.

The furious knight running with his sword pulled down smashed the devil’s head.



“You fucking trash!”

“A paladin isn’t trash. You are trash…”


The Red Devil bounced back leaving a huge burrow on the floor and intertwined its palms to use it like a hammer.

He hated this guy who kept calling himself ‘The Paladin of Avilius’ time and time again.



But the devil’s attack didn’t reach the sword of Julius Hul. Its opponent’s aura hit the devil in the face. Immediately after, there was an unbelievable spectacle of a Devil as high as a mountain falling from the sky!

Julius Hul who watched it turned back and said.

“On behalf of the paladins of Avilius. I thank you for the help.”

“That is the line you are going with these days?”

“It is because that fallen bastard hates it. I think I will use it until the battle stops…”

“I see.”




There was no further conversation.

The Red Devil stood up with hateful eyes, and the Blue Devil was still chasing Ian with its sharp teeth. The killing intent from them was very clear, and the two humans looked at each other and nodded.


“Let’s show them the end.”



Just like at the start, the two took a huge leap and swung their swords. Whether it was by kicking, pushing or jumping, the other human forces were keeping their distance from the demon units so that they didn’t overwhelm them. This was a mythical battle to the extent that even the terrain changed by each hit.

As the two lifted off the great evil, the darkness around the tower faded. And with the holy magic of the priests, the dark streets began to light up.

Of course, it wasn’t still at a stage of reassurance. There were many devils left and they were powerful too.

Receiving the attack from a Skull Devil, Jet Frost caught his breath.

“Heh… hee….”

It wasn’t easy. Even though he was working with another Sword Master he couldn’t get the upper hand. The devil in front of him was powerful and terrifying.


“You bastard, take this sword…!”


“You blocked it?”


“Ugh, the sword I got from Vulcanus…”

“Here! Take this!”

Inashio Karahan, Devan Kennedy and many other people who had participated in the recent contest were also struggling with the devils.

The devils had bodies which surpassed Masters, and they also had a special racial feature where they didn’t have vital points. Everything about them differed from a human swordsman.

It took them less than 10 minutes to fully understand why the devils made people lose hope.

The Masters raised their voices saying that the world was small, and that they had to stay humble in front of these cursed creatures which were stronger than them.

But there were those who didn’t care.


Kwang! Kwang! Kwang!


“… as expected from the best orc warrior.”

The power of Karakum could be seen in an instant as he crushed the heads of the devil!

Quincy Myers, the former commander of the Red Knights was also roaming around taking the devils down!

And the members of the 5 swordsman families were feasting on the devils and tearing them apart.

Jet Frost managed to catch his breath and clenched his fists.

Now, he was sure.

This was their victory!

Human victory…




But after a moment of happiness, his expression went stiff.

He looked at Judith who was holding her red sword. Her eyes were more red than the sword as she was engulfed in flames.

And it wasn’t just her.

Since they were still in the darkness, it couldn’t be seen clearly, but he could feel a strong energy on par with her flame far from here.

It was the energy of the wind.

Wind that was strong enough to induce fear into beings with darkness in their heart. The wind scattered and oppressed the surroundings.

The existence standing between the two wasn’t normal either.

Jet Frost thought as he looked at the waves devouring the devil.

‘… right. It isn’t over.’

He heard that Ignet was missing. A demon that was powerful enough to capture her who was brighter and stronger than Airn had appeared.

And not just that, they had taken the life of Khun, who was the fastest swordsman. In a short period of less than a few months, that demon was able to reap the life of one of the greatest hopes of te continent.

‘Why isn’t it showing up in this situation?’

Did it admit to being weak and take a step back?

Or was it developing new plans? Was that the reason why Khun’s body was taken and Ignet was captured?

He didn’t know. He couldn’t. The fear of the unknown planted inside him gave him anxiety and reminded him of someone.

Jet Front looked around.


He couldn’t find him.

He couldn’t feel him either.

Judith was burning her surroundings, Ilya was slaughtering Devils with her wind, and Bratt Lloud fought with a stiff expression as he drowned the Devils.

Realizing that Airn who was here until a second ago had vanished, he tried to convey it to Jia Runtel.

Since Julius was the top knight of the Holy Kingdom, she took the role of managing the group.

‘Where are you?’

‘I don’t see you!’

‘What do I do? Do I tell Quincy Myers?’

In the midst of the anger and anger for his friend, the anxiety and fear within him grew thick.

And the Devils never miss a chance to take advantage of the chaos. Since they were sensitive to such weak human emotions, they held their breath and they felt this.

They savored the scent of blood and anxiety that the humans exuded. Those who were hiding in the shadows gathered their strength with the malice that was growing.

But their wish didn’t come true.

After a while.

A huge force which could completely change the situation of Godara fell onto them.





A wide and thick wall rose around the place they were fighting. There was an illusion barrier around it, and it also had all kinds of movement spells.

This wasn’t aura, or a holy power, this wasn’t the energy of darkness either. It was also different from the five spirits technique of the Orcs too.

It was magic.

Extremely close-knitted magic.

Only a few people knew exactly what it was.

The mysterious and powerful ability that allowed the Runel Kingdom to gain its name as the second powerful nation on the continent was revealed.

“You must know, Yprene Slick.”

“Uh, uh….”

“How much power a magician can exert in an environment.”

The demon trembled at the voice which resounded everywhere.

Even though he was someone who had transcended the level of humans by entering the lake of darkness, he still feared two things. The Lord, and Kayden Slick.

Everyone glanced at them, and the eyes of Yprene Slick that was confident until now, shrunk. It was because of the fear which had been imprinted on him since his childhood… something which couldn’t be erased unless he was born again.

And there was one existence which couldn’t be compared to any fear…





The demon looked up. The devils also looked up.

Far higher than the tall and soaring wall, there was a woman in the air with a robe around her.

A magic circle.

And magic tools.

With the help of the high-ranking magicians and potions she created ample time to construct this.

The Queen of Runtel Kingdom who met the required conditions … Looked at the magician and said.

“Dark magician.”



With the harsh judgement, lightning fell upon Yprene Slick.

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